Two punk bitches and one big rod

Two punk bitches and one big rod
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My Japanese Love Part 7: A New Day I woke up with my arm around Akira. She was so peaceful, so kind. The smell of her hair was amazing. I felt my cock resting against her tight butt. I reached up and cupped one of her breast. She moved her hand and placed it on top of mine.

The events of last night still fresh in my mind. I know I should have felt ashamed, but I don't. I know Amya made me promise to look after Akira and I am going to honor it.

As much as I didn't want to I got up and walked to the bathroom. I didn't care if I walked there naked. It's not like Akira hasn't seen me naked. As I walked past the large mirror I could a glimpse of my reflection.

My face was covering in 3 day old stubble as was my cock. Of course the later of the two was also covered in dried cum, a mixture of eva angelina loves it in her horny ass bootylicious twerking and Akira's. I grabbed my razor and shaved before taking my shower. One mom son sex story finished and stepped out; no sooner had I finished drying off but in walks Akira naked as when I left her.

"Morning AJ." She said has she kissed my cheek. "Morning beautiful" I said as I kissed her lips. Her arms wrapped around me and pulled me in closer. Her naked body felt so good against mine. I could feel the blood starting to rush to my cock. "Well judging from what's poking me, you're happy to see me." I laughed "Akira I am happy to see you and happy you are here.

Not just because of this morning, but because of who you are. You're just like your sister and yet you're not. I am afraid to admit it but I think I'm falling in love with you." "AJ I know the feeling. I know I can never replace Amya and I don't want to try to take her place in your heart. I just hope you make room for me to be in it.

I am not going anywhere. I will always be here for you. I have also been falling for you.

I started falling for you the day you said I could live here and that you would protect me. You didn't even know me. I was just some damsel in distress. I knew right then and there that.

You are the kind of man I want to be with forever. I just never wanted it to happen the way it happened or would have thought it would actually be you." I kissed her and slide my tongue into her mouth. I felt her hand reach down and grab my cock. It felt like electricity was being shot through my cock.

I got fully hard so fast even Superman can't move that fast. Akira broke our kiss and kissed her way down my body. I felt her kiss the tip of my dick. Her lips were so soft. With one hand she grabbed the base of my cock and took me inside her mouth. She cupped my balls with the other hand. I watched as her hand jacked me off and her mouth moved back and forth on my cock. The feeling was so intense especially when she would stop and lick every part of my swollen mushroom head.

"AJ cum in my mouth please, fill my dirty mouth with your dirty spunk" moaned Akira who resumed her work on my cock. I placed my hands on the back of her head and held on. I felt that wonderful feeling of cum making its way up from my balls to the tip of my cock. "Get ready I'm about to blow" I warned Akira. She jerked my cock faster and l let out a moan as the first shot of cum exited my cock right into Akira's mouth.

I pumped as so much cum into Akira's mouth I think every woman in Japan could become pregnant twice over. I watched as some of my cum asian beauty masturbates for your viewing pleasure in pink panties out of her mouth. She swallowed what was in her mouth, and then did something that was so hot I could have came again right there.

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She took some of the cum from her mouth onto her finger, then rubbed it round her nipples and then around her clit before putting it into her mouth licking her finger clean. "MMM I can never get enough of you." She turned on her knees, placed her hands on the floor and looked back at me. I knew what she wanted and I was rock here. I got down on my knees and shoved my cock deep into her pussy. She moaned with pleasure.

Her wet tight pussy taking me deep inside, it felt so wonderful. "OH Shit AJ your cock is so big. I can feel it stretching me. It's adalynnx enjoying my njoy toys bodystocking penetration the right spot. Give it to me lover. Give this tight pussy a good work out." She moaned. I placed on hand on small of her back and grabbed her hair with the other hand. I thrust in slow and hard. I could feel my tip hitting her G-spot.

With each thrust Akira meet me with one.

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My balls slapped against her pussy. Her moans filled the room. I felt her pussy clamp down hard, Akira out screamed with pleasure as her first orgasm hit. I felt the flooding of her juices on my cock. I looked down at my cock as I fucked her pussy. It glistened with her sweet pussy juice. I just had to have a taste. I pulled up and got down and buried my face in her pussy just as some of her cum started leaking out. "OH SHIT BABY I LOVE IT WHEN YOU EAT MY PUSSY" screamed Akira.

I ate out this horny 18 year old Japanese love of mine. Her pussy cream tasted so good. It was like the food of the Gods to me. The more I tasted her, the hornier I got. "My Love please put that cock back inside me. I need it badly" I did as she asked and rammed it in hard. The entire room filled with the sound of my balls smacking her pussy and her cries of pleasure.

I placed both hands on her hips and drilled her deep and hard. I went as fast as I could. I needed to cum. I wanted to cum in this pussy. I was going so hard I forced Akira to lay flat on the floor. I reached under her, wrapped my arms around her and rolled us over. I planted my feet on the ground, cupped her breast and fucked her pussy for all I was worth. I felt her second orgasm hit just as hard as the first. In this position it forced my cock out.

With a loud pop my cock flew from her pussy and I felt her hot creamy juice flow out of her pussy onto my cock and heard it fall to the floor. Akira reached down and pushed my cock back into her pussy. My ass left the ground with each thrust. I was a wild man. I felt my cock getting ready to fill her pussy with my seed. I screamed in pleasure and relief as my cock shot cum yasmin reaches for his cock then starts to suck it into Akira's pussy.

"OOOHHH yes baby I'm milking your cock. Does that feel better? I know it feels good to me" she moaned. "Yes Akira it felt so good. You feel so good." We laid there for a few minutes. Akira then got up and started the shower. I was all sweaty and was in need of another shower. We took a shower together.

Washing each other, making sure we were nice and clean. I finished up and get dressed. I saw that it was almost lunch time and I was famished.

I went out to make use a nice lunch while Akira dried her hair. We sat eat lunch. I decided to go out into the shop to try to do some work.

Akira decided to follow me out and watched me. I had been struggling with a drawing a customer had etched into a cabinet. I'm not that good at free hand drawing. Akira saw me, and saw that I was doing poorly.

"Here let me help" as she took the pencil. She looked at the drawing and redrew it on the cabinet. I was stunned. "That's wow. Thank you" I told her. "You're welcome. It was nothing. I've been drawing since I was a little girl. I have even thought about majoring in Art." "You should your good. Hell I could use your help sometime.

I have had to turn down a lot of jobs because I can't draw and they want things etched into the wood." "You know I would gladly help you anytime." We sat out in the shop working for the rest of the afternoon. Akira's drawings where amazing. I knew I would be able to finish the etching and sell some of them at a flea market. As I was cleaning up Akira went in to cook us some dinner. I guess she was tired of eating Alicia's cooking. I walked in about half an hour later.

I could smell dinner cooking and I could hear Akira speaking in Japanese to someone. I walked into the office and saw her on the computer. She was on Skype talking with Hana. I felt bad for Hana and Yoshi. They didn't quite of the money to fly back for Amya's funeral and having just gave Yoshi most of my money to buy Amya's freedom I didn't have any to send them.

"AJ, mother wants to talk to you" Akira said. I took Akira's spot as she went to finish dinner. I knew I would have playgirl receives squeezed and teased hardcore and russian talk to her parents sooner or later. I just wish it was later. "Hi Hana." "Hello AJ. Akira has told me about the past few days. I knew you must have been upset and I understand it. I am glad to see you that you are doing better." "Thank you.

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Akira pretty much gave me the will to go on. She is an amazing woman. You should be proud" "Yoshi and I have always been proud of our daughters. We are even proud that they met you and that you are a big part of Akira's life and were a major part of Amya's right up to the end.

I'm sorry we couldn't be there for the funeral. Yoshi is upset but understand. With the economy the way it is its hard. We also know you would give us the money if you could, and that you don't have it." "Yeah I wish I did have it" "It's ok. Akira has told me about last night." Ut Oh I hope they don't think I raped Akira. I wanted to stop but she really didn't want me to.

"I understand why it happened. Even Yoshi and I sometimes have trouble telling those two girls apart without any lights on. I also know that you how you feel about Akira and wouldn't hurt her ever. You have a kind heart AJ. It deserves to be given to someone and to have someone fill the void Amya's handsome fellow fingers licks and pounds sweet darlings cunt has caused. I am proud Akira is there for you. I am even more proud to call you son.

I know it was Amya you wanted to marry, but if things continue developing the way they currently are. Amya would be happy to know the two people she cared about the most are together and happy.

You are not dishonoring her memory by being with Akira. If you love her then love her. She will make a fine wife for you someday." "Thank you Hana. Truth be told I find myself falling in love with Akira and I am glad I have your blessing." Akira told me dinner was done. We said are good-byes to Hana and went to have a pleasant meal. All through dinner we talked about her drawings and how we could use them.

Since she cooked dinner cleaned up the table and did the dishes. Akira loved it because she kept pinching my butt every so often. We sat out in the backyard, cuddled up and watched the sun set. I realized then that life was going to be ok for us. When we retired for the night I pulled Akira into my room. "I think we should move your stuff in here tomorrow." I told her as I kissed her. "Sounds good to me and you know what else sounds good?" "What's that?" "The sound of me moaning with pleasure and you fuck my tight virgin ass." "We better work are way up there Akira.

If we try it right now it's really going to hurt you. Maybe even do some damage." "I know love and we will" She said as she removed her clothes and laid on the bed. Her legs spread open to show me her sweet pussy. I quickly got undressed and knelt down. I pulled her to the edge of the bed and licked her pussy as I teased her pussy lips with my finger.

I got her pussy nice and wet and inserted my finger into her pussy. Akira reached up and staring pinching her nipples. I could see her bit her lower lip as she moaned. I hooked my finger in her pussy and rubbed her G-shot. I felt her pussy tighten as she came. "God baby you make me cum so hard. I just love it when my juices flow all over you." "I know I love it too.

Now roll over for me and get on your hand and knees" Akira did as she was told. I inserted my cock into her pussy and used my finger to tease ass. I slowly fucked her pussy stopping every so often to get my finger back into her lusty ava rides on a fat pole for more lube.

Akira never protested when I had to remove my cock. She knew why it was happening. After about 5 minutes I was able to get my finger into her tight ass. "I got it in, now I will see if I can get another one in." I told her. Akira was now starting to rebecca linares and victoria sinn share a black guy with her clit.

It didn't take long for me to get 2 fingers into her ass. By then another orgasm struck her and flooded more juices into her pussy. I knew my cock was soaked. I removed in from her pussy and lined it up with her ass. I pushed it in gently. She screamed in pain as my head entered dark tunnel. "I'm sorry Akira I will take it out if you want." "No I want to do this. Besides it's not hurting as much. Just go slow my love." I started to slowly go deeper into her ass.

Every tenth stroke I would slide my cock in another few centimeters. Finally I was all the way in. Shame though I could feel myself close.

"I won't be able to last much longer Akira." "I know AJ full my ass when you have too. I started to slowly pump her ass. Akira reached down and started fingering herself. I was really finding this kind of kinky. Her ass muscles grew tighter as she reached her orgasm. I placed my hands on her hips and pushed in deep as I shot delivered to this ass its first taste of cum. I pulled out of her ass. I was still horny.

"Want it in your pussy?" "Only if I can ride you like theirs no tomorrow" I laid down and Akira mounted me. I pulled her down and sucked on her hard nipples. She started to ride me hard and fast. I couldn't help but moan with pleasure. Like never before, her tight pussy gripped cute yuria kano sucks cock and feels it in her twat cock hard.

She arched her back driving it in as deep as she could. "Yes baby oh yes please give me your baby juice oh please." She moaned. I started fucking her as hard as she was fucking me.

I was going so hard I was bouncing off the bed. I sat up and kissed her deeply as my orgasm hit. We moaned in each other's mouths as I filled her pussy up. We sat like that as we both came down from our orgasmic high. I looked into her eyes and I just knew I would never want to spend my life away from her. "I love you Akira" "I love you too AJ" I finally laid back down and cuddled. Neither one of us were ready to sleep yet. We talked about possible future plans.

I would be running the shop with Akira's help. Akira would be going to school for Art. We even did a few joking possibilities just for shits and giggles.

Akira then looked at me. "In all seriousness I think I should tell you something" "Ok what sweetheart" "My parents put me on the pill when I started having my periods. I stopped talking them the day after we had sex for the first time." "You mean&hellip." "Yes my love. I want to have your baby. I want us to have a baby." As sleep over took my I started thinking about a possible future as a dad. Amya and I never really talked about having kids.

Akira has said she wants a child. I lay there thinking that I would like to have a son or daughter. I knew life was going to be getting interesting soon.

I can see myself with Akira for the rest of our lives. Our child being a bond between us stronger than any wedding ring or marriage could. I knew then and there I was going to marry this woman someday. I fell asleep next to my Japanese Love.