Alex harper gets caught stealing and pays the pussy price

Alex harper gets caught stealing and pays the pussy price
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The following events happened when I was 19, over twenty years ago. I came home from my first year of college to stay with my parents for the summer. About two weeks after I arrived my parents next door neighbor welcomed her 15 year old Granddaughter, Celia to stay for the summer. When I fist saw her I was stunned. She had grown from a skinny little girl into a fantastically beautiful young lady.

She had gorgeous large almond shaped brown eyes, beautiful full lips a head of cascading curly dark brown hair perky budding breast and I swear the most perfect ass I have ever seen. She always seemed to be smiling and within a week after my arrival seemed to be totally smitten with me. Young boy and oid girls have always liked hiking and spending time in the forest and I would often walk down past her Grandmothers house to a path that wound its way to a fabulous view above the Red River.

Soon it became obvious that Celia was waiting in front of the house for me to come by on a regular basis. Inevitably she one day asked if she could go with me. Though unsure about the wisdom of this I finally relented and she ran to ask her Grandmother and change out of the dress she was wearing.

She came back in a pair of white shorts with a turquoise blue halter-top on. She wasted no time and was on the trail before me. The walk for was rather uneventful until we arrived at a small embankment that requires one to climb for about 40 feet. Celia started up with me behind her looking up at that perfect little butt.

It was near the top she grabbed onto a thick brown root to heave herself on to the top of the cliff when it broke. As she started to fall she cried out and I raised my hands catching her hips, by gaining a better footing on a rock I was able to push her on up. We were both red faced and a little unsure of what to say.

She broke the silence by saying,' you have strong hands.' "And you have a very nice bottom", I replied. She slapped me playfully on the shoulder and said, "Oh you" her face turning a deeper shade of red. At this point we were faced with the full view of the river and forest that surrounded it and we stood in awe.

I was startled when she reached over and took my hand. Soon it was time to head home and when we arrived she said see you tomorrow. Our days were spent like that fairly often, she was like my shadow. I took her hiking to all the places I knew we even occasionally swam in a nearby stream.

Though there was much flirting and making of eyes at each other it all was pretty innocent. Then one day she asked me point blank," if I had a girlfriend?" "Not anymore", I said trying to conceal the sharp pain it caused me to think about Sandy.

Sandy had been my high school sweetheart but had broken up with me in college, after cheating on me with two of my friends. "Could I be your Girlfriend?" she asked. Now as attractive as this sounded, I felt I needed to defuse the situation, so I explained how our age difference as well as geographical distance might cause some problems. She promptly burst into tears. I tried to console her and finally said maybe she could be my Girlfriend for the summer, but after that, well we would have to see.

She was ecstatic and I quickly warned her that this information might need to kept from others as because her age her parents might not approve.

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She agreed and kissed me on the cheek. Though I had been aroused to an erection with her before I had always been able to conceal it. This time she saw it, her faced turned red and she smiled even bigger. Two days later while once again looking at the river she asked me, "if I had ever had sex?" "Yes", I said. Then she asked, "if I would kiss her." I did and though she really didn't know what to do.

I quickly helped her figure it out. Within the hour we were tongue wrestling and once she even traced the outline of my erect cock with her fingers.

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Later that afternoon by myself back at my house I wondered what to do and even considered stopping the whole thing, but I didn't want to hurt her and I told myself that I would let it go no further. The following Friday her Grandmother traveled to a friends house about an hour and a half away. Celia called suggesting we go for a swim.

It was about a hundred degrees in the shade, but the water was cold and soon we were splashing around having a good time. Celia walked up to me as I stood in waist deep water and we wrapped our arms around each other and began to kiss.

I have no idea how long we stayed like that but even in the cold water I was hard as a rock. I realized we were both shivering as she suggested we spread our blanket on teen college coeds partying in blowjob dorm reality amateur small sandbar and warm up in the sun.

Celia lay down on her stomach and asked if I would put tanning lotion on as she undid the strings on her bikini top. This was it, I rolled her onto her back and began to kiss her, and she actually reached down and began to push my swim trunks off.

I alternated between kissing her mouth and sucking on her nipples, which were nearly as hard as my cock. Finally I kissed down her belly and took hold of her bottoms removing them easily. I was now staring at a perfect little pussy visibly wet and engorged from her excitement.

The inner lips were small and of a pink color reminiscent of the insides of some seashells. Her smell was musky but with overtones of cinnamon and spices. I began to kiss it, playfully licking at the lips, carefully avoiding her clit. I went further down lifting her legs so I could kiss her tender little asshole.

Don't she said, it's dirty. No part of you is dirty I said and she let me continue as I started to rub her clitoris with my finger.

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She was increasingly excited, and she asked if she could kiss me, so I showed her how to 69. Though she really didn't have a good technique she made up for it with her adoration even kissing my testicle and anus.

I want you to Make Love to me she said. Conflicting emotions washed over me but I still after one final lick of her vagina moved upwards to look in her eyes. Once again our mouths locked into a deep kiss. I moved on top of her supporting my weight with my elbows and positioned my cock at her opening.

I began to push, she was gasping a little bit and I started to move awaybut she took hold of my hips and pulled me into her as she pushed her pelvis upward. I slid in suddenly breaking through her maidenhood, and she cried out. I could feel warm liquid flowing down my balls and I asked if I should stop, but she only hugged me tighter. We lay there for several minutes before we began kissing again I used my right index finger to begin making gentle circles around her clit.

Auh um um, she began to moan, once again pushing her pelvis.

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Though I could tell she was in some pain it was now mixed with pleasure I began to make short stroke but her tightness quickly was bringing me to the point of orgasm. How do you like having my cock inside you, "I asked?" That was all it took, she was coming hard, bucking her hips crying out. I was coming too pouring the long pent up semen into her suddenly worrying about the possibility of impregnating her. The spasm seemed to last for ages, then we laid quietly until my now wilted penis slipped out of her.

Finally we sat i, the blanket was a mess, covered with blood and come, I leaned down and once again kissed her vagina tasting our now mixed fluids. We attempted to wash the blanket and she sat for several minutes in the stream. After a a half hour she seemed to have stopped bleeding.

We walked quietly to her Grandmothers house where she changed clothes and we sat on the big oversized chair on her back porch.