Butthole of beauty destroyed girlfriend and hardcore

Butthole of beauty destroyed girlfriend and hardcore
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When Jenny had turned up again so unexpectedly to say I was surprised would be an understatement, our agreement had been to meet up once and not to see each other again, now here she was some 4 hours later asking for seconds, I could not believe my luck. I took her in my arms kissed her passionately then began to slowly undress her, When she was down to her silky black underwear she fell to her knees and pulled my cock from my pants and began to stroke it back to life, I was horrified to see that the combined juices from our afternoon of sex were evident all around my belly and cock ,worse than that was my pubic hair was matted with cum, I apologised and lifted her back to her feet, two busty chicks share a thick dong big tits blonde me shower with you" she said and again removed the boxers that she had bought me then slipped out of her bra and panties.

We had only just gotten into the shower when her mobile phone began to ring but she ignored it and I said nothing, seconds later it chirped again signalling a message had been received, again she said nothing but continued fiddling with the shower settings we were soon deluged with warm water, she opened a bottle of shower gel and after deflecting the water she began to wash my neck and chest, rubbing her hands over my torso she slowly worked her way to my crotch where she worked the soapy lather into my pubic hair, over my cock and balls all the time she was doing this I was returning the compliment by washing her breasts and pussy, "Turn Around" she said and so Ed powers micki and pierre yuko and valentino did, she slipped down onto her knees and began to wash my buttocks and ass crack, her soft soapy hands would slide between my legs and cup my balls then slide back gently caressing my anus all the time my cock grew harder and harder until it stood proud and firm ready for action, she stood back up and still from behind she pressed her breasts into my back and I felt her pussy hair rub against my thigh, her left hand was pinching my left nipple and her right hand has reached around my waist and she was slowly wanking my cock as she kissed and nibbled on my shoulder, I could feel the stirring in my balls and turned to face her hoping to turn her and enter her doggy style but all she did was to direct the jet of warm water over us till we were soap free, then she switched it off and we towelled each other dry, then returned to the bedroom.

Her phone rang again and was again followed by the chirp of a message, "hell" she said as she quickly checked the messages "let me take care of this so we can relax, you will keep quiet wont you?" and she pressed her fingers to my lips "It will only take a second" and she sat on the bed and speed dialled a number, In devilment I pushed her gently back onto the bed and made my way to eat her pussy, to my surprise she lifted one foot onto the bed so as to allow me easy access, I began to gently suck on her pussy then slid my tongue around her lips gradually working to her firm clit where I worked with my tongue whilst her conversation continued.

"I am sorry I meant to call you earlier, I just got a bit tied up.sorry babe". "Yes I am enjoying myself; it's nice to have a change now and again".

"Of course I do, it's just that I have been so busy, and helping daddy.you know how busy it is at this time of year". "Anyway babe I should go. "Yes I am too, but I did have to see them, it's been so long." And so her conversation went on so I began to up the tempo, I was now licking her from asshole to clit in long strokes then sucking hard on her clit, she responded by opening her legs further and she slid a little further to the side of the bed where I was kneeling so that I could get even better access, she gave a involuntary gasp which must have been commented on as she continued her conversation.

"Its nothing babe, it's just that I'm a bit sore, I had a hard ride this afternoon" I about choked, "Yes I am really saddle sore", and she smiled at girls shag studs anal hole with big strapons and blast sperm again covering her mouth with her fingers in a sign of be quiet. "And to tell you the truth, it's got me really horny, all that slapping between my thighs" "You know what I mean.don't you?

All that riding has gotten me randy as hell" "Really!! Well you aren't here are you?" "Oh yes, what do you mean?.I am not sure what you mean" "You are so naughty" "I really am so horny; I could do with a good hard Fuck, with a big hard, long cock" She repositioned herself so that she was kneeling on the very edge of the bed, her knees far apart and her ass thrust back and up, she took a pillow and placed it under her belly to add support to her hips, then she turned and looked back at me and beckoned me to enter her, she continued the conversation but I knew it was me she was talking to.

"Come on baby slide that big cock into me, that's it babe, get it in my pussy" "Oh yes, that feels so good, give me some more, not too much my pussy is still sore from this afternoons ride" "Oh yes, that's good.now fuck me slowly" She began to rock slowly forward and back, taking about 4 inches into her each time, occasionally slowly rotating her hips that produced the nicest of sensations on my cock, her hand reached behind and stopped my hips from moving and so I just rested as she rode my cock slowly.

"Oh, is it good for you"? "Are you going to cum"? "Well, you just take your time, 'cause I'm so enjoying this" "No, don't cum yet.I'm not ready" "My pussy is so hot; your big cock is sooooo good" And then I guess he came, however she continued to rock on my cock as she ended their conversation and wished him a good night.

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"I will never get to heaven, I am so awful, aren't I" she said as she began to ride my cock a little harder and deeper, I began to thumb her bum hole and she again murmured her approval so I delved little deeper until my thumb entered her hole and I began to fuck her with it in time with her pussy thrusts, she was going nuts panting and grunting and as her hand was now gripping the bed sheets I had no restriction to my own movement so I began to fill her with the full length, my own orgasm was coming and I feared that I would beat her to it, just in time she raised her head squealed then came out with a stream of obscenities and flooded my cock with her juices, I tried desperately to reach my orgasm, riding her furiously but didn't make it before she fell forward and my cock plopped free.

A few moments passed whilst she lay still breathing heavily then she rolled onto her back, her breasts were slick with sweat and her pussy lips were wide open and running wet, she looked at my still firm cock with its rivulet of pre cum hanging like a spiders web, "did you not cum?" she asked, I replied that I had just lasted long enough to get her there and had just missed out, she looked at me in a strange way then repositioned us so that I was straddling her hips, with my balls resting on her pubic hair, she hooked her legs over mine so as to hold me still, She raised her back up a little and placed 2 pillows behind her so that she could see better, she then reached down and began to slowly masturbate me, "I want to watch you cum" she said as she worked me to orgasm, I barely lasted a few strokes before the first spurt of sperm hit her on her cheekthe second crossed her mouth, nose and eye and the rest found its way onto her tits, she still continued working me until it became too sensitive and we had to ask her to stop, That afro redhead slit banged over the table I have to admit was me finished for the night, as I think or at least I hoped she was too, we cleaned up a little and she cuddled into me.

As she held me close she took a deep breath and said "Cacharel so suits you" to which I replied without thinking "is that what your Fianc?ses," she again covered my lips with her fingers but said "No he doesn't" then she moved up and began to kiss posh schoolgirl gets schlong hardcore and blowjob tenderly as we drifted into sleep.

When I awoke jenny was already showering so I joined her and we washed each other but there was no petting and I knew that's how it was to be, I watched her dress and she kissed me before she left, I broke the rules again by asking if I might see her again, she replied by covering my lips with her fingers yet again so I said no more as she left.

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Wilma came and picked me up about a hour later, "how did it go" she asked and I replied that it was good, "Oh dear, I thought she might get to you, she is pretty and rich, you do know who her daddy is don't you" I didn't, so Wilma began to fill me in with what she knew of Jenny's family, her father it seemed was a wealthy business man who owned a string of new car dealerships, my heart sank as I realised it was a different world to mine that she moved in and I was still thinking of this when Wilma added," I hope she has left something for me, I want a reward for picking you up", I just rested my hand on her leg and thought of Jenny.

I heard no more for about 6 weeks, I had been pretty much tried put her out of my mind, I was now seeing both Wilma and a woman who had said she was 36 but looked more like her 40s, she had come home early one evening a few weeks earlier and caught her husband shagging one of the assistants from the chip shop they owned in their marital bed so I was now providing some sort of revenge service I guess, It was my first experience of a spurned woman, she possessed a venom I had never witnessed before, all she wanted was to get back at him and it seemed that nothing that we did together was for either of us, it was always a case of "I wish that fucker could see me now" or "Let this be a lesson to that bastard", our relationship only lasted a few weeks during which he worked hard battering fish and I worked hard battering her fanny, It ended when she wanted to record our meeting to show him she was getting plenty elsewhere, It was all too much for me, Yes I was getting sex but I wanted that tenderness that I had found with Jenny.

As the weeks passed I less and less expected to ever see her againthen out of the blue one Friday evening I was out with my friends as usual in our local, when all at once the conversation stopped, my friend Jack was facing the door when he whistled slowly, then added "Wow Top totty alarm" so we all turned to see the 3 elegant, beautiful women who had walked into a spit and sawdust (not quite) joint, I turned to look just as she saw me, she waved over and grabbed her friends and began weaving their way towards us, Jack looked over his shoulder and said "where the fuck are they going" just then Jenny embraced me, "can I have a minute" she asked and we moved to one side and her friends sat down.

"I brought the cavalry in case you had a woman in tow" and added "I was just wondering if you still mon farouk shayma el hag to see me again, I'm not interested in a night of passion you know, I'm looking for a boyfriend this time" and she wiggled her fingers in front of my face to show no engagement babe gets it over her petite body, "he was such a wimp, I was just looking for courage to break it off" she added, "Why me"?

I asked, to which she replied"I really fancied you the first moment I saw you, weeks before you met me then when you stuck to the rules I knew I could trust you and you put my needs before your own so that sealed it, all you need to decide is, is it me you want, 'cause there will be no room for any others while we are together", I thought long and hard for about a second and then said "Yes please".

And so it began, but would it last?

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