Lesbo lovely babes adore passionate sex lesbian and dildo

Lesbo lovely babes adore passionate sex lesbian and dildo
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Last week Angie & her husband Marvin decided it was time to spice up their life & decided to go to a swingers club. As soon as they arrived they noticed a tall young tattooed rough looking 22 year old year old punk who was holding a leash of a much older stacked brunette who was wearing high heels & nothing else but her collar & leash.

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She was they would learn later was his main house sex slave named Joyce. This punk was named Spike & he was having a drink at the bar while Joyce was in the doggy-style position on the floor. Angie & Marvin walked by & Spike realized he had to have Angieshe'd make him lots of cash. As he led Joyce (who was also his mother ) doggy-style to the party roomhe knew that by nights end Angie would be his.

THE PARTY ROOM SPIKE had his 10.5 inch dick out & Joyce was bobbing up & down on it as per usualJoyce was married to Spike's stepdad Bill but was mostly used by her Pimp/son Spike & she also took care of the needs of all his hookers. As she gobbled hers sons prick she noticed that her son already had his tongue down Angie's throat & cuz of her gray-hair this wonderful farmer girl raina ogami is ready for some naughty action she gets picked up by a hand already calling her Granny Angie ,she after all would be the oldest woman in his harem.

Her husband Marvin was jerking his small dick as he now watched his wife of many years go down on a man young enough to her grandson. 43 year old Joyce shared the massive penis with Granny Angie & when Pimp Spike exploded a load of jism down his mom's throatJoyce shared the man dessert with the newly hypnotized hookerGranny Angie.

The Next Day Pimp Spike had told Marvin to go home & because both Angie & Marvin were under mind controlhe did. Granny Angie had stayed overnightshe was being trained& he would use her first and then after he got tired of herhe decided he'd make Granny porn videos of her& her cuckold husband Marvin would be the cameraman.

Licking Pimp Spike's ass Granny Angie was enjoying herselflast night Spike had fucked her up the ass, (anal was something she never tried) & while she getting gapped in the ass she also ate a eveline neill wet pussy wet fingers pussy pump cunt for the first time.

She made Joyce reach bliss using her tongue. After Spike deposited his sperm in her buttholehis mom (Joyce ) ate his man dessert. Then afterwards Joyce took her to the bathroom where Angie received her first ever humiliating lezzie golden showercovered in in urineSpike came in next & gave Granny Angie a pissfacial with his man meat.

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She noticed that Joyce was filming the episode with Spike's cellphone & would now text the video to her wimpy husband Marvin.Marvin would wack off to his once respectacle wife now being used a human toilet Its Lesbian Movie Time Granny Angie was now making her 1st lesbian movie for Pimp Spike. Dressed in french maid outfit & heels Joyce was on her knees blowing her sons dong ,as the director told Marvin what he should film.

Two of his younger sluts 20 year old Betty & 19 year old Jenny were both spreadeagled on the bedboth were petiteone was a blonde & the other a redhead, Granny began by licking blonde Betty's cunt. Spike had purposely buttplugged Angie's ass earlier, she was also collared, leashed & wearing 8inch thigh high hooker boots (all bought by her wuss of a hubby Marvinwho now only got a hardon when his wife was used by other men or women .) Licking away the now old dyke was enjoying Betty's bare ,shaven pussy.

To Granny Angie it tasted like ice cream. Spike decided to change the & handed the redhead (19 yr old) Jenny a thick strapon dildo which she immediately put on & taking thebuttplug out of Angie's shithole she immediate started fucking the old ass.

As the teenager fucked the granny ass without mercyBetty reached orgasmic bliss from Angie's tongue licking. Jenny spanked Granny's fat matronly ass as her floppy tits swung back & forth as she got fucked doggystyle. After teenager Jenny also received an orgasm sizzling teen gets stuffed in her tight ass a tongue lashing by Granny Angie, the old bag was led by the ladies to the bathroom where Granny Angie was told to open her mouth & then Jenny followed Betty both urinated all over face & down her throat.

This is the perfect ending thought Spikethe europeans love this shithe'd make a mint. He'd almost forgot to cum himself he smirkedhis mom had been sucking his prick for a long time? Her mouth must be tired he smiled. Spike dumped a massive load of jism down her throatas Joyce enjoyed her Son/Pimp's man dessert.

Counting his Money Thousands of dollars on the table from Granny Angie's Dessert, it was a massive(xxx $$$ movie )hit. Sitting on his armchair in the living roomHis mom who was dressed in tight jeans & heels but was topless was licking his balls.

Beside her sucking on his prick was raven haired Nina Rogers (Betty's mom ) (he had hypnotized her also and she was married to a cuckold but she was also one his better escorts & xxx stars )she had no gag reflex. Facefucking was Spike's favorite sport as he unloaded his jism down the 41 year old's throat Joyce & Nina french kissed and shared Spike's man goo.Spike now fisted both old bitches side by side as they both screamed in ecstasy. Joyce and Nina loved their lives as did Granny ANGIE, posh schoolgirl gets schlong hardcore and blowjob hynotized they knew nothing better ???