Lingerie babe teases and gives a blowjob

Lingerie babe teases and gives a blowjob
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I sat in my first class seat on the Virgin flight from London to Singapore waiting for the 'plane to taxi to the runway for takeoff.

The flight attendant had informed me that they were just waiting for a few stragglers and that we would be off any time now. Stewardesses came and went, bringing the passengers who were already settled drinks.

Every now and then, a new passenger arrived and took up one of the empty seats until the only seat left was the one adjacent to mine. I sipped at my vodka martini and waited, my seat belt already fastened although the 'fasten seatbelt' sign was not on at that moment. Looking over the menu I had, I checked off the aaliyah hadid fucking like frenemies part 2 that I wanted to eat.

It all seemed so very indulgent, and I had some hard choices to make. Eventually I chose to have chicken soup, a well-done rump steak accompanied by bacon, eggs and chips. For desert, I chose strawberry shortcake. A simple meal as far as I was concerned, not too taxing for those who actually did the cooking. I was not an extravagant person by nature and pâté faus Graz, caviar and the like, was not on my usual menu.

Being from a small northern city, I was born into a normal family, with normal values. I had begun my working life at 16, having left school with little or no qualifications. I went to work with my uncle at his computer parts and repair shop.

I gained a good working knowledge of computers, peripherals and the like. Within five years, I was a partner, five years later, I was CEO and my uncle retired. We expanded into software, hardware and right now, the company was doing research and development into new CPU's and other advanced chips. That was the reason for my flight to Singapore.

I was attending an expo exclusively for computer manufacturers we had reasoned that this would be a good place to advertise our new CPU. Try to build up our clientele base. At last, a flight attendant appeared with the last passenger who was apologising to her about being late through the gate due to paparazzi and fans wanting autographs. It took me a few seconds to recognise Emma Watson as she took her seat. Once the flight attendant was satisfied that Ms Watson was in her seat, had her copy of the in-flight menu to hand, and had taken her drink order, she proceeded to the galley.

At that moment, the fasten seatbelt sign came on and the 'plane was moving. "I hate these long flights," she said to me, smiling sweetly. Her short brown hair, parted on the left hand side of her head, made her appear very boy-ish. She wore a simple dark blue top with matching skintight leggings. Trainers adorned her feet with out socks, finishing her ensemble. "I know what you mean." I replied.

"I don't like them either, but needs must." She nodded, "Commitments and such." "Are you going to Singapore or further afield?" I inquired innocently. Since watching Ms Watson in the Harry Potter movies and in The Perks of Being a Wallflower, I had grown to admire her as an actor as well as a talented and beautiful young woman. "Singapore." She told me. sabse hot sex story sex on my way to shoot a few scenes for my next movie." She held a finger to her lips.

"Very hush hush!" I smiled, touched my index finger to my nose and said, "Understood." The 'plane was at the end of the runway now, awaiting confirmation of the order to proceed. The engine noise was at a static level while we waited. Suddenly, we lurched forward and the noise increased exponentially. I could feel the increase in speed as we accelerated down the runway.

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The noise from the engines became so loud I could not hear myself think. I glanced across at Huge cock dude fucks his college gf Watson. She had a death grip on the arm wrests of her chair, eyes closed. Then we were airborne. The engine noise grew slightly and I heard the whine of servos as the under carriage was taken into the airframe.

"This is your Captain speaking," a voice said on the intercom. "Welcome to Virgin flight A3490 to Australia via Singapore. We are currently climbing to our 48000 foot flight level where we shall cruise at nearly 600 miles per hour." He paused.

"The Singapore leg of the flight will take approximately 10 hours and weather reports state that we may have a tail wind giving us a little speed boost." The fasten seatbelt light remained on but I unbuckled my belt and relaxed as best I could. "There may also be periods of turbulence." Pausing for a moment, he continued.

"On behalf of myself and the co-pilot and crew, I wish you all a very pleasant flight." The intercom switched off and looking out of the small window a few feet from my seat, I noticed that the 'plane was starting to level out. The engine noise began to decrease and a few seconds later the fasten seatbelt sign went out. Glancing at Ms Watson, I noticed that she had now relaxed too, slightly, once she took off her seatbelt. I cheating wife fucks daughters man and gets threesome se my drink again and picked up a magazine from the storage rack to my left.

It was a catalogue of items available for purchase whilst in flight, I tutted and replaced it. The flight attendant appeared with Ms Watson's drink that she gratefully accepted. She took a long draught from the glass, almost empting it in one. "You look like you needed that Ms Watson," I said taking a sip of my martini. "Like I said, I hate flying." She retorted. "Another two of those and I'll be good." I pressed the attendant button on the arm of my seat.

About a minute or so later, a fight attendant appeared. "Another vodka martini with a twist of lemon, shaken not stirred for myself, and another of what-ever Ms Watson is drinking." I ordered and nodding, she left for the galley.

Another minute or two later the attendant reappeared with two drinks on a tray. She handed one to me, the other to Ms Watson, who accepted gratefully and draining the last of her original drink, took a sip of the replacement, sighing. "Thank you," she said looking at me with a huge smile on her face.

"You look like you needed it Ms Watson." I replied returning the broad smile. "Emma, please." She said. "Thank you Emma." I said, "I'm Steven." "Good to meet you Steven." Emma Watson said to me. I could not believe that I was talking to Emma Watson and that she was using my name!

"You too," I replied, relaxing into my very comfortable seat. I drank deeply from my martini. It tasted good. Emma and I made conversation for about an hour whilst sipping at our drinks.

We made small talk mainly, but I enjoyed talking to her and from the constant smile on her face; I assumed that Emma enjoyed talking to me. We noticed that other passengers had gotten out of their seats and were wandering about the 'plane. We decided that we would take a walk to stretch our legs. The 'plane had two levels in the first class cabin. A sign at the bottom of a set of spiral stairs told us that Branson's Bar and Restaurant was upstairs.

We proceeded up and found a huge, almost cavernous space. There indeed was what looked like a fully-fledged restaurant with a bar and quite intimate looking booths at one end and several tables arranged informally at the other. In between, a grand piano sat, bolted to the deck to prevent it from moving.

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Illuminated toilets signs could be seen at the very rear of the area, well away from the bar and the restaurant's tables. A few people were eating, drinking and generally enjoying themselves. We took a seat in a booth after ordering drinks. I found out that Emma was drinking Bushmills Irish whiskey with ice. We drank and talked about our respective home lives, our families, and about special people in our lives, that sort of thing.

Another half hour passed as we talked. I could see that Emma was getting more and more comfortable in my presence. She had visibly relaxed and some of the airs and graces that actors usually keep up dropped. Although she did speak in that very posh voice she used on television shows like Letterman and Ellen when interviewed, she did let slip with a few faux pas. She giggled as she made these and I knew that the alcohol had her more than tipsy.

"I really like you," she said giggling again, her voice low and sultry. "You're not like the other male fans I meet." She placed her hand on my knee, rubbing slightly. My cock twitched into life, blood rushing to it. "Would you like to know something?" she asked. "If you care to share," I replied feeling slightly flushed at the attention that I was getting. She paused for a moment or two as if collecting the words in her mind that french bbw florence ganganged in all holes wanted to use.

"I've got a boyfriend," she said shifting herself physically on the seat. She moved toward me, her hand moving slightly further down my leg as did so.

"But he's young and he uses my fame in ways that don't like." I felt my penis twitch again at the closeness of this enticing young woman. "Have you been seeing him long?" I asked quite innocently, but acutely aware that her hand was moving ever nearer my crotch. My cock felt slightly uncomfortable pressing against my leg as it was. "Three years," she told me, "and I'm getting sick of the way he's using me!" "What do you mean?" "Oh. He's rather immature." She said after taking a long drink of her whiskey.

"He's using my fame to further his own interests and making money off my celebrity." She finished her drink and swallowed slowly, savouring the taste in her mouth. "I don't like the way he flirts with anything in a skirt. He's supposed to be mine and I think he's fucking someone else." She held her hand to her mouth, "God. Sorry for swearing!" "Don't sweat it," I replied finishing my own drink. "It's how you feel, and you should never, ever repress your feelings." She leant in closer to me and lightly kissed my cheek.

"Thank you." She whispered into my ear as kate frost gets real freaky in threesome hand inched closer to my crotch yet again. God, I almost came right there and then. My throbbing cock was causing me a small amount of pain as it strained to get out of trousers. "I need another drink." I attracted the attention of the barman and held up two fingers to him, indicating that we wanted two more drinks. He duly brought them across to us when they were ready.

"Add them to my tab," I told him as he turned on his heel leaving us alone. Emma raised the whiskey to her mouth and swallowed half of it in one gulp. "I need to pee." She told me matter of factly. "Coming?" My jaw dropped slightly as I took in the words coming out of Emma Watson's sweet mouth.

She touched my crotch and felt my erection using the whole of her palm to rub it quite roughly. She stood, swaying slightly and inched her way toward the edge of the booths seat. Stephenie 16k gisfeart twitter 79mp4 down, she put her hand on the table, steadying herself, then without another word, she headed off toward the loo.

She walked quite steadily for someone who was, apparently, very drunk right now. I took a few seconds to surreptitiously rearrange my now rock hard cock, moving it away from my leg and toward my stomach before inching away from where I'd been sat. Standing, I followed Emma as she strode quite confidently now toward the illuminated signs at the back of the compartment.

She made for the female toilet and paused with the door slightly ajar to make sure I was following her. She grinned widely at me when she saw that I was following. She hooked a finger, beckoning me. I gulped slightly as I reached the door, and looked over my shoulder toward the barmen and the other patrons to check that no one was actually looking. They weren't. I slipped into the female toilet after Emma. Emma was sat on the toilet peeing.

I could hear her water flowing freely and seeing her leggings and her step sexy mom and son around her ankles turned me on. She was holding open stall door. I moved quickly across the small space and entered the cubicle.

She released the door as soon as I was standing in front of her. Turning slightly, I reached up with my hand and slid the locking mechanism into place. Emma's hands were already working on lowering my zipper. Her eyes were transfixed on the huge bulge in my trousers. I heard her gasp as she pushed her hand into the opening that my undone zip created and wrapped her fingers around my dick.

Wanking me slightly as she pulled my cock out of my pants, it was my turn to gasp at the tightness of her grasp. "Lovely." Emma said again using a very sultry voice. My cock isn't that long, but what it doesn't have in length, it makes up for in girth. The deep red coloured head was engorged, forcing my foreskin back onto the shaft as a small amount of pre-cum escaped.

Without hesitation, Emma took my head into her mouth, licking it as she did so. I moaned. Her tongue licked in small circles as she took me further into her mouth. She began to suck me as I felt her hot breath envelope my dick. The feeling was indescribable.

To have a hot, young, famous actress sucking my cock was the highlight of my life so far! Emma took my short, but fat cock into her mouth easily, her cute nose touching my pubes. She was doing something to me with her tongue that was sending shockwaves of pleasure up through my cock to my brain.

I closed my eyes and reclined my head as the feeling overtook my senses. After what seemed like five minutes of her suckling on my cock, and moans and gasps from emanating out of me, Emma finally released me from her vice like mouth.

"Fuck me." She spoke huskily, standing up. I looked at her cunt. Her pubic region looked gorgeous. Her pubes were the lightest brown imaginable, almost blonde, but not quite. They were thin and wispy, almost as if they had only just starting growing despite her being what almost 24? The lips of her cunt were hidden to my eye. 'Almost virginal', I thought. I undid my trousers and let them fall to my ankles as Emma turned, closed the lid of the toilet and then crawled onto it.

Whether she knew or not, she was at exactly the right height for me to enter her which I did with little or no effort. My cock spread her pretty brunette hair luscious girl rides up plump cock girlfriend and homemade brown flesh apart to reveal that her pussy innards were a vibrant pink. Her pussy looked and was so very tight, especially since my girth filled her up so much.

She was wet already and her juices lubricated me, allowing my rock hard cock to penetrate her fully with one push. I looked downward at her butt as I entered her. Her little brown hole puckered slightly and winked at me as the full length and slamming meth and fucking gay of my dick slid into her hot, wet and willing hole.

I waited with my balls touching her clit for a second before withdrawing almost all the way out of her. I paused before pushing back in with a bit of force. She grunted as I entered her. "Harder!" I obliged. She moaned as the full length penetrated her. My girth stretched her yet again and the sounds of her hot, sticky cunt juices made us both feel even hornier than we were. Emma made circles with her backside as I pumped in and out of that sweet, dripping cunt.

I felt as though I wanted to cum already. I closed my eyes and thought of something else, anything, to take my mind off me fucking Emma Watson! Eventually I withdrew from her, my cock twitching and pulsing. I dipped my index finger into the sopping wetness of her cunt and wiped it on her arse hole.

I knelt and began to lick her juices, slurping and sucking as I drank her sweet nectar. I reached forward with my jav taytli sekreter pornosu turkce altyazili and sliding them under her blue top, I felt for her breasts. Finding her nipples already erect, I rolled them between my fingertips as my tongue flicked her clit, penetrated her wide-open, pink slit.

Then, moving upward, I rimmed her. Pushing my tongue gently into her brown hole was heavenly and she groaned. I felt a little resistance. Repeating my movements but in reverse, I hovered over her slit, lubing up my tongue before licking and nibbling at her ever swelling and engorging clit.

She moaned and grunted again as I started my second pass toward her beautiful brown eye. Her fingers found her clit and started rubbing as my tongue tried to penetrate her bum again. Emma moaned loudly once more as she felt my tongue on her virgin arse. Lubed again with her pussy juices, I pushed against the resistance and the tip of my tongue entered slightly.

Emma's fingers danced over her clit and slit. She dipped two fingers into her pink cunt and finger fucked herself as hard as she could. I could taste something both sweet and sour at the same time. It enthralled me. I had to have more of this wonderfully strange taste. I tried to push my tongue deeper but alas, her bum was having none of it! Although it puckered and twitched as my tongue tried in vain to penetrate it, I could not.

As I pulled my face away from her beautifully round and delicious rump, her arse continued to pucker and wink at me. Standing to my full height, I took hold of my cock and moved the head into touching range of that gorgeous brown entryway. I pushed slightly. She moaned and quickly her other hand went to her clit.

Now she had one hand inside of herself, and one hand arousing her throbbing pussy. 'Resistance is futile!' I mouthed to myself and pushed the head of my cock into her arse. The puckered little hole opened slightly and, seizing the chance, I entered her. I paused as she moaned and groaned yet again, girl gets punished for messing with taken man cireman that if she wasn't ready to accept me fucking her arse it might bring our fuck session to an abrupt halt!

I felt Emma bum and legs begin to shake involuntarily. When Emma didn't say anything about my fucking her in the arse, I felt encouraged as well as more aroused. I found out later that the reason she hadn't said anything after I initially entered her arse was that she couldn't. She had been biting her lip so hard to stifle her screaming orgasm. I felt rather than saw her fingers going to work on her pussy and clit again. My cock twitched again, the head growing as it was in her.

I started rocking my hips gently, Emma responding to each thrust by Christ, she was fucking me back! Pushing gently and expecting to meet some resistance, I used my hips to thrust into her.

She felt super tight around my cock, the heat of her spreading into my dick and groin the deeper I fucked.

penélope cruz in woman top 2002 tube porn me!" She almost growled at me. "NOW!" I waited no longer and pushed into her for all I was worth.

She gasped, moaned and grunted as the girth of my cock stretched her to her limit. Within seconds, I felt my balls touch her hand as her fingers worked furiously on her clit. She moaned again. "FUCK ME!" Not wanting to disappoint, I started my fucking of Emma Watson's arse. I didn't waste time with slowly building up my strokes.

I went for it full force. I pounded in to and out of her as hard and as fast as I could muster. Emma grabbed my balls and started to squeeze me.

I could still feel her other hand as she frantically worked on her clit. The heat of her bum was amazing and I could feel deep down that I wasn't going to last much longer. "I want to cum on your tits!" I said through gritted teeth and whipped my cock out of her. Emma quickly spun, sitting right on the edge of the toilet seat.

She hoisted her top, uncovering her bare breasts. Her brown nipples stood to attention. They looked like 7 mm shell casings to me they were so erect. I stepped toward her slightly and with cock in hand, wanking as quickly as I could; desperate to spray her tits with my cum. Her tongue flicked at my now very large red and purple head as my hand stroked my cock.

My foreskin moved like grease lightening up and down my pole. She managed to catch the odd piece of me and her tongue sent vibrations through me that tipped me over the edge. Streams of hot, liquid fire streamed out of my cock as it convulsed. The spunk hit her squarely on her small but shapely breasts. As my cock twitched, it sent little shots of spunk onto her neck and chin.

She stretched her tongue down onto her chin and licked furiously, trying to scoop up the errant sperm. As the last drops of semen fell out of me and onto her chest, Emma raised her hand and with her fingers, she wiped my pooled cum off her breasts.

She sucked her fingers clean repeating the process until her chest was almost clean. She leant forward and enveloped my cock head with her hot mouth, cleaning me as she sucked the remnants of my cum off and out of my cock. "Yum!" All I could do was nod my head.

I was breathless and speechless. "I've never allowed anyone near my bum," she told me in that sultry voice. "I didn't think I'd like ass fucking as much as that." I stood for a moment to admire her svelte body as she glistened from head to toe. She positively shone. Small dabs of my cum still remained on her chest and neck. I pulled my trousers up, fastening the button.

"I'll let you get cleaned up." I said as I pulled my zip up. "Thanks." She said kissing me on the mouth as I turned to open the door. "I'll see you in the bar shortly." I could taste my salty sperm on her tongue. I made my way toward the toilet door, opening it slightly to peek into room beyond. There were a few more people now, but not one of them was looking in my direction. Quickly, I stepped out of the women's toilet and into the gents. I needed to pee myself now. Relieving myself, I smiled wryly and thought to myself that nobody would ever believe that I had fucked Emma Watson!

Within a minute, I was back at our booth. Our drinks were still there, untouched by the barman. I signalled for two more while I waited for Emma to return. As he approached, the barman had a knowing smile on his face.

He laid the drinks on the table without a word. "Thanks," I said. "Put these on my tab please." "Certainly Sir," he replied. "Did you enjoy yourself?" He winked at me. "I was, did, and still am having fun." I retorted giving him a brief smile. He returned to his post as Emma strode up to the booth.

"How long are you in Singapore for?" She asked me. "Three or four days," I replied. "I'm there for six or seven days depending on the shooting nerdy nympho with sexy glasses who loves to show off and fuck she said.

"We'll have to meet up at some point during your stay." "I'd like that." I said.