Xxx vidos black guy and giral

Xxx vidos black guy and giral
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hello all. This story is fiction and I hope that it happened to me.

My name is mike. I just graduated from college and searching for work. I have a moderate body shape and blond hair with sea blue eyes. Searching for work was the first priority in my new life. I discovered that I was gay when I was in my last year at college when I broke up with my girlfriend since I was not feeling anything towards her.

I started to feel attracted to men more. I was still virgin with no sexual experience. After sending a lot of CV to many different companies for working as an accountant, I finally received a mail. This mail was an interview mail with the HR manager to see me and evaluate me. Before going to the interview, I cleaned myself and had a shave. I arrived to the company at the specific time. Unfortunately, the HR manager was late and he couldn't make it.

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So, I had to meet the BOSS. I knocked the door and I entered his office. The BOSS was smoking his cigar, sitting behind his desk and wearing a suit and he was really hung. He is in 40's and he was bald. Pretty beauteous gal rides up dick homemade and hardcore shaking hands he was looking at me in a different way with a smirk on his face.

We were talking about my job and certain stuff when he asked me how bad I need this job. I replied that I need it very bad that I would do anything for it. The BOSS replied '' you will do anything for this jod?'' I replied '' anything just name it, since I am broke''. He said'' are you sure about it?'' I replied '' I am pretty sure'' while I was licking my lips just to tease him more.

He got up from his chair and headed toward me smiling and with his hand on his big fat buldge. I knew what he wanted and I played in an innocent way. He stood infront of me while his fat dick was only few inches from my face. He said that I was his type and I should do him a favor for giving me the jod. I smiled back and I reached his buldge massaging it while he was moaning in pleasure. I unzipped his pants and luckily he was not wearing any underwear.

His 10 inch cock just stoop straight infront of my eyes screaming to suck it. I was so horny for seeing such a fat juicy cock. He sat on the chair and I began to lick its head while the precum was oozing heavily. I loved the taste and started to moan on his dick. He was in pure extacy while I was licking and sucking his thick love tool. He was moaning'' yeah bitch suck my rod . Mmmmm. Lick my balls slut.''. Then he hold my head with his both hands and started to fuck my face without any mercy.

I accepted his large cock in my mouth while he was deepthroating me. His balls were hanging low and hitting my chin as my salive coated his ball sacs and love stick. He said that I am going to make him cum. I kept sucking with a great effort and I felt his dick swell and get more veiny. He started to moan '' OH FUCK YEAH BITCH BOY. Take my juicy cock in your slutty mouth .OH FUCK I AM GONNA CUMM . OH SHIT AH AH AHHHHHHHHHH YEAAAHHHH.'' He started to cum in my mouth heavily and I was very happy to swallow his yummy salty cum.

He pulled his cock that was still hard and slapped my face with it. '' Clean my cock bitch'' he ordered petite teeny who loves cock cunnilingus doggystyle and I instantly started sucking and cleaning his thick cock.

He sat on his desk, taking a breath and lighting his cigar with a big smile on his face. After a few minutes of break, I noticed while he was smoking his cigar that his cock started to grow again. I smiled back at him and on purpose I dropped my pen just to expose my hungry virgin ass of mine.

I looked back at him and he was playing with his cock. '' Strip for me bitch boy . After that come suck daddy's cock and make him feel good as you did earlier'' he ordered me with a manly tone.

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That made me giggle a little bit and I started to move in a sexy way. Imanaged to get all my clothes off and started walking to him. He was sitting on his desk and smoking his cigar. I knelt infront of him and started to suck his meaty stick. He started to moan '' that's it baby boy .

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Suck your daddy's fat cock and make it wet . Mmmmm . Like that bitch boy . Prepare my love meat to be able to go in your boy pussy. '' After telling me that I started to moan while I was sucking his dick and saying '' yes daddy your cock is so delicious. Mmmm . I will always make you happy daddy''. He smiled at me and started slapping his thick cock on my cheeks. ''Turn aroud bitch so that daddy can see your beautiful round butt you have'' he said with a sexy tone. I turned aroud and spread my legs apart to expose my virgin ass to him.

''' Fuck boy you have a nice pink hole there . Let's see how it tastes .

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But first you should first know how it tastes by yourself'' he said. He bend over his desk and exposed his ass to me. '' Lick and tongue fuck your daddy's hole for me bitch .'' he moaned. I started to smell his wonderful ass and to lick his hole. The taste was unbelievable. It was fucking yummy. I was moaning while licking and spitting in his asshole as he was moaning '' that's it bitch .

Spit in your daddy's hole .

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Make it wet . Taste it bitch . Mmmmm''. After that, he said '' that is enough pussy boy . Lay on my desk so that I can give you some of what you were giving daddy .'' With a complete smile on my face I obeyed him and laid on his dest. He ordered to suck his dick a little bit more while I was playing with his huge juicy nipples.

Next chapter contains more and more interesting events. Stay tuned.