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Sexy gf leah gotti gets nailed pornstars and hardcore
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After the party the guys went and ate while I slept in the truck. When they finished they drove back to their apartment. Byron carried me into their apartment where he took me to his room. He stripped me naked and placed me in his bed. I awoke at about ten in the morning; I had no idea how long I had been asleep.

At first I was stunned being naked in a bed I didn't know, and then everything started coming back to me. I looked over at Byron as he slept, his muscular torso was inviting so I snuggled close to him.

My pussy was soar but just the thought of me lying in this bed with Byron made my juices flow a little. I felt like a woman, not some high school girl, I felt sexual and powerful and alluring.

As I lay next to Byron my mind wandered to the night before. I thought of how wonderful being fucked for the second time in my life was, I had no idea how rewarding it could be. My white boyfriend that had taken my cherry was so incapable of showing me, now I knew the truth of it. Getting fucked was so amazing and I yearned for it again, even though I was soar as hell.

With my passions rising just from the thoughts of last night I began shifting and wiggling in hopes of waking Byron and him taking me again. He was sound asleep unfortunately. My stomach growled and I realized I was not only hungry for Byron's black cock but hungry for food as well. I got out of the bed and looked for my dress. Halfway through looking for it I decided, 'You know what, fuck it, I don't need a dress.' I walked out of Byron's room feeling alive and energized as I walked from his room to the living room completely naked.

I was not sure if Byron would want me to do so, but I was pretty sure I knew my place in this apartment, I was his and his roommates house slut, at least that's what I hoped Byron and his friends wanted of me. I would have never thought of myself a slut, I mean all through middle school and high school I was known as the girl that loved being on her knees but not a true slut that black creamy pussy clit tclit her legs for any guy that wanted some.

I never would have thought being owned by three black men as their sexual property would interest me but, the fuck if it didn't.

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The powerful urge flowing through me was intoxicating. I wanted to be with these men. I craved the attention I got from them and the possibility of having them take me and use me as they wished. I had a power over them I did not want to lose even though, I knew I was subservient to them.

That fact that I was owned by at least Byron and hopefully soon by his roommates consumed me. I made my way to the small kitchen and opened the refrigerator.

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Mostly there was beer and not much else. I decided to go and get some groceries and come back and make my new friends some breakfast, or lunch as it would be, by the time they woke up. I snuck back into the bathroom where my bag was left from the day before. I grabbed my sweats and threw them on and quickly fixed my hair and makeup, I never go in public without my makeup. My hair is black and straight, cut short to about mid neck so not a lot to do with it. I snuck into Byron's room and grabbed my purse and car keys.

I did not want to wake him up because I wanted all three of them to wake up to my lunch that I was going to make them. I left the apartment and drove to the grocery store and bought stuff for BLT sandwiches. It took me all of thirty minutes to do my shopping and I rushed back to Byron's apartment. I quietly snuck back in and immediately got out of my sweats; I wanted the guys to wake to BLT sandwiches and a beautiful little white slut in the buff. I quietly looked for a frying pan for the bacon and finally found it.

I got a knife for the lettuce and bacon and tomatoes and cut them into serving portions. Fixing the lettuce and tomatoes took about fifteen minutes. I then turned on the stove and started the bacon and then got some plates down for the guys. I placed a little lettuce and bacon on each plate.

The smell of frying bacon was beginning to fill the little kitchen and soon would flood the house with its aroma. I got out the mustard and mayo and sat them on the bar that separated the small dining room and kitchen. I walked around to make sure there were three stools at the bar for the three men noname jane aka violet blue pregnant and dick danger there were just three stools.

I walked back into the kitchen and began turning the slow cooking bacon. The excitement of being in this apartment and being naked just waiting for my three black, well Daddies, to wake up and find me cooking for switzerland school teacher ducking with students had me stimulated and my pussy was already warm and juicy.

Lost in my own passionate thoughts I didn't hear anyone rustling to life in the living room. "God, now that's a hell of a thing to wake up to!" Roberto said in a low gravely sleepy voice.

I turned around quickly startled by the deep voice, "Fuck, you scared me!" "Damn girl, sorry about that, what you doin up in here?" Roberto asked as he stood at the end of the bar. "Oh just fixing you guys something to eat." I responded as I grabbed a few slices of bread and turned toward the bar so that I could lean over the counter to a plate on the bar.

I purposefully bent over showing Roberto a sexy side view of me bent over the counter reaching to place the bread on the furthest plate. "God damn!" Roberto muttered as he watched my naked body bent over the counter. I pulled back to straight and took a step towards him as I asked, "What's a matter, baby?" I asked sheepishly with a little wicked smile.

"Damn, nothing girl, just need some coffee." He said as he scanned my body from my tits to my hips. "Well sit down, I'll make you some." I said as I pointed to the bar with the plates. "First batch of bacon is about ready, hope you're hungry." I said as I turned and walked in the direction that he was pointing to where I assumed the coffee was.

Roberto had moved to one of the stools, I went to the far side of the kitchen and opened the eye level cupboards.

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Knowing that here this man was, watching me nakedly maneuver in his kitchen, knowing his eyes were locked on my ass had me nearly creaming. I immediately saw the coffee on the top shelf but I played it up and acted like I didn't see it. I put my legs together and stood on my tippy toes. I stood reaching at the top shelf bouncing on my toes making my ass jiggle.

Then I raised one knee to the counter top to give him a clear view of my pussy as I struggled to reach the top shelf. "Damn I can't find it." I said without looking back at him. I continued to look for it as I heard him walking from the dining room into the kitchen. I did not teacher black stocking and threesome blowjob hd milf cops around but my heart was thumping so hard I thought it might explode. I felt his hand on my hip and then his body pressed against my back, his big thick cock pressing against my ass and his cock head into my thigh.

When he first sat down he was just wearing sweat bottoms, but he had removed them and I could only imagine what this sight looked like.

Here I was pressed against the counter, my little 105 pound 5 foot 5 inch snow white frame, covered by this sweet chocolate skinned man that towered over me at six four. I had one hand reaching up to the top shelf of the counter and he slid his other hand slowly up my arm as he said, "Here, let me help you girl." He grabbed the can of coffee and sat it down on the counter and then brought both of his hand around my sides under my arms and grabbed both my breasts in his hands.

I let out a low soft moan as he massaged my breasts in his hands and softly kissed my neck. He continued fondling my breasts and licking and sucking on my neck.

I brought my hands back behind him and grabbed handfuls of hard muscular ass cheeks. My pussy pagou o concerto do carro com a buceta hungry for his cock and the feel of it pressing against me was driving me crazy.

I felt so sexual in his arms, the vision of his big frame pressing me against the counter playing in my mind. I brought my hands to the side of the counter top and then pressed outward with my arms, arching my back pushing my ass into his crotch and raising my head back to his.

He took a few steps back and I pulled my arms behind his neck and arched my back further as I pressed my ass into him. When my mouth was as close to his ear as I could get it, I softly moaned, "I want that black cock in me." "Fuck yeah, been waiting to hear that." He growled into my ear.

Roberto pulled one horny thief tales ira entertains her horny from my breast to grab my hip and then used his other hand to press against my back softly. I knew what he wanted so I spread my legs wider than my shoulders and leaned my torso forward as I placed my hands on the side of the counter.

I was in a perfect L shape and ready to feel his cock entering me. Roberto squatted behind me as I stayed bent over at the waist supporting my balance with my hands on the side of the counter. I felt his warm breath and then his hot tongue pressing between my cunt lips.

He licked and slurped on my little pink pussy lips and then stood back up. I felt the hand on my hip grab me and grip tightly as he grabbed his cock with his other hand and began pushing and pulling his cockhead up and down my lubricated pussy lips. He readjusted and squatted a bit and then I felt it. His big cock head was pressing against my wet cunt lips straining to enter me.

I stood still as I waited for that rush of pain and pleasure from his head entering me. A sharp wave of pain flooded my body as his cock entered me and I let out a high squeak.

Slowly he pressed his shaft into my cunt and even though soar the feeling of him entering me nearly made me have an orgasm. He pressed his cock completely in me. The feel of that thick cock pressing my cunt open in every direction had me panting. Roberto then started pulling his cock from my cunt but I pressed back into him, "Not yet, I want to feel that cock in me." I moaned in a husky voice.

Roberto leaned over me bending at the waist as he kept his cock completely buried in my cunt. "Fuck your pussy is so tight girl," He moaned into my ear and then began sucking on my earlobe. "Oh damn, you feel so good in me." I moaned passionately. "I been wanting to slide my dick in you since you walked in here." Roberto said in another growl as he licked and sucked my ear.

"I hope Byron doesn't mind." I said not really caring if he did or not. "Nah girl, he was hoping you would spend the day with us, you know what I mean?" Roberto moaned and then stood up. "No I don't know what you mean, you should tell me." I said in a moan.

Moaning into my ear he answered, "You know why, slut." I let out a soft moan as I said, "Is it so I can suck your cocks?" "Yeah that's it. We gonna break you in right.

Gonna make you our black cock slut. You want that, slut?" Roberto whispered into my ear. Moaning and cooing, "Fuck yes I do, I want to be constantly fucked by my three black daddies." Roberto leaned back straight and slowly withdrew his cock from me and then monster cock fucking great sexy girl big black cock monstercock stroked back in to my cunt which drew a long soft 'oh God' from my lips.

Roberto slowly fucked me from behind as I stayed bent over, my hands on the side of the counter. I was consumed with the passion of being fucked by Byron's roommate and knowing I would spend this day being taken by one or all three of these men, hopefully all three at the same time. "Oh fuck, I love this dick in me." I moaned as Roberto quickened his pace from slow to medium steady strokes.

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"Fucking tight pussy" was all that Roberto said as he gripped my hips tighter in his hands and began driving deeper into me. I was in heaven, being taken from behind. I never felt more under my lovers control than like this.

Even though I had only been fucked once missionary and last night I squatted and rode Byron's cock, the feeling of being helplessly taken from behind had me thinking bent over and taken bitch style was my favorite.

A primal urge or passion was flowing through me; this was how a man should take his woman. It was vulgar and powerful, controlling and as it should be. "Oh fuck yes, fuck my pussy." I moaned softly.

"I have never been fucked from behind, um, I love it." "Damn, no one has fucked you like a bitch before?" Roberto slowly asked in a grunt.

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I moaned softly as the waves of energy flowed through my body each time his cock pressed up into my cunt. "No, I have never been fucked like this." I said as Roberto began picking up his pace.

Knowing that he was giving me my first fuck from behind must have set a fire in him. He grabbed my hips and began stroking into me harder and faster. I was panting with pleasure as he took my pussy. "Oh fuck yeah, take my pussy." I moaned uncontrollably. "Yeah girl, this is how a black man takes a white bitch." Roberto growled as he began fucking my cunt even faster.

"Oh fuck, just like that baby!" I moaned loudly. "This how nicholette shea least 2019 cleaning house girls want to get fucked, taken from behind like a slut should." Roberto continued in deep long growls.

The tone of his voice, the deep dark growl in his tambour and the words themselves were stimulating me. I was a slut and this IS how I wanted to be fucked. "Yeah baby, you know I need to be fucked like this." I moaned. "Say it, slut!" Roberto ordered of me as he pounded my cunt with his black cock.

"Say it for your daddy, white slut. Tell your daddy you love being taken like a bitch!" "Yes Daddy!" I squeaked as Roberto slammed into my cervix. "I love being fucked like a bitch by my black daddy!" That sent Roberto over the edge and he aggressively began taking my pussy, hard deep thrusts that drew 'fuck's' and 'shits' from my lips.

"Yeah slut, we gonna fuck your pussy and ass and make you suck our cocks all day, what you think of that slut?" Roberto asked growling into my ear as he grabbed my hair in his fist and pulled my head back to him. The stimulation from being fucked so aggressively and him grabbing my hair in his grip and pulling my head back sent me over the edge. My pussy released an orgasm like the one Byron had given me the night before. I quit breathing and stood motionless as my cunt quivered on the black cock that was three man one girl rap story taking it.

Roberto continued fucking my pussy hard as he said, "Fuck yeah slut, cum on my dick!" Needing to breathe I sucked in air as I growled at my lover, "Oh fuck! Fuck me Daddy!" "Yeah slut I am going to fuck you, gonna fuck you all day, how you like that?" Roberto announced as he continued fucking my pussy. "You want that don't you slut? You want your three black daddies to fuck every hole you have don't you, slut?" "Fuck yes!" I screamed.

"I want to be your little white slut Daddy!" I screamed as my orgasm began to subside. "God damn!" Roberto growled as he started to blast his load into my cunt. Roberto continued pumping his dick into me as he filled my pussy with his load. Each thick load of cum blasted into me and stimulated me. "Yes baby, cum in my pussy.

Fill me with your cum." I moaned slowly from my throat. His cock spent of his juice, Roberto leaned on top of me as he panted into my ear, "Fuck you are one fine piece of ass, love that tight pussy." I cooed softly, "Oh fuck, that was amazing!" Roberto took a step back and withdrew his cock from my cunt.

I stayed bent in the L shape unable to move. I was panting and breathing heavily. Finally as I started to stand up I felt a hand on my neck pressing me back forward. "Fuck that shit, get back where you were, my turn to fuck that pussy." It was Tom's voice. Tom squeezed tight on my neck and brought his other hand to my hip and squeezed tightly.

In one quick thrust he drove his hard cock deep into my cunt making me scream in pleasure. Tom immediately began fucking my pussy hard and fast. His cock was longer than Roberts and each time he buried his dick in me I squeaked or screamed 'shit' or 'fuck' as his cockhead pressed into my cervix. Tom was fucking me faster than Roberto did, just constantly slamming into my cunt. He moved his hands to my shoulders and fucked me so hard I thought he was taking four steps back and getting a running start each time.

He pulled hard on my shoulders as he thumped my pussy. "Damn, this pussy is good!" he grunted, his voice shaking from the vibrations of his thrusts into me. Each thrust into me had me screaming an 'oh fuck' or 'fuck me' or a demand from my lips of 'harder, fuck me harder!' Tom fucked me for ten minutes like that, I was in total ecstasy as his cock slammed into me. I cam on his dick twice before he spun us both around to show Roberto and now Byron what I looked like taking a black cock from behind.

Roberto was sitting eating his BLT and Tomas was drinking a beer watching me being fucked from the little hallway from the living room and the kitchen. "Walk that bitch over here and let her suck on my cock." Roberto said as he got off his stool and repositioned it at the entrance of the kitchen.

Tom slammed his cock deep into me and then reached behind my legs at the knees and lifted me up. He walked slowly the four feet over to Roberto. Tom lifted me a few times up and down his cock and I thought he was going to poke through me he was so deep.

He put me gorgeous brunette anissa kate sucking dick on massage table blowjob and pov and I immediately bent over and took Roberto's cock into my mouth. I hungrily devoured his cock all the way to the back of my throat.

I sucked him from his base to his head sucking tight as his big black shaft pressed in and out of my mouth and throat. Tom continued to fuck me hard and I was moaning and cussing into the cock in my mouth. "Fucking shit Byron, you picked one hell of a white bitch to make our slut." Roberto said as he ate his sandwich with one hand and pulled my head onto his cock with the other.

"Told ya fool, I knew this little slut would want all three of us up in her." Byron said as he watched his little white slut service his roommates.

I pulled off Roberto's cock needing to catch my breath but the hard fucking Tom was giving me made it hard to speak in full sentences. "Oh fuck" I said and quickly drew in a breath, "Fuck my" another quick breath "pussy" a pause and then "feels so good" in a long drawn out moan.

'Yeah baby, we know how you want it." Tom said as he grabbed a chunk of my hair in his hand and pulled my head back and held it. He started mocking the way I had just moaned, "We know" he took in a sharp breath "how you" another quick breath "like getting fucked" this time a long drawn out growl. All three of the men laughed.

The way they were treating me, I was their fuck meat, and I loved every minute of it. The forceful nature of their comments, the flippant aggressive way that they treated me had me so sexually stimulated and I loved all of it. Tom pressed hard with his hand and buried my face in Roberto's crotch.

"Get back on that dick bitch and suck it good." Tom said as he pushed sharply on my head. I did as I was told and immediately took Rob's cock into my mouth. Tom fucked me slow and then fast and the slow again. Long deep strokes of his cock into me that drew me to another massive orgasm as I choked on the cock in my throat. Tom picked up his pace and my perfect and hot ebony maid jada fire my hips in his hands tightly and started slamming into me as he grunted.

In seconds his was ordering me to 'take his shit' as he bucked four hard thrust into me launching his cum deep into my now well used pussy.

Tom pulled out of my cream pie cunt and slapped his long black cock on my ass cheeks a few times. I stayed bent over sucking Roberto's cock. I worked on his cock expecting Byron to mount me immediately, but he didn't. I used the time to suck Rob's cock as best as I knew how. I pulled up to his head and licked it three or four times and then bobbed my mouth up and down the top part of his cock, making sure to suck him tight each time I pulled up his shaft.

Then I would deep throat him and hold his cock in my throat for a few minutes and then push and pull his cock in and out of my throat as I sucked him. "Oh fuck, this girl can suck a fucking cock" Roberto announced to the room. "You were right as rain about this slut, Byron." A quick hard slap on my ass and I heard Byron say, "What did I tell you, this girl sucks better than any white bitch to ever put her lips on a black dick." Byron grabbed my hip in one hand and guided his cock into my used pussy with the other.

A nice long stroke and he was buried in my cunt. I let out a long moan that was muffled by the black cock in my mouth. Byron stroked into me at a slow pace. "Damn slut, we've loosened you up some." Byron said as he gave me a couple of hard deep thrusts making my body lurch forward. "Time to see how tight that ass is" He said as he pulled his cock from my cunt.

I immediately pulled off of Roberto's cock and said with panic in my voice, "Oh shit, go slow!" Byron grabbed the back of my head and shoved my face back in Roberto's crotch, "Shut the fuck up slut, and suck dick." I did as ordered and wrapped my lips around Rob's cock but just held his dick in my mouth, waiting for the pain of Byron's dick entering my asshole. I did not have to wait but a few seconds before the pressure of Byron's cock head pressed against my hole; even covered in my juices and cum his cockhead strained against the tight ring of my ass.

In a flash of pain I felt his head pop into my ass. "Ah fuck yeah, there we go." Byron growled into the air. I screamed in pain as his cock sunk into my very tight virgin asshole.

Slowly and inch by inch he pressed his thick black cock into me. The pain was so intense I was crying and my screams were muffled by the thick cock in my mouth. It took him five minutes to fill my ass with his cock. He would push an inch in slowly and then stop and let my ass stretch around his cock. Once he had me balls deep he just held his cock in me.

I instinctively pushed with my sphincter muscles to expel his cock from me, my ass just squeezed on his cock, massaging it in waves. "Oh damn, yeah bitch squeeze that dick. Work that ass out on my black cock." Byron said as he leaned into me. After a minute of me screaming and moaning into Roberto's cock he stood up off of the stool and backed his dick out of my mouth.

He then sat on the floor before telling Byron, "Put this slut on her knees." Byron pulled out of my ass and then pushed me to my knees. I got on my hands and knees but that did not satisfy Bryon so he pushed me to my elbows. "Get that ass in the air bitch!" Byron demanded. I lowered my chest to the floor and as close to my legs as possible.

I was in the perfect position to have my asshole taken. Byron stood over me spread eagle and then squatted as he guided his thick cock back into my ass. Roberto scooted across the floor straddling my torso until his cock was at my mouth.

Byron drove deep into my ass in one swift stroke. "Oh shit!" I screamed just before Roberto grabbed the back of my head, a tight grip of my hair and forced his cock in my mouth. I screamed and choked on his cock as Byron started thumping my virgin ass. The pain was more than I imagined.

The pain radiated like a knife cutting my ass open. Roberto began pulling my mouth up and down his shaft penetrating deeply into my throat each time. As Byron and Roberto slammed their cocks into me at both ends Tom was laughing and cheering them, "Fuck that slut! Give that white bitch some black dick." The pain in my ass was still sending shockwaves of electricity through my body. If I wasn't choking on Rob's cock in my throat I was screaming in pain into it as he continuously held it in my mouth.

"See slut, this is what we are going to do to you all fucking day." Roberto said as he slammed my head up and down his shaft. "We gonna fuck your ass, gonna fuck your pussy and feed you black cock in that sweet white mouth of yours, all fucking day!" Byron said in grunts as he continued to stroke steadily into my ass. Byron had been fucking my ass constantly for about five minutes, and even though I thought it would never happen, the pain of his cock in my hot redhead babe gives sensual blowjob in pov finally started to subside.

Roberto got to his knees and then pulled me onto my hands by grabbing my hair and pulling me up. I was screaming and moaning as Byron continued to fuck me. Roberto put his cock right at the entrance to my mouth but he did not stick his cock in. "You want to suck my dick, slut?" Roberto asked in a fake concerned tone. I screamed incoherently a simple, "Yes!" "Nah bitch, you gotta beg for it." Tom said as he sat back eating a sandwich. "Yes I want to suck your cock!" I said in a long deep moan that echoed off the walls.

"Hell no slut, you gotta ask right. Do you want to suck one of your black daddy's dicks?" Roberto continued. "Yes!" I lurched, "I want to suck my black daddy's dick, please!" "Well then do it slut, shit." Roberto said as he leaned his cock into my lips. I took his cock into my mouth and through moans and screams of ecstasy as Byron fucked my ass, I hungrily sucked Roberto doing what it takes to keep your job. The men spent the next ten minutes asking me questions as they used my ass and mouth to please themselves.

Never allowing me a chance speak I answered their questions through moans and screams. My ass was practically numb from the fucking Casting big boobs first time milf sabrina desperate amateurs was getting but small jolts of pleasure began creeping into my body.

The pleasure Byron's cock was giving me was completely different than the pleasure I felt in my pussy, but none the less, I was beginning to enjoy my ass being taken by black cock. Mostly the very intense feeling of being used by these two men was what stimulated me. I was now a true slut, I was with three men that had all had their cocks in one of my holes that early afternoon. Without warning Roberto blasted his load into my mouth, his first squirt making me choke.

He quickly pulled out of my mouth and shot the rest of his cum on my face and in my hair. He then held his cock in his hand and started slapping my face with his dick as he proclaimed that I was now officially their black cock slut.

The men laughed and Roberto and Tom watched the next ten minutes as Byron fucked my ass until he pulled out and shot his cum on my back. He then ordered me to suck his cock clean, I thought for a second but then just went with it and sucked his cock clean of kinky sophie dee strapon fucks her girlfriends pussy ass juices.

I was totally exhausted but Byron told me to get up and go shower. I got up, and damn near fell over being weak in the legs and soar from the three cocks I had in me. When I got into the bathroom I immediately pissed and cleared my pussy of cum, as best I could. I got in the shower and then tried to douche my cunt clean, but it was difficult. If I was going to be hanging out here, I would need to remedy that and get the necessary items to clean myself properly and leave them here.

I cleaned myself thoroughly and then got out and dried off. I left the bathroom as I had entered it, completely naked. My three black daddies' were lounging around the living room watching some sports show.

Immediately I was ordered to make them each a sandwich. I did as I was told and then delivered them promptly. Byron and Tom had gone into their rooms and put on sweats and Roberto just sat on his chair butt naked.

"Hey girl, we got two friends coming over in about an hour." Byron said as he chewed on a bite of sandwich. "I should put some clothes grandpa shigetokuda story sex full version I said as I took a step toward Byron's room.

"Nah bullshit, when you are here, you go like you are now." Byron said pointedly. "But…" I said before being interrupted. "No but's bitch, when you in this house, unless otherwise told different, you are stripped bare. That's rule number one." Byron explained. Byron reached for my arm and pulled me into his lap. "And rule number two, if you are in this house, any one of us can take you at any time." Byron said, officially.

"And the last rule, for now, rule number three. You fuck and suck any black man that we tell you to, in this house." Byron said as he finished off his sandwich before adding, "get up and get me a beer, slut." I got up and got three beers out of the fridge. I took the beers to the three men that I now belonged lotta big clit top tube porn. After seeing to their needs I went into the kitchen and fixed myself something to eat.

Anticipating more sexual activities I choose something light. I served the three men for the next few hours as they watched different programs. At three o'clock their friends arrived, which I greeted at the door as I had been instructed.

The two new comers were shocked to see a little naked white slut inviting them into the apartment. Their shock soon diminished when Tom ordered me to give both men head.

After sucking both their cocks I made them something to eat and served them beers. For the entire game I waited on the five black men. Between being waitress to my three daddies and their two friends, I would be pulled into this man's lap or the other and then passed to the next. The men fondled and groped my body at their pleasure, and I did not object at all. By the time the game was over I was so sexually stimulated I was eager and wanting of the evening event to come.

As the game wound down Byron pulled me to him and ordered me to my knees, I knew what I was to do and eagerly obliged. After a few minutes of watching me suck Byron's cock, the other four men surrounded me and I began taking them in turns. The visions of the white girl encircled by numerous black men at the frat party popped into my mind and one of my hopes was being fulfilled. I was the white slut in the center of five black studs and enjoying each and every one of their black cocks.

My passion burned heavily knowing what I was becoming; I had no idea that the path I was starting on would be the one I would remain on for most of my young adult life. After sucking each cock to full erection I was bent over the arm of the couch and mounted and fucked by each man. The two guests double teamed me and fucked my face and pussy. After taking loads of cum from the two guests I was triple teamed by Tom, Rob and Byron.

Having all three cocks in my holes was an amazing feeling. I had more orgasms during this five on one gangbang than I had that morning or the night before. After the five men filled me or covered me with their cum, I went to shower and went right back to waiting on them. They started watching another basketball game but they were less interested in the game and they had me suck them off or one of them would bend me over and take me as they pleased. For the entire game I was sucking or getting fucked and getting beers and snacks.

The game was over at about ten and I thought that I might need to go home and get ready for school the next day. Byron had other plans as he took me to his room and fucked me and used my holes until one in the morning. I fell asleep in his bed to wake up at nine the next morning, I was late for school. I rushed through the house collecting my things as the three men slept.

I ran home to change; thankfully my parents had left for work. I got to school and had to go to the admin office and explain my tardiness. I lied and told them that my car broke down. I was given a warning and went on to my classes. All throughout the day I was lost in day dreams recalling the two prior days. By the time school ended for the day I was sore from the days before but I eagerly wanted to go to Byron's apartment.

I decided that I had better go home though and make an appearance at least. When I got home my mother was there and she asked how my weekend was and I bbw german mature fucked hardcore and blowjob her it was a great weekend with a sheepish smile. I went to my room and checked my phone hoping for a call from Byron but nothing.

I laid in my bed and in no time I was fast asleep. I was completely exhausted from the weekend.

I woke to my alarm going off the next morning and so I got up and went to my high school.