Sexy czech nympho spreads her narrowed muff to the extreme

Sexy czech nympho spreads her narrowed muff to the extreme
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It's late at night and you have a hankering for some ice cream smothered in milk chocolate. You find a 24 hr grocery store and run in. As you walk in, you hear your heels click on the slick floor. You bend over to pick up a basket and you notice out of the corner of your eye a guy in a dark leather jacket staring intently at something that is not that interesting.

You pretend to be having a problem with the handles of the basket and you notice him turn his head and stare at your perky, sheerly cross dresser pimped out by wife ass, which makes you smirk to yourself, thanking yourself for putting on that nice U neck blouse and lace bra that so nicely showcases your other "assets", Winona and Sally.

You loose black whore needs it to be big bend back up to make sure he gets a good view and then proceed to walk slowly past him, turning you head just enough so that your mane of hair brushes up against him.

You think you feel the palm of his hand brush across hip as you walk by. You wander through the fast fodii sex with baby girl section, picking up a melon and notice he has followed you. You feel your body throb as you feel his eyes look you up and down.

That full length skirt and elegant pumps must be doing the trick, you think to yourself. You make doubly sure to check the very bottom of the racks to make sure he gets the perfect picture. As you walk, a few more people appear and you need to work your way around them.

You can still feel his eyes on you and you make sure to bend over at the waist, wanting him to walk over to you and mount you right there. Damn, control yourself, you mentally say to yourself, but the thought of his big, strong hands on your hips, lifting your skirt, spreading your legs, bending you over the mangos and thrusting himself deep inside you, making your scream with desire, is making your nose flare and your breaths become shallow.

You can feel your pussy lips smacking together in anticipation. They can't wait to wrap themselves around a thick, rock-hard piece of man meat. It has been waay too long. Your legs shiver at the thought. But at the same instance, you feel someone bump into you and it feels like a huge COCK!. "Oh, excuse me", you hear whispered into your ear and at the same time, feel a hand caress your hip. Your heart races. "Oh. That's ok", you respond, meekly, trying to desperately regain your composure.

As you look up to see who it was, you get a glimpse of painted-on Levis and a tight ass that you would love to sink your teeth into. As you regain your composure, you track him like a cat playing with a mouse. You keep your distance, but every once in awhile, you will make contact, either by brushing up against him or making sure he gets a whiff of your perfume, or better yet, letting him get a clear shot of your cleavage or your perfectly shaped ass.

After carefully selecting items from the lower shelves, you proceed to a checkout stand and he dutifully follows behind. You set you basket down and, again, making sure to bend from your waist, proceed to remove your items, making sure to face him as you place the items on the belt.

As you place the last item on the belt, you look up and make eye contact. You notice a wide grin. "Very nice technique.", he smirks. "Thanks for noticing." You do the required hair flip and turn around, grinning.

He subsequently places his basket ON the belt, which, you notice, does not have many items in it and presses up against you.

You feel his hands caressing your thighs and his hot breath on your ear. "The Show has been incredible.

Can I have you NOW?", he pines. "Let's wait until we get outside. I don't think the people in line would like that.", you reply.

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"I doubt the men would not mind and maybe even the women, too", he retorts. His hand slowly starts to work it's way over your body. You place your hand on his and squeeze, stopping it from going where it and you want it to go. "Patience is a virtue.", you state. "Not one I want to have right now.", he laments, gently caressing the spot that your hand found for him.

As her items work their way to the clerk, the clerk cannot help to notice, asks "Together or separate?" You coolly state, "Together." "That was so generous of you.", he comments.

You reach into your purse and swipe your card. "I know of a way or two that you could pay me back.", you smirk, gently grabbing his ass. "Hmmm, nice and firm.

I likey.", you exclaim. "Glad to hear my ass meets with your approval. Your ass meets with mine, as well", he states, as he gently cups your ass and runs one finger right up between your legs and caresses your swollen pussy lips. You slightly spread your legs and sigh, giving him better access to your aching and very wet pussy.

"Mmmm, that feels.ah.goood.", you murmur. He slowly rubs your clit through the fabric of your skirt. Luckily, you are not wearing any panties. You gently squeeze your legs together, in pleasure. "Hmmmm, let's.geettt.gooiinggg.", you manage to spit out, trying to keep yourself from having an orgasm right there. The press of his finger and the coarseness of the fabric pressed against your engorged clit is almost too much to bear.

He releases himself from you and you are able to get a collecting breath. "You get the bags.", you demand, concentrating intently to keep your legs from turning to Jello. "Thank god I got the can of whipped cream. Might kira thorn her cock sucking and getting stuffed in handy.", you say to yourself.

"Your wish, my command.", he exclaims. "You follow directions? Good to know.", you retort, thinking that that will come in handy. "I have learned it is best to follow the wishes of attractive women.

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The rewards are better.", he explains. As you both walk out the door, the cold air nips at you, giving you a temporary respite of sorts from the intense fire of desire burning between your legs. As you turn the corner of the building, he grabs your arm and stops you. You happen to notice a short wall behind you.

He sets down the bags, puts his hands on your hips, picks you up and sets you on the wall. The shock of the cold, rough stone against your body causes you to shiver slightly.

You almost do not notice that your new boy toy is gently spreading your legs apart, running his large, strong hands over your thighs.

His head disappears under your skirt and your realize what is happening. You frantically look around to make sure no one is around, but then you feel his tongue running along the inside of your thigh and you don't care if anyone sees. You slide down a little, relaxing your legs, locking your ankles together on his back, to give me better access to your sticky mess.

His tongue reaches it's destination and you place your hand firmly on his head, through the fabric of your skirt, making sure he is as far in as possible. You can feel his tongue and fingers dancing all over your red-hot clit.

You gasp for air as he alternates between inserting his tongue and his fingers up inside you. You instinctively clamp your legs together as you feel wave after wave of euphoria wash over you.

He then starts to methodically work his fingers in and out, making sure to bend them, so that no nerve ending is missed, all the while, running his rough tongue up and down.

"Yes.yyyeeesssss.YEEEESSSSSS!.dddooonnnnnn't.ahhhh. aaahhhhh. sssssssttttooooopppp! .oh.gggooooddd. keeeeeeepppppp. gggggooooiiiinnnnnngggggggg .oooohhhh. mmmmmmm. sssuuuuccck.ohhhhh.oooonnn .iiiiittttttt!!!. mmmm. mmmoooorrrreee!!!.

mmoooorrrrrreeee!!!.iiii.nnneeedddd. mmmooorrree!!!.ddddoooooonnnnnttttt.sssstttoooopppp", you fuck me like a man white boy cdi. You release your legs, lift your skirt from his head, grape a handful of hair, yank his head back and with fire in your eyes, demand "I.NNEEDDD.YOURRRR.CCOOCKK.INNSSIDDDEEEE.MEEE.

NNOOOWWW!" He quickly gets to his feet and unzips his pants. You intently stare at the huge bulge in his underwear. He takes one of your shaking hands and places it on his sweaty groin. You slide your hand past the waistband, lock your hand around his throbbing unit and pull it out.

You can feel his heart pounding as you guide his massive red and purple rocket to it destination. He places his hand over yours and runs his engorged helmet of his cock up and down your firey pit of desire. With your other free hand, you grab his ass, look into his eyes and you when feel him in the correct position, you pull him towards you, with your legs, as well, thrusting him deep inside you.

You clamp down with all your might, feeling him completely inside you. A wave of shear and utter pleasure overtakes you. You then feel him slowly pulling out and slamming back in. You grab his head with both hands, press your red lips to his, driving your tongue into his mouth with all the excitement of a teenage girl, your supple breasts pressing up against his heaving chest.

You now feel his balls slapping up against your skin as he quickens his pace. With each penetration, you can feel your stud thrusting himself harder and harder into you, his pace quickening. You thrust your tongue into his mouth, desperately searching for some hidden treasure, your hands grabbing at the back of his head. Your mystery man releases his lock on your soft lips, pulls back a few inches.

You desperately lunge forward to find his tongue, but he refrains from giving you what you seek. He stares intently into your eyes as he contines to slam his large tree-trunk sized member inside you, your breasts bouncing violently with every downward motion.

With one final thrust, your hear him groan and feel him fill you with his fuck fluid. As ass of a pretty hotty screwed hard hardcore russian slows his pace, you feel your body quiver one last time and you give him one last bear hug.

"Mmmmm, that.was.wonderful.Just.what.I.needed.", you whisper into his ear, kissing it. He slowly pulls himself out, with a slight, sloppy, popping sound.

"Somebody was quite excited.", he mentions. "Yes, SOMEBODY sure was.", you state, staring at a very wet and sticky object that does not look at all like it did a few short moments ago. "I think something needs to be cleaned up on our aisle.", you state as you slowly climb down off of the wall and gingerly get on your knees, all the while staring at your good friend's shriveled member.

You slowly run your tongue all over it's head and shaft, removing the sticky, sweet mixture of your love juices. He grabs the back of your head and lets out a soft moan as you take him into your mouth completely and lick him clean. You then stand up, wipe a bit of excess from your lip, lick your finger and then give your man a deep kiss, pushing a little bit of your favorite fluid into his mouth.

"Mmmm, that tastes pretty good.", he states. "There is more where that came from.", she replies.