Dani daniels and kendra lust threesome

Dani daniels and kendra lust threesome
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Dressed in my black pin stripe business suit, I was on my way to an interview. I needed a job, desperately need a job was more like it. I had been unemployed now for the last 8 months and my unemployment paycheck was about to come to an end.

I had been combing the classifieds every day, when I saw an ad for an administrative assistant for a magazine. So I called, they wanted to see me almost immediately after I gave them my qualifications. So I took a shower, put on a business suit, pulled my long dark hair into a French twist I added my garter belt, thigh highs, and my three inch power heels, grabbing my resume' I was out the door.

I pulled in front of a large glass building, I followed the signs that led me to the parking garage, pulling in I removed my sun glasses so I could see where I was going. I found a spot close to the elevator and I hopped out locking my door.

I walked to the elevator and I punched the down button. I could hear someone approaching me from behind, I turned to find a very good looking guy with shoulder length black hair that had beautiful ringlet curls on the end. He was in white business shirt, black vest and black pants. His shirt sleeves were rolled up to his elbow, and he carried a brief case, his skin was a beautiful brown.

My guess was he was Latin, Italian, or Spanish decent. He was by my standards just absolutely gorgeous. I smiled at him and his eyes sparkled as sunny leone nawe sexy 2019 nodded his head in my direction. Finally, the elevator rang, and the doors opened. We both stepped inside; we were both going to the 2nd floor.

The elevator began to creak and moan, and finally moved, I glanced at my handsome companion who just shook his head at the plight of the elevator. When suddenly with a jerk the elevator shuttered to halt. I looked around and pushed the buttons, and got very nervous. Of all the times, I was going to miss my interview. "There is no use in getting excited, we will amateur college teen blowjob ivy impresses with her large orbs and ass here for a bit," he said, his voice raspy and sexy.

"Oh My GOD!, " I exclaimed. "I have an important interview, at Our Ladies Magazine," I said. He smirked, "Not for at least an hour, and you just as well forget calling cause we have no service in here, and the alarm doesn't work to tell someone we are in here, " he stated, as he sat his briefcase down and sat on it.

I thought I was going to cry, how the fuck could this happen to me, I needed this job. I sat my purse on the floor and place my ass on it, so I didn't get my pants dirty, damn if I was going to stand in this damn thing for an hour. I looked at the gentleman, I said, "My name is Lynne." He smiled, and extended his hand, "I'm Jack," he said.

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I extended my hand and shook his, a jolt of electricity went through my body, as I touched his hand. I hadn't felt that in a long time. There was a definite chemistry with this guy. We sat in silence for a bit, finally he broke it and said. "So what brings you to my elevator," he asked? "Hummm your elevator," I questioned? "Yes, this is my elevator, this is my building actually," he said sheepishly "Then why don't you fix the elevator," I asked slyly.

"Touché' ," he said. "So Tell me Lynne, why brings you here," he asked again. "I have a job interview at the magazine," I said.

He raised his eyebrow and looked at me for a long moment, and then rested his face on his hands that rested on his knees. "Have you wet cunt stuffed by toy blowjob and amateur looked at Our Lady Magazine," he asked. I stammered for a second, because I had no idea, I assumed it was like Southern Living, or some other magazine from the south. "Hummm, yes it's very similar to Southern Living," I said.

He began to laugh, "Really, it is&hellip.well I think if Southern Living carried this kind of stuff they wouldn't be on shelves where children roam," he said. "Oh, well, okay you got me, I haven't ever really seen it," I said.

"Do you like porn," he asked. I felt my face heat up, here I sat in this elevator with this gorgeous creature, and he was asking me about porn. "Well, sometimes, I do if it's tastefully done, " I answered honestly. "Define tasteful," he said. "You know partially clad women or men are fine, without all the flesh," I answered quickly. "So you don't like just fucking for a magazine, with hardcore pictures," he asked? "No, I don't," I said. "Then you just as well go home when this elevator opens up," he big bazzers hot new fucking. "Really?

Is that what they do there, hardcore sex," I asked? "Yep, hardcore, models in and out all day some dressed some not, and I'm certain as the assistant you will have to help with shots," he said.

"Ugggh, " was all I could muster. "You're very beautiful," he said. "If I can be so bold." "Thank you, Jack," I said. I caught a whiff of his cologne it was a little musky smelling, and he smelled as good as he looked. "Tell you what Lynne, I'll give you $1,000 if you take your shirt off and let me see your nice big tits," he said.

I was shocked, I had never been offered anything like this, my face burned crimson, yet my pussy was unmistakably throbbing alice coxxx bouncing off on dads big cock wet.

I didn't know what to say, I could use $1,000 bucks. What was I considering. Before I could give him an answer he pulled out his wallet and laid $2,000 on the ground in front of me. My mouth was watering, at the thought of a month's pay just for showing this guy my tits. He was handsome, and I had fucked some ugly ass guys in my day so what was the difference.

I stood up, and unbuttoned my suit jacket. Under it I wore a black lacey cami, I laid the jacket on the floor, and I pulled the cami up over my head. I wore a little black push up bra. I slipped the straps down over my arms and moved the bra around to unfasten it.

I held my hands up to cover my breast as I let the bra drop to the floor. I stood still breathing in and out hard, as his eyes never left mine. I moved my hands to reveal my size DD breast, my nipples were hard, because I was very aroused, and they stood at attention and were very hard and rosy pink.

I saw him smile, he dayna vendetta fist time sex vidcom another thousand out of his pocket and placed it on the floor on top of the other money. "pants, " he said. I looked at the money, $3,000 was a lot of money, and I needed it. I unzipped my pants and unclipped the clasp and let them drop around my feet.

I stepped my heels out of the pant legs. I stood naked from the waist up, my garter and thigh highs, and my little black thong hugging my hips. "Turn around, " he said. I smiled, pornstar riley fucked and filled pornstars and hardcore my finger pointed at the pile of money.

He smirked and raised his eyebrow, he realized I was on to the game now. He pulled out a $100 and put it on top. I obliged and turned around letting him view my nice tight back side. I pulled the clip from my hair and shook it out, letting it cascade down to my waist.

I turned back around. He was smiling, he had more money in his hand he laid it on the floor, and stood up. " Suck my cock," he said. This drew the line, this could be viewed as prostitution, I was not a whore, and I was having a good time, trying to kill time with this guy. He was extremely good looking and I could tell from the outline of his cock in his pants, he was well hung.

I felt the wetness between my legs, and realized I wanted this guy. I bent down on my knees and unzipped his pants I jerked his pants down roughly to his knees. His huge cock was bulging to get out of boxers. I pulled them down as well. His cock was at least 8 inches maybe more, and huge, surrounded by a soft bed of black curly hair.

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I stroked it for a few seconds and then touched the tip of my tongue to the head of his cock. My tongue swirled around the head, and I plunged his cock into my throat occasionally. I loved the way he felt, I loved the way his cock tasted, and the way his balls felt and smelled. I held my hand at the base of his cock as I licked and sucked it, he moaned as he leaned his broad shoulders against the back of the elevator.

I felt his hand on my nipples as I sucked his dick. He pulled and pinched at my hardening nipples. I shoved his cock into my throat, and swallowed karina white gets a big hard cock down, he moaned as I moved my tongue along the base of his cock. He pulled me to my feet and kissed me hard on the mouth.

He shoved me around against the elevator wall, and pulled my leg up around his back. I felt his hand moving inside my thigh to my pussy. His fingers ran along the lips of my pussy, I was soaked and I knew he was turned on by my creaming cunt. He pulled my panties over and began to run his fingers around my clit, making it get hard, I hung onto his neck as I began to tremble all over, his fingers would rub around red and blonde lesbos have a massage clit and down to my wet little hole he would scoop cream out of it and rub it into my little inner lips up to my hard little clit.

I was going to cum and I breathed that into his ear. He spun me around and shoved my head down against the wall of the elevator. His hand found my little asshole, I felt his finger go into my ass, I had never been fucked there, but I knew I was going to get it this time.

His fingers moved into my pussy to pull sweet creamy juices up to my asshole from my little puss. When he had my asshole lubed up, I felt his hard cock pressing against that little brown hot hole. I took a deep breath, he was so huge it was going to hurt and I knew it. In one swift move his cock filled my tight asshole. I squealed as he plunged deep into my bowel. His hand on my hips he began to rock me as he thrust deeper and harder. He fucked me perhaps for 10 minutes like this until I thought my asshole was going to explode, then he pulled that huge cock of his out of tight wet asshole and plunged it into my tight little wet cunt.

I screamed as I came the moment his cock entered my pussy. His cock moved between my ass and pussy, until I came over and over, finally squirting cum all over him. Trembling so much I could stand he picked me up putting my legs around his waist he braced my back against the wall as he began to fuck me hard slow and deep.

I dug my nails into his skin under his white business shirt. He buried his face in my tits, and bit each nipple hard until I thought he would surely bite them off. I was wrong, it just made me cum that much harder. I lost it all over him again, as I heard him moan and I felt his hot load shooting into my pussy.

We both collapsed on the floor of the elevator, I lay on his chest. "baby your great," he said. "thank you, " I countered. "we have to get dressed, they will be here in about 10 minutes, and they sure don't need to see this," he said. We dressed, and he gave me my money $5,000 bucks in all. And as predicted the elevator doors opened as soon as I had smoothed my hair back into place, I stooped and picked up the torn resume'.

I walked to the door that said Our Lady Magazine. Jack was behind me, I looked at the resume'. "They won't hire me with something like this," I said. He smiled softly as me, and put his hand on my ass, "baby they will hire you, because I am the they, and your fabulous. You don't need that resume', your hired," he said. I stood there in total disbelief, I had just fucked the guy that I had an interview with. What was more important I earned 5 grand, and he was giving me a xxx mmm story sex stories ebony. The job turned out to be more than I bargained for, and we made many more trips to that elevator, as well as porn shoots, and porn videos, but those tales are for another time.