Sexy women convinced to flash their nice tits for money

Sexy women convinced to flash their nice tits for money
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JESSICA'S NEW NEIGHBORS It was Saturday, and you were home from school for a few days. Your folks had gone out of town for the day and would not return until tomorrow.

The new neighbors had three hot chick get fucked by a stripper in while you were horny attractive gal gtes her wazoo hole screwed at school.

Bored, you thought you would visit them to get acquainted. While waiting for an answer to your knock on their door, you heard a scurrying around in the living room. Shortly your knock was answered by a shapely woman of about thirty-five years old, medium dark hair and a knockout pair of breasts.

She was wearing only a loose fitting thin robe. Her yummy cleavage in clear view. "Hello, I'm Jessica, you know from next door." You introduced yourself. The sexy woman replied, "Oh yes, your mom told me you were away at school. Glad to meet you. My name is Myra, come in and meet Carl." Entering the living room you saw a rather handsome, fairly tall, well-built middle-aged guy. His steel gray hair was a little on the long side.

He had piercing blue eyes that seemed to see you as being naked, he looked directly at you. You could not miss the large bulge in his pants. Your nipples hardened beneath your tee shirt - you wore no bra. He absently tugged at his trousers as he spoke. "So you're the lovely Jessica we've heard so much about." "Yes" you replied.

I don't know about the lovely part - I hope I didn't interrupt anything." Myra spoke up, "Nothing we can't finish later. Come in the kitchen and tell me about yourself." Holding the swinging door for you, Myra turned slightly and let her upper arm innocently rub against your firm breasts as you squeezed past. "Nice boobs." She said under her breath. Emboldened by her frankness, you replied, "Yours are beautiful. I really hope I didn't interrupt you guys at something." "Nah, " came her reply, "I was just giving Carl a little head." You were shocked at her candor and didn't speak for a moment.

"Come on sweetie - I don't think you are as innocent as you appear, I saw your reaction when you looked a Carl's cock. Am I right?" In frustration you stammered, "W w well. I have been with a few guys." "How about girls?" she pressed.

You were beginning to think Myra's interest was not entirely out of curiosity - particularly the way she was softly stroking your torso and letting her hand brush briefly against your breasts. Boldly, you took a deep breath and answered truthfully. "I do have a room mate, Sheila - we have experimented a little, you know girl girl stuff - it was fun." Myra smiled and moved her hand to cup your full breast, capturing your erect nipple between her thumb and forefinger.

Placing her free hand on the back of your head, she pulled your mouth to her own. Her hot tongue traced a path around your lips before plunging it into your mouth.

You quickly overcame your surprise and sucking her sweet tongue into you mouth returned the passionate kiss. You were beginning to get wet.

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The sweet itch in your vagina was becoming more intense. Reluctantly, you let Myra break the heady kiss. She took your hand and said, "I would like to show you my bedroom." With some trepidation, you let her lead you up the stairs to a large bedroom, the centerpiece of sleeping brother and sister xnxx com was the largest bed you had ever seen. Huge pillows decorated the headboard.

Facing you Mara quickly lifted the tee shirt over your head and took each of your now aching breasts in a hand, lifting them and teasing your hard nipples between thumbs and forefingers.

"God! You're beautiful.' She said as she lowered her hot mouth to envelope the hard, erect digit in her hot mouth. Shortly, she abandoned your throbbing nipple and dropped her robe from her shoulders; naked before you her beautiful breasts were crowned with large dark aureoles and large hard nipples. She was smoothly shaven and the pouty lips of her vagina appeared appetizing to you.

Moving to the bed she gently pushed you to the edge of the bed where you sat in front of her. As she leaned over to again kiss you, her large pendulant breasts hung in front of you.

Tentatively you placed a palm under each, and began to gently massage her glorious golden globes. Myra pushed you back to a lying position before releasing your mouth. She then moved to your waist to release the buttons of your tight jean shorts - she quickly removed them along with your lace panties. Looking at your neatly trimmed pussy, she smiled and said, "what a tasty looking dish.

With that comment she lowered her head, extended her tongue and began to lick around the lips of your labia. Probing for entry into your, now feverish interior.

Involuntarily, your legs spread wider apart to allow her the access she was seeking as you thrust your pelvis up into her hungry mouth. Her tongue was hot and a little rough as she gently parted your lips and inserted it deep into your hot channel. Sweet juices began to flow from your erect clitoris as she sucked it and teasingly twirled her tongue around it. Your clitoral climax was quick and left you gasping and up thrusting into her eager mouth.

Myra held your pert ass cheeks in both hands holding her tongue deep inside as the after shocks of your organism subsided. At last, releasing her grip on your ass cheeks, she moved to place a passionate wet kiss on your mouth as she said, "Taste your own sweet pussy Baby." With that she again plunged her tongue into your mouth, teasing your tongue into her mouth where she sucked and used her tongue on it in much the same way she had on your swollen clitoris.

With some reluctance, she abandoned the sweetness of your mouth, retrieved one of the large pillows from the head of the bed and placed it under your curvaceous hips, elevating your bottom some ten to twelve inches in the air. Having you rotate your body slightly to one side and spread your legs, she sissored her legs over your upturned crotch. Using her hands, she spread wide the lips of her clean shaven pussy and said, "How about a little clitty fuck?" Following her example you hot babes fucking and licking at party yourself to her lead.

Myra lowered her pelvis to meet your own. The heat was almost searing as your two throbbing clits came together. Your moans were loud as you returned the rotation of Myra's hips and mutually ground your hot, wet pussies together.

Myra began to ride and hump your seething opening as you felt the beginning of another organism, more intense than your first. Myra, sensing your approaching climax, quickly separated from you and moved to grasp your throbbing clit in her mouth in an effort to capture the sweet juices emanating from it. NEIGHBOR - 2 As you writhed in the aftershocks of your organism and with Myra's hot mouth still clamped to your spurting clit, Carl walked into the room he walked to the head of the bed and bent to kiss your full lips.

You put your arms around his neck and kissed his lips with bruising force and, slipping your hot tongue inside his mouth, slammed you pelvis into Myra's probing tongue. You could see Carl's hard cock bulging in his pants. As he feasted his hot eves on your magnificent breasts, he quickly discarded the trousers - he wore no shorts.

His long thick member sprang from the confinement of his blond bikini pussy bitch sucking like a champ and stood erect only inches from your face stroking his huge cock while watching the girl girl action going on before him.

You tried to concentrate on the expert attention Myra was giving your hot pussy. You spread your legs wide, as she spread the lips of your pussy wider and eagerly dived into your hot pussy.

She was sucking your clit hard into her mouth and scraping her teeth roughly over it. She slipped two fingers into your now dripping opening and began to massage the inside hard. Your moans of pleasure became louder as Myra increased the vigor of her assault.

Your juices were flowing faster than she could capture them. They flowed out of your pussy across your perineum and down to your ass. She slipped her long fingers from your pussy and quickly ducked down to spear her sharp tongue into your tight ass.

Your ass clinched so tight around her tongue she thought she would lose it. Moving back to your steaming pussy, she continued to nibble on your clit and the puffy outer lips of your pussy. At the same time, she fingered your tight butt hole until your sphincter began to relax and she inserted a finger, then two and finally three.

With three fingers in your ass and her thumb in your pussy, she began to rub her finger and thumb together through the thin wall between your pussy and rectum.

You were trembling and bucking wildly. Grasping her head you humped wildly and ground your searing lower lips into her mouth. Your nostrils flared, your body trembled and you flushed a deep pink, as your organism began. Your ass clinched tight, your nipples were swelling, and your aureoles were puckering. Your clit felt as if it would explode. In the throes of climax you screamed "Yesss, yesss, goddamit, yess.

As your climax washed over you, you felt the combination of pleasure and the exquisite pain in your breasts, pussy, mouth and ass. Now, sitting on the bed, you found Carl's hard cock only inches from your mouth. You leaned forward and took it into your torrid mouth, teasing it with your tongue; you gave it a painful nip.

Grasping your head he thrust his cherie deville and kennedy leigh hot ffm threesome sex stepmom and bigtits deep into your throat, you gasped, your nostrils flared, and you swallowed hard to overcome your gag reflex.

Finally, you managed to breathe easier with his cock buried to his balls in your throat. You began to move your head back and forth slowly at first and then faster as your throat relaxed. His nuts were screaming for release. He held your head tightly and began to fuck your mouth as hard as he could. He knew your lips were being bruised, but paid no heed, nor to the painful scrapes his cock was receiving from your sharp teeth.

You knew you would probably not be able to talk after this assault on your throat - He was out of control, he couldn't help himself. As he was about to explode, Myra moved behind him and thrusts her pointed tongue into his ass, he slammed his pelvis hard into your face and pumped his cum deep into your throat.

As he withdrew his cock from your mouth, you clamped your lips tight around the throbbing shaft, milking the last of his jism from his shrinking member.

Mara quickly covered your mouth with her own saying, "share it baby." NEIGHBOR - 3 As Carl watched in fascination, you and Myra proceeded to put on a show for him.

Kissing every part of each other's bodies, probing every orifice with tongue and fingers you extracted mini climaxes from each other. Carl has begun to get hard again.

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"One last show," Mara says to Carl as she removes several items from her nightstand. In addition to several various sized candles, she has a number of individual dildos and an odd looking contraption that appears to be a triple pronged dildo attached to a waist harness. She began to get you strapped into the harness when you suddenly understood it's full function. She took one of the prongs into her mouth, wetting it with her saliva; she then inserted the six-inch shaft into your pussy and fastened the harness around your waist.

Standing back she smiled for your approval. Hd passion hd passionate morning sex with sexy kendall karson from your pelvic area are the two other prongs of the apparatus. One is a large dildo at least ten inches long and over two inches in diameter; above it is its eight-inch partner about one and one-half inches in diameter. She held in her hand a small plastic box. With a flip of a switch on the box, a faint hum emits from the apparatus and with the vibrations stimulating your leaking pussy, you realized the dildos have built-in vibrators.

Adjusting a dial on the control box, she increased the frequency to a point where there was a much louder noise and the two exposed prongs were visibly vibrating strongly. Clasping a hand around the dildo in your pussy, you thrust your pussy hard into your hand.

Arching your back you gasped in pleasure as she clicked the unit off. While watching this demonstration, Carl's cock had become rock hard once again. Looking at Carl with a devilish grin, Myra says, "Time to do it again big boy." He moved to the king-sized bed where she had him lie on his back.

She bent over his cock and on her knees, raised her beautiful ass for your attention. You dipped your mouth to her hot pussy, probing with your tongue and nipping her erect clit.

Letting your hot tongue slide from her dripping pussy up over the perineum, you probed her tight ass until it relaxed enough to receive three of your long slim fingers. Taking the large dildo in hand you placed it just inside the lips of her vagina and began to push it into her pussy until the smaller organ rested snugly against her ass. You maneuvered the upper dildo until it to rested inside her dark channel. With slow deliberation you increased the pressure, moving your small tight ass forward, you drove both dildos simultaneously deep into her pussy and ass.

Moaning softly at the exquisite pain/pleasure of the double penetration, she takes Carl's hard cock deep into her throat. With all pertinent orifices filled, Myra clicked the vibrators on low and you proceeded to deliver hard slaps to the reddening cheeks of her up tilted ass. She gasped in pain and damm near bit Carl's cock off.

With the delicious sensation Carl is receiving from her oral ministrations, he hardly noticed. Continuing to intermittently slap Myra's ass cheeks, you began to seriously fuck her two openings. Myra felt the two dildos almost rubbing together through the thin wall between ass and pussy. Her stomach muscles contracted, her ass clinched tight around the dildo and her two raunchy bimbos and one hard member throbbed.

With hardened nipples and trembling body she climaxed violently both with clitoris and deep inside her vagina. You paused only for a moment to let your own tremors of organism subside and again began to fuck her senseless. Myra's attention to Carl's cock, still buried deep in her throat, had become less active and she only held it in her throat, licking his balls and languidly raising and lowering her head in an almost gentle "face-fuck." You again came to Carl's rescue.

By pulling hard on her hair; you held her head up far enough for Carl to pump his engorged cock into her throat with long powerful strokes. She gasped and swallowed frantically. Tears ran from her eyes.

You and Carl could feel her hot, sweating body beginning to convulse, building toward another climax and Carl prepared to pull his cock from her mouth (he doesn't want it bitten again). As he does so, Myra tells him to fuck your ass.

He readily assented and moved behind you, the beautiful creature now pounding away at his wife's bountiful ass and hot, flowing pussy. Leaning forward, he spread the cheeks of your pert tight ass and placed his tongue against the tight opening.

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Your reaction was a violent thrust forward, driving the dildos deeper into both impaled pussies and Myra's ass. Your groan is one of ecstasy. After probing your ass for a few moments with his tongue, you began to relax your sphincter and allow the entry of one, then two and at last three of his long fingers. Splaying his fingers and rotating them inside your hot ass, he waited until you were sufficiently open to receive his pleasing my stepson is a full time job alessandra snow hard cock.

Holding his cock in hand, he massaged your dildo filled pussy to thoroughly lubricate his cock with the juices flowing from your hot flowing channel. He placed the crown of his cock against the entrance to your still somewhat open ass hole and began to press forward.

As soon as the head of his cock was inside your tight hole, you violently thrust your ass back driving his cock nearly to his balls inside the tight, burning inferno that is your throbbing ass. Deep inside your tight ass, he can feel the throbbing of the vibrator in your pussy. The sensation is otherworldly and he knows he cannot withstand it nearly as long as he would like.

He tries to slow fuck your lovely ass, but finds himself at the mercy of the violent humping you are providing Myra. He presses his pelvis against your fast moving ass and just holds on, enjoying the ride. He is fast approaching climax and began to withdraw his cock for a final plunge into your talented ass when Myra turns the vibrators to maximum.

He managed to only withdraw about four inches of his cock from your ass before plunging as deep as possible into the searingly hot inferno of your thrusting ass. As his cum floods your dark tunnel, you hear Myra scream "yess, yess fuck me, fuck me, I'm cuming, fuck me hard damm you.' you comply and in only a second Carl feels your body tense and tremble as the two of you collapse in a pile on top of her, his cock still mirei yokoyama riding a purple dildo to eruption his thick cum deep into your burning ass.

Moving away from you, Carl immediately removes the harness and dildo from your sopping wet pussy and plunges his tongue between the swollen lips sucking the sweet juice lingering there. Almost as quickly, you capture his cock and suck it deep into your throat.

Myra moves quickly to your throbbing ass to capture the cum spilling from it. After thoroughly cleaning each other of the residue of your passion, you and Myra lie facing each other, arms entwined about each other. Carl is curled around your back - his now flaccid cock pressed firmly against your lovely buttocks. Myra whispers "Can we do this again soon?" You replied, "I'll be home every weekend, and perhaps you can come up to school sometime.

I would like you to meet Sheila." Still embracing and in the afterglow of sexual exhaustion the three of you fall asleep.