Two hot asian fillies bang each other masturbation and brunette

Two hot asian fillies bang each other masturbation and brunette
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Chapter 1 A Friend of the Family I am 31. I have been married nine of those years to the woman porn star priya anjoli roy my dreams; not even my dreams because this is a reality so she is the woman of my life. My name is Nick Bradley. I am a computer consultant who does freelance computer work for groups in my area.

I make a lot of money, and I mean a lot. I am a tall 6'5, slim, and in fairly good shape. I have strong, toned arms, a nice flat four-pack stomach, and a nice muscular ass, which my wife loves.

I work out about twice a week just to keep toned. I am one sexy guy. My wife is one sexy girl. I am 31. I have also been married nine years. I am the woman of Nick Bradley's dreams. My name is Katherine Marie Bradley. I work as a teacher at a local middle school, and I am one of the top teachers for my grade in this area. I am 5'9, toned, and very outgoing.

I am tall with a flat tummy, and slim waist. I have a nice big butt and a firm perky set of C cups. Nick and I are in love and have been since college so I know my looks aren't the only reason he sticks around. To top all of that off, I am drop dead gorgeous with light green eyes, fair skin, and dark hair. We have been married all these years and in the beginning, it was perfect. Our honeymoon was in a snowy ski retreat.

We had our own cabin with plenty of space to spread out, which we did. The ski lodge was only a short distance from the cabin and was tucked nicely away so you could barely see much less see in. I spent the whole week waking up mid-morning to a nice wake-up lick followed by breakfast in bed.

Nick is such a sweet heart. Then we would shower and take about an hour trying to get dressed. It took this long because if Nick started to put on clothes I would pounce on him and take them off and pleasure him. He never complained. Finally, if we managed to get dressed we would head out to the lodge and get our gear for the day.

The resort had about six different peaks all with 10 runs apiece so there was always something new to explore. The first afternoon we were there, I was sore from all the skiing, Nick new it would happen and scheduled us for massages that afternoon. That night we ate like light and retreated back to the cabin. The cabin was cleaned each day and new sheets were put on the beds. The resort would stock the kitchen with all kinds of "fun" foods to entertain each other with.

We made love that first night for hours it seemed like. Nick and I still have sex often even after nine years. During the first year, we couldn't get enough of each other. I would always come home to a nice dinner and a naked horny man. First, he would serve us dinner and then he would take me into the bedroom for desert. We would lie together but soon he wouldn't be able to keep his hands off me. He would cover my entire body with the lightest kisses imaginable and then he would kiss my neck and nibble my ear, kiss his way down to my lovely tits where he would lick and suck until they were nice and perky.

Then he would kiss farther down until he got to my now dripping slit. He would tease me at first but I would grab him and shove his mouth to my cunt. He would eat me until I finished and then we would have sex.

Every position imaginable was tried on our bed. As the years went on, we had sex less until finally I was fed up. I am a woman; I need him to take care of my needs. We had always talked about broadening our sexual horizons; adding people, doing different things.

I have always loved the thought of multiple men taking me. We would watch porn together, I was always nice and wet when parts with one girl being fucked by a couple of men came along.

They would fuck all her holes and take turns finishing inside of her. I would love Nick and a couple other big dicks to fill me. I told Nick about my fantasies and he said he had thought about it also. He told me we could try it as long as he was there and some other time he could fuck some sexy, young girl too. I told him that was fine and only fair and that I would take care of everything.

That's when I met Frank. Frank was a student at a nearby college who came to my class to observe teaching styles. He was young and very, very cute. After class, Frank would sit in my room and fill out paperwork. I would move around the room and tidy up a bit. Every now and then, I would catch him staring at my ass or looking down my top, I could tell he wanted to fuck me from the way he would look at me all throughout class.

Towards the end of the year, I began to flirt with Frank. At the end of each class, I would unbutton the top of my blouse so my cleavage would shine through and I would wear skimpier skirts and tighter shorts.

Also, I would drop things on purpose just to give him a little tease when I bent over. On the morning before the final day of class, I decided to make my move; Frank would fuck me. I woke Nick up with a nice blowjob in the morning. When he was hard and awake I hoped on top of him and rode his nice thick dick until I came leaving him wanting more.

I told him my plan and he agreed. I quickly showered and put on a skimpy skirt and a sheer white top with a milf con tette grosse si prende un bel cazzo in culo up bra. My tits were practically falling out of the top, when I unbuttoned it, he would get an eyeful.

I slid on a pair of panties but my slit was still wet from fucking my sexy husband this morning and thinking about my plan. I got to class and let Frank in the room.

He was mumbling his words and couldn't stop staring at my tits. He took his seat in the back and didn't stop staring the whole class.

When class was finally over, I unbuttoned the top button on my blouse and slid my panties off in my chair so he wouldn't see. They were soaked. I tidied up the room as usual and teased Frank a bit. My push up bra had my cleavage popping out of my shirt. I bent over in front of him to pick up a scrap of paper and noticed he was sporting a nice boner stretching into his jeans. I turned around and dropped my pen on purpose, when I went to pick it up my skirt rode up enough so if he were looking he would have seen the bottom of my nice round ass and a little hint of my soaking cunt.

He was definitely looking because I heard him let out a low sigh when I bent down. I stood up, walked over to him, and asked if he was all right. He nodded not letting out a word. I noticed he hadn't filled out a bit of his paperwork and asked him what he was thinking about.

Again, he didn't say a word. Looking into his eyes, I straddled the desk and spread my legs around him. My skirt rode up so he could see my inner amateur redhead does bj until facial cumshot but not my now dripping slit.

I leaned forward and gave him a good view of my bulging tits. "I want you to come to dinner tonight with me, I will give you the address and I want you to dress nicely." I took his hand gently and ran it up my leg until he could feel the moist heat coming from my cunt.

sex xxx hot sexi bp vidios sex stories you're going to be there right." He nodded again.

I could feel his fingers millimeters from my slit and couldn't help myself but to go the extra inch and let his finger slid across my hole. Then I dropped his hand and gave him a light kiss on the lips. I reached down and grabbed his throbbing dick through his pants. "Bring this too; we might have a little bit of fun." I packed my things not saying another word and left. When I got home, I told Nick everything. I could tell he was being turned on by my story, as he could not hide his hard on being naked.

At the end, his said I was evil but very sexy. I kneeled down, kissed the end of his hard cock, and then kissed him. Then I turned and walked away mom say dad is mot here pleas fucl me final words being "make dinner bitch." He yelled back to me "I'm going to shove my dick all the way down your throat for that." Before I walked into the bathroom I yelled back to him, "You had better." I had to get ready for tonight.

I filled the tub with steaming hot water and hopped in. I didn't need to shave because a few years ago Nick and I had our entire bodies made hairless with laser hair removal, well all but Nick's sexy chest hair. I loved it because my cunt never needed shaving and it was always completely smooth. I lied back in the tub and shut my eyes, trying to get some rest for the night ahead.

I woke up to Nick kissing me lightly. He said we had about an hour until Frank arrived and that dinner was almost ready. He added to that an I love you and tonight's going to be great.

I hoped out of the shower and dried off once I was dry I thought about what I might need to do to prepare. I plan to be fucked in every hole she thought so I had better loosen up my ass a little so it will be ready for tonight. I took a little bit of lube on my finger, lubed my hole, and then slowly inserted a short dildo. "God that feels amazing" I thought to myself, "I can't wait to have a nice thick dick back here." I left the dildo in and slid over it a skimpy black pair of boy shorts.

They were rather lacy and showed off an excellent portion of her ass. I also put on a similar push up bra to the one she wore earlier and a white top that showed most if not all of my cleavage.

I took out the shortest skirt she could find and slid it over my ass. The white skirt showed off the bottom of her butt cheeks and her cunt covered by the boy shorts.

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"If I bent over whoever was behind me would get a view of everything," she thought to herself. I added to my outfit a pair of stiletto boots that were calf high and with white pantyhose underneath. I stood in front of the mirror and ran my hands over my body. She was a bombshell and she knew it.

Nick walked in while I examined myself in the mirror and immediately stopped in his tracks. "I would fuck you right now if you would let me, god you're sexy." I looked at him, smiled, and asked how much time was left. He told me about fifteen minutes and walked into xstory and 2 boy 1 girl mp3 closet with a huge hard-on.

I reached back, slid the dildo out of my ass and put it away. Then I walked out and sat on the sofa. Nick walked out of the bedroom wearing a very nice pair of black slacks and a nice shirt. As he walked past, I asked him if he was trying to completely soak my panties. He smiled and nodded before returning to the kitchen. God my wife is sexy. This son-of-a-bitch Frank is one lucky bastard.

The dinner was ready but I couldn't go in and sit with my wife. I would rape her if I sat down next to her. I heard a knock on the door the tapping of stiletto heels across tile to answer it. The door opened and I heard my wife say how nice it was for him to show up. She let him in and that's when I saw him.

He was a bit short but he was dressed well. He was cute too. I could see why she liked him; he looked very strong like me. They both walked into the kitchen and my wife walked over to me and kissed me square on the lips.

I looked over to see Frank getting a glimpse up her short skirt.

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I looked at him and asked him what he thought. He stammered out a very nice so I gave my wife a little smack on the bottom.

"I liked that," my wife said. I looked over at Frank and said, "Why don't you give it a little tap Frank." I could see his hard-on coming through his pants. He reached out and gave her butt a little squeeze. I looked at him and said "nice eh." He nodded. I walked over to the bar and got everyone's drink order.

I poured everything out, giving my wife a little extra, and handed everyone there drink. We sat down on big black booty take on huge white dick couches and talked a bit my wife sat next to me but later on during the discussion decided to go and sit on franks lap. As soon as she sat down, she popped back up and said, "Someone is a horny, it's ok though I'm a little wet myself." I could tell the alcohol was working when Frank answered back with "Well Mrs.

B you look so amazing I can't help it." On that note, I ushered everyone in to eat. The conversation at dinner was light an easy. Sex wasn't brought up at all and I learned a bit about Frank himself. After dinner, I cleaned up and loaded everything into the sink. The two of them had walked off to somewhere in the house and I'm sure they were getting themselves in trouble. That's when I heard my wife yell and run into the kitchen. "He took my panties," she said in a childish tone.

I smiled and grabbed her ass.

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I looked over at Frank and "I like the improvement." My wife stormed off and Frank followed. When I finished I walked in their direction and heard light moans coming from the sitting area.

As I turned the corner, I found a boxer clad Frank shoving his fingers into my wife's dripping slit. My wife had taken off her bra and her tits had fallen out of the shirt. She looked over at me and said, "He's fucking amazing with those fingers." As I moved closer, I leaned down and took one of her nipples into my mouth. I licked it until it was nice and perky.

She moaned feeling my mouth on her tit. I could hear franks fingers moving easily in her soaked cunt. "She's great and sucking a nice hard dick, why don't you try that out." He looked at me and stood up.

His hard dick sprang free of his boxers. That's when I realized Frank was hung. He was about 8 inches long and super thick. My wife would love fucking this kid. As he straddled her face, I took his position and slid my fingers in her ass, which was nicely spread and easy to get in and out of.

I lowered my head and began licking her cunt. I could hear the beginning of a moan but it was shut out by franks huge dick shoving its way into her mouth. I heard Frank let out a sigh as he began face fucking her with his large cock. I could see his dick going deeper and deeper with each thrust until it was all the way down her throat.

I licked her wet slit and sucked up all the juice that had leaked out of her. I slid my fingers in and out of her ass while I ate. I was ridiculously horny watching this kid face fuck my wife. I could tell my wife was getting close as I licked her clit and fingered her ass.

I reached up, put my hand on franks thigh, and told him to lick her tits. He slid his dick out of her mouth and I noticed it was covered with thick saliva as he bent to lick and suck her nipples. My wife moaned, "thank you" as she arched her back and came. After my wife finished she went limp and I told Frank to pick her up and take her to the bedroom. I followed behind him watching my sexy wife. I love my husband. He is amazing. That was amazing. Franks hard dick in my mouth and my husband finger fucking me and eating me out is just too much to handle.

I looked back at my husband horny bride shares her husband with her mom we walked into the room, Frank's capable arms carrying me the whole way.

When we got to the room, my husband lay down and told me it was his turn for a blowjob. Immediately I took him into my mouth and started sucking his long thick cock. Frank stood and watched for a bit and I was getting hornier by the second. Finally, I reached out, grabbed his cock, and led him behind me.

As I bent over to continue sucking my husband's cock, I looked at him and told him to pick a hole. I felt the tip of his massive dick press against my cunt but then he moved it up and slid it easily into my busty teacher yoga exercises while naked with girls ass.

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I moaned as he fucked my ass. He was so gentle, starting slow and picking up speed. Then again, I think he was afraid my husband would kill him if he hurt me. As he fucked my ass my moans became louder and longer. I soon realized that Nick was about to cum watching Frank fucking me. When he started to finish I let him roll over and finish into the sheets. I don't like cum so he knew to do this. Frank kept sliding his thick dick in and out of me and I fell completely on the bed and was absorbed him in my ass.

When Frank started to get close, he picked up speed and started ramming his dick all the way in me. I loved this and began to gasp and moan like crazy. Then he left my ass and his throbbing dick shot his cum all over the floor. Smart kid I thought to myself.

The two men lied on the bed after blowing their loads. Kathy knew they were tired so she let them rest for a minute. Soon she became restless though and started to suck on her husband's cock bringing it back to life. She took franks cock in her hand and slowly stroked up and down his shaft.

She could feel his dick getting bigger in her hand. Her husband's cock was no different it grew quickly in her mouth and soon she was bobbing up and down on his thick dick. When both dicks where good and hard Nick looked over at Frank and asked if he wanted to see the rest of his wife. Nick nodded, which was Kathy's queue to slid her top off and let her skirt fall to the floor. "You wife is beautiful" Frank said. Nick smiled and then remembered his promise from earlier.

He stood and told his wife to kneel. When she did, he slid his dick all the way in to the back of her throat. She gagged feeling the whole of his cock in her mouth.

He slid his dick out and she fell coughing. "Asshole" she muttered. "I told you it would happen," said Nick. He picked her up and set hard insertion for moist pretty teen hardcore russian down on the bed giving her a kiss. Frank immediately stood in front of her and slid his dick into her soaked cunt. Nick sat on the bed and watched this young guy fuck his wife. His wife had soon forgotten about her husband's misdeed and was wriggling under Frank as he fucked her.

Nick stood up, walked over to Frank, and whispered in his ear. Frank immediately picked up speed and Kathy went crazy. She started yelling and moaning after each thrust of franks cock. The slapping sounds where heard throughout the room; as Frank slid his dick all the way out before slamming it deep inside of her. Kathy started moaning franks name, which was a huge turn-on for Nick, and soon after, she climaxed under him.

Frank slowed down and slid his dick out of her. Kathy breathed heavily as she lay on the bed. As soon as Frank was done, I lay next to her on the bed and Frank rolled her over on top of me. My wife was limp on top of me as I positioned her around me. Then Frank grabbed my dick and slipped in her cunt, which surprised me at first but it was soon forgotten as I fucked my wife.

I could hear her limp body whimpering with each thrust of my dick. I looked at Frank and nodded and he moved behind her slipping his dick into her well-fucked ass. My wife suddenly came to life as she felt two hard thick dicks fucking both her holes at once. She moaned as both of us filled her with our cocks. She looked down at me in complete ecstasy as we fucked her.

It wasn't long until she was close again and I told Frank to pick up speed. Both of us continued to fuck her as she finished. My wife had dug her nails into my shoulder as we both fucked her through her orgasm. She looked at me and knew we wouldn't stop. We kept fucking her until a second orgasm shook her entire body.

My mind was scrambled. I lay on top of a man and heaved deep breaths. I felt a cock slide out of my ass. Then I felt my body being rolled off a hard dick onto a very soft bed. I lay motionless feeling my body twitch from its orgasms.

All of the sudden I was picked up and set onto someone. I'm not sure sister lost bet and fucked brother with friend I couldn't think that much. All I knew is this someone had a huge dick because that's what I felt push its way into my ass. I finally opened my eyes and saw my handsome sexy husband below me fucking my ass slowly.

When I looked back, I saw another man standing in front of me. This man was Frank and he was rubbing the tip of his cock up and down on my clit. "Fuck me please," I begged him. This obviously won him over as he shoved the full length of his cock into my slit moments after. Frank fucked me hard as my husband slid his dick slowly in my ass. Noticing this turned me on even more. I felt my husband's hand reach around me and cup my big c cups.

This advantage helped him shove even more of his cock into me. Once again, I was delirious. For the second time this night, I had two long, thick dicks deep inside of me fucking me simultaneously. I arched my back and felt my husband's cock slip even further to the point where all of him was buried deep inside of me.

Frank was unrelenting. He held my slim waist as he slammed himself all the way into me. Feeling his dick all the way inside of me made me even juicier. I moaned and began to wiggle up and down as both men filled me. I could feel Nicks hands pull and flick my hard nipples as he fucked my ass. Both of them had picked up speed as their rock-hard dicks slammed in and out of me.

As I lied on top of my husband being fucked, all I could help to do was breathe and feel my body tense and shake. I felt my orgasm creeping up on me and as it finally came, I yelled for both of them to fuck me harder. They listened well and as my orgasm subsided, they let me fall onto the bed and rest. My wife is beautiful. She is a mess but she is gorgeous. I could see her inner legs were wet with her juice and her holes were spread and soaked in it as well. She sonya plays with toys pussy toying and masturbation on the bed and relaxed and I could see her breathing was slowing down.

I looked over at Frank and said, "We did a good job huh." He nodded and added "I think she is done for tonight." I agreed and we both left the room. Frank got dressed picking his clothes up from the couch.

He said, "I really enjoyed tonight and I wouldn't mind fucking Mrs. B again if it was ok with you." I said that we would be in touch. As I showed Frank the door, he handed me his number, thanked me again, and then left.

I walked back to my wife who was fast asleep in bed. I joined her and we both slept, cuddled against each other, like babies that night.