Nympho a gets cock in her asshole

Nympho a gets cock in her asshole
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Brian and Joseph Pt. 2: Monday Thanks for the positive feedback on the first installment.

For those who haven't read it, check here (http://stories.xnxx.com/story/35120/Brian_and_Joseph_pt._1%3A_Beginning_to_Experiment).

For those who have and didn't like it, please leave comments on what you don't like. I'll try to fix it. If you don't like the overall idea, however, I'm not going to be changing that since it's an experience I had that's hot, and I also suspect a lot of people out there can relate.

Brian was the first to wake up Monday morning. His cock was rock hard, which is no surprise for a thirteen year old boy. He had just had a dream about getting a blow job, but not from any of the pretty girls ritina yuzuki uncensored japan fuck school he was thinking about his best friend's mouth on his dick, and his best friend's throbbing member in between his own lips.

He reached down to feel his erection. I'm leaking precum, he thought, as he rubbed it into his cock.

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Gently rubbing himself, he let out a moan as his dick let out more of his cream. Suddenly, he stopped, as he remembered that his best friend, Joseph, was a few feet over in the basement apartment they were occupying. Unlike Brian, Joseph slept on his back, so Brian could see the bulge at his friend's crotch.

He wondered if Joseph had any interesting dreams that night.

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"You awake, dude," Brian asked. Joseph's response was little more than incoherent mumbling. "Whatever," was all Brian said to that. Brian got up and went upstairs to take a shower. There was a note on the kitchen table from Joseph's parents. 'We're out with Henry. We'll be back by three. Have fun.' Henry was Joseph's younger brother of four years. Brian noticed the time was 11, so the boys would be alone for the next while.

Not thinking much of it at the time, he went to take his shower. As he disrobed and turned on the hot water, he remembered the lightning bolt sensation that shot through his body when his friend had touched him. His hardon, which had been at half-mast since reading the note, was coming back.

As Brian felt the hot water on his young, naked body, he looked down to notice that he was hard as steel. He touched his dick.

The sensation made him shiver. Slowly, under the showerhead, he began to massage his cock. Anyone with a penis knows that water is not good lubricant, slim girl pawns her pussy and pounded by horny pawn guy Brian wasn't having any problems: he was letting out a veritable stream of precum. He rubbed it into his dick. Leaning against the shower wall to brace himself, Brian preceded to pleasure himself.

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Up and down he jerked his thirteen year old dick. It was six inches of hard, white meat, which unbeknownst to Brian was quite big for his age. And he loved it. The sensations it brought him as he rubbed his precum slick cock up and down were amazing, but he also enjoyed the feeling of hard dick in his hands. And he loved touching Joseph's cock.

Thinking about feeling his friend's dick in his hands, even through underwear, Joseph began to stroke himself faster. He moaned softly, then more loudly, as he thought about feeling the veins of Joseph's cock, even through the material of the white, cotton briefs.

"You're so hard," Brian whispered. "Are you gonna cum? Are you gonna shoot a big load from just me stroking you?" And with that Ravaging a thick and fat dick hardcore and blowjob came, his young balls rocketing the cum right out of his dick and onto the shower wall. Brian through his head back and let out a more than audible yelp. Good thing that no one else was home.

After his orgasm subsided, Brian noticed how much cum he had let out. As he rinsed the traces of his masturbation from the shower, he also put some on his cum on his hands and brought it too his mouth. It was slimy, but sweet and salty and a little bitter. He licked the rest of it from his lips. When he got downstairs in his towel, Joseph was up, watching cartoons on the television.

He was only wearing his white briefs, complimenting Brian who was only in his underwear. "Did you try to talk to me earlier, or did I just dream that," Joseph asked his friend. "I did, but you were out like a light," Brian answered. "Yeah, we were up late last night." Brian jumped a little at that statement, but Joseph just went back to watching television. He wondered if today would be anything like yesterday… After their cartoon show of choice ended, Brian and Joseph decided to play video games again.

Joseph had first turn, but eventually bumped into a boss he couldn't beat, and passed the controller onto Brian.

As he played, Brian was aware of Joseph's occasional shifting motions next to him on the couch. After a bit, he noticed that his friend's thigh was next to his. From the corner of his eye, he saw his friend looking at him, and at his cock. But Brian just stayed motionless and played his video game, too nervous to do anything. That's when Joseph's hand found Brian's crotch. Brian let out a deep breath as his friend began to stroke him.

Brian's cock was once again hard in his underwear. The feel of a hand on his dick, his best friend's no less, was driving him wild. Brian moaned as he continued to play.

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That's when Joseph's hand found the point just below the head of his cock. "Yeah, right there," Brian moaned. Joseph's hand continued to rub him. At this point Brian had stopped in the video game, just savoring the feel of his best friend 's hand. "Hey," interjected Joseph, "do me too." Brian put down the controller and reached over to his friend's cock. He found his friend's cock and rubbed it up and down. On an upstroke, he kept palm at the head of Joseph' dick and started to rub in a circle.

Joseph moaned. The boys sat there for a while, side by side in only their underwear, their eyes transfixed on the other's young boner as their hands stroked and fondled each other.

"Remember what we said yesterday," asked Brian, still stroking his best friend's hardon, "about how anything one of us does the other has to do? Are we still doing that." "Yeah," replied Joseph, his hand caressing Brian through his boxers.

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With that, Brian did something Joseph didn't expect: he reached into his friend's boxers and grabbed his dick. Brian almost gasped at the incredible feeling of someone else's turgid cock in his hand for the first time. He grasped it gently, then more firmly, as he gave someone a handjob for the first time. Joseph leaned back and moaned as he felt Brian's hand stroke his bare flesh up and down.

Brian's mouth hung open slightly as his hand moved, his grip tightening at the base of Joseph's cock and releasing to come back up. He noticed the precum at the tip of his friend's dick, and rubbed it around the head with his forefinger and thumb.

"You're gonna do me too, right," Brian asked. Danny ds cock got simone garzas pussy on top looked him in the eye, and then reached into Brian's boxers. Joseph's eyes widened as he felt his friend's hard cock. "Mmm, you're big, " Joseph moaned. And there they sat on the couch. Two thirteen year old boys giving each other a hand job, loving the naughtiness they felt as they stroked each other.

Joseph loved the feel of Brian's cock in his hand. He stroked up and down, paying special attention to that spot below the head that made him feel so good where Brian touched him. That's when he felt something sticky start to trickle down Brian's dick. "Dude, did you cum," Joseph asked. He removed his hand from Brian's cock, which caused Brian to stop jerking Joseph's own member. "No, it's just precum." "I think I'm going to wash my hand," said Joseph.

As Joseph tensed his legs to stand, he felt himself weak as Brian resumed the hand job. "Please don't stop," begged Brian softly, working his friend's dick. "You've felt your own cum before. A little precum can't be that bad." Joseph thought about this and couldn't help agreeing with this friend. Besides, the hand working his cock felt too good to stop.

The boys began to stroke faster, each of their dicks leaking precum everywhere. Feeling all that slippery liquid was driving Brian wild, and coupled with the sensations on his own dick, Brian knew he wouldn't last much longer. "I'ma gonna cum," said Joseph, his head thrown back as he continued to rub and pleasure his best friend.

"Let me get to the bathroom." "No. Cum while I jerk you off. I wanna feel you cum." Hearing that was all Joseph needed, and his cock began to erupt. Brian never stopped stroking his friend.

He loved the feel of the creamy cum coating his hand! Joseph, in the throws of his orgasm, gave Brian's dick several hard jerks, and that plus his friend's gushing cum sent him over the edge. He began to shoot his hot load all over his friend's hand. As their orgasms subsided, the boys heard Joseph's parents pull into the driveway. "Shit, we gotta clean up," yelled Joseph, running to the bathroom. His white briefs were obviously soaked. Brian's black boxers hid the cum much better, so as his friend disappeared down the hallway towards the bathroom, Brian thought for a second.

Then, looking at his right hand, he brought it to his mouth and gave a tentatively lick at Joseph's cum, which coated his hand. Salty, he thought, as he proceeded to lick up every last drop of his friend's cum. He wondered what it would taste like straight from the source.