Xxxx vode sex stories ebony 2019

Xxxx vode sex stories ebony 2019
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We stood there just staring for ages. I couldn't believe my eyes, my best friend jack was standing right in front of me.

The first thing I did was try to find some place to escape but the only exit was directly behind him, but it was at that moment that I realized that he looked just as scared as I was. "What are you doing here." I asked. "Nothing, I just had to use the bathroom thats all." he said. "All the way out here?" I asked. We stood there in silence for several seconds.

"Jack, are sweet babe kathryn is ready to take her sexy clothes off well… you know, gay?" I finally asked.

"Ya, are you?" "Ya." I said in a kind of defeated voice. "Well I guess this explains what happened at the party." He said with a little laugh. "What do you mean?" "Well Jess told pretty much everyone at the party what happened between you two. I wouldn't want to be you next week when we go back to school." Fuck! I had completely forgotten about the party at that point.

But at the moment he really didn't care. They could think what they want to think all that mattered right now was jack. "Sooooo&hellip. where do we go from here?" I asked. "Well you did mention there was a good private place around here." He said winking to me. "If you still want to that is." "Ya, umm sure. follow me I will show you." As I lead him towards the clearing we got to talking about our experiences in the bathroom.

As it turns out jack is long time visitor of the stalls.

He has been going there for several years now ever since he heard one of his friends talking about how he almost beat up some "Fag" who tried to suck his dick through a hole in the truck stop. He has done everything there is to do through that hole. He has sucked, fucked, been sucked and fucked. He even got into a stall with some guy and rode his dick while the guy made out with him.

To be honest I felt a little intimidated, I wasn't sure if i could keep up with him. Now that I think back it kind of makes sense. Jack has never had a girlfriend and for as long lesbian anal sex ass worship ass sniffing we have been friends.

He would never want to participate when the rest of us would have wrestling competitions and he would always change with his back to us in the locker rooms. Im surprised it took me this long to figure it out. After several minutes we finally made it to the clearing. The fallen tree was already cleared of all snow from the previous couple to visit here. there were foot prints everywhere and some leftover cum on the fallen tree. "So how are we going to do this?" I asked. Jack responded by kissing me on the lips.

I was not expecting this and jumped back at least a foot. I had never felt hornier in my life. Jess's kisses where god but when jack kissed me it felt almost heavenly, I knew I had to get more. I took a step forward and put my hand behind his head pulling him in for a kiss.

we made out for several minutes before he pushed me onto the tree and sad on my lap. He grinded his but against my crotch for several minutes while we made out.

All of a sudden he just stood up leaving me feeling disappointed. He then had me get up and bend over the tree. I was nervous because I had never done this before.

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He pulled down ebony sex kitten rylynn rae gets deep dicking pants and started to eat out my ass again. After lubing me up I felt something poke at my hole. I thought it was his dick but it felt to small. I looked back to see him sticking a finger slowly into my ass to loosen it up a bit. After he felt he had done a good enough job he sat on the tree and directed me over his lap. He lined up his dick with my hole and told me to sit down.

I lowered myself a little too fast and shouted out in pain as his whole head entered me with a pop. I let myself get used to the weird feeling before slowly lowering myself the rest of the way down. About half way down Jack leaned forward and kissed me on the lips again. The feeling of his kisses distracted me from the pain as he thrusted the rest of himself into me.

We sat there just kissing for a little while well I got used to the feeling of him in me. After about thirty seconds he slowly started moving his hips and I could feel the pleasure start to take over my body. I didnt even realize it when I started bouncing up and down on him. The feeling of him sliding in and out of me is unexplainable. It was the best feeling I have ever felt in my life.

I couldn't help myself but moan as I tried to force more and more of him in me with each thrust. After a while I started feeling close to cumming and by the grunts he was making I could tell he was to. He grabbed my dick and started jerking me faster and faster as we both raced to our climax.

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I felt him start to expand In me and that brought me over the edge. As he came deep inside me I started to shoot several ropes of cum that landed on his jacket.

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We sat there trying to gain our breath back. I had not realized it at this point but It was dark out now and my parents would be worried but at the moment I really didn't care. I looked jack deep in the eyes and could tell we were both thinking the same thing.

"Lets never tell anyone about this." I said. "Thats probably a good idea." He said giving me a peck on the lips and pulling out of me letting all of his cum flow out of my ass.