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The tit master pulled his cock out of my wife's mouth and with his finger wiped up the overflow on my wife's cheek and mouth and made her suck it off his finger. She was completely satisfied and eagerly did what her black tit master wanted. The wife took the black baby from my wife's left tit and lifted the baby up to her face and my wife gave her black baby boy a kiss for helping milk her bursting tits.

She could taste her milk on the baby's mouth and she liked the taste. The black wife took the baby upstairs so it could go to sleep after getting a good feeding from its mother's milk filled tit.

Her new black lover (almost twice her age) slowly pulled his still aroused cock slowly out teen like cut in pussy her pussy. As it finally came out, a loud 'Pop' could be heard as the head freed itself from her stretched and ravaged pussy.

He bend down and gave her lover's a kiss for about a minute. Tongue to tongue and he swirled it around her mouth so he could even taste the black tit master's cum in her mouth.

He then put both of his hands on her tits and slowly felt them up. My wife squealed and moaned but liked it. He then grabbed each nipple and pulled hard on them making her lift up and amazingly two large streams of milk shot up about seven inches toward his open waiting mouth.

He caught as much as he could and said, "Damn, sweet white bitch milk." She was still loaded with tit milk and was no way near being drained. "Well bitch, ready to have these drained completely?" her black lover said. She just looked at him and shook her head yes. "Get up my white tit bitch and let your old lover milk you dry." He and the black tit master led her over to a padded black leather V hanging from the ceiling and strapped her arms up onto the V.

They then pulled a leather-padded stool over for her to sit on and spread her legs open as wide as possible. They both started feeling up her milk filled tits till the tit master's wife came back down stairs.

The older black man told her to get the plastic bra on the couch. She went over and brought back a molded clear plastic bra with velcro straps. It was too huge looking for her tits. It was four times the normal size and where the tits went in, rubber was around the openings. My wife's eyes were as big as silver dollars when they started to place her tits into the rubber openings. What were they going to do, she wondered.

They finally fitted her and amazingly her tits supported the plastic bra alone. They finished velcroing her up and brought over another clear plastic container. This one they put around her pussy and velcro strapped into place. My wife was getting nervous and was trying to squirm out of each containers hold sex fairy tales porn mom son blow money to no avail.

"Now my tit slave lets see how much milk you have." The older man said. The tit master went over to his refrigerator and took out two glass cylinders, which held two of the largest leeches I have ever seen.

But how could these leeches drain all of my wife's tit milk? Each cup of the plastic bra had an opening on the top of it. The cups were way too big and the edges were a good four or five inches away from her nipples.

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The old black man took one cylinder and slowly poured the cold water and leech into the opening. The black tit master did the same to the other side. With the water added, the level of the water came to just above the nipple.

With the cold water touching her tender nipples now, my wife squirmed and moaned and her nipples shot out another hot stream of her milk. The leeches now attacked her nipples. They attached to each nipple and started sucking her nipple meat into their suckers. My wife screamed and struggled to get away from them but really wanted her leeches to milk her.

Slowly they began to swell sucking out my wife's milk and slowly she started to arch her back and letting them have their way with her exposed nipples.

The old man now opened a hole in the bottom of each plastic bra cup and let the water drain out onto her belly. The more the leeches sucked the more my wife enjoyed it. It was constant and steady sucking. The leeches held on even when my wife thrust her tits out and gave out a strong stream of tit milk. It nearly made the leeches let go but they continued sucking and sucking and moving up her nipples till they almost devour the length of the nipples.

After a few minutes my wife started to show her black lovers that she could take the leeches and could out last their feeding off of her milk tits. The old black man was ready for this. "Good, now your ready for your real milking." he said. He went over and picked up a black sack. Suave japanese hottie tomoe hinatsu sucking cock uncensored he did, the sack's contents started moving around and my wife just stared at it.

He pulled out a 12-inch long black snake! He showed it to my wife and even opened the snake's mouth to show her its tongue. The mouth opening had to be at least two-inches in diameter and no teeth. He then had the tit master pull out another black snake, which looked identical to the first. My wife started to violently struggle with her restraints. But they held her fast and she was hopelessly strapped in. The tit master's wife turned on some overhead lights and the old man said that his babies needed the warmth of the lights on her tits to properly milk her dry.

He told her that they were specially fed milk and did not eat or drink anything else. They were really hungry and thirsty for milk and the heat would make them even more so.

They now both pushed the milk hungry snakes into the openings on top of the plastic bra and slowly let them crawl in for dinner; her milk! The snakes saw the leeches and slowly slithered up to them. Just then my wife let out a huge stream of milk from both tits and nearly blew off the leeches but not quite.

In one swift motion they both attacked the leeches and slowly swallowed their way up till they consumed all of each leech.

My wife was frantic and now really tried to get loose from her straps. But the more she moved the more her "milkers" moved up to her nipples. Finally, you could see they consumed the leeches and had her nipples.

They started to feed off her milk and the more they sucked her the more she struggled. Again, she shot out two hot streams of milk and to everyone's surprise the snakes couldn't hold on.

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They recovered quickly and now with the leeches out of the way sucked in the nipples and tits and held on tight. My wife squirted over and over and hard. After about three minutes of this forced milking, my wife was starting to enjoy her snake milkers relieving her of her hot milk. It was dripping out the sides of their mouths but they held on and were going to milk my wife dry.

You could see their bodies filling up with my wife's milk and they wanted as much as they could get. Once again my wife shot a hot stream of milk that almost this time pushed them off. But they had a good hold of her.

The old man asked my wife how the snakes were doing. She was now panting and mumbled that the snake's tongues were wrapped around her nipples and were squeezing them when they wanted more of her milk.

The old man and the tit master now started to remove bigtitted babe pov screwed in closeup action big tits and amateur plastic bra and straps around my wife's milking tits. When they pulled it off, the tits were swollen and her veins were visible with all the pressure the snakes had on her with their milking.

My wife started taking deep breaths and the snakes held tight with the expansion of my wife's chest but were not going to let go of their feeding tits. They didn't take off the plastic box attached to her pussy. The old man bent over towards my wife and gave her another long wet kiss and said; "Now you will find out why I call my black cock a snake." He picked up another black bag and again it moved.

He came over to the pussy box and opened up a small door on the top. He reached into the bag and pulled out a white mouse. "A nice white mouse for your nice white pussy" he said. Quickly he dropped the mouse into the plastic box and my wife screamed. She was deadly afraid of mice and with one in her pussy box with only her pussy as an escape route she went wild. I thought she would pass out! The tit snakes got three long hot streams of milk but held on and suck all of her milk she shot out.

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The mouse settled down and twice went up to her pussy but ran back to the other side. The old man now got another bag and pulled out a 14-inch black snake, which was about 3 inches in diameter. "Now you get the real black snake," he said. He lowered the snake head first into the box and again my wife let out a scream and struggled frantically.

Her tits let out stream after stream of hot milk and again her milk snakes held on. The snake and mouse saw each other and the mouse started to run away towards my wife's pussy. When the snake was completely in the box, it started to slither towards the mouse.

The mouse went for its only way out; my wife's pussy. When he touched her pussy she let out a scream and her pussy started opening up. The mouse then started to enter her pussy and her pussy swallowed the mouse up till all you could see was its tail sticking out of her pussy. The snake saw where the mouse went and started slithering towards its prey. My wife kept screaming and when the snake's tongue tried to grab the mouse's tail, the mouse's tail even disappeared inside my wife's pussy.

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The snake wasn't going to be denied it prey. It slowly nuzzled my wife's pussy lips with its nose The snake finally must have swallowed the mouse and laid still for a few moments. My wife's pussy was cumming over and over at this point. She had her pussy ravished by the snake and her tits milked like never before by the snake milkers. Now she was just enjoying the ride like never before and after the shock of the snakes and mouse satisfying her sexual needs.

But the snake in her pussy wasn't done. Her pussy was wet and warm and maybe the awesome brunette gets her pussy fucked by sexmachine liked being in her pussy.

So he slowly started to move in further and further into her open pussy. Her pussy hole was wide open and he could do what he wanted. Amazingly she took all 14-inches of this snake into her pussy. The rough snake skin moving inside her sensitive pussy gave her orgasm after orgasm, the likes she never will have again. Finally, he was completely inside and you could hear the pop when her pussy lips closed up taking all 14-inches inside her warm pussy.

The snake had her.

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Her tit milk slowed down but the milker snakes kept up their sucking and still got milk out of her. The tit master and old man now removed the plastic pussy box and released her from strapped in position.

They stood her up and the tit milkers still hung on milking her yet. They both now started kissing my wife who kissed them back passionately. She wanted to thank them for this hard but wonderful fucking and milking. She even kissed the black woman hard and long. You could see her belly popped out where the snake was resting inside her pussy and slowly moving giving her another orgasm. She was now dripping from her pussy with her pussy juices and old black mans cum dripping out.

The old man said that she had enough for now but my wife protested. He said no and she reluctantly agreed. The tit master and wife grabbed onto the swollen milker snakes and slowly pulled on them.

The snakes did not want to release their hold and they held on. The old man started to rub my wife's belly hard, which started the pussy snake to move down towards her pussy lips.

Again my wife was cumming over and over and when the pussy snake's head popped out, she shuddered in another orgasm. The snake was about 12 inches out of her when the milk snakes let go of her nipples and tits with a loud pop. Just then the pussy snake finally was completely out with a loud plop. Exhausted, my wife lay down on the couch and rubbed her tits which were finally empty.

She then started to rub her pussy and felt her cum juice and the old black man's nigger seed still seeping out. The tit master's wife came over to her and felt her trisha parks licked then ass fucked by large wiener and said she was knocked up by the old black man and finished off with a snake nailing her. She also told her she had the old black man, leeches, her husband and her and the baby to milk her now every day.

In 9 months there will be another mouth to feed and another "surprise" after she has her second black nigger baby. - The End or is it?????????