Huge titted maid fucks the virgin guy angela white tyler nixon

Huge titted maid fucks the virgin guy angela white tyler nixon
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You have the day off from work and your children are off at friends houses having sleepovers so you have the house all to yourself. You are in quite a good mood so you figure you will pleasure yourself for awhile while the kids are gone. You strip off your clothes and slowly trace your fingers across your breasts, tweaking your nipples, making them hard.

your hands slide down your stomach, heading between your legs when you hear your doorbell. Exasperated you grab your robe and slip it on and head for the door. You open it to find me standing there, with a large gym bag in my hand. You are surprised that I showed up on your door step today of all days.

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You wrap your arms around me and kiss me deeply, my hands slip around your waist pulling you close, and gripping your ass. You break your kiss and tell me that you were just huge juggs stepmom and teen slut some sex on valentines of me, my hands slide inside your robe, opening it, letting your boobs fallout, I suck first one nipple into my mouth, followed by the other, rolling your nipple over my tounge, making them hard as pebbles.

you lead me towards your bedroom, but I stop you as we walk into the dining room. I grab your wrists forcefully and say I think we should stay in here, I quickly tie your hands together with a long rope, and tie the other end to the legs of your table. I pull you around the other side of the table so you are bent over it, I tie your legs to the other legs of the table.

you whimper as i tie you there unable to move, at my mercy. I walk back to the other room, opening the front door, which has a clear view right into your dining room. I grab the bag i dropped and walk slowly back toward you, fear showing on your eyes, but i know that anticipation is lurking right behind that fear. i open the bag and pull out a knive and cut your robe up the back, and down the sleeves, pulling it off of you leaving you completely naked, a breeze from the door putting goose bumps on your naked body.

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I put the knife aside and pull out a blindfold. as i wrap it around your eyes i tell you that you need to relax or you wont enjoy this beauteous teen with hot legs sucks weenie much as i do.

I step behind you, my fingers caressing between your legs, jucies already flowing from your cunt, as my fingers caress your clit. you begin moaning loudly, so I reach back into my bag and pull out gag, wrapping it around your mouth, securing it tightly.

i go back to fingering your juciy pussy, i pull my fingers out and suck the jucies from my fingers. I reach back into my bag, and pull out a butt plug, a vibrator and some lube. I lube the butt plug, putting some around your ass, my finger slowly pressing inside of you as you try pressing your ass back against my hand. I push the butt plug against your hole, slowly sliding it inside of you.

I turn the vibrator on and rub it up and down your pussy lips, pressing it against your clit, your juices coating it with natural lube, i slide inside your anxious pussy. I fuck you with it as you near an orgasm i pull it out of you and whisper in your ear that it isn't time for you to cum yet. I leave you there, jucies dripping down your leg, and walk into the other room, I leave you there for a good ten minutes before i walk back to you, grabbing the vibrator and another strap from my bag, I press the vibrator against your clit and wrap the strap around you, securing both the butt plug and the vibe in place, and then i disappear again, walking heavily so you know that I have left the room.

quietly i sneak back into the room, reaching into my bag, i pull out a leather wrapped paddle and bring it hard across one of your ass cheeks, hearing you squeal around your ball gag, I bring it down against your other ass cheek just as xx69xx com first virgen sex. I alternate cheeks smacking your ass hard, watching it turn from white to bright red into a crimson red.

i walk around the table looking at you, i notice the tears sliding down your cheeks from underneath the blindfold.

I remove the gag and whisper into your ear "I'm going to untie you in a few minutes, but i need you to promise that you will do exactly as I say." After a very enthusiastic yes I replace the gag in your mouth and walk away.

I come back another 10-15 minutes later and whisper in your ear that I'm now going to untie you. I start with your legs, sliding up them, I press the vibrator against your clit harder, watching your body quiver with pleasure.

I untie your hands from the legs of the table but leave your hands tied together, I lead you into the other room and press you to your knees on a pillow. I take your hands and tie your hands and forearms to the legs of a chair I laid down on the ground, then I tie your legs to the back of the chair, so you are bent over doggy style.

You feel the breeze stronger and colder here, so you know that we are now in your living room, and you guess that we are right in front of the door. I untie the strap holding the vibe and ass plug, feeling how damp it is I move the vibrator and bend behind you, licking inside your pussy lips, tasting your juices directly from the source, I slide the vibe back inside you, and fuck you with it as you writhe in your bonds. After you cum all down your legs, I slide my fingers up your thighs and suck them dry.

I smack your already red ass again and tell you not to let me waste any of your cum again. I lean forward whispering into your ear that I need to un gag you again but that you need to not talk and open it for whatever gets sent your way. As you nod in agreement, I release the gag mostly to hear your moans as I start fucking you with the vibe again. I remove the vibe again, and this time I pull the butt plug from your ass, reaching in my bag, I pull out a string of large anal beads, I slowly push each bead into your ass leaving enough for me to grip.

I stand up and walk away from you again. You kneel there blindfolded wondering when I'll come back when you feel a cock pressing against very hot mushing in the locker room lips. Remembering my vague threat to open up for anything, you open your mouth allowing the cock to fill your mouth. Your tongue circles around it as it slides in and out of your mouth gagging you with each forward stroke.

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You moan around the cock, saliva dripping out of the corners of your mouth as you get face fucked. Suddenly you feel another cock pressing against your pussy.

As I slide my cock into your anticipating pussy, I pull off your blindfold, so you can see your neighbor throat fucking you, his hand gripping your hair as his cock slides with ease in and out of your lips. I begin pounding your pussy in rhythm with your neighbors fucking of your throat. Juices are now pouring out of your cunt, as me and your neighbor fill you on both ends. Your neighbors cock swells inside your mouth as he explodes inside your mouth, more cum than you were expecting, and unable to swallow it all, some of it oozes out of your mouth, dripping down your chin.

I continue fucking you, your pussy juices coating my cock, I quickly pull out the anal beads as I pull out from you pussy, causing you to have a massive orgasm, your body quivers for nearly a minute as you shriek with pleasure, and my hand cups your pussy and rubs your clit, continuing your orgasm.

I move toward your head, and shove my cock into your mouth before you regain your breath from your orgasm, pressing my cock directly to the back of your throat. Your neighbor gets behind you and begins to tongue fuck your asshole. Feeling you gag against my cock I pull out and let you regain your breath for a second, then shoving my cock directly to the back of your throat.

I keep pulling out and gagging you in rapid succession for awhile, until I just start fucking your mouth. I feel myself swelling in your mouth, so I pull out right before I cum, shooting my load across your face, covering it in my cum. Your neighbor continues to eat your ass as I move back to your rear and start eating your pussy again. Sucking your clit into my mouth, rolling it across my tongue, you cum again, your juices flowing right into my mouth.

After awhile both me and your neighbor regain our erections, so I untie your hands and feet, and we position you between us in a door way, he slides his cock into your pussy as you wrap your arms around him and what is the name of the girls at the beginning bigtis teen begins to hold you up, I come from behind, sliding my larger cock into your ass and helping to hold you up, you grab the door jam and to help hold you up as me and him fuck you together, enjoying your moaning.

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We continue to fuck you like this for a while. We set you down in front of us, and you eagerly grab both of our cocks and begin stroking them. You take one cock and suck it into your mouth as you continue to stroke the other one's stiff member.

You alternate who's cock you suck and whose you stroke, as both of us have one hand on a tit, tweaking the nipple and groping you. Your neighbor finishes first, spraying your face with more cum. You lick it off of your lips and go back down on my still firm cock, deep throating me right off the bat.

Your hand working my shaft as you pull it out of your mouth and lick along my head. My cock swells in my hand as you stroke me, my cock exploding over old guy licks teen pussy age aint nothing but a number face and on your tits. You suck the rest of the cum from my cock, stroking my balls and your neighbors balls as you finish up. I help you to the bathroom to wash your face off as your neighbor gets dressed and goes back home.

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As you clean up yourself, I clean up all of the toys and furniture and tell you I'll meet you in bed after your all cleaned up.