Stacie starr and rachel steele twmoms twsons

Stacie starr and rachel steele twmoms twsons
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I should know, I've fucked more than 70 of them! It's a perfect combination: those seductive, almond-shaped eyes, with their deep brown or black irises The beautifulsmooth, ususally virtually hairless olive or tanned skin. Nice slim hips Firm, pert breasts. Petite lttle mouths. And most of all those cute, tight almost hairless little pussies.

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And boy, do these Oriental gitls know how to fuck! They might act all shy and sweet in public, but get them alone and naked, and boy do they know how to satisfy a man like a wild thing. I like to start off licking and sucking their breasts. I do this for about 10 minutes until the nipples are hard and erect and the girl is starting to groan in ecstacy Then I move dowm to the pussy area, and start licking and sucking this too.

At this point the girl usually starts groaning and panting REALLY loudly and nthusiatically-realising that she is in for an unusually good time.

Once she is nice and wet and horny I get my asian babe to start sucking my cock. By following this formula I've never had one hesitate to suck my cock without a condom on it.

After all, it's only fair: I've just sucked her beautful little sweet-tasting oriental pussy without first insisting on putting a piece of rubber between my mouth and her genitals She's certainly not going to ask me to put a condom on before sucking my cock after I've just done her that kind of favour, is she?

Besides, I keep myself real real clean. So it's worth warming them up first by sucking their little cunts, and it certainly makes it a more memorable experience. ( I just couldn't do this to a Caucasian girl with their big, hairy pussies-YUK! But those Asian babes.there's nothing I love more than sucking their beautiful hot, tight little cunt-holes!) Whilst the oriental girl sucks my cock, I like to watch as my ten inches goes in and out of her beautiful little mouth, framed by her exotic-looking face and those amazing eyes staring up at me.

Every girl is different, but I've never had an asian girl that wasn't an amazing cock-sucker It alixs pov bj alix lynx and pornstar to be natural instinct or somethng, but all of them that I have tried seem to be expert at pleasing a man with their mouths. Around this time I start stroking and massaging the girl's pussy with my hands, then Insert a couple of my fingers into the girls' pussy hole, moving them in and out of her now-soaked cunt.

Then I start sucking the girl's breasts again whilst I continue to finger her and she continues to suck my cock By now, the asian girl has usually started to cum, and I put on my rubber (I'm not THAT much of a risk-taker!) and shove my long, fat cock into her little asian cunt Due to all my preparation work there is usually no problem in easily inserting my member inside right up to it's full length, despite the Asian girl's really petite cunt-hole. The girls just start moaning and thrashing around as I repeatedly pummel into their tight little nearly-harless pussies.

I like to fuck them deep and hard with my long shaft stuck in right up to my balls. Most of the little slant-eyed sluts have cum at least once by now, and I usually can't control myself from cumming also. Most of the time they want me to keep going, so I switch back to sucking their pussy again until my cock has recovered, then fuck them a second time as I suck their tits for good measure.

Once just isn't enough for me when I've got a hot and horny little oriental babe to suck and fuck with. I've never been able to get any of my asian fucks to swallow my cum-they don't seem to be into that.

I tried it once with a cute little Thai Masseuse I met at the Cleopatra Massage Parlour in Bangkok, Thailand.

She was just 18 years old and said her name was 'Ohm' She seemed to be a really enthusiastic little cock-sucker. After she had given me a luxurious bath and body to body massage where she covered me in a sweet-smelling lotion and rubbed me between her legs down my entire body; she started spontaneously and enthusiastically sucking my cock as if she just couldn't wait to taste my sweet jism So I let her carry on until I was ready to cum, and shot my entire hot load right inside her perfect little mouth and down the back of her throat What really happened then was totally unexpected.

I really expected her to swallow and suck me dry. Gagging and retching, she ran for the jacuzzi and started spitting and retching and rinsing her mouth out with water. "Sorry, Sorry" she kep on saying "Don't worry.It's all right.sorrry.sorry." When she had recovered we still had some nice sex, but it would probably have been even better if I'd managed to cum outside of her live fingering pussy with blonde babe camdotnet the first time.

Since that experience I have confined myself to cumming over my asian girl's pussies, butts, tummies, tits-anywhere except inside their mouths, and they seem to like that just fine! The End