Schoolgirl riley reid sucks on tutors huge cock

Schoolgirl riley reid sucks on tutors huge cock
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I have not thought about this for years, and think, "Wow he could have killed me." I was dating this Hottie that was 15 and I was 17 and just 4 months from Graduation. I had already enlisted into the US Army and would report the day after graduation so getting as much pussy as I could was a top priority for me.

This meant I would encourage Stacey to gimme some in high-risk areas. As the time got closer, and we evaded detection, the places got riskier.

The party was in the phase where only the hardcore are still left drinking and playing cards. I was drinking right along with everyone else this was 1989 small town, and was feeling a good buzz going. Stacey was wearing a tank top with a plunging neckline, her hair was 80's perm big and dirty blond, and those innocent doe eyes looking at me from across the table started to have an effect.

I decided I had enough cards and wanted to get some before Stacey had to go home with her parents, so I started to lose money by bidding crazy and paying. After 30min, I blew through my $10 and announced I had enough and was done. As I got up I of course accused everyone of cheating and marking cards to take a poor working boys money was just wrong. The laughs and counters of just sucking at cards continued even after leaving the kitchen.

She was not playing unless someone had to take a leak or have a smoke and play fill-in. Even though I was 17, Mom had a strict rule about the opposite sex was allowed in our bedrooms when drinking was involved. Thanks to my sister and her boyfriend being caught 10 years before was still hindering my mission so I made for an alternate acceptable location, the Poolroom. She followed me as I opened the door to the Pool room which was in the front of the house and used to be the formal Parlor, years prior we had moved a 6' barroom pool table into it hence the re-designation.

As we walked in, I closed the door behind us and placed a folding chair against it to provide some time in case of nosy parents, siblings or friends wanting to see what we were up to. We started to make out like high school students do, which of course just got my cock harder and aching for her sweet, moist, velvet lined pussy even more.

I ran my hands under the back of her shirt stoking my hands against her layla london kneels and sucks on cock smooth back.

As I worked my hands higher to the clasp that held the restricting garment the held, her perfectly round succulent Double D orbs of pleasure. As my agile fingers reached their target, something was amiss, I felt left then right but where were the hooks? I broke the kiss and looked at her confused, as she giggled she said I got this the other day to stop you from un-hooking me in front of our friends.

I had gotten damn good to I could unclasp her three hook bra's in less than a second through her shirt.

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This was my introduction to the vile front hook bra, my Nemesis to this day. As she reached under her shirt and unclasped, her bra from the front I was amazed how the cups parted away like a duel swing out garage doors that allowed me free access to her nipples without having to remove the bra completely. I immediately replaced them with my hands, tweaking those tiny nipples until they were hard as diamonds.

Maneuvering her position so she could lean on the pool table and toss her head back as I fondled, sucked, pinched, licked and stuffed each milky white breast in turn in my hungry mouth. This always got her turned on and would begin her love nectar flowing. I started my right hand on its epic journey south to the promise land, the only place at the time that could relieve my affliction.

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As my trusted right hand reached her skintight, ass framing jeans, I encountered no belt. Yes a small victory of timesaving. Before she realized what I was up to I had her button undone and zipper down.

It was at this time someone had just been set in the other room as the cheers and name dirty session by a adorable hottie with melons increased in decibels jolting her out of the trance of pleasure I had worked her into with my attention to her ample breasts.

She grabbed her pants and started to un-do my work saying No we cannot do it here, what if someone walks in?" I had already planned for such a silly question and pointed out the folding chair against the door and reassured her that it would give us plenty of time to fix ourselves if someone tried to come in.

With my encouragement, persistence and charm she relinquished to me and I was rewarded with my hand reaching her hot, moist triangle of life. She resumed her head back position leaning on the pool table as I proceeded with providing stimulus to her swollen clitoris, divine outer lips and sensuous passage to ultimate pleasure which in turned filled my nostrils with her essence. She once again allowed herself to be consumed with per-orgasmic utopia, where all sounds are distant as endorphins start to release.

I deliberately lower her pants and white silk panties with the pink bow in the front down and slowly maneuver her around so she was facing towards the table then leaning her over the pool table adjusting to the perfect position for.

I then turned my attention to my own pants that where still on and fastened, I quickly rectified that and slowly began to insert my rock hard cock into the only thing that would satisfy my craving.

I savored every inch of my penetration, feeling the walls give way as the tip beckons compliance.

When I achieve full penetration, from her full lips escapes the sexiest half moan half breath sound. We both savor the apex of penetration and then the slow retreat producing a new set of pleasure. As I slowly increase speed her breathing keeps pace, we are both enveloped in the pleasure of our risky actions.

The pressure to release and relieve my desire builds to the breaking point as it is about to flow freely into her.

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Her father enters through the second entrance to the poolroom, which was concealed with heavy drapes over the doorway causing me to forget as no one ever goes that way. As he is appearing right behind me. says black beauty with a big as is fucked who's winning the pool g." He stops dead sentence taking in the scene of his eldest daughter of 15 bent over the table and her 17yo boyfriend behind her naked from the waist down.

We both jumped and rapidly scurried for our pants that were around our knees. In the meantime he said, well at least what I heard, "I'll kill you later" turned and walked out. Resuming our rapid re-dressing process, hearts beating like humming birds just looking at each other wide eyed, no words are required. It was about 5 minutes after that, enough time for her father to tell her mother what he had just witnessed, Her Mother then announces that it was late and time for them to all go home.

Needless to say we did not kiss nor hug each other good night I swear she curtsied and I bowed good night in innocent Lady and Gentlemen fashion. What more could we do under the unimpressed, icy, imposing scrutiny of the 'rents. This is my first story and would appreciate constructive feed back