Wife takes on two bbc bulls for hubby

Wife takes on two bbc bulls for hubby
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It really never felt different. I just grew up that way. Oh, I knew that not everyone went away to a nude resort during the summer. And, of course, I wore clothes to school flexible teen fitness model gets naked in gym when I went out. Of course. But it really didn't seem all that different.

After all, my parents had friends who were also naturists. They would come over or we would go to their house and take our clothes off. No big deal, really. I never thought much about it. We lived in California and there were a great many places you could go that were nudist or clothing-optional.

I just never thought much about it. I mean growing up, it was comfortable and I even had some of my Mother's friends admire my 'little dickie,' as they called it. It was when I went from ten to eleven, then on to twelve years old, that my 'little dickie' began to give me away.

When I was around an attractive woman or a girl near my age or older, I was like any other boy, I got erections. And when I was around girls who were fifteen, sixteen, eighteen, twenty, oh, I had to carry a towel with me, ready to drop down over my embarrassing condition.

All those golden, tanned bodies. I was a boy, after all. Quite a normal boy. We often went to resorts with one or two other families, one had no children, the other had Sarah, who was a year older than me, fourteen. They had moved up to Northern California two years ago, so now we really only saw each other during the summer.

Sarah and I had played together growing up, swimming, hiking, cycling, camping out, just beautiful slutty babe payed and fucked then gets facial of the normal kid things and we always had a nice time together.

Ten yer girl xex story had just come down to the beach for a swim, having just arrived a few hours before and I saw Sarah out in the water. She waved and I dove in and swam out to her. "Hi, Will, isn't the water nice?" "Oh, perfect, just right, not so hot, just right." We swam around a bit then headed for shore.

I got there first and began to walk out of the water when I turned and looked back. Unbelievable. Simply unbelievable. Sarah was stunning. I'd seen some Playboy magazines, she was the equal of the girls in Playboy. Almost as tall as me, her breasts were full, round, topped with brown nipples. A slim waist, sexy hips, slender arms and legs, perfectly tan all over, of course. And, between her legs, a pretty covering of curly, light brown hair.

I simply had to quickly wade back out into the water before I literally stood out. She waded over to me and threw her arms around me and kissed me while she pulled me tight to her. She pulled back a bit and said, "Um, Will, maybe we better stay in the water a while. Until, you, uh, you know, um, get less excited." I know my face was red, she was smiling, it really didn't seem to faze her at all.

"Would you like me to bring you a towel, you know, to kind of cover yourself with?" "Um, yeah, maybe you better.

There's quite a few people and, well, I, um, yeah, a towel would be nice. Thanks, Sarah, you're the best." She waded out again and tossed me the towel and asked, "Was that because of me, Will?" "Uh, well, Sarah, you've kind of changed some since last summer, I mean, well, you have." "Oh, Will, I've changed quite a bit from last summer.

I intend to show you just how much. Now, let's get out of the water. Keep your towel ready," and we began wading ashore. As we walked into the woods along a trail we knew well, we started catching up on our lives. "So, any girlfriends, Will? Making out big time?" "Nah, not really, I've dated a few girls. None knew we were naturist or anything, I don't tell them for fear that they'd freak out." "Oh, yeah, me, too.

Well, there was one boy I went with, we got pretty serious, you know, traveling around the 'bases.' I told him one night, well, we were kind of naked, you know, and I asked him if he wanted to go nude when he was at my house.

That kind of freaked him out but he did it. It was funny in a way. He just could never stay soft. I had to keep slapping his dick, not hard, just to calm him down." "So, you've done more than me, I think." "Maybe, but you can always catch up, Will," and she took off running ahead, then stopped and bent over facing away from me, then bending down and looking back at me from underneath her legs.

I had my towel firmly in place in front of me as I walked toward her looking at her bent over, her butt toward me, the pretty lips of her pussy gleaming back at me. I couldn't believe how much Sarah had changed, how bold she had become. She took off again, as I neared her, then, like before, she stopped and bent down presenting me again with her pussy peeking out from between her thighs.

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As I caught up with her, she leaned into me, the back of her hand brushing against my cock and whispered in my ear, "If you can catch me, Will, you can fuck me," and took off running. I ran after her, now caring little about trying to hide behind the towel, running, my cock bobbing back and forth, she's up ahead, laughing, going deeper and deeper into the woods.

I was slowly gaining on her when, suddenly, she stopped and turned toward me and held her arms out and I ran right up into them, our lips pressed together along with all our nakedness touching so tightly.

"Well, Will, you caught me. I guess you'll just have to fuck me. You won't mind, will you?" "Mind, oh, look at my dick." "Yes, I have. And it looks very nice. I have plans for it, Will. Your towel isn't very big, but it'll have to do," and she spread it out and sat down and patted the spot right next to her. "Have you done it before, Will?" "No, not really. But, like any guy, I guess, I want to." "With me?" "Oh, Sarah, just look at you.

What guy wouldn't? Of course, I would." "Well, I want you to, Will. I'm on the pill, so hot blonde gets a nice big boner no worry about that. You know what goes where, right?" "I think so, you really mean it. You want to do it?" "Do I have to beg you, Will, I've wanted you to fuck me for almost three years.

Ever since I first wanted to do this," and she reached out and put her fingers around my dick, squeezed it gently and began rubbing it up and down. "And when did you first want to do that?" I asked. "When you were ten. I was awful, wasn't I? Here's what else I wanted to do," and she bent over and I felt her lips surround my cock and then, the most incredible sensation of my life. Oh, it was so wonderful. Her butt was up in the air near my shoulder and I ran my finger down along the slit between her legs.

Sarah moaned when I did that and moved her knees apart as I rubbed up and down. She was wet along her opening and I moved my finger inside her and she moaned some more. "Oh, Sarah, you're gonna make me cum doing that," and she lifted off, said, "Good," and went back down sucking me. I leaned over and wiped my tongue up and down her slit and she lifted her leg up over me and straddled me with her pussy right over my face.

Sixty-nine, my first sixty-nine. Sarah's pussy slowly lowered down until it just touched my face, then I began licking and tonguing her as she pressed down even more. This was the first time I've ever been sucked off but I'll bet anything that Sarah had done it before, a lot, I bet. She was really good and just did it so naturally. I reached up and rubbed my fingers across the slit in her pussy, it was wet with her sex juices which I rubbed all around her pussy lips, then pulled them apart and licked up inside.

I got an immediate moan for my efforts and knew then that this was something girls would just love. I was learning that one of my favorite places on earth is between a girl's legs, an experience that I would repeat over and over with Sarah. She soon had a mouthful of my cum and I had given my first orgasm to a girl, an experience that I would never forget for its drama, its total abandon and its ecstasy. The power of my tongue and, as I would learn, my cock, to give joy, unbridled joy and ecstasy, would astound me and change forever how I would treat women.

I wanted to give this joy as often and as well as I could. Only then would I concern myself with my pleasure. We were cuddled together on the towel, wrapped in each other's arms, kissing, feeling each other's bodies, putting our hands on every bit of each other that, until this day, only our eyes had touched. "That's really the first time you've ever done that to a girl, Will?" "Yes, but it's sure not going to be the last." "You did it so well.

You really got me off, I just love your tongue. Think we could try using this now?" she asked as she held my cock. "You want to do it, you know, intercourse?" "No, Will, I want you to fuck me. I am so hot, so horny, that I want to be fucked." "I've never done it before so I hope I do it so you like it." Sarah got up on her hands and knees, turned her head and said, "Do me from behind, Will.

I love it that way." I got up on my knees between her legs, her pussy lips glistening in spicy nympho is brought in butthole loony bin for painful treatment sunlight filtering through the trees, and held my cock right up to her and pushed. The feeling of my dick going inside her was magnificent. Inside she was lush, warm, wet, slippery, simply wonderful.

Then I started going in and out. "Oh, Sarah, I never knew it would feel this good. I mean, I knew it would be good, but, wow, this is wonderful." "See how this is," she said as she started rotating her hips in a circle as I continued fucking her from behind.

"Oh, incredible. You're sure gonna make me cum doing that." "That's the general idea, Will." I was gripping Sarah's beautiful tanned hips as I pushed my hard dick into her then pulled back, then in, oh, this was incredible. "Mmm, Will, push hard into me, really hard, deep, okay? Just hold it there. Yeah, like that." I pushed hard into as she also pushed back.

Her hips started going round and round again, oh this was so good. "Oh, god, Will, oooh, that is sooo good. Just push. I think I'm…UUNH, UUNH, UUNH, uhh, uhh, uhh, oh, oh, don't stop, Will, don't stop." She had dropped her head and the top of her body down leaving her butt up in the air, her hips going around and I now stroked in and out, coming almost all the way out, then plunging as deeply as I could go.

Then, I simply exploded. I've had plenty of ejaculations before, several a day, sometimes more, and this one topped them all. I drove myself into her and pushed her to the ground pressing deep, as deep as I could go. "Oh, Sarah, oh, I love you, Peta jensen yoga for perverts, I love you, I really, really do." She turned over, I tried to stay on top of her, between her legs, and we kissed and kissed.

"I love you too, Will, so much. I want us to be together forever," she said as she wrapped her legs up around me. We lay there holding each other, kissing, my dick somehow still in her.

"I don't know what time it is, Will, but I think we should be getting back. Let's go have a quick swim, I have a few leaves stuck to me, and I have a lot of your cum dribbling out of me. I'd rather it not still be running down my legs when I get home," and we both laughed and ran to the lake and dove in. We both went back to my family's cabin and, as my mother was fixing supper, Sarah and I were on the sofa trying to keep our hands off each other.

Sarah was losing as she had her hand on my cock rubbing me up and down. Out of the kitchen, I heard, "Oh, Will, can you help me a sec?" from my mother. I went out, "Yeah, Mom, what?" "Um, Will, I see Sarah is rather grown-up this year and, of course, I know you are, too." "Yeah, she's changed." "Yes, and I did poke my head in a few minutes ago and saw where she had her hand." "Oh." "Well, look, Will, your father and I understand. We're both from nudist families and all that bare skin, once you've entered puberty, well, I don't need to explain.

It happens. I just want you to use protection and I'll be glad to get you condoms." "Oh, she told me she's on the pill. Her Mom put her on it last year, I think." "Good, that's great. Have you two had intercourse? I mean, we just got here today, so maybe you haven't yet." "Well, um, yeah, we kind of have." My mom laughed and said, "Teenagers, unbelievable." "Well, Mom, you've seen her, she's beautiful." "Oh, yes, I can understand.

Well, your father and I will talk with her parents. I think if you two want to have sex you can use your room. If she wants to stay the night, she can sleep with you in your room, and it's all right with us if she masturbates you when we're watching TV or whatever.

Being nudist is difficult for men, they show their arousal so easily, so it's easier if we women can keep them happy at home before they go out in public nude. I often do your Dad by hand when we're watching TV or reading or whatever, always when you weren't around, but now, I suppose Sarah and I can do it in front of each other, all four of us.

It's not something that happens in every nudist family, but we do it and, Fat ass redhead anal fucked in threesome lezdom suppose, it's time for you, too. I'll speak with Sarah, you don't have to. Ask her to come out to the kitchen." I stood there, rather blown away by all this.

She said Sarah and I can sleep together. That it's okay if Sarah jacks me off while we watch TV. In front of my parents. This morning I'd really never had sex, now my parents were encouraging me to have as much sex as I wanted.

I went back in the den and asked Sarah to go see my mom in the kitchen. After about twenty minutes, she came back out and sat down next to me.

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"Wow, it's all hard to believe. She said we could sleep together in your room. Or use your room any time we wanted to have sex. And, I can give you handjobs whenever you want one, even when we're all watching TV." "That's what she told me, too. Can I have a handjob?" I said with a smile across my face, my dick rising up out of my lap. She leaned over and kissed me, took hold of my cock and started going up and down.

"Hand me the bottle of lotion, there next to you," she asked and then she put some on her palm and began rubbing me again. "Your Mom told me they always have this out so she can do your Dad, especially before they go to the beach or whatever." "God, that's what that's for. I always just figured it was for chapped skin. But I sure like using it for this," as I leaned back and she jacked away.

Soon, strings of semen were arcing out of my dick, all over my legs and Sarah's arm as I collapsed backward in ecstasy. "Oh, Sarah, you sure did that good. I just love you doing that to me. I can't believe that this is all happening." "Well, it is, Will, and I'm staying over tonight and we can make love all night.

I want you in me as much as possible." Sarah and I slept together, at our cabin or at her's for the rest of our vacation. We fucked and sucked and fingered and rubbed until we just couldn't do any more, then we just held each other's naked bodies until we were ready again.

It was sad to leave each other and come back home but we talk often by phone and email each other alexis fawx and crystal rae hot threeway action in bed pornstars group sex of ourselves, naked, of course, and I will be spending two weeks after Christmas at her house spending most of my time, I hope in her pussy where I most want to be.

What a summer.