Tall luscious chick strips in a cute way

Tall luscious chick strips in a cute way
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"I'm not ready for this." Chuck lesbianwincom aiko nagais prison bukkake creampie facefuckfest uncensored jav to Annie, his sister-in-law, and wife of his younger brother. "Well get ready," Annie stated matter of factly "She's growing up." Chuck rubbed his hand over his unshaven chin and sighed deeply.

"Damn, Annie, I don't know nothin' 'bout bras, boys, and such bullshit." Annie looked sympathetically at her brother-in-law. She felt his pain and understood about a single Dad trying to raise a blooming adolescent girl. She had been there with him through the breakup, she offered him assurances that everything would be okay when his wife ran off with another man leaving a nine year old daughter behind and him practically bankrupt.

She was there for him during those first months of self-destructive binge drinking and suicidal nights. She had married Chuck's brother Boots, but she always had a huge crush on Chuck. He had gotten his life together after those first six months of dropping out. He had gathered himself, sobered up, and gotten his on-line business back on track. She had stepped in and taken on the task of making sure that Britney had a "normal" life without a live-at-home Mom.

She did the job of "girl-talking" Brit through her first period. She had to smile thinking about Chuck calling her in a panic when Britney started her period. She came over with the necessary materials and had her talk with her neice about the passing into puberty. Chuck was facing a whole new era now, his baby girl, whom he was now Mother and father to, had just 'bloomed' and required a bra. It totally blew his already muddled mind. "Annie, I really think she needs to be with you and Boots." Chuck said in desperation.

"I am a guy and guys don't know what to say or do when their little girls have problems or questions about things." Annie reached over and touched his hand. "Chuckles," she said using her nickname for him "She is where she needs to be. She would be so unhappy thinking that you threw her away." Chuck recoiled "Oh, fuck, Annie, you know that's not at all what I am saying.

Don't even suggest such a thing. Christ, I love her more than life itself. It's just that I feel so unprepared for all of this." Chuck was visibly upset. "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to hurt you." Annie spoke quickly holding Chucks arm as she spoke. "Look Chuck, your little girl is growing up. She's getting a cute little figure, and whether you want to hear it or not, she is becoming a young woman. When she was trying on clothes today, I noticed she has a patch of pubic hair as bright red as her Mama's hair was.

She's getting really beautiful Babe, so try to enjoy this process." Annies words were both comforting and terrifying to this father of one. His ex-wife had been the light of his life, she was his life and when she took off with another man leaving him a hand scrawled note telling him to 'fuck off, loser' his world came to a crashing end.

His recovery was slow and painful, mostly aided by the love and understanding given to him by his brother and his beautiful sister in law. Annie was slender with nice perky breasts, a cute ass and gorgeous flowing strawberry blond hair. She had freckles which Chuck adored and given the opportunity he would have tried to see if they were everywhere on her body, but he idolized his younger brother and would never have done anything to jeapordize their relationship.

"Well, I guess there's not much I can do about it." He said in a surrendering tone "I just will have to lock her in a closet until she's thirty." Annie chuckled approvingly stiff dick moving between shaved nub lips sure to get her a dildo." she joked "Oh, Fuck, I wasn't even thinking about those kind of problems" Chuck gasped as he allowed his mind to wander.

"Well, think about it, she is, I think she may havee found her tweedle." Annie joked "Listen, she is going to be fine, and so are you." Annie assured him. "Remember, I'm a phone call away, and if you ever need anything.and I do mean anything." she said as she hugged him close and whispered in his ear, "Call me." with that she walked to the front door and hollered up the stairs to her niece.

"Thanks for letting me take you shopping, Sweetie." Britney appeared at the top of the stairs wearing one of her new outfits. Her newly supported breasts stuck out like beacons causing Chuck to gulp.

He looked at her with new eyes. His little girl had become a woman overnight. He didn't see it coming. He had been so busy expanding his internet business into a new line of service materials for the construction industry to add to the safety equipment business he had successfully built, that he paid little attention to her. Now he had a whole new set of challenges ahead. He hoped he was ready. Briney bounded down the stairs to give her aunt a hug.

"Oh, thank you, thank you, thank you." she bubbled over as she embraced her aunt. "I am so glad we went. And thank you for talking with me about, you know, stuff." she said with a wink of her beautiful blue eye. Annie winked back, "Anytime, Kiddo." she said as she gave her niece a peck on her soft dimpled cheek. "What Stuff?" Chuck asked only to be poopooed by the ladies as Annie walked out the door. "Girl stuff," his auburn haired princess said sticking her tongue out playfully as she ran back to her room.

"Shit, I sure hope I'm ready for this." Chuck thought aloud as he returned to his office to get some work done. Chuck hadn't even realized that the day had slipped away and night had fallen. His eyes burned from the constant exposure to the computer monitor. He heard the TV in the family room and found Britney watching a sitcom that had far too adult situations for her to be watching.

"Hey, turn that crap off." he said picking up the remote as he searched for a more appropriate offering. "Daddy," Brit objected "I was watching that." he dismissed her huge knob enters mouth of a pretty teen hardcore and blowjob and asked if she was hungry. "I could eat, I guess." she said and with that they went out to their favorite ribs place for dinner.

"What did you and Annie talk about today?" Chuck started sony liyan se xxxx videysupop conversation, still curious about what 'girl stuff' meant.

"Oh, you know, clothes, what everybody is wearing, how things are going at school." Brit answered, not really answering the question to Chuck's satisfaction. He knew there was a deeply guarded secret cache of information that women only shared with their kind and he craved an entrance into that fold.

As they left the resaurant Chuck looked at Brit's body for the first time in a long time. She was 13 now and her butt was definitely cuter than when she was all legs and arms a few months ago. It had all just happened so quickly. She was now pretty hot, and he knew that boys would soon be hanging around like flies on candy bar. He needed to start paying more attention to her. He put his arm around her waist as they walked to the car. "I love you, Daddy." she said as she kissed him on his cheek.

They came home, Chuck went back into his office to finish up his project and Brit bounced up the stairs to her room. She had everything any teenaged girl would want. Her own computer with internet access, a TV and stereo for her tunes. She was losing interest in her stuffed animals, and gaining interest in Facebook and Twitter. She spent the rest of the night chatting online with her BFF's. Chuck didn't see her again before he went off to bed. A loud clap of thunder awoke Chuck as he felt the presence of someone in his bed.

It was Britney. He panicked. He normally slept in the nude, and babe sucks shaved hard dong hardcore and handjob was not an exception.

He tried to slip out of the bed to put something on when another very loud clap of thunder rattled the house and caused his daughter to jump on top of his nude body straddling his hips with her legs. Before he could react Britney's fuzzy little quim was pressed against his raging hardon. He tried to move to break the contact with their sexual parts, but when he tried another boom caused her to grasp him tightly with her legs which were now wrapped around him.

They were in the perfect, woman superior position, and she was not wearing panties. Her soft pussy lips spread open and lay to either side of his, by now, engorged cock, much like a hot dog in a bun. She still had some baby fat which seemed to be in her pubic area and hips.

He lay very still trying desperately not to move or cause his dick to slip inside of her. She lay there motionless with her wonderfully warm gash literally enveloping his dick. She was whimpering, "Oh Daddy I was so scared." she said as he held her.

"It's okay, Baby." he said as he kissed her on her forehead. She began to move against his cock. Her body began the slow rhythm of sliding her quim back and forth over his cock. Chuck was out of his mind. One side of his brain was telling him to throw his daughter into the floor and run from the cutie julia f dped by massive hard cocks. The other side was saying, "It's been a long time, buddy, and this feels amazing." His baby girl continued to slide up and down his cock, obviously now enjoying the friction that his dick caused on her exposed clit.

Her breath became ragged, as she moved closer to an orgasm. Chuck was out of his mind with lust. He wanted to take her and mount her and have his way with her. His brains were totally in the end of his engorged eight inch cock and now he wanted more than anything to get off. Britney's strokes became longer and more insistant.

She was pressing her pussy harder into his cock. She was now nearing her orgasm and he knew there was no turning back. He grabbed her ass cheeks and began moving her on his cock as he used her to masturbate his dick to climax. Within seconds she was writhing on top of him pressing her womanhood against him as hard as she could. She screamed in passion as her orgasm reached its pinnacle, Chuck shot his load onto his belly.

He was relieved and sickened at the same moment. "What the fuck have I done?" he thojught to himself. He started to throw his daughter off of his body but was surprised by her kisses and adoring hugs. "Oh. Daddy, that was wonderful." she said breathlessly :" Can we do it again?" Chuck's mind was racing, "I'm going to jail." was his first thought.

"What the fuck, what have I done, this is my baby, I cannot have just fucked my own child." his head hurt from the convictions that he was placing on himself. He lay there still, his daughter still straddle his receding cock, and he was out of his mind with guilt, and remorse.

"Oh, Daddy, I feel so amazing." Britney bubbled. "Oh wow, was that what cumming feels like?" Chuck's head was going to explode.

"Where the hell did you learn about cumming?" he asked her with disbelief. "The girls at school talk about it all the time, I didn't know how great it would feel." with that she began to move on Chuck's cock again causing it to grow hard and wanton for more again.

Chuck tried to pick his daughter off his dick, but she insistantly pressed hard against him. "No, Daddy, I want more, please." Chuck lost all sense of reason. His cock was now commanding all of his actions and he reached to take his daughter's ass in his hands again.

They started the process of manipulating her tiny swollen clit against his deliciously wet cock again.

They repeated this several times that night. The sun came through the window like a sledgehammer banging on Chuck's throbbing head. He had not had an all night sex session for years and his body was wracked with aches from lack of sleep and unfamiliar exercize.

Britney lay next to him, her discarded night shirt, actually one of his old tee shirts, lay in a pile next to his head. He remembered having her nipples in his mouth, he remembered sliding his tongue into her very wet pussy, he remembered entering her for the first time.

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It wasn't a wet dream, it had happened. He wanted to scream. He was really not ready for this. Never in his wildest imaginings had he ever conjured up such an unacceptable and deplorable scenario.He slid out of bed without disturbing Britney and took a very long shower.

He still felt dirty when he finished. He went to the kitchen, started the coffee and tried to make sense of what happened the night before. He added a heavy shot of bourbon to his coffee and went into his office. He picked up the phone and dialed Annie. "Annie, I need to talk." he said into the answering machine that picked up.

He hung up the phone and buried his face into his hands. He was startled out of his reverie by his beautiful daughter standing in the doorway of his office, again wearing his tee shirt, her long slender legs that had been so tightly wrapped around him last night were exposed to mid thigh.

He was sure she wasn't wearing panties. "Good morning" she beamed "Can I have some coffee?" Chuck was almost amused by the question. She had always asked him if she could have coffee like it was an adult drink and by drinking it she needed to ask approval. "Sure." he muttered. "Brit, we need to talk." he started but before he could finish his sentence she had turned on her heel and scurried off to the kitchen. "This fucking house is to big." he thought snorting as she disappeared. "There are too many places to hide in it." He left his office and followed his daughter to the kitchen.

She was busy putting together breakfast. She hummed happily as she worked. In minutes she had prepared his favorites and served them at the breakfast bar.

"Last night should never have happened." he started and with that Britney placed her finger over his lips. "Last night was the most magical, exciting, awesome night of my life." she said looking him straight in the eye. "I never want you to say it was bad, or not supposed to happen, or anything else that might make me feel that what I did wasn't perfectly wonderful." Chuck swallowed loudly, his heart was beating out of his chest. "Brit," he began "what we did was wonderful, and I don't think I will ever be able to again feel that level of love and passion in my life, but you are my little girl, thirteen years old, and what I did, I could go to prison for." Britney's eyes narrowed as she hissed her response.

"Then nobody but us shall ever know anything about it, will they?" her look was one he had seen many times from her mother. She had that look that caused him to nearly quake with fear. "It will always be our little secret, and everytime we do it, we will be renewing our code of silence." she said through nearly clenched teeth.

"There can't be a next time, Brit." Chuck pleaded "Oh yes, lover, there will be a next time, and I think I'm feeling like it will be pretty soon, like in about a minute." she said as she pulled the tee shirt over her head and she straddled his lap. She pressed her swollen nipples into his face and Chuck was powerless to resist. He took her nipple into his mouth and sucked on them like a starving baby nursing for the first time.

"That's it lover, suck my tits," Britney hissed "Get that big cock good and hard because this baby is ready for some really hot fucking." Her suggestive language and gyrating hips took all reason out of the equation.

Chuck picked up his daughter and carried her into the family rfoom. He threw her down onto the sofa and he entered her forcefully like she wanted. He pumped his cock into her hot, wet, tight pussy as deeply as he could. She thrust her hips up to meet every downward thrust from his hips. They were not making love, they were fucking, animal style, hard fucking. She bit his shoulder as she reached her first orgasm, "Give me more, fuck me harder." she shouted as she pumped her body against his.

"Come on, don't be a pussy, fuck me really hard." she said goading him on to ravage her young body. Chuck was wild with desire. It had been months since he had been with a woman and his last encounter was less than satisfying. This sex was good. He was fucking someone who was equal in every way to his ex-wife, and that's what he craved in a woman.

Britney had melanie pees and fucks herself fetish teen same moves and passion her mother had, and Chuck knew that he would never be able to stop having sex with her. He resigned himself to the fact that he and his daughter were about to become lovers. He reached his pinnacle as those thoughts were being processed, and he sprayed his jism deep into his daughter's juicy cunt.

The phone rang. Chuck was out of breath and his cock was still buried deep in his child's love tunnel. Britney reached over her head and answered the phone.

"Oh hi, Aunt Annie, yeah he's here, just a second he's out of breath from running up the hill." She winked at her father as she thrust her hips forward impailng his cock deeper into her pussy. Chuck took the phone and glared at his daughter who snickered devilishly. "Hey," he managed to get the word out as Britney was squeezing his anal latin big tits teen with her vaginal muscles.

"What's up?" he continued "What's up indeed?" his sister in law replied "You sounded like you had just committed murder when you left your message." she said " I thought maybe Britney had run off with a camel driver or somethinng." Chuck tried to concentrate on the conversation but Britney was increasing her strokes and it was apparfent that she had cumming in mind.

"Oh no, I just had a bad night, and needed to talk, but after a good run this morning I am feeling much better." he lied. Britney was now beginning to moan softly as she was near her orgasm. Chuck reached and placed his hand over her mouth. "Hey, let me call you back in a few, I have to run to the john." he said unable to ignore the feelings flowing around his rampant cock. "Okay, call me if you need me." Annie said and they hung up.

Chuck grabbed Brit by the hips and slam fucked her as hard as he could. His body was screaming for release. After a few dozen thunderous thrusts into her incredibly tight honey hole he emptied his balls into her again. It was at that moment that he realized that he needed to do something to prevent his child from bearing a child of her own. Chapter Two: The next morning Chuck called an old girl friend who had a lot of shady connections.

He asked if he could meet her for coffee. "Just coffee, Sweetie" Tara asked suggestively "Ya' sure ya' don't want a little Uh-huh?" Chuck smiled as he thought of his friend and her clever references to her pussy. She called it her Uh-huh, her Nah-nah and sometimes referred to it as her Foo-foo, but never as her pussy. When they had a thing going she would scream at the top of her lungs, cheating ebony pregnant freak gets her pussy stuffed with a meaty black cock baby fuck my Nah-nah as hard as you can, Handsome fellow fingers licks and pounds sweet darlings cunt wants her foo-foo to quiver." She was one of a kind.

"Nope, just coffee this time, okay?" Chuck answered her question. "Well, shit, all right then, come over to my place around 9:00, I'll have a pot brewing, bring some Danishes." With that Chuck hung up and left the house. He pulled through a local bakery drive-thru and ordered a half dozen fruit Danishes.

As he pulled into Tara's drive he remembered why he bought sixteen acres sexy blonde wife sucks and fucks pov build his home on. When he first started dating her she would scream loudly while they were having sex, and when he left in the morning all the neighbor women would be out working in their yards to see who had been having a good time the night before.

So when he decided to build his home, he looked for a secluded place where he could build a home dead center of the property, so no matter how loud his lovers got, there would be no morning review board to greet them as they left. "If you ain't here for Foo-foo, you must have something serious on your mind, so let's get to it, so I can change your mind about the foo-foo later." She laughed loudly at her suggestion.

Chuck kissed her on the forehead as he handed her the Danishes. "Baby, I have a problem, and I need your help." he said. "Well, Baby, you know you came to the right person, then" she said bending forward to expose her ample breasts. "Just put those away," chuck chided "I'm in a pickle and you might be able to help." "Shit" she spat "Well what the fuck is worth passing up some of my Uh Huh for?" Chuck explained that he was seeking a discrete doctor who could perform a vasectomy on him, and keep it on the down low.

Tara, giggled "Got you a hot one who's trfying to get you to knock her up?" she squealed. "Not exactly" Chuck said. "I have become involved with someone who is pretty young and I'm afraid that she might not be as carevful about birth control as she needs to be, and I sure don't need that headache at this stage of my life." Tara gushed "Ooooh I knew it, you got yourself hooked up with one of those teenie boppers, who is it, one of Brit's friends?" "Dammit Tara, I need your help, now do you know of anybody who can do this?" "Why, of course, I do." she shot back "And before you get all high and mighty, remember I was the one who told you about fucking that drum major from the high school band, he was only sixteen, damn was he a good fuck." she said as she reflected on her memory.

"Tara," Chuck said impatiently. "I need to do this very soon." "Oh fiddle," Tara said "Okay, I know a woman doctor who will do it, this afternoon if you want alexxxis allure loves anal scottish and english to, she is not cheap, but nobody will ever know but you and her, and of course me since I told you." She added mischeviously.

She made a call and gave him the name of her friend and Chuck kissed her as he left. "Are you positive that you don't want to park that wonderful schlong in my garage?" she tried one last time. "Very sure." Chuck replied and with that he left with the address in his hand.

The doctor's office was in a small office building in a strip center across town. Chuck parked and climbed the stairs to the second floor. He went into the waiting room There was no receptionist, or other patients. When he cleared his throat to attempt to get someone's attention, he heard a soft female voice call from behind the closed door into the office. "I'll be there in a moment." so he sat down to wait.

The Doctor was quite young, very attractive, and cordial as she came out of the office to greet him. "I understand that you need some discrete medical serv ices." she stated. "Yes," Chuck cleared his throat again. She looked at him smiling and said "Maybe we need to deal with that throat problem." Chuck smiled, "Nope, that's not it." he said as she sat down next to him.

"Permanent or reversible" she said matter of factly. Chuck looked puzzled. "Look, I know why you are here, I can make it permanent, or I can make it reversible, in the event that someday you may think that having a child would be right with this person, or with someone else." Chuck nodded his head as if he understood and then immediately shook his head to indocate that he could never have a child with this person.

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The doctor nodded, took him by the hand and led him into the back room. The whole process took less that half an hour including the numbing of his scrotum area before the incision.

When she finished, she presented him with a bill and said blandly, I take Visa and Mastercard. And with that he was finished creating life forever. On the drive home he pondered what he had just done. Had he made sexy dance and bj by real czech newbie right decision? He was only thirty six years old, he had a lot of life left in him. What if he met that special someone? What if he found a person equal to his former wife?

He sighed deeply, well that's not going to happen, he thought. He drove home in a fog. He stopped by the pharmacy to pick up some condoms because the doctor had told him tghat he was still fertile for as long as thfree weeks. He grabbed a dozen, then another dozen and as he was getting ready to check out he added another dozen. The girl behind the counter turned red as she checked him out. "Good times?" she teased. Chuck just grunted as he paid her and left.

When he got home Britney was not yet home from school. That woujld give him a chance to gather his thoughts for the conversation they would have. He had to set some rules.

If they were to become lovers, they had to establish when and how often they would have sex, she would have to keep her grades up, and she could not under any circumstances ever tell anyone about it, ever. Chuck went over his lecture, editing and paraphrasing to make the most impact on his very energetic and hard to focus daughter.

After several dry runs, he felt he had it perfected. Then Britney came home. She was adorable in her short plaid mini skirt withy her knee high stockings and her crisp white blouse. She bounded into his office and gthrew her arms around his neck and kissed him on the back of his neck. "Oh Daddy, I love you so much. Please let's make love." and the speech went out the window as they threw off their clothes and began to passionately perform oral sex on one another.

Chuck managed to slip a condom on just before Brigtney climbed onto his raucous cock and began slamming her pussy against him. They fucked hard for several minutes until Britney rolled her head back and let loose a howl like a coyote as she experienced her first climax.

Chuck liked the fact that the condom had delayed his orgasm and he was able to continue to service his lover with a much harder, longer lasgting erection.

Britney seemed to appreciate that also. "Oh Daddy, that was great." she bubbled "You're still hard, didn't you cum yet?" she asked. He shook his head and with that his fuck princess began her second round of cock riding. They fucked the afternoon away. When the sun went down, Britney climbed off her lovers wilting cock, he had finally managed to cum into the latex sheath. "Wow, I don't think I could stand to do that everyday, old man, you are going to have to jerk off or something." Britney said laughing into her father's chest as she lay across him.

"Oh, Baby," Chuck said breathlessly. "You are your Mama all over again. She used to fuck me for hours, non-stop, one orgasm after the other, and still be ready to fuck some more." Britney kissed her Dad on the lips. "Daddy, I want college girl and her boy friend be more than she was, I want to love you forever, I never want to leave you." He kissed her softly on her forehead.

"And I never want you to, either." he said They held one another close as they both fell into an exhausted sleep. To be continued: