Busty black babe toys her creamy cunt bigtits amateur

Busty black babe toys her creamy cunt bigtits amateur
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My Aunt Dominates me Part II I went home that night and went right to my room.

I felt dirty I couldn't believe what had just happened to me. My aunt had just raped me repeatedly, mocked be while doing it and on top of it all had taped it and planned on using it as blackmail to most likely do more perverse things to me. I decided to go online and ask what I should do anonymously in mom and sister fuch son blog's because I knew I couldn't tell anyone that I new what had happened.

The advice I got was that she could get in just as much trouble showing that tape as I could be embarrassed, or in other words call her bluff. So I didn't go to her house the next day like she had told me. With in a few hours I thought I was scot free then my girlfriend showed up to my lesbian anal sex ass worship ass sniffing, she smacked me and called me a sick bastard and told me never to talk to her again. I asked what was wrong why was she mad at me she said your aunt showed me some of a tape and you are sick.

She then walked away and as I watched her walk away from me I was crushed my aunt actually was going through with this and calling her bluff just burned me. I decided I had better go over to her house, and see if I could call her bluff on what she was going to do to me, steal the tape, or at least convince her to stop showing it.

I showed up at her house and I knocked on the door she came to the front and opened the door letting me in she was wearing a robe. I said how could you show that tape, and to my girlfriend of all people. How did you get her to believe you were doing anything but raping me? She said that if I had showed up like she instructed me she wouldn't of had to show anyone. She said I also just did some simple editing and only showed her the point when you moaned from cumming needless to say she didn't want to see the whole tape.

She said now I think you had better show me how sorry you are for not showing up this mourning and making me wait or I will have to show more people the tape. She then walked behind me running her hand over my shoulder and positioned herself behind me. She pulled my hands together and said you know the drill. She then handcuffed my hands together again and walked me to the couch. She pushed me so I am sitting on the couch.

She then undoes her robe and lets it fall to the floor. She reveals that she is wearing a pair of black silk panties and a black bra.

She then straddles me and says you should have come this mourning, all I wanted was a quickie to start my mourning off right. I would of let you go after one time but now that I had to wait im gonna make you make it up to me.

She then kisses my neck. She says o wait I forgot she gets off me and runs into the next room then comes running back out with a camera and a tripod and points it am me and says damn I cant believe I almost forgot. She then walks back over and leaps on top of me. She kissed me on the lips I try to turn away and she holds my head in place and kisses me again this time slipping her tongue into my mouth.

She then said o god even resisting you're a good kisser. She then begins kissing my neck. She lifts up my shirt and places the front portion behind my head.

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And then kissed my stomach lowering herself down my body she got on her knees in front of me. She undid my belt and undid my pants. She then pulled down my pants and boxers.

My dick flopped out right in front of her face. She grabs it and begins stroking it. I wanted to fight back but I new there was no use she was going to get sexy czech nympho spreads her narrowed muff to the extreme she wanted one way or another.

After getting my dick hard by stroking it she puts it in her mouth. She feeds my cock all the way in her mouth and down her throat until her lips her touching the base of my dick. She then brings her mouth off of it and begins sucking the head of it. She then rolled her tongue on the head of my cock until I felt like I was going to cum. She stops and looks at me and says I would finish this but that's part of your punishment for not showing up this mourning. Now I realize you are far from willing but you know that you want to get off.

And I've stopped giving you oral and your hands are tied behind your back. I guess your hard on will be left un attended to. She then gives me a smirk and gets off her knees. She then pushes me onto my back and kisses my neck again which as much as I felt sick from her doing it she was making my cock throb convincing my body it wanted this I was at her mercy yet again as much as I wanted this feeling to go away I was still hoping she would just let me go however she didn't she continues to kiss my neck for several minutes.

She then began licking and sucking my nipples my dick was throbbing at this point. She looks deep into my eyes and hollywood xxx ful film in ebony I bet your cock wishes you hadn't screwed up today doesn't it. She gets on top of me straddling me. She grinds her pussy into my throbbing cock.

I could feel her pussy threw her panties. This was unreal when it happened the first time but now she was doing it again manipulating my body into thinking it wanted this. She said well I think you've learned your lesson, never disobey your aunt again. She gets off of me and pulls her panties down and gets back on top of me.

She reached down and guided my cock into her dripping pussy. She then rotates her hips to the front down and back, effectively riding me as if I was a mechanical bull. She picks up the pace rather quickly and I cum hard in her.

She continues to fuck me, I was not shocked as I was last time I knew she wanted to orgasm before she would get off me. She fucked me hard for the next 15 minutes. She finally screams and orgasms. She goes well the good thing about you not coming this mourning is I have been thinking about how good you would feel inside of me and now its like bliss.

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She then Took off her bra and threw it to the side. She placed a boob in my face and told me to suck. I refused I couldn't do it this was wrong. She then began punching me in the chest repeatedly and to my surprise she could hit.

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She did this for several minutes then presented the boob again next to my mouth and not wanting to get beat again I began sucking it. She arched her back pushing her boobs more into my face. My arms which had been handcuffed behind me were burning because of how I was positioned and my aunt was showing no signs of stopping. She then crawls up my body and sits on my face. She then begins Grinding on my face.

She says tongue out I didn't hesitate this time with her command and amazing blonde angel masturbating babeblondenerdyglassesblowjobwebcampovmasturbationdeepthroatsmall out my tongue and slipped it into her pussy and began licking feverishly.

She continued grinding on my face. I could smell the familiar smell of my aunt and could taste my own cum I was gagging fighting back throwing up. Finally I would say graciously because it ended she had yet another orgasm and crawled back down my body.

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She whispered in my ear wow I have another tape for my collection. Now im done with you for today. Now you are coming back tomorrow at 5pm, you had better show up or ill have to punish you again. She sits me up pulls back down my shirt and pulls up my pants and does the belt. She gives my crotch a squeeze and unlocks stunning blonde bint gets pounded hard anally handcuffs and said tomorrow at 5 and don't be late. I went running out of the house all the way home which was several miles.

I ran into my house and took a shower and couldn't believe that it had happened again. Then as I was sitting down to dinner I got the worse news I could have my dad said he was going on a business trip that involved him going over seas for a few months, and that my mom was going with him.

He was going to take me but figured I would not have fun there so he said that my aunt had offered to take me in for a few months! I couldn't believe it this woman was going to have me completely to herself cut off from anyone I felt as if I had just been given a death sentence.

Part 3 of this will be posted shortly.