I order you to worship my cunt

I order you to worship my cunt
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She was all alone during these years. After Ravi, her husband had gone to New York since three years. Bipasha was alone in Petermaritzburg. He used to come to home once in five or six months. Ravi was more attracted towards stocks and shares. He didn't want to leave his business in Petermaritzburg without supervision, so Bipasha was looking after it.

After his parents' death, she was left alone. All she could expect was the occasional visit from Ravi's sister.

Otherwise, she was getting bored with her life. Her days were monotonous and long. Life was uninspiring. Her sexual life has come to standstill. It was long two years back when she enjoyed with Ravi. But is it enough for a woman in her late twenties?

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Bipasha was so depressed that sometimes at night, she masturbated with herself using vibrator. Generally, Bipasha spend her weekend in their farmhouse, which was on the outskirts of the city. She loved it best when she stayed there with Priya. Priya was her closest friend. She was married to a handsome local man, Allan Smith.

Priya used to share her sexual experiences with Bipasha. They liked to watch Indian movies at her farmhouse on the DVD player. They were fond of Bollywood but miss them in South Africa.

On this Christmas, Ravi phoned her and told that he would come on 31st and they both would enjoy the New Year together on their farmhouse. Bipasha was really excited about th month pregnant blonde milf loves dp. She had been waiting for her husband to visit for the past six months.

But Bipasha's wish was destined to be unfulfilled. On the 30th, Ravi told her that he wouldn't be able to enjoy New Year with her in Petermaritzburg. Her all wishes were shred. But as usual she went again to farmhouse to celebrate the New Year alonel.

The last sunset of the year was cloudy. It was looking that heavy rains would welcome the New Year. On night it started drizzling. It was the perfect night to experience with her husband--except for the fact that Ravi wasn't there. It seemed as if the weather too was weeping with her. The rain fell in a light mist, and Bipasha felt her own wetness begin to collect between her plump thighs.

With a smile, she thought to herself that if she could not have Ravi with her to welcome the New Year, she'd do it by herself. Bipasha took out her vibrator, running it between her pussy lips, wetting it, before sliding its length inside her ass, nudging aside her blue panty.

She tweaked her nipple with the other hand. Her moans were obscene, getting her horny by every minute. Just as she seemed to be reaching her climax, she heard a pounding at the door. "Who would be stupid enough to go around knocking on doors in this rainy night?", she asked herself.Nevertheless, she put on her gown and opened the door.

A tall, rangy, young white man was standing on her doorstep. His muscular and well-built body was signifying that he must be in his early twenties. Before Bipasha said anything, the stranger said, " Hello, madam, I am Jeff. Jeff Hudson. I was driving this way, when my car engine started giving me trouble in this heavy shower. Could I come in and wait until the rain passes?" Bipasha reluctantly asked him to come inside.

She really wanted to be alone so she could continue playing with herself. She asked Jeff to sit on the sofa while she prepared coffee. When she brought their drinks melanie pees and fucks herself fetish teen the parlor, she was struck again by how handsome he was, and how amazing his body was. "Where is Mr. Bansal?" Jeff asked while taking coffee. "He has gone to New York. I am here alone now." Bipasha replied.

"By the way, where were you going in this rainy night?" Bipasha questioned him. " I was going to Durban for celebrating the New Year." Jeff replied. "But now you might just have to stay here on the New Year's eve. You won't find any workshop open on this rainy night." Bipasha finished the sentence. Jeff gazed at Bipasha's body. He could easily see her well-shaped figure through her transparent nightgown. Her blue bikini was hardly enough to escape her overly generous breasts.

The rain started getting heavier, and both Bipasha and Jeff realized that he would be imposing on Bipasha's hospitality that night.

She guided him to his room, informing him that he could take up his nightdress from the wardrobe there. Jeff took out his cell phone from the charging plug and phoned to his fiancée to apologize that he wouldn't be able to reach her for the New Year celebration.

Bipasha went upstairs to her room, after wishing Jeff a good night's sleep. In her room, Bipasha sat, horny and frustrated. Her friend Priya had told her that she and her husband would spend the last night of the year together in bed.

She was thinking of how Priya's husband must be satisfying her. She was desperately missing her husband. Suddenly her thoughts turned to Jeff. Bipasha had no doubt he could relieve all the sexual frustration boiling in her.

She couldn't control herself anymore and went down to his room downstairs. Bipasha was distressed for not having sex from long time and her hunger for sex has now taken the shape of flames. She can do anything reckless to satisfy her hunger. Jeff woke with a surprise to see Bipasha in his room. She closed the door and started walking towards him. She unbuttoned her thin robe, tossing it aside. Her sexy body was now exposed to him. She was looking like a beauty queen in the skimpy blue bikini.

Jeff looked as if he was dreaming. Bipasha crawled onto the bed, straddling Jeff's body, her wet pussy rubbing against his pajama.

In way to tease him, she questioned Jeff, " Should we welcome the New Year together, dear?" Jeff was speechless. He could smell the fragrance coming up from Bipasha's body. She undid his shirt's peak buttons wit her teeth. His heart was beating faster than ever. Jeff released himself from her grip. He was feeling nervous. Bipasha in gril and boy doctor xxxx jolly way asked him, "Take off your pajama dear.

Let these clothes not be a obstacle in our enjoyment." Nervously, he asked her to stop and warned her that she was doing wrong. Although he knew that if Bipasha kept up her teasing, he would give in sooner rather than latter. "Either you fuck me, or I call the authorities, and tell them you broke into my house to violate me." Bipasha smiled at him, leaning forward to lick his lips.

"Which way would you prefer to spend the night? In a arwen gold gets awesome deep anal fuck ass fingering and perfect teen cell, or in my pussy?" Jeff was stunned at her reply. He had no choice but to cooperate. Like a helpless sheep, who is going to be butchered, he took off his pajama. Bipasha was smiling naughtily. Jeff couldn't control himself.

His erection was making a tent in his red underwear despite his claim of not wanting to fuck. She fell to her knees and hurriedly removed this last article of clothing, revealing seven inches of red, muscular cock. It was right in her face: long, thick and rock hard. Jeff was also feeling erotic by such proximity to Bipasha's body.

It didn't take much time for his dick to get into full erection. Bipasha best xxx story by sunny leon just getting eager, too!

She took a minute to get her feelings under control and took his cock shaft in her soft hand and began stroking it. She ran her fingers up and down his hard cock shaft. Bipasha moved her hand to his balls and gently caressed them. Then, ever so slowly, her tongue touched the underside of his cock.

Now Jeff was also beginning to love it. In fact this was his first time. He saw it as a test before marriage. It was an opportunity for him to satisfy a desirable Indian nymph. He knew that he won't get chance to fuck a big titted lady again as his fiancée Tanya had small tits. He has to pass this test. Now he knew what he had to do. Bipasha was still licking his cock from its head to its root and back.

His mushroom shaped cock head grew larger and more rigid with each passing second. There were drops of pre-cum oozing out. She licked his pre-cum and swallowed it, savoring the flavor, one she hadn't tasted in so long. To Jeff, it looked as though she had been thirsty for his cum for many years. After a few moments, Jeff groaned, a mixed sound of resignation and enjoyment, running his fingers through her hair.

Jeff pushed her off his cock, and rolled her on the bed, standing back to unbutton his shirt. Seeing a young healthy naked man, Bipasha moaned for sex.

Skin diamond and misty stone strapon sex lay behind her on the bed and tugged her blue panties aside. His rough fingers played over her pussy lips, probing at her tight hole. Bipasha rolled her hips up to meet his cock. Jeff lifted one of her legs and, without delay, plunged his stiff cock into Bipasha's pussy.

"Uun! . Aaaah," Bipasha groaned. With his other hand, Jeff removed her blue bikini to reveal Bipasha's breasts. Oh boy, they were huge like melons! Jeff started fondling her left boob and playing with her erect nipple.

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He started increasing the speed of his strokes in her pussy. Bipasha was reveling in the sensations coursing through her: her hunger for sex was being fulfilled.

It had been so long since had a real cock inside her--not a vibrator, but a real, hard, thrusting cock. She continued her verbal encouragement: "Oh yes! Ah . uh .

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so good! Yes . oh . fuck me, yes . uh . ah." The occasional grunt being uttered when Jeff thrust especially hard. Jeff changed position. He turned her onto her back, moved between her legs and continued to fuck her, holding her legs up in a wide V-shape. Bipasha saw his hard cock drilling her pussy.

She couldn't control herself any more. Her pussy was wetter than ever. Jeff got excited seeing it and picked up his pace. Soon, Bipasha was creaming, begging Jeff for his cum. Jeff bent down over Bipasha and kissed her dark areola, sucking her wheatish nipples deep.

His lips moved to hers and their mouths locked in a wet kiss. His balls contracted and he thrust up inside her with all his might, grabbing her ass and holding himself inside her as deep as he could. He spewed his cum inside her pussy and experienced his first orgasm.

He screamed, "Oh baby! . Oh dear! . Oh yes." They remained frozen in time for a moment, each of them not wanting it to end. Finally, Bipasha let her breath out and gasped, "Jeff dear, that was so wonderful. better than I'd imagined." Jeff was happy.

Her words were signifying that he'd passed the test. The weather outside too was calm now. The grey clouds had passed by. The sounds of crackers, signifying the welcoming of the New Year, could be step mom dpee during sex from outside. Bipasha moaned contentedly, "Thank you for such a nice New Year's present." Jeff laughed weakly.

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"It was my pleasure." Bipasha leaned forward and their mouths met in a wet passionate kiss as she rubbed her breasts against his chest and held his face in her hands. Jeff caressed her ass, running his hands up and down her back, as his tongue danced with hers. Soon, Bipasha was asleep in his arms.

Jeff was feeling proud of himself. While remembering every detail of his first union with Bipasha, he gazed at her face. It reflected satisfaction.