Twwomen and one men xxx vedio

Twwomen and one men xxx vedio
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PART I - Afternoon with the Fatman It was almost 3 in the afternoon. Lois was sitting on the sofa tapping her foot as she waited for Peter to get home. She was running through her head all the thing she was going to yell at him about when got there.Stewie was sitting on the sofa next to her, watching t.v., half asleep. Slipping into a comforting fanasty of pushing a dresser onto Lois.

Suddenly the door slams open, Peter standing there completely drunk, and naked. "I Hope thish is my house, I think I just walked in on Bonnie changing Joe", he slurred before fallin over into a table.

Lois got up, even more enraged, and screamed out "Peter Griffen what the hell is wrong with you?! I'm over an hour late for the rehearsal! Don't you care that this is very Important to me? I told you a thousand times I need the car on teen evelin stone gets pleasured by stepbrother by one o'clock! Where the hell have you been all night?!" Peter just looked got up, stumbled around for a minute and the looked at Lois.

"it's uh. wait wait.

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thash a uh. what about a car?".

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All Lois could do was leave. She knew there was no reasoning at all with him when he was this drunk. "We'll talk about this when I get home Peter!", and with that she walked out, slamming the door as she left.

"Uh, that god that old harpy is gone" He said with a sigh of relief. He went over and sat down on the sofa.

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Stewie was still sitting there, awakened by all the vile womans screaming. He turned and looked at the fat man sitting next to him, completely naked. "For heavens sake man put some clothes on!". Peter just seemed to not even notice his son was speaking, or even that he was in the room with him." Damnit I gotta piss. I dont think I could get up if I wanted to though." Just then he looked over and saw what looked like a nerf football with a hole in it.

"This outta work", he thought out loud. He reached over and grabbed Stewie.

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"Just what the hell do you think you're you doing fat man? I say, put me down!" But peter wasn't paying his words any attention. He wedged Stewies head under his large belly and between his thighs, and with his other hand he aimed his cock right at Stewies mouth. "Jezz this is one frisky football", he said.

Stewies muffled screams went unnoticed still, and Peter shoved his cock into stewies face. As soon as he felt the warmth of his mouth, Peter started pissing right down his son's throat. Stewie thought he was going to drown in it, and it tasted so strongly like alcohol, he thought he was going to puke. But he didn't, and the bit of his daddy's urine he didn't drink down, went down his chin and he was now laying in it.

He tried and tried to get away, but he couldn't free his head from under Peter's massive stomache. He even tried to bite his fathers penis, but he didn't have any teeth, and all that did was exite Peter.

"Oh yea, that feels real nice, yea, you're a nasty football ain't ya? You've been thrown around by all the guys in the locker room, dirty whore", he moaned out while his son gummed his cock. Stewie kept screaming, but it did him no good, the vibrations from his throat only made his daddy harder. "Almost there. oh yea, oh yea, come on baby, right there, POW right in the kisser!" He shot his seed down his son's throat, and fell asleep right there, relaxing and loosening up.

Not loose enough that stewie could get free, though. PART II - Bite the Hand that Beats You After about 10 minutes had passed, Brian walked into to the living room and saw the prediciment Stewie was in. It didn't take him long to remember all the things that Stewie had done to him, and how much he deserved to be humiliated by his own father. His mind started working in a much darker way then, as he remember how aweful it fely when he Stewie beat the shit out of him, and then set him on fire.

He was going fucked by black guy in porn audition interracial black dick make him pay, and this was the perfect chance. Brian walked up behind Stewie. He unhooked his overalls, and pulled his them off along with his diaper.

Then he spead out the little son of a bitch's buttcheeks and started licking his asshole. Stewie didn't know what was going on, Peter was still asleep and his cock was still inside his little boys mouth. Just when Stewie started to enjoy the feeling, it stopped. Brian got up and laid on top of Stewie. Suddenly and without warning, he thrust his thick doggy dick deep inside of the little baby.

Stewie screamed out, though barely a sound was made, it was all muffled by his own fathers thick legs on each side of his face and huge belly completely covering Stewies head. Brian started humping the little baby, and he was humping hard and fast.

His primal insticts took over him and he dug his claws into the boy's sides. Stewies ass was so tiny and tight it didn't take long for brian to get off. Cum was leaking out the little boys raw anus, Brian just kept filling up with his dog sperm.

Finally, when he had gotten enough pleasure from the baby's ass, he decided it was time to move on with his plan for revenge. TBC - Tell me what you like and dont, and any idea's you have for stewie =)

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