It s better to get dicks instead of one

It s better to get dicks instead of one
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Diary of a Mother Fucker Part 1 January 12, 2012 She was just laying their and I was overcome by want and desire. I need to be in her. I didn't think she would wake up. She always took 2 Ambien before bed and passed out. I slowly walked up to the bed and crawled in next to her. She was naked. I was so hot, I couldn't take it any more, I cupped her breasts with my hands and pressed my hard 7 inch cock to her pussies lips.

And I pushed inside of her. She lets out a moan and worried she'll wake up I stop. She is still asleep so I push on slowly thrusting in and out of her, while sponing her.

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Cupping and massaging her breasts in my hands. When she suddenly opens her eyes and looks at me, and I'm struck by fear. "son" she says. "Mom," I stop my thrusting, "I'm sor…". "No don't stop she!" she interrupts "Please". I slowly begin fucking her again.

Her pussy becomes moist, and my cock is slathered in her juices. As I play with her tits, she begins massageing her clitoris. "UGHHH" I pant. As I explode inside my mother. She turns her head and kisses my lips.

Exhausted, I hold her in my arms and pass out. Around 8:30 am we wake up, my cock still inside of my mothers vagina, my arms wrapped around her.

She looks at me and smiles. "I loved fucking you last night" she says, "to think id be fucking a18 year old at 52". She pulls herself off of me and then begins kissing me.

Lips first, then my neck then down my chest, until my cock is strait in her face. She kisses the head. I hear her whisper "delicious" then she opens her mouth and begins to lick and suck my prick.

I am moaning, and my dick is growing. After a few minutes I have grown to my full size. And she gets atop of me and slams herself down on my cock. "you dirty motherfucker," she screams "fuck my middle age pussy".

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I begin to thrust in and out. I grab her ass, and lean up and kiss her. I feel the hairs on her pussy scratch me. As we fuck I flip her over on her back and as I do a loud fart squeezes through her ass. I don't stop, fucking her as I smell the fowl stench. Strangly I find it all the more arousing breathing in my mothers gas, while barried in her snatch.

I explode once again inside my mother. March 3rd, 2012 My mother and I have grown very old blonde mother in law in white lingerie great sexual relationship since that night I walked in and fucked her in her sleep.

We have explored both our fantasies. I as a submissive, and she as my dominant the majority of the time. We have learned that I am a submissive and she a dominant. I now must refer to her as mistress mommy, or I am to be punished.

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We have discovered a number of new fetishes. But possibly our biggest change has been the creation of our own porn site, We make or $12,000 a month, and have enough to quit working and spend our days fucking and filming, while living a comfortable life style. Our specialty is performing on live camera any fetish you desire, "nothing to extreme as our ad says." March 5th2012 Mom dropped a bomb on me today.

She walked in from her visit to the doctor, and said she was pregnant. I didn't know what to do, or think. But the show must go on. We had a camera session scheduled for 3, so we performed.

It was some pretty hot action to.

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I love my new job. This man in England was really into the idea of a mom and son drinking eachothers piss.

So we did. Mom pissed all over my body and rubed it with her tits. Then she aimed her stream to my mouth, and told me to drink. It wasn't bad.

The golden juice was strangly sweet and steamy, although it stunk, well like urine. I love every moment. Then soaked in her piss I fucked her in her ass, as it was recorded from 3 angles. It was a ton of fun. But its late tonite, and mother wants me to come to bed, I will write more soon.