Good looking slim babe charity crawford is not so innocent

Good looking slim babe charity crawford is not so innocent
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Ryan couldn't believe his luck when he found out he was partnered with Jessica for a project in their 10th grade geography class. He had heard recently that Jessica had fooled around with a couple guys.

Most girls in his grade didn't put out at all - maybe some kissing and over-the-clothes stuff, but nothing past that - so Ryan knew that if he handled the situation in the right way he might get some action. As it turned out, he didn't have to try too hard. Soon after the project started, Jessica told him that she thought it might be a good idea for the two of them to walk to her house after school to get everything planned.

Soon after they got to her place, one thing led to another, and she touched his cheek and kissed him. He kissed back, and they ended up on the couch, him on top of her, the pair furiously making out. It didn't take long for her to have his shirt off and his pants down to his knees. She admired his decently sized, hard cock as it sprung from his underwear. She carefully unbuttoned her blouse, watching him and relishing the look of anticipation on the horny boy's face as each button gave him slightly more of a glimpse into what was hidden beneath.

She had not worn a bra that day, as she had planned the afternoon's events. Soon, her shirt was open and her nubile, pert breasts were revealed to the boy she was straddling.

He smiled and grazed his hands across her sides as he let his palms rub her tender breasts. She moaned as he touched her and shifted her hips upward, directing her wet entrance onto the tip of his hard cock. She let the tip settle between her lips, then let gravity do its job as she sheathed his dick inside herself.

They both moaned as Ryan's virgin cock found its home in Jessica's cunt. Jessica began to rock back and forth, pulling as much stimulation as she could from Ryan's member as it gently slid in and out of her.

She closed her eyes and gently bit her bottom lip, moaning and letting her head fall back, her chin pointed toward the ceiling and her brunette hair falling behind her. She rode his cock, deriving pleasure from it as she had done a handful of times before to a handful of guys.

In her short time experimenting, she had found that she absolutely loved sex and everything that came with it. She liked cocks, she liked cum, she liked kissing boys and sucking on them and having them suck on her.

Right now she was loving the feeling of Ryan's hard dick reaching as deep as it could within her every time she rocked on him. Sean had gotten home several minutes ago.

He stood in the kitchen, unable to say a word to stop the defiling of his only daughter. When he first entered the house and heard a female moan, he was immediately on guard.

He walked from the back door to the entrance of the living room, with every intention of yelling at whatever he saw. But when he saw Jessica riding that boy, he felt more turned on than he did outraged. He knew that his daughter, at 15, was getting to the age where she would be having sexual urges. But he didn't consciously think that she would be acting on them. To walk in on his daughter fucking some kid, her on top with her blouse open, her young tits exposed, made him stop and absorb the situation before reacting.

He wasn't sure what he lesbian ebony scat porn storys about it yet, seeing his daughter in ecstasy, obviously enjoying the feeling of the boy's hardness inside her, but he could feel his own cock begin to stiffen as he watched the scene unfold before him.

Sean had really begun to feel his horny slut masturbates pussy with red dildo strain against his pants when he made eye contact with the boy whom his daughter was riding. He saw the look on the boy's face turn from pleasure to absolute terror as Ryan registered that the father of the girl he was fucking had caught him defiling her.

In shock, he sat up, throwing Jessica off of him, then zipped his pants as he ran out of the house as quickly as he could. Sean thought the kid overreacted.

He wouldn't have hit him or anything. But it was probably best that he left like he did, as Sean didn't much have the energy to have one of those conversations. Jessica, having not realized that her dad was in the house until exotic pounding in hardcore sexy milf piss hole very moment, was thrown quite off guard by Ryan's sudden move of forcing her off of his cock.

She laid, a little disoriented, at the end of the couch, her legs splayed and her breasts still in the open. Sean still stood, speechless, in the kitchen. "Hi, Daddy," Jessica said as she moved to a seated, and slightly more lady-like position, on the couch.

Sean looked at her, trying to reconcile his feelings of being turned on by what he had seen with the fact that he knew he should ravan bin husain sex story reprimanding his daughter. Jessica had been attracted to her dad for a while. He had always taken care of her. Her mom had died when she was young, and Sean had always stepped up to be the man she needed him to be.

After she had begun having sex with the boys from school, she knew without a doubt that she wanted to do the same thing with her dad. For her dad. She stood from the couch and walked to him. Without a word, she touched his cheek and kissed him, sliding her tongue into his mouth. After a second longer than it should have taken him, Sean broke off the kiss. "No, baby." Jessica kissed him again.

"Yes, Daddy. We both want this." She resumed kissing him, feeling his barriers break down bit by bit. She grabbed one of his hands and gently placed it on her breast, then placed her own palm on the slight bulge in his pants. Sean moaned as everything hit him at once. He let his thumb encircle his daughter's hard nipple as he explored her soft mouth. His pulse raced as he felt her unzip his fly and reach into his pants, extracting his rapidly hardening cock.

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Sean leant back against the wall as his daughter's soft hand grasped his member. Her small warm fingers were a welcome feeling. She broke off the kiss once again and knelt to the floor in front of him. He gazed down at her and watched her as she stared intently at his cock in her grasp. She lifted her eyes to meet his as she gently turned her girls first time xnxx storys and positioned her mouth at the base of his cock.

She made her tongue wide and gave her dad a lick from base to tip. Sean trembled as he felt his daughter's hot, wet tongue slide slickly along the sensitive underside of his shaft, up to the head, then around it, covering his cock with her saliva. Jessica paused to lick her lips hard gloryhole cock for a busty stunner gauge her daddy's reaction. From her position, it seemed quite clear that he was now in the palm of her hand.

Although she hadn't planned that it would happen this way, she had been trying to seduce her dad for months. She began wearing skimpier clothing around the house, especially in the morning.

She would prance out of her room in her panties and a tight t-shirt that she slept in that showed enough of her lower belly to get the point across to most guys. Every time she touched him she would let her hand linger a bit longer than necessary, then she would drag her fingertips on him as she pulled her hand away. She had hoped that she had planted enough seeds for him to begin to think of her in a sexual way, but she hadn't been sure until now.

She hadn't been expecting her dad home so early. She had just figured that she would let Ryan fuck her because it was convenient, and she'd been enjoying the ride so far before her daddy interrupted. But it was best that Ryan ran off before Sean had time to think.

This way, she could take advantage of Sean's confusion and arousal. Jessica took the head of Sean's cock back into her lips and sucked it into her wet, receiving mouth, giving it some well-appreciated suction. She was encouraged by the sounds of her dad's moans and shortness of breath, and she took his full member into her throat to show him how much she loved him. She was surprised when Sean suddenly pushed his daughter's head off of his cock.

"Jessie." Sean struggled for words as she gently stroked his saliva-slick cock, gazing up at him sexily. "Jessie, I don't think." Jessica shut him off, "Daddy, you haven't dated since Mom. I know that's hard for a guy, especially one who is as young and handsome as you. The least I can do is show my appreciation for you always being her for me.

I want this. so bad, Daddy." She stood and took his face between her hands. She could tell by the look in his eyes that he had exerted all the resistance he could muster, and if she had the courage to take this any further, he would relent.

Jessica closed her eyes and planted her mouth on his, forcefully pressing her tongue into his mouth and giving him a passionate kiss. Sean continued to massage his daughter's lips between his own as they Jessica began to step backward to the couch. Sean now knew that he had to have her. He had to taste her, to feel himself inside her. She wanted this and so did he. Jessica released her dad's face from her hands as she kissed him once more before sitting down and gently spreading her knees apart.

Sean instinctively knelt in front of the girl and allowed his hands to graze the soft skin of her inner thighs. Looking up at Jessica, he saw her bite her lip and smile, letting him know that they were thinking the same thing. Sean pushed her skirt up enough to see that she wasn't wearing panties.

He didn't notice any on the floor, either. Or a bra. Does she go to school like this?? Sean felt a little awkward admonishing his slutty daughter as he was about to go down on her. She reminded him of the slutty girls he would have loved to have gotten with in school, but never did.

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Sean gazed at the bare, shaved pussy in front of him. It really was gorgeous, and for a moment he felt a fatherly kind of pride that she had come from him.

Of course, this feeling was overshadowed by the feelings of pure lust that he felt in his chest and his loins. She had made it clear to him that she was his, and that she wanted him. Her slit was glistening from her juices and looked so delicious that he had to taste it.

He planted his mouth on her gash, plunging his eager tongue deep into his daughter's depths. She squealed with delight as she felt her daddy begin to pleasure her, and she was happy to know for sure that he was on board.

She let her head hit against the back of the couch as she relished in the feelings that her daddy's tongue was giving her. She squirmed and squealed, wriggling her hips as she began to appreciate the level of pleasure that an experienced man brings to pussy licking. A couple of boys had given their best shot with her before, but none of them really knew what they were doing. She had done her best to guide them and teach them, but would quickly become frustrated and have them shove their cocks into her, hoping that the eager fucking would quench her desires.

With daddy it was different. Of course she couldn't wait for the approaching moment that his big hard cock would fill her, but she was enjoying this moment for what it was. Sean lapped at her flowing juices, enjoying his daughter's taste and feeling pride at the fact that she was gushing because of him.

He swirled his tongue around her pretty erect clit, sending electric sensations up her spine as she yelped with joy. He continued to lick and suck and plunge his tongue into her as she gripped the sides of his head, his hair in between her fingers as she bucked her hips, cumming onto his stunning babe with a huge passion for tattoos and of course sex michelle starts to show her beautifu. Sean smiled as he continued to eat her through her orgasm, knowing that he was getting her good and ready for his impossibly hard cock.

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Jessica gasped for air as her orgasm subsided, her faithful daddy still lapping the juices that she gave him. He slowed to a stop as her hips stopped their involuntary bucking. She massaged his head with her little fingers and giggled as she complimented him. "Oh Daddy, no one has ever made me cum so hard. God, please fuck me now! I need to have it inside me. please, please, please." Sean saw how much she needed him.

And truth be told, he needed her too. As much as he enjoyed pleasuring her, his oral efforts had gotten his cock to a state of incredible arousal. There was no way that he could stop now.

He was so hard and so horny, his pulse was beating fast and his breath was getting ragged. He wanted nothing else but to plunge into Jessica and shoot his seed deep within his own daughter. Sean began to stand as Jessica lay onto the couch.

He quickly positioned himself on top of her and gave her a kiss, letting her taste her pussy juices on his mouth and tongue.

She couldn't get enough of the taste and licked his face, where her juices had been smeared. Jessica grabbed his cock into her fist and guided it to her eager swollen pussy lips, rubbing it on her slit and sticking it at the entrance to her hole.

She grabbed his ass, pulling him onto her evan stone and lily carter inside her, needing to feel his length all the way inside her.

Objectively, Sean was surprised at the intensity of his daughter's sexuality. It was clear that she knew what she wanted and what turned her on and how to turn him on. He decided to follow her lead and let her run the show.

Sean gave her what she wanted. In one forceful magnificent push, he buried his entire length into his daughter. Jessica gasped for air as she felt the huge member completely fill her insides. "Oh Daddy," she grunted with ragged breaths, "yes. yes yes yes yes." She dug her fingers into his shoulder blades as granny wanks on the cock cock bottomed out inside her. Jessica gasped as she relished in the fullness she was experiencing, then moaned as Sean began to rhythmically pump his stiff member in and out of her opening.

Mixed with the physical pleasure of a nice, hard prick sluicing in and out of her was the realization that she was finally getting exactly what she wanted.

Her daddy was finally fucking her. And it was so much better that she had ever hoped. As her daddy forcefully pleasured himself by sending his length fully within her, she felt like she was being fulfilled. Like they were connecting at a level that they had never broached before, and that she was giving her dad something that no one else in the world could. She loved it. Sean ground his knees into the couch cushions to plow into Jessica more forcefully. It had been quite some time since he had fucked anyone, and the incredible tightness of his teenage daughter's warmth kept seemed to be begging him for more.

He leveraged his knees so that he plunged deeper and faster into her, causing her to moan and gasp and writhe under him, bucking her hips to meet his thrusts and grind her swollen slit into his pelvis as he continued to thrust into her.

As he fucked her his hand never left her breast, squeezing and massaging it, constantly rubbing his thumb over her erect nipple. Jessica thoroughly enjoyed the working over that her father was giving her even past the physical pleasure that it gave her. Sure, feeling his length fill her up was as close to heaven that she had ever felt. And sure, she loved the warmth of his palm rubbing her breast.

But it felt so good to know that her daddy, who had gone without the touch and love of a woman for so long, was enjoying her so much. That he was exploring her young body with his hands, and mouth, and cock, and was loving her and fucking her and pleasuring her all at the same time. It felt so good to be the woman that was giving all of this to him, the man that she loved so much, who had gone without it for so long.

She was so happy to finally be able to give him this, and to let him enjoy her. Sean was relishing the feeling of the soft woman beneath him, thrusting her hips to meet his as they fucked. He loved the feeling of her little hands gripping his shoulders, and the little gasps and moans that escaped her lips as he pumped in and out of her.

Jessica's breasts were pressed against Sean's chest and her arms were tightly wrapped around his back as he increased the speed of his thrusts. God, her tightness felt inexplicably good around his engorged cock. It was all becoming too much for him. He grounded his knees into the couch cushions to be able to pump into her a little faster, a little harder.

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Jessica felt her pussy warming. She moaned as the full length of her daddy's shaft filled her then left her wanting, then filled her again repeatedly. Jessica ground her fingers into Sean's shoulder blades as he fucked his daughter faster, feeling his own orgasm impending.

She wrapped her legs around his lower back tightly with her face nestled into the crook of his neck. Sean pumped harder as he felt the release overcome his body. The pleasure heightened until the first jet of his seed pumped deep into the hot depths of his daughter's womb.

Jessica let her teeth sink into her daddy's shoulder as she felt the warmth of his semen shoot into her again and again. She bucked her hips as her pussy clenched around him in her own orgasm. "Oh, fuck, daddy. daddy. oh God, fuck." Jessica moaned as the warmth in her pussy spread through her back and chest as her orgasm overtook her body.

Sean felt like he was cumming more than he had ever before. His body was in a continuous state of bliss as his hips continued to pump into his teenage girl mom and son and sister xxxxstory german his cock continued to jet forth long ropes of semen deep within her warmth.

Jessica relished the feeling of her daddy's seed filling her, reaching deep within her, telling her that she did a good job and pleased him and that she had gone above and beyond what most daughters ever would. She came hard around his cock, her entire pelvis clenching as her hips involuntarily bucked quicker and quicker. Jessica moaned loudly as she was completely overtaken by the sharp pleasure brought on by her orgasm. As her daddy continued to cum into her, Jessica continued to moan under him.

Sean jerked his hips two or three last times, pushing a little more cum into his daughter each time as he finally came to a rest. He collapsed on top of her.

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The pair laid with each other, breathing heavily for several minutes as Jessica stroked her fingers through Sean's hair as he rested. After a bit he rolled to his side, removing his softening cock from her warmth, and used his hand to brush stray, sweat-soaked strands of hair from his daughter's face. He placed a soft kiss of Jessica's lips, then cuddled against her.

Jessica melted into her daddy's embrace, his arms around her. She was happy he finally saw things her way.