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Brunette cutie dannie gets pounded with a thick cock college girl small tits
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The next several days Scott had to work a lot of hours and also had to go pal takes off clothing homemade and hardcore his mom to his grandmother's so I didn't see too much of him.

But I was only bored for one day because in two days I got a phone call, and I'm not sure who was more surprised by who was calling Sherri or me. Elizabeth was on the phone for me.

My sister looked stunned and apparently knew who she was. Like two days ago at dinner Elizabeth was so full of life and conversation. She told me about yesterday's performance of the play and told me about her costume problems and just went on about this and that. She then invited me to go to the mall with her which I happily accepted. At the mall we had a really good time and laughed and shopped together all around the mall. Again I sexy chick brett rossi gets her pussy wrecked pornstars and hardcore like my status in popularity soared thanks to my company as so many other school kids saw us together and many made a point to come talk to Elizabeth.

She introduced me to so many guys and girls just introducing me as a friend who was starting at her school this upcoming year. She made it sound like I was new to the area, but I didn't care as everyone seemed really nice to me and seemed to make a point to learn MY name.

The other thing about Elizabeth was her impeccable taste in clothing and I was stunned how awesome clothing she could pick out for me. She would spot clothing that I never would have picked off the rack that almost always fit me perfectly. We had a great time and I only wished I had more money to spend as I really wished she could help me shop for a whole new wardrobe. I knew I had to convince my mom to give me some money for new school clothes and I had to find a way not to hurt my mom's feelings cause she really looked forward to shopping with both Sherri and I but somehow I had to get to shop with Elizabeth.

I wasn't sure if I wanted to expose her to my mom yet as she sometimes treated me like a baby and I didn't want that in front of Elizabeth.

I was so disappointed when the day ended but was so happy with what a wonderful time I had. I also was relieved as nothing sexual at all occurred between us and I was relieved when that was the case because I was a little afraid Elizabeth might have gotten the wrong idea. I thought the day was done but was excited when at 9:00 PM that night I got another call and my sister again answered and again it was Elizabeth.

Sherri was stunned again that the head cheerleader was calling me and just looked ill. Elizabeth wanted to invite me to go to the spa and hair dresser with her in two days on Friday and when I told her I didn't really have the money she told me not to worry that it would be her treat. I was a little unsure but couldn't resist the offer and accepted happily. *********** The next morning I woke up and as soon as I opened my eyes I felt myself mandy amateur college blonde playing in washroom. I couldn't stop reflecting on how much my life was changing.

Now not only did I have the starting varsity football quarterback and a senior as my boyfriend but he had introduced me to the head varsity cheerleader and we connected and now she was inviting me to go do things with her as a friend.

I felt a little embarrassed because I had not really been talking to my old friends, the girls I used to ride my bike with and play barbies with but I don't know they just still seemed childish to me and they were like me, they were going to be new freshman. I knew they would kill to be hanging out with the people I was hanging out with so certainly they weren't upset with me.

. right? I was very excited when the phone rang and mom yelled for me that it was Scott on the phone. He invited me to go with him and some friends to the movies and I happily accepted.

That afternoon he, Mike and Lisa picked me up and we headed to the movies. In the middle of the movie Scott took my hand and walked us out of the theater we were in and headed us towards the bathrooms. He pulled me into the men's room with me resisting as I realized where he was going. He took me into the wheelchair stall latching the stall door and immediately began pulling at my clothes.

Within a few seconds I found myself completely naked again. I whined and looked at him frustrated but he put his fingers to my lips and then I was stunned when he pushed me against the wall. His hand went to his own pants unbuttoning and unzipping them. Then he was inside me within seconds and his face looked so intense. It was strange doing this standing up but it felt very sexual too. I felt him pull my leg up by my knee and his hips pushed my butt into the wall.

I then was more surprised when he started pulling on my other leg. I resisted but before long I wasn't touching the floor, now the only things holding me up where his cock, my arms around his neck and my body pinned against the wall. He was getting rougher with me against the wall and it was making me a bit nervous so I was relieved when he started to cum inside me. He pinned me there firmly holding onto me tight and held me like that for a few extra minutes before releasing me from the wall some letting me know to put my legs down.

He whispered in my ear, "God I can't get enough of you. Then he started kissing me lightly when I heard the door open and close and footsteps walk in. "Scott?" I heard Mikes voice ask to which Scott turned and opened the stall door, "Yeah man right here," Scott replied as Mike came into the stall with us and Scott closed it behind him.

I was so embarrassed as Scott's best friend saw me with him in the men's room in a bathroom stall completely naked. I was even more shocked with what I heard next. "Take her for a spin man," Scott told Mike and I looked at him stunned.

Mike took hold of my arm and turned me facing the wall. "Scott nooooo," I whined as I felt Mike's hands take hold of my hips. "It's okay baby Lisa is not ready yet just be a good girl," he said and with that I felt Mike push against me, but not where I thought, my butt, but to my sex and before Saxy story fill sex stories jabrdsti could protest he was pushing inside my vagina.

I felt so used and dirty and had not planned on doing this with anyone else but Scott. He caught me so off guard and I was stunned to have Mike inside my sex now.

He was going slow and deliberate taking his time using my body and I felt less of a person and more like an object for use. But there I was with my boyfriend's best friend's using my body to pleasure his cock.

I started to cry and when he heard me Scott came beside me and started to stroke my hair shushing me quietly. "Its okay baby, you'll learn to love this soon," he said as his friend continued big booty blonde slut krissy lynn gets fucked hard in her ass me.

"Awe damn she's tight man," Mike said to Scott as he continued to move his cock in and out of my sex. I felt like I was in a bad horror movie as I felt myself notice the wall and how dirty it was, I felt the floor under my toes and how grimy the floor felt. There standing beside me was my boyfriend stroking my hair while his best friend was having sex with me. It seemed totally okay with him.

Finally after feeling like it had taken forever I felt him finishing as he began to cum inside me. It made me feel gross and dirty cause this wasn't the guy I loved but just his friend and he was going to leave his fluids inside my body. I felt myself cry a little more.

After Mike got off of me Scott started helping me to get dressed. "Come on baby we got to hurry and get back to Lisa, she's going to worry about us," Scott said. I slowed my crying and got dressed and wanted nothing more then to get out of that bathroom.

Lisa looked up at all three of us and I felt sick when Mike kissed her cheek and sat next to her. I wondered what she'd think if she knew he had just cum inside me. Instead she smiled up sweetly at him happy for this kiss. I felt my face turn red, knowing she couldn't see it in the dark, full of shame and disgust. After the movie she asked me if I was okay and I only nodded. I was very quiet on the ride home and relieved when Scott dropped me at home and I hurried inside to my room.

********** Friday morning couldn't come soon enough for me. I woke up remembering today was my appointment with Elizabeth to go to the spa. She picked me up at about 15 minutes before 10:00 AM. I was both nervous and excited because I had never had a spa treatment before and I was ready to get the men's bathroom memory out of my mind as soon as I could. We had a short ride but a nice visit none the less.

When we got to the spa we both signed in and they gave us keys to lockers. We were then shown to the locker room where we undressed and changed into the white robe and slippers. We then each were escorted into a massage therapy room and I guess we both got an hour massage.

It felt wonderful and I got so relaxed but was also happy when the massage was finished and again I was escorted to a waiting room and Elizabeth was there only two minutes behind me. We were both taken to another room where they did facials. We were seated in two chairs right next to each other. It felt so nice as they cleansed our faces, put masks on us and did treatment after treatment to make us more beautiful. Once the mask was on we then had someone working on our fingernails and our toenails.

I felt like a queen. After finishing our nails they then finished our facials and then we were shown to the steam room to take a steam. We sat in the steam room visiting and Elizabeth asked me about my zodiac sign. When I told her my sign she realized my birthday had to be either just past or coming soon and she got me to admit my birthday was the next week.

She also asked me about Scott and how he was treating me. I told her all the good things and was embarrassed to tell her the things I didn't feel good about.

She kept probing asking me was he treating me well and I kept telling her yes. She surprised me by telling me to be careful and told me I was beautiful and stunning roxy washes a car and masturbates I could have anybody I wanted.

I laughed at that but she told me it was the truth. I told her I would be careful. Eventually it just got too hot to be in the steam any longer and we headed out and took showers to get ready to have our hair done. After showering and putting a fresh robe and slippers on we were taken to the hairdressers.

Elizabeth even made recommendations for my haircut and when the hairdresser was done I really liked my cut and style. It looked easy enough for me to keep up and yet very cute. Elizabeth did not teen slut cheating on her boyfriend does porn her style and only got a light trim. Finally our day in the spa was almost over and we were taken back to the locker room to put our clothes back on. I was stunned when there hanging in my locker was a brand new dress and asked where it had come from when I saw it hanging there.

Elizabeth didn't answer so I looked over at her and she had a cute awkward sly smile on her face. She then walked over to me and eased the robe off of me and then took the dress off the hanger and lifted it up over my head pulling it down onto me.

Once it was on me and buttoned she stepped back and looked at me and said, "Beautiful, exactly how I pictured it on you." I looked down at myself like I had pictured it too. "Really," I pokemon nurse joy xxx story surprised. "Yeah," she said back. "Thanks," I said blushing with a smile. Elizabeth put her hands on my arms, pulled me close and gave me a quick short kiss on the lips nothing crazy just a short sweet kiss. "Happy Birthday," she said and I think we both blushed and then she got dressed and drove me back home.

My birthday was going to fall on Wednesday so I wasn't very excited about that and I didn't think I wanted any type of party anyway, not if my mom, dad and sister were going to be part of it.

But before I knew it, it was Horny girls have fun with a friend. I hadn't heard much from Scott for the last few days and that gave me time to forget what had happened.

And I had only spoken to Elizabeth twice on the phone so I was a little disappointed about that. The day started out very ordinary and no one even wished me Happy Birthday. I had to start wondering if anyone remembered. Even all through lunch no one mentioned anything about my birthday. After lunch I called Scott to see what he was up to but he told me he had to work that afternoon so I went to my room and laid on my bed and just listed to music for a while.

Apparently I must have drifted off to sleep because I heard my mom yell for me and that woke me up. I headed to the den and was startled when I heard a group of voices yell, "Surprise." There standing in our den was Scott, Elizabeth, Mike, Lisa, Sherri, my old friend Cathy and my mom and dad.

Mom of course had a birthday cake and was starting to light the candles. My old friend Cathy's face was beaming and I could tell she was stunned with the other kids that were there. I went from person to person giving each of them a hug. By that time my mom motioned at the cake with candles and I went over to blow them out.

I made a wish which of course I did not disclose to anyone and blew. I was embarrassed when I had blown out every candle sex xxx vdos sex stories com within a few seconds they began to relight. I rolled my eyes at the old, self relighting candle trick. But everyone laughed and gave me a hard time so I made a point not to complain about it. Of course then my mom began the Happy Birthday song which everyone sang along with and then used her fingers to pinch out the candles and then took them off and began to cut the cake.

I was embarrassed she had found some old clown paper plates from a pervious birthday but she put a slice of cake and my father a scoop of ice cream on each plate and passed them all out. Cathy of course then was rambling from the mouth and I was a little embarrassed by this. I was very relieved when Elizabeth was very kind to her and replied to the things Cathy said and it really made me see she was much nicer then I had ever thought.

I think my sister was also stunned at the company in the room and she seemed a little flirtatious toward Scott and Mike and Lisa looked a bit protective of Mike and made a point to hold his hand when she could. I did my best to ignore it and not be jealous of it and focused on having fun and hoping not to be humiliated.

It was then time to open gifts. I opened Cathy's present first and it was one of the movies we had seen together that I really liked and I was happy to have that DVD. Sheri's gift was next and she got me a really nice cashmere sweater. It looked to be very high quality and I'm pretty sure was very expensive.

I was a little surprised how nice her gift was and had to give her a hug. Elizabeth's gift was next and I was stunned when it was one of the outfits I had tried on when we went shopping. Even my mom made a comment how nice the dress and blazer combination looked. I gave her a hug and whispered in her ear, "It was too expensive and you shouldn't have but I love it thank you," she returned my hug and just squeezed tight when I whispered to her what I did.

Lisa and Mike's gift was next and it was a movie card for free movies for the whole next year. Then I opened my parent's gift. I opened it and it was a nice designer leather purse and I looked at it with my eyes wide open and then heard my mother say, "Look inside," so I opened it and inside was a $500 gift card for the same department store where Elizabeth's dress came from.

My mother without having said the words had given in to my request to her to let me shop with Elizabeth for my school clothes. I gave each parent a big hug. Scott's gift was last and it was in a small box which made me nervous. I opened it and it indeed was a small flat jewelry box from a good jeweler in town. Inside was a diamond tennis bracelet.

I was stunned to see it and knew it had to be expensive. I then noticed inside was a little card and I read it, folded it and put it into my pocket.

I didn't share it with anyone but inside it said, "My love, Friday you are invited to a very private birthday celebration so keep your afternoon and evening clear." I hugged Scott as hard as I could and was so stunned by his gift and almost didn't notice the look of concern on my parent's faces.

We all hung out a little longer and I tried to stay close to Scott and Elizabeth to protect them from Sherri, Cathy and my mom and dad. My dad did try to focus in on Scott some and was asking him a lot of questions about his gift and what all he and I did together.

Fortunately Scott was able to rattle off about the movies, the lake and the mini car place with the mini golf. Cathy worked hard to talk to Elizabeth who was very nice to her and was able to make good conversation.

We all visited for a few hours before finally the party broke up for the evening. My parents seemed to be trying to chase everyone off and I was disappointed when that even included Scott. No sooner then everyone had left and my mom announced we were going as a family to my favorite restaurant.

I was disappointed that I wasn't allowed to bring Scott along. At dinner after we ordered my father started in on me about Scott and I being too serious. He asked to see my bracelet which I refused to hand him since I had it on but he said it looked real and was far too expensive for a girl my age.

I argued honestly that we had been following all of mom's rules and had planned all our get togethers with other kids.

I was not happy this was coming up on during my birthday dinner and was glad when mom brought that to my dad's attention. I was quiet for most of the rest of the evening at dinner and was happy when we went home and I was able to go to my room.

I settled on my bed turning on my music and unwinding thinking about the day. I was so happy I had a new friend and was hoping we continued to get to know each other and maybe Elizabeth would become my best friend.

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I had received an incredible diamond bracelet from Scott and he wouldn't have gotten me something like that if he didn't really love me right? My sister and old best friend saw that I was seriously now part of the top clique at our high school and I felt like at least a princes of the school lesbian fucking with dorothy black and kelly white. And I had gotten incredible gifts from everyone.

What a day this had been. ************ I was so excited for what Scott was going to surprise me with on Friday. I put on a cute pink mini dress and matching thong panties and 3.5 inch pink pumps. He picked me up right after lunch and we drove back to Billy's apartment. We went inside and I was happy to see Mike and Lisa as well as Billy and Jose and the other guy who's name I didn't learn the time I was here before. His name was Darryl and Scott introduced me to him and two other boys I had never met Joe and James.

I was really glad Lisa was there because if she hadn't been I would have been the only girl there. I wondered why Scott had all these guys I didn't know here for my birthday celebration. There was music playing and I was handed a beer shortly after we came through the door. There was another birthday cake there with candles and it wasn't long before Scott lit them and then had me make a wish then blow them out. I danced with Scott some and Lisa danced with Mike. I was beginning to relax and have fun when Scott surprised me and told pal takes off clothing homemade and hardcore I hadn't had my birthday spankings yet.

He then grabbed me picked me up and carried me over to the sofa. He set me down on my feet and then pulled me over his lap putting an arm around my waist and flipped the hem of my dress up over my butt exposing my thong and butt to everyone. "Okay Mike your first for birthday spanks," Scott yelled laughing.

I was squirming trying to get free but within seconds I felt Mike standing there next to me and let out a yelp when I felt his hand smack my butt. "One," he called out and continued, "two, three, four," as he continued it began to hurt more and I stopped laughing and starting grunting more. He continued, "five, six, seven, eight." He was now alternating cheeks on each spank and I could feel my butt getting hot and it must have been getting red.

He continued hitting me more, "nine, ten, eleven, and on and on until, one to grown on and one to be good on." I was shocked for the two extra hits but relieved it was over then I heard Scott call, "Next." "Nooooooo," I called out squirming but it was no use Scott was too strong and within seconds Lisa was standing there next to me and began spanking me.

She also spanked my butt multiple times plus the one to grow on and the one to be good on. Even though she didn't hit as hard as Mike my butt was getting more sore and hot from her hits as I now had been spanked so many times.

"Next," Scott called and Daryl walked up to me. His spanks were very powerful and his hands were huge and he covered a good portion of both my cheeks on each hit. He also moved his spank around and spanked on the top of each thigh 3 times each. His hits felt worse then spankings I had received from busty juelz venture takes cock in butt father when I was little and I started to cry.

I heard Lisa say, "you're hitting too hard," but then I saw Mike take her away into the kitchen. He continued till he also added the one to grow on one to be good on and then stopped. My butt ached so bad it was burning and sore and my upper thighs hurt too. Again Scott called, "Next," and Jose came over. I heard him spit in his hand and he began to spank me very hard and fast. He must have been spanking as quickly as he could but it didn't lesson the burn.

He quickly completed multiple spanks plus the one to grow on and be good on and I could hardly believe how much my butt throbbed and ached. Joe the guy I never met till today went next.

His spanks were on the very top of my butt more on my lower back. This heated and stung in a new place and I felt my skin there warm up painfully. As he was finishing I heard the front door open and close.

I thought I saw Lisa and Mike leave I know I saw Mike but was not sure if I saw Lisa. Scott called out, "Next," and James came over and again started spanking directly on my sore heated cheeks. James also hit very hard he was slow and deliberate taking his times between hits but when he hit my whole body jerked and I felt Scott tighten his grip.

Each spank seemed to knock my breath away and it hurt deep into my butt. Again Scott called, "Next," and Billy moved in beside me. I got very upset when I felt Scott reach down and push my panties down off my butt and yelled, "NOOOOO." But then I was even more shocked and upset when I felt Billy strike my butt so very hard with a belt. It hurt like nothing I ever felt before and I scrambled and struggled and almost got away from Scott then I head him call, "Help me hold her." Within a few seconds Joe had one wrist and James the other, Jose grabbed one ankle and Daryl took hold of the other.

Then I heard myself cry out again as the belt hit hard across both my cheeks as Billy swing it again. I heard their voices talking and laughing telling Billy where to hit but I hurt so much I couldn't distinguish one voice from the other. The next hit was down one thigh and the one after down the other turning them both very hot and sore and red. I jerked and struggled and tried desperately to pull free but with so many of them holding me I just couldn't get away.

And the next hit fell just below my waist on my lower back. The one after that one was directly below the one before and the same for the next one leaving red welts on my lower back. The last of his spanks were back on my butt and I felt myself shaking from the intensity of the pain. I thought it was over until I noticed Billy pull a footstool over.

I felt them lift me up and set me on my stomach on the footstool getting me off Scott's lap. Then Scott pulled my panties down to my knees and down and off my legs and feet. Then the guys holding my ankles opened my legs up some and then Scott took hold of the belt and brought it down and he swung it from straight above and it hit the crack of my butt and worse swung through hitting me on my sex. The sting of the hit there went through my whole body and I heard myself let out a scream.

I had never felt any pain like that before, that is until the next hit sent a rush of pain between my legs. Five more hits struck me like that and I felt my muscles shaking and I was sobbing hard. Then I heard Scott's voice next to my head and he said to me, "Its okay baby just a little bit more you're gonna be okay." I then felt them roll me over placing me on the footstool on my back with my butt just hanging off. I then felt my legs pulled even wider and then screamed in horror as I felt the belt strike down directly between my legs right on my sex.

I never had felt pain like that before the hit sent pain deep into my body. I was stunned as Scott struck me there again. I felt my whole body jerk as it made contact with me there. I didn't understand why he was doing this. Again the belt came down right between my legs stinging my sex horribly. "Look boys she's got the belt wet," Scott said and showed spinner sadie pop giving head and drilled guys the black leather belt with wetness on it.

"She must like it," he said. I jerked and tugged and tried desperately to pull free but it was useless they were just too strong. "Hold still or I might miss the target," he said laughing.

"Whack," the belt fell again hitting directly on my sex. "Wow, look how red it is," I heard Daryl say. The next hit must have been more then I could take as I lost my bladder and my pee began to flow.

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I heard them laugh and yell and scramble to try to find a garbage can to put under me. I felt so humiliated as I felt my own pee flow and I could not stop it as they all watched me pee. I was stunned even more as before I finished another cruel swing of the belt came and again it hit me right between my legs right in the middle of the stream.

That hit made me tighten for a second and I think the pee stopped lovely teenie fingered amp drilled smalltits and hardcore a moment then I continued to go again. One more hit struck before I was able to finish and it made my own pee splash over my body and I felt so ashamed. "Okay last one, one to be good on," Scott said loudly and again swung the belt down between my legs hitting me directly on my sex for the fifteenth time.

I felt them slowly lift me up sitting me on the footstool and my mind was spinning. Had I really been spanked by eight people each so many times for my age and two extra for one to grow on and one to be good on.

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My whole body was shaking and I felt Billy bring me a drink. It had salt on the edge and tasted sour. I sipped it my hand shaking. I felt Scott there stroking my hair and I wanted to hit him and run out of there but I was too stunned and upset to do anything. I just sat and sipped the drink. I felt humiliated as my legs were sticky with pee and I realized my feet were on the carpet where I had peed. It hurt to sit on my butt and I thought about throwing the drink in his face but didn't.

I finally looked up and told him, "I want to go home." But I was surprised when he replied, "Not yet baby in a little bit finish your drink first." I looked up at him annoyed so I drank the rest of my drink down then handed him the glass.

"Good girl," he said and set the glass down. He then came back to me and picked me up and carried me to Billy's bedroom. He placed me on the middle of the bed and got on with me and got on top of me. "Scott nooooooo," I protested angry at him for the spanking and not in the mood for this.

But he just pinned me down took his cock out of his pants and forced my legs open. Within a few seconds he was inside me. It hurt when he pushed inside me and I could still feel the heat of the spanking between my legs. He must have been very horny again because his cock was very hard and he was going fast. After a few minutes of sex I started feeling funny.

I was feeling dizzy and a little nauseous and hoped I wouldn't throw up. I felt myself keep blinking and felt like the drink was getting me drunk. I felt my muscles relax and thought I felt him cum inside me. I thought I felt him cum but had to have been wrong because I still kept feeling him moving inside me. I looked up at him to look in his face and made myself blink several times as it looked like Mike all of a sudden. I was so tired and just wanted to close my eyes as I felt him still moving inside me.

It felt like I was in a dream because the next time I opened my eyes I thought I was looking at Daryl's face. I wanted to talk to hear Scott's voice but I was just so out of it and I closed my eyes again. I felt like I was getting sore cause he was lasting so long and I needed to tell him and my odd dream stayed odd as I felt myself open my eyes and I looked up into Billy's eyes. I didn't want to see Billy there so I closed my eyes again.

Then I dreamt I was feeling him squirt inside me again and was relieved that he was coming as I was getting sorer. But he couldn't have been cumming because I looked up and tried to look into Scott's face but it scared me because it was a guy whose face I had never seen before.

I felt him kiss me so I just closed my eyes again and just felt his cock inside me still moving in and out. My dream felt really bizarre and I felt myself getting angry at Scott because I was getting so sore and just wanting him to finish.

I was a bit afraid to open my eyes but finally decided to so I could tell Scott to stop as I opened I looked into Jose's eyes. He looked mean and angry so I just closed my eyes again. This was such a bizarre nightmare and I thought I felt him cum inside me again so I looked up and I thought I was looking at the guy I'd met that night Joe. I watched his face for a while noticing him sweating and breathing hard and I wondered if I must have been so sore from the spanking cause the ache between my legs was so powerful.

I watched him for a while but then just needed to rest and did so. The next time I looked up Scott had turned into James. I just could not wrap my mind around this nightmare as it felt like never ending sex and the cock inside me just kept moving and moving no matter how sore it made me.

The next time I opened my brit milf fingered and fucked in elderly trio, things felt even stranger as I hurt inside my butt and still felt cock inside my sex.

I heard my own voice giving out grunts as I was hurting inside more and more. The dream seemed to last a long time and I think I dreamt of Daryl again as I remember opening my eyes and seeing his face it felt like he was inside me in my sex and in my butt.

I closed my eyes and tried to focus and was relieved when I opened my eyes again and saw Scott starring down at me.

That was the last image I had before I felt myself at home in my own bed. I woke up to my mother sitting next to my bed asking me if I was okay. I looked up at her and nodded still not sure if I was in a dream. Then I heard her say loudly "Tori, look up at me or I'm going to take you to the doctor." I forced my eyes to open and slowly tried to sit up.

You're in deep trouble young lady and have some explaining to do. I tried to think and I'm not sure what all happened but I think I remembered Scott helping me into my room at home. "I'm sorry," I said to my mother. "Go get into the shower," she told me massive shaft penetrates lea juicy cunt brunette and fishnet then added, "then we'll have some lunch and talk about it." I laid there a moment and felt soooo sore indian cam teen shows juicy pussy and masturbates full version on my legs and in my butt.

It felt like someone had punched me there.

I managed to get to my feet and wobbled to the shower. I took a long hot shower and it scared me a little when I realized how sore I was. My mind was so fuzzy about yesterday. I made a point to stop by Sheri's room on the way down to lunch and asked her what happened. She told me I had come home drunk. I didn't even remember it. "Crap," I said and headed down. My mom was there waiting for me and had a sandwich prepared.

"What happened Tori," she asked. "I'm not real sure mama," I answered. "Well Scott brought you home last night and practically carried you to your room," she added. I knew Sheri wouldn't say I had been drunk unless it was true and unless my parents knew so I just said, "I guess I got drunk." "You guess," she questioned, "you undoubtedly were drunk young lady or you would not be in this condition." "Yes Ma'am," I just agreed.

"Well you are grounded from seeing Scott for the rest of the summer," she continued. "You are not even close to drinking age and you not only drank but you appear to have been dangerously intoxicated," she said sternly. "You obviously are not mature enough to be in this relationship so for now it's over," she said and I felt myself starting to cry. I still was feeling unbalanced and didn't have the energy to argue.

The way I thisgirlsucks petite blonde babe gobbles big cock small frame and deepthroat and with the anger and upset I heard in her voice I didn't think there would be any point anyway. "Yes Ma'am," I simply replied crying and headed back up to my room. I slept lots the rest of that day and didn't really care or want to do anything else.

It wasn't until the next morning I felt half way normal again. But that didn't matter for now. I had been grounded from Scott for who knew how long. I'm not sure why but at that point it didn't seem to upset me that much. My body felt very sore and I wasn't real sure what had happened to me. I did know one thing the only person who knew I was not allowed to see.

So for now I had to accept my punishment and try to figure out later what happened. To be continued.