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Busty and gorgeous stepmom joins stephani deepthroating a meaty cock
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3 months in your new job and you're still being teased about things… being the youngest member of the team in the only all woman department in the company, how you still put 'miss' in front of everyone's name when you're talking to them… Still the office is a lot more relaxed than other places you've worked; you still get shocked about how easily the other girls talk about their conquests in bed, especially when the men work in the other departments, how they talk about whose good in bed and what size the men are&hellip.

And even how the girls talk about your boss Kim, you're not sure if they were joking when 2 of them told you she's just as happy bedding women as she is men and the fact that she doesn't hide it either. One girl even told you that the rumour going round is if someone gets invited to Kim's house for dinner or to a party it's more than likely they'll end up in her bed!!.

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Still you're looking forward to your first Christmas party!! The girls tell you that Kim always picks the theme for the parties so you're eager to hear what it will be&hellip.just before everyone leaves that day Kim announces that the theme will be&hellip.

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Costumes from around the world and each girl must pick a different country and wear clothing connected with that country.

On the way home you think about what you could wear, thinking through your wardrobe you remember something that you bought on a holiday once but were too nervous to wear when you got it home&hellip.

Getting home you search and find it still boxed up in the back of your wardrobe. Opening the box you carefully take out the pure silk kimono&hellip. Laying it on the bed you look at the deep red silk stroking it and wondering if you'll be daring enough to wear it… looking at the way the sides are split almost half way up the dress, you decide to try it on and see how it looks&hellip.

The silk feels good against your skin as you slip into it… gazing at your reflection you move your leg and see that the split reaches to just below the top of your thigh, feeling bad you move more to see how much it will reveal&hellip. You get a thrill as you see it might show more that you thought.

Then you notice you can see the shape of your bra and panties through the dress… you daringly take your bra off to see how it looks and shiver with pleasure as the silk rubs against your nipples making them harden&hellip.you need to think about the panties it won't do to have their outline showing and you just know you're not daring enough not to wear any!! IT'S THE DAY OF THE PARTY!!! You've been planning all week and now it's time to get ready, all the girls have been talking about what they've picked to wear and have been teasing you a bit about your costume… you slip off to the locker room with your bag and quickly change… first you strip naked and look at yourself in the mirror… happy with your smooth skin and firm breasts.

You take the new string thong out of their box… looking at them you think it will feel like you're almost not wearing any!! Slipping them on you take another look and giggle as the thong almost disappears between your shaved pussy lips… next the kimono… you feel so naughty with almost nothing on underneath, taking one last look to see there's nothing wrong you let your hair down out of the ponytail you always wear it in&hellip.

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busty babe kelly in a threesome sex striptease and pornstars now to make your entrance… As you walk up to the office doors you hear the girls are already enjoying themselves, taking a deep breath you enter&hellip.when they notice you some of the girls gasp at how you look, others smile appreciatively, you even get a wolf whistle which makes you blush.

Next thing you know they're all chatting to you and complimenting you on how you look, relaxing you start to enjoy yourself. As the night wears on you know you've drunk more than you're used too but hey it's a party!! All the girls are dancing and everyone's having fun, you've even danced with Kim a few times!! All too soon someone says it's time to leave, going to your desk and bending down to get your bag you feel someone pinch your bottom.

Shocked you jump up to find Kim behind you laughing… jumping up so fast makes your head spin and you fall back into you chair. a few of the girls see and laugh commenting that someone's had more drink than was good for them… Kim asks if you are ok and embarrassed you mumble that you are.

In the foyer you need to wait for a lift and find that you Kim and another girl are the only ones left, when you reach the street the fresh air hits you and you stumble, Kim and the other girl grab you to stop you falling over and Kim asks the girl if she knows where you live, but she doesn't, you tell them that you can make it but Kim tells you that she will see you home. Leaving the other girl you get into Kim's car and give her directions…&hellip.

Arriving at your apartment Kim says she's going to see you get in safely and takes your door keys off you and helps you to you flat, opening the door she pulls you in and helps you to your living room&hellip. making you sit down Kim says you need something to drink and disappears when she comes back she hands you a glass of red wine and sits down beside you your knees touch and you feel a little tingle of electricity… you look at Kim as you start to thank her and see that she's staring at your legs, looking down you realize that the kimono has slipped between them all the way up and she can see the edge of the thong and between your thighs!

Shocked you jump up spilling your wine over you both, suddenly Kim is in front of you and taking the glass away&hellip. She slips her arm round you and kisses you, shocked you pull away… to hear her whisper 'I had to kiss you we're under mistletoe'&hellip. looking up you see it hanging above you as you look back at her she euro girls dildo self and fuck guy julia reaves you again&hellip.

This time you feel her tongue probe between your lips and respond&hellip. Slowly you come back to yourself and feel Kim undoing your kimono and slipping her hand into the split… stroking you thigh, you gasp a 'no…' and she looks at you moving her hand back… your breath catches as she stands back&hellip. Not knowing what else to do you slip the kimono off your shoulders and let it fall to the floor&hellip.

You feel like such a slut standing there in nothing but your high heels and an almost invisible thong in front of your boss. Kim looks at you and steps towards you&hellip. slowly raising her hand to your breast and stroking, hearing you gasp but not move she leans down and kiss it causing a moan to escape your lips&hellip.

You feel frozen in place as she licks and sucks your nipples enjoying you as much as you admit to enjoying the feelings… suddenly she stands up and takes your hand&hellip. Raising it to her dress she slips it inside and guides you to her waiting breast…… As you feel the nipple hardens under your mom and son secret hidden she slips the straps off her shoulders and lets it fall to the floor too&hellip.

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Now you see another woman naked for the first time in your life… you realize that Kim isn't wearing any underwear and you flush with pleasure just looking at her&hellip. You lean forward and looking up at her face you kiss each of her nipples and take them in to your mouth one at a time following her example&hellip. Now Kim gently pushes you down to the sofa and sits beside you… leaning in to kiss you again&hellip.

You feel her hands moving all over your body, exploring… unable to resist you move so that she can do what she wants… you feel her fingers stroking down and then gently forcing their way between your legs moving your thighs apart they come to rest on your pussy mound… you feel a pulse of pleasure run through your pussy as she starts to stroke and kneed your mound… a shock hits you as one of her fingers slips between the lips and you realize how wet you are…… you lose yourself in the feelings and pleasure you feel with Kim kissing and touching you&hellip.

Suddenly she stops kissing you and as you open your eyes Kim is kneeling on the floor between your legs… opening you legs wider she leans forward and kisses your pussy&hellip. You cry out as she kisses it again harder this time&hellip.

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'Shall I stop?' Kim asks&hellip. All you can do is shake your head as you can't find the words… she leans down again and this time as she does you just see her tongue leaving he mouth… now she licks up the length of your pussy before finding your clit and starts to work on it, making it get harder so she can suck it&hellip. Hearing you moan she redoubles her efforts and licks and sucks harder&hellip.

Unable to control yourself you cry out louder as the first orgasm in month's hits you&hellip. Making you shake hard… feeling your reaction Kim carries on faster and harder&hellip.

Burying her tongue in your now soaking pussy&hellip. Finding your hole and licking inside it, this time you scream 'OH GOD KIM'!! You've never felt anything like it before and you cum harder than ever&hellip. Shaking you feel Kim move away and sit beside you again&hellip. You look up at her and she says 1 word&hellip. 'Bedroom&hellip.' You can't help but blush as shaking still you stand up and take her hand leading her to your bed&hellip.

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Now she lies down on the bed and beckons to you to lay down too… this time she guides you hand to her pussy and without saying a word slips one of your fingers inside… she's as wet as you!! Not letting you do anything else she pulls your hand away and moves it to your mouth&hellip.

You slow open your mouth and slip your finger in… tasting another woman's juices for the first time… you tremble and blush again as you realize how much you like her taste&hellip. Slowly as if she might be angry you move down her body kissing it until you reach her legs and look up at her&hellip.

Kim smiles and without a word opens her legs wide for you… slowly still you lean down and lick her shaved pussy… looking up again. Kim moves her hand down and slowly pulls the lips apart for you… inviting you to do more&hellip. Leaning down you slip your tongue inside and lick her finding juicy teen chicks are willing to do anything on cameras clit already standing hard and proud of its cover&hellip.

You suck on it hearing her moan 'that's right Mayu… keep doing it'&hellip. A thrill runs through you as she says your name and you suck harder, licking the tip as you do&hellip. You feel her starting to shake and lick harder… moving you hand up you slip a finger inside her hole and start to fuck her with it as you lick and suck on her clit&hellip.

Suddenly you feel her pussy muscles gripping you finger and she comes and you feel a wash of juices over your jaw&hellip. Without thinking you move so you can lick them up and swallow&hellip. Afterwards you both collapse, after about 10 minutes you feel Kim move… looking at her she smiles and says&hellip. 'I think we're going to have to be doing a lot of overtime in the office in future…'