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Casting big boobs first time milf sabrina desperate amateurs
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Mara walked into the Palace grounds confident the guards wouldn't see through her disguise. Clean up of the massacre inside the Palace was taking a while, and continued into the night.

Lights turned night to day and bustling servants in bloody livery rushed in and out cleaning and searching through her handiwork in the mess of the devastated Palace. The bodies under the sheets of the men who passed Mara's blade lined across the ground to the right with small tents of other recovered items from the thrashed interior. For her, the smell of their blood and fear around her lit nose and fired her loins.

To the left, the Queen sat in metal plated hardened leather cavalry armor at a desk with her back to a huge white carriage that seemed ready to move out.

She wanted to make a show of steady strength during the night of crisis as the city seemed under attack by ghostly violent enemies. Nobody needed to know it was all a plot by the Queen's hand to retake control of the Crown from her foolish puppet husband. Further back behind the Queen, several larger tents for the displaced nobles stood. Each had colored door flaps to denote their houses. In the far back near the south wing of the ravaged Palace, a five-pole tent for the royals stood with small pennants drooping from the points on top.

Mara eased in among the men amused at their fear and aroused by the mixing odors of semen she smelled. In her form, everyone ignored her as the King's whore as she wandered over to stand in front of the Queen at her desk. "What is it? Why do you disturb me?" The Queen asked firmly without looking up. Mara could smell her fear dealing with what she thought was her husband's concubine.

It was amusing to Mara that she feared her savior. "We are to see the King." Mara announced. Clenching her jaw, the Queen looked up at her. "Tell him I have not prepared the reports he needs yet." The slender blonde said bitingly. "We are to see the King." Mara repeated stepping up against horny teen russian couple have sex on couch Queen's desk. With a quiet sigh, Queen stood and fumbled for a shawl.

Despite the plated leather armor the Queen wore, she was visibly uncomfortable in the presence of the form Mara represented. The Queen walked in front leading the way winding through the tents huddled as if cold in the shawl as they walked to the tent of her evil husband.

Across the wide dark street from the Palace, at least two people watched in the dark by a building corner. "They are in." A tall, hugely muscled, white haired Amazon said to a man shrouded in shadow. Mara stepped in front of the Queen at the entranceway of the tent. Beyond them, a gauzy curtain hanging in front of them partially obscured a throne and lamps illuminating the central area of the tent.

Only in a few areas could the grass of the palace grounds be seen poking up from heavy rugs and skins that lined the floor. Mara smelled blood distinctly nearby and wondered if the King was already dead. A hand flitted aside the curtain in front of them waving them forward and they entered the middle room of the apartment sized tent. Before them, the king stood over his bloodied son disheveled and looking terrorized.

Advisors and other sycophants of the Crown stood along the edges of story papa baby like 15 xxx room looking at the floor mostly. "Monto!" The Queen screeched running to the boy and pulling him from the King's grasp.

"You are here too Taris?" The King bellowed stepping back surprised. The pale Queen turned and snarled at him holding her concussed child. "You ordered me here you drunk fool.

What is it you sent Asmine to fetch me for?" "Asmine?" The King looked up at Mara and his eye bulged. "Asmine! Praises, I thought you were taken by the guild." He said nervously offering her a hug. Mara moved to him slowly and started sobbing into his robes. "It was horrible Highness. The ravages of the castle, the arrest by the guild, and finally when the Guildhouse was attacked and burnt down.

I saw the creatures that did all of it. The palace, the Guildhouse all of it." Mara said sprouting tears and pushing herself into him in a tight embrace. Her right hand twitched behind him with the repressed urge to stab him. "Tell me their names I order you!!" The King barked pulling her back to look at him. Mara shut her eyes tightly to protect her secret and pleaded loudly. "Please sir! Mercy! There are assassins among us.

Let me tell you the news where only your Highnesses can know. They're among us. They will come take me again, but I can be safe with you Highness. I can tell you before they come for you too." The King pushed her down from him like trash as he suddenly became thoughtful. "Huh? That's it huh? The conspiracy turns to me. Those old men were trying to get rid of me after all." He muttered randomly. Mara crawled back to him worming over the ground. "They know too much Highness. Please take me where it's safe with you." Mara pleaded pitifully from the floor tugging on his robe's hem.

"They know so much. They are among us even now. They are close Highness, I fear they watch us." The King's mind internalized the paranoia as he tried to guess the identities of his enemies. In a frenzy, he looked up at the faces of his cowering sycophants for the traitor among babe gets it over her petite body. "Yes, they… They are always trying to control me.

They always were… Leave us!" He bellowed. "Be gone from here!" The crowd of advisors left quietly. Finally, only the guards were left. "Why do you stay?" The King screeched waving an arm at them too. "Leave us immediately!" He turned expectantly to Mara after they left. Mara stood and backed up.

"I will tell you about your enemies and what I heard Highnesses." She turned and dashed forward to clutch him tightly in a penetrating embrace. "It is you." She whispered in his ear and backed away turning to the stunned Queen who still held Prince Carthin.

"Menthino's activities here against the King and the guild have been completed Queen Di Sellis." She reported flatly. Behind her, the King was frozen in shock and paling as the poison wended its way through him. A dry gasp heaved from him after a moment, and with a groan, he shook and fell to the floor to lie still. The Queen looked from him to Mara. "What happened?" "You killed the king, with this." Mara remarked, as if it was plain truth, dropping an obviously poisoned dagger to the blonde's feet.

"Perhaps it was by order, perhaps it was by your own hand. It will be as you declare." She turned and stepped out leaving the Queen to consider the beginnings of a new future. Like a scurrying shadow, Mara left quickly. She moved to the back of the tents into the shadows where no one could see her.

With Kaarthen's help, she felt the movements of energy that pulled her body back into her normal shape. Her breasts and hips grew, and her body shrunk until she was back to her curvy voluptuous stature at just under five feet tall.

The wavy black glossy hair she worn straightened with a pop, and turned into a wavy blond as her skin lightened into a pale fair creaminess. "Oi girlie what are you doing over here?" A gruff voice called from the shadows. Since she was behind the tent, the lights of the Palace's courtyard made deep shadows cloaking the areas around her. She found that across a streak of light on the ground a man sat laying back against the wall of the Palace several paces before her. He appeared to be a soldier resting, but also seemed drunk.

"It's been a long day sir. I'll be on my way." Mara said turning and walking up the clear path to the interior and the exit. "Oh no you don't." Said the man grabbing her. He tugged her arm pulling her out of the light and over onto him. Once she was on him, the stench of brandy was on her. Brandy and cum, this man had something to offer her. She grew hungry as always with the scent of fresh cum.

"Now you're just a servant. I've been watching you girlies go in and out helping those mucky-mucks but now old Jeffies wants a bit." He said holding her tightly. "Sir please," Mara tried to sound small, scared, and soft like a young possibly virginal bond maiden.

"I would give you my warm mouth and a soft suck to ease you if you were just more gentle." The straightforward offer made the man much lezzies trying dildos and great sex times pantyhose and lesbians relaxed. "Oh glad to know, glad to know. I've been working hard.

Here, give old Jeffies something for protecting you. They made me go in and fight the assassins that did this to the Palace. There were so many. I fought them hard I did in that bloody place." The man excitedly pushed her down lower, and together they worked down his pants. "Now old Jeffies could use a gentle mouth on his… there you go." Mara crouched between his legs gobbling his thick cock. The monster organ was wider then both her small hands and a good seven inches long.

Her small mouth had to gape to get it in. Her talented tongue tried to wrestle with the column as it pressed in and slid deeper. Mara switched tactics and used her small hands on his shaft and balls as she started bobbing deeper to take his length into her throat. Her instinctive talent at bottomless deepthroating and her sexual hunger from being a former vampire sex slave helped her push the man to release a spectacular gushing load into her tight mouth.

She sucked to continue his spending as thick gobs and spurts grew into a steady flow. Above her, the man cringed with intensity of the pleasure. "Oi! that's it girlie. That's the thank you Jeffies needed." Mara's small soft hands cupped and massaged the pulsing muscles under the balls stimulating more of the nutritious semen. The man above her was growing numb in pretty blonde drilled by horny pawn man toes and fingers as the flow continue on what he thought was the best suck of his life.

His balls started to ache with fatigue and emptiness as the flow continued non-stop. The mixed painful pleasure still made him bounce his hips instinctively into the deep warm sucking hole he blew himself in.

"Aurgh." 'Old Jeffies' gasped weakly. He slowly started realizing he couldn't move or speak anymore from weakness. The pained sensation of pulsing grew to a feeling of pissing fire as his body forced out more globs of his essence. Below him, the girl continued to stroke his balls and milk his shaft as she bobbed on him. Finally, after his last gasp, he keeled over and Mara stood over him checking the surrounding shadows for witnesses. In her regular form, she was looked at, but not recognized and also not stopped, as the short bouncy blonde grabbed a pile of folded sheeting and headed out the Palace gates.

@@@@@@@@@@@@ Two days after the twin tragedies of the guild burning down with nearly all representatives and several major nobles present, and the palace massacre that killed nearly as many, the politics was getting back to normal.

Recovered assets allowed the Crown to begin payments in valued currencies again. The destruction of the Palace at the hands of Kaarthen's three 'hands' had oddly helped the economy of the restarting city because of the massive renovations needed. Having so many people nearby working in the Palace allowed the story of what was happening to their beloved Queen and beautiful city to get out.

The city's royal funeral was marred by the budding realization of what the people in charge of the guild had done. The Queen had lavished as much attention on Marcos privately as her busy schedule allowed. During her days, she met with a seemingly endless schedule of leaders, and ambassadors from nearby cities. As a Queen in a mourning city trying to rebuild itself, she had to make a great many appearances in city and out among nearby towns in the valley.

Accords were struck that were in the end going to be very beneficial to everyone, and especially profitable to the Crown. To help her goal of solidarity and assist in spreading the wealth, the Sisterhood and Marcos advised the Queen to have coins and tax stamps produced bearing her face and flag. The prince was just about wrapped in the colors and ordered out to find the many villages and towns near and far.

Once there, he was to make himself as visible as possible in those lands as the Crown prince of their country. As the Crown prince, he would also let his name and face be known and liberally spend money on charities, statues, festivals, and projects in the name of the Crown. However, despite how badly they needed the money, strict terms were written up for them to sign before any accounts were started by the prince. During her nights, Marcos and Kaarthen entertained Queen Di Sellis in her apartments till the small hours.

Marcos would usually keep her in bed while Kaarthen seemed to latch onto the hidden desires of the Queen and waited till Marcos was exhausted before bringing in Mara and licking the Queen's royal, and utterly exhausted vessel.

Kaarthen gave her the son she wanted to carry. Musingly, she made sure he would be a very similar man in his adulthood to Marcos. Not everything went smoothly, or as Marcos would have liked. He found himself in a dark green silk shirt and comfortable linen breeches speaking with the dusky skinned Duchess Perstavy in a meeting where he figured she would try to curry favor with him like so many others. Like other nobles stewing in self importance she honored herself and referred to herself as 'we' as though including the title she bore and all it represented.

She sat seeming to slouch into her couch across from him in a modest sized wood paneled office of elegance. Her high-necked purple robe was a stylishly loose parody of Mara's body sock. Marcos was furiously trying to understand what her enormous breasts were doing under her robe.

Not for the first time she tried shifting her body and throwing around her hands to break his wayward gaze. "Lord Panthi, the work you have done was excellent. We are able to keep a large hold on our cities allowing our dream of becoming a true country to sleep mom sister and fuckbrother The Duchess paused. "We are curious of the alliance mentioned between our two countries." "It was temporary." Marcos big tits redhead massage kimberly fucks shaved dismissively.

He was bored of the parade of nobles coming along currying favor. He had become their new flavor of interest in the city. The Duchess wasn't making it easy for him to be a gentleman. This meeting was dragging on for what felt like hours as she for real mother mother and son sax intents and purposes tried to interrogate him.

Visions of her naked made it difficult for him to listen as she continued. "Well, we are curious also how we can avoid losing our trade relationship." Marcos sat up aggressively. "I can take care of it by my report. If, I am pleased here." The Duchess seemed confused. "Are we not in a better more stable situation?" "Not Sellis. You will satisfy me. Here." Marcos said opening his legs wide revealing his straining member.

She blushed under her deep tan and leaned back. "I think you should leave. You are not a good representative for your countries needs." "I am," He hissed. "And you will serve them as I tell you." The Duchess panicked a little confused and stood trying to tower over him.

"How dare you! I'll have the guards take you out of here at once." She said pointing a bejeweled hand to the door.

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Marcos hopped the half pace to her handily, grabbed her arm, and pulled her to him closely like they were about to waltz. "Too late." "Unhand me." She immediately fought pushing him away and they tumbled off the end table into the wall where Marcos turned her around, and pinned her from behind.

"Argh. I am the Head of house for the… Argh." Marcos shoved her harder to the wall and rode his crotch into the plump brunette's ass. He spoke to her ear. "I don't care. You will serve me now. You will start with your body and slack my lusts like a good noble woman." Marcos had recently found out that noble woman in this area use themselves to ensure their male children don't defile their siblings or breed off of available women in the estate. The practice is to ensure the protection of their sister's honor and virginity, and the all important control of the blood line.

Usually, the women use their ass to take their sons as they grow older until they leave to get married. "I…I won't do that with you. Please don't…I can't." She pleaded blushing hard. Marcos leaned into her ear smelling her wavy black hair. "Yes. You will now show me where you will take my hard needs." She froze and turned away as he grinded his obvious hardness into her pillowy ass. "Show me! You think the Queen will like your name being the reason the deal falls apart?" She panicked.

"You can't do this." Marcos twisted her arm savagely. "Okay, Okay I daya xxx srieya xxx cid xx do it for my family name and my Queen." She slowly lifted her robe.

Her deeply tanned thick shapely legs he remembered were revealed in a teasingly slow pace. Under the long robe, she wore no under clothes and her wide round ass was naked for him. Marcos pulled apart the dark crack and saw her bruised asshole. It looked more fitting on a bar whore. "That's right you'll do it for me. Look at your beaten hole, you sow.

How many sons have blow and weenie bounding girlfriend and homemade had to satisfy with it?" She wagged her hips uselessly at his words. "…Oh don't do this." She pleaded. "Answer me! You whore. You'll do the Crown some good if you obey." Marcos shouted. "Three." She said quietly. When she turned to look at him be jowls beckoned him to take a bite but he resisted. "Three, Master." Marcos demanded. "What how dare you?

I am the…" She tried pushing off the wall to fight again. They wrestled and fell to the floor. Once Marcos was atop her, his gauntlet tore her robe to shreds revealing her massive breasts looking like a pair head sized eyes staring back in stunned surprise.

They jiggled and flopped as she fought on her back bravely. "Get off! How dare you." She foolishly demanded.

"Silence. You serve me now." Marcos eased up over her and looked from her massive brown nippled breasts along her dark body to her pudgy hairless pussy. "You're wet for this." Her chubby thighs were rubbing together wetly and the whole of her hips and crotch glistened.

He fingered her sopping hole finding it extremely wet and tight with a quality of a yielding cushion rather than muscular tightness. He knew from experience she wouldn't get loose with a prize pussy like that and worked his knees into her thighs.

"Stop please. My family is very fertile. The women are always like this.

Please just…" She pleaded impotently. She already knew she was lost completely. She watched him scramble to lower his pants. When he lowered his cock and his balls the size of small apples for her to see, she stared down in fear at them. "You call me by title or you'll be sorry with the rest of this city." He leaned in lining himself up. Unconsciously, she tilted back her hips and aligned herself to him.

"Now take this cock." He said pushing into her. Her pussy was amazingly tight and very hot and wet. She was a close second to Kaarthen's amazing massaging pussy. Its softness was resistant like a new plush stuffed winter glove that he could slide into. Initially it stretched only slightly, and his cock and balls were left out to be coddled by the crevice of her warm thighs and buns.

"Aaah MMmilord… Please not my…Please use my ass." Under him, she closed her eyes and turned away her face as she fucked back into him without restraint.

She moaned and wheezed loudly, as he demanded more of her body for his cock's recreation. "What was that?" Marcos asked speeding up into her. Instinctively her daniella wang due west our sex journey spread wider as he sped up and plundered her convulsing core.

She gasped at his fast deep thrusts and tried to holdout as her pussy told him of her nearing climax. Loudly, she babbled as her pussy collapsed and twitched around him in a gushing orgasm. "Please. Ahhh…oh.Arrrgh use my ass." "What was that?!" Marcos repeated heaving into her with his entire ten-inch cock. Now that she came, her pussy had become greedy for more.

Instinctively, it worked him grasping as he pulled back and tightening as invaded. Their hips met as he slam fucked her underneath him and the sound of wet sloshing and slapping filled the room. "Please… use my ass." She gasped quickly between breaths. Marcos leaned in and paused moving his cock in circles around her. "Stupid bitch. I wanna cum. You did, now it's my turn. Let's cum together bitch." He sped back up thrusting her hole with wet slaps. Under him, signs of her arousal were coating him from thighs to belly button.

Her hips rose to him perfectly and her legs spread out with her knees almost to her armpits. As he thrust in, her mushy hole even tried to take in his flopping balls. Deep inside her, Marcos was battering into, and sliding along against her cervix. "Mmmmnn&hellip. Nnnoo I Ple&hellip." She pleaded. She looked at him furtively several times before falling back with her eyes closed. Marcos knew she was trying to hold onto her sanity, but it was being nudged away as his cock kissed her cervix and slid across it neighborly.

"Bitch, you never say 'no' to your master!" Marcos shouted "Please… I'll be&hellip. with child." She pleaded between his thrusts. "You better ask nice quickly." Marcos' cock was giving him the nagging intense burn starting in his root and working up to his sensitive head as his massive cock swelled deep within her.

She felt it coming, her eyes burst open, and her arms snapped around his back. "Mmaster please…Use…Ah aahhH MY AAHhh!" The Duchess' movements belied her horny base desires for his cum. Her hips raised off the floor then angled to point him into her furthest reaches.

As they moved together, her splashing pussy opened for him and his cock pushed along and grinded hard along the cervix. Her legs snapped in as he slid further then they wound around him locking together. With no retreat available, Marcos pushed in further what little he could with his toes. Her wall stayed firm but in the last moment as she felt his rising spunk, her instincts flattened her hips and gave him a direct shot for one more slam.

Without any pause he backed out slightly and raised onto his hands and toes as he trucked into her. As his skinny nessa is down for some dp pushed through her cervical gate, his spurts flew out in a thick steam, pooled into her womb, and he clamped around her and bit down onto her shoulder as his body seized her tight.

They remained locked tightly as she climaxed under him in waves drawn out by the force of his jet of hot cum and the oddly pleasurable pain of his bite. For almost a full minute, his balls continued to spew into her with pronounced pulses that rhythmically poured out into her uterus as she twitched and writhed her upper body.

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The moment of frenzied passion passed and they both breathed hard eye to eye, as her body facilitated proper joining and his carried out its transfer. Both lovers were mostly excited and wanton group fornication hardcore reality of how they worked together at the lowest levels for a successful mating.

"Yes bitch, yes, you are mine. Your Master is pleased." He said keeping tightly locked into her as his upper body raised up to empty himself.

Below him, she covered her face in her hands and he could feel her sobs pushing along his length. "Quit crying." Marcos barked stroking her softly with his re-hardening cock. "Say, 'Thank you Master'." "I. I can't I." She protested. "Say 'thank you' bitch." Marcos said leaning into her face giving her one last chance. She felt his fully re-hardened cock pushing into her now menacingly. "You? Are you going to…" Marcos roughly pulled out from her and flipped her over.

Instantly he was on her as she scrambled. In the confusion, she raised her hips as she tried to move away and felt him slide over her. As she turned back feeling his weight on her and his cock wandering her backside, she found out his intentions. "NnnOO!" Marcos skewered her ass roughly, and slid deeply into her with half of his cock. His shrugging thrusts pushed in bursts as he tunneled down into her. She tried to lower herself and laid flat under the onslaught.

Her pillowy ass and thick thighs worked against her and eased Marcos' domination of her. Once seated fully, he turned her face away from him callously, and started to ass rape her fiercely. "You…Are…The…Stupidest…Bitch…I…Have…Ever." Marcos said as he dropped into her with hard brutal thrusts. Her well-used ass took his wet cock easily, though he could tell it had been awhile for her.

Under him, she tried swimming away. Her arms searched blindly for handholds to deliver her from him. "Please… Master…Mercy." She wheezed.

"Say it again." He growled. Sobbing she turned to him, "PuH.Lezz.Mas…ter…Please." She pleaded pitifully. Marcos stopped and got off her, and pulled her up onto her feet. "Come here." He brought her around and dropped her onto the couch she had sat in earlier. He got naked next to her and then mounted. As Marcos moved atop her, she pleaded weakly again but popped open her legs for him.

"Oh Please. Master." He lined his cock up and pushed into her wet canal horny girls have fun with a friend. Her pussy had swollen to become tighter but he gave her no quarter.

Her wetted pussy guided his rod deep into her. Her soft body was remarkably hot and sweaty from his exertions. "Oh not again…" She marsha may push ups or squats as he began to thrust her. He played with her giant breasts moving between the two as he gave her a much smoother ride building up to a mutual orgasm. He rested a moment deep inside her after loading her up.

He dozed lightly between and on top of the cushions of her body. The sweet scent of her aroused body was a natural musk that put him at ease.

Under him, the Duchess had embraced him and seemed to be half asleep. His cock hardened again in her inviting body and Marcos rose and pushed into her in another demanding rhythm. Under him, she wrapped her hands around his back and clung to him with her eyes closed.

Her body naturally made the movements needed for them to arrive at another timely orgasm where he could again spatter her walls with more thick cream. She pleaded again when she felt him already spurting into her for a third time. Marcos knew it was all just theater. "Oh OH. Master, take it out! I'm… Ohhh! Argghh." She said breaking down as her climax ruled her. The feeling of his forceful shots made her body tighten around him. He let his cock drain and the cum soak within her fertile body as his cock kept it all with her deepest point.

Marcos enjoyed the quiet moment of post coital bonding sucking her nipples. "You did well. Never forget." He said quietly and stood. "Oh, by the way, before I forget hold still." Marcos said and plucked a hair from her head. He dressed and left quietly.

Back in the office, the Duchess Clarin Perstavy slept undisturbed with her legs wide displaying Marcos' frothy mess coating her crotch and thighs. Her pussy reflexively tightened and swelled shut sealing itself tightly.