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Pritty small chick getting double banged schoolgirl and threesome
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Even before he was forced to join the Hitler Youth (HJ), Albert Schmidt had been aware that their Wehrsport or military athletics was intended to prepare them to be soldiers when they were older, with the best selected to join the SS. However it was a shock when at short notice he was told to pack and that they were off to Reichsgau Warthegau, so recently liberated from Poland by the heroic Werhmacht. It was a cold and bleak landscape compared with home but most of the boys felt honoured that they had been assigned to assist SS units in creating Lebensraum, or living space, for the ethnic Germans who were being brought back within the Reich.

It was to be the Hitler Youth's job to ensure that that the indolent Polish farmers who were being evicted took nothing which might be of value to the settlers soon to arrive from other parts of eastern Europe. Although the front line had now moved far to the east the Hitler Youth were enthusiastically set to practise digging foxholes and shallow trenches around their camp.

At first they pretended to defend their part of the camp against the SS soldiers as they came and went, but they were soon told to desist in no uncertain terms in case they got shot themselves by a nervous soldier. So instead Albert and his colleagues practised crawling unseen towards the village and seeing how close to the local sluttish peasant girls they could get and then to whisper to each other in which part of their anatomy they would like to shoot them.

Dirk Keller said he would rather capture them alive, strip them and then hunt them down like the animals they were as they fled across the freezing landscape. Albert suggested they ought to have dogs to help with the hunt.

Whenever the local girls spotted any of the Hitler Youth creeping around they fled in terror. Not, as Albert assumed, because the boys looked fearsome warriors but because it had been made clear to them that anyone even suspected of trying to have a relationship with the perfect little Aryans would be handed over to the SS for execution.

Their play was soon stopped as they had work to do, carefully monitoring the families being forced to leave their homes to ensure they took nothing which could conceivably be blonde sex bomb flashing her big round ass and cunt use to the incoming Germanic families. Given such power the HJ took to their work with great enthusiasm. Treasured family photos hd to be removed from their frames, any stout outdoor footwear was to be left because, as the boys so carefully tried to explain to the uncomprehending rustics, many of the settlers were likely to be coming from towns or cities and would have need of them.

Similarly the warmest and most weatherproof coats were to be left behind, with the departing residents in some cases forced to brave the winter cold and wet in only light summer coats, making up for it by wearing several vests, shirts and tunics underneath. Albert tried to outdo Dirk in depriving the teenage girls of as much clothing as possible and they were bitterly disappointed when the SS sergeant sent two girls, who shool girl xxx story sex stories had evicted in beautiful secretary gets fucked on the couch summer dresses, back to get better dressed for facing nights outdoors or in transit camps as they were sent east.

As the evicted families huddled in groups in the church hall an SS lieutenant called out asking if any of them spoke German. The SS soldier next to Albert explained that they needed to make a final check that they weren't deporting any ethnicly German families. A thin faced middle aged woman with short greying hair and glasses answered hesitantly, apparently she was housekeeper to the Margulewicz family but had once been a maid in a Prussian household.

She was made to tell the officer each of the families' names as he listened to see if any sounded German. Another SS officer then pointed out a slim blonde teenage girl clinging to her fair haired mother suggesting they looked Aryan even though their father looked a swarthy Slavic brute.

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Albert was shocked as Dirk suddenly blurted out "If she's a good German she would easily beat any of those Polish bitches in a fight." Horrified Albert waited for Dirk to be cuffed around the head or worse but instead both the SS officers smiled.

Emboldened Albert said to the soldier next to him "She looks like she has the health strength and beauty of a Bund Deutscher Maedel girl" loud enough for both the officers to also hear. The lieutenant looked at the pathetic groups cringing against the walls of the crowded hall then selected a roundish faced, dark skinned girl with long, lank black hair. Both girls were dragged into the middle of the hall and stood next to each other as the German speaking servant girl was forced to explain to them that the pair were to fight to the death.

To make sure neither of them just gave in and submitted to a quick death it was explained that the loser's entire family was ben 10 cartoon xxx storys be slaughtered perhaps the HJ youths would like some bayonet practise? If the blonde won her family would be allowed to return to their farm. "They can't fight with all those clothes" on yelled little Johann Pohl. The lieutenant laughed "Of course not. Tell them to strip naked" he called out to the shocked interpreter.

The two girls just looked around the hall in bewilderment as the woman spoke to them. To speed things up a heavily built soldier walked up to the front of the darker girl and pulled apart the front of her coat, buttons flying across the room, then inserted his bayonet down inside the front of her dress.

He paused as specks of blood soaked through the thin cotton from where the tip of the weapon had caught her right breast, then he roughly tore the knife down through the fabric, the sharp tip making further cuts on her abdomen and groin. Both girls then quickly shed their remaining garments and once completely naked were pushed away from the piles of discarded clothes by bayonets which they were then handed to them before the soldiers stepped back leaving them standing facing each other, but looking round the hall in confusion.

Exasperated a SS sergeant roughly grabbed the dark haired girl's little brother by the arm, pulled him forward where they could both see him, then pushed him down onto his knees holding a pistol to his head.

His sister waved the heavy bayonet threateningly then prodded it ineffectually forward towards the blonde who just stepped back and turned aside. The crash of the impatient sergeants Luger echoed round the hall as the boy's brains and warm blood splashed across the girls' legs.

His shocked sister lunged madly at the blonde's belly but only managed a long shallow cut as she sucked her tummy in and a fraction of a second later the blonde's bayonet sank deep into her opponent's outstretched right arm. Screaming in pain, grief and fury she quickly switched the heavy knife to her uninjured left arm as the blonde momentarily looked down, her bare feet slipping on the blood and tissue close to the boy's shattered head. This time the bayonet entered the blonde's belly cleanly, only stopping as it hit her spine.

The blonde, eyes wide with shock, shuffled backwards trying to aim her knife towards the other girl's chest. Her opponent thrust her knife forward pushing the blonde off balance so that she toppled backwards and the knife fell from her hand.

She fell heavily onto her back, arms outstretched turning this is a blonde who got picked up on the street b head sideways to look tearfully at her family, who she had condemned to death by her defeat.

As the thin blonde's body arched up off the floor in agony the other girl reached down and pulled the bloody bayonet out, then after pushing her flat to the floor again with a foot on her ribs she bent down and drew the dull blade deep across the dying girl's throat as though she were slaughtering a pig on her father's farm. As blood spurted from her victim's throat and gushed across the floor of the church hall, and over her left foot, the victor continued to press her right foot down on her opponent's chest feeling the ribs and fall three more times before becoming still forever.

Sobbing and covered with blood which profusely dripped from her wounded arm to the floor she stared dully at the body of her brother and at the sprawled carcass that used to be her childhood friend, before staggering back to her family who, however, shrank away from her in horror. "Bayonet practise!" called out Albert in excitement as several SS soldiers started herding the blonde's shocked family against the wall.

"Strip them, we need to see the targets" shouted Dirk as other Hitler Youth also stepped forward. "STOP!" commanded the SS Lieutenant.

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He strode forward and pulled the bereaved mother from the rest of the group "The girl's bloodline was surely contaminated by that Slav bastard" pointing at the father. "This woman must have some Mofos new couch for a rough fuck blood, look at her." "I can't see her properly with all those thick clothes on.

She can't be allowed back to her farm on her own, but we will need to establish brothels for our troops" the other officer who had spoken looked fixedly at the group of fake taxi uk dutch teen Hitler Youth "It is important that they aren't tempted to abuse themselves." She stood sobbing staring dully at her daughter's lifeless body, not seeming to care that her clothes were being unfastened and peeled from her shaking frame.

"What about the rest of them? And we need bayonets" called out Albert again as Dirk nodded in agreement. "The threat served its purpose" snarled back the Lieutenant "They might as well be shipped out with the rest of them now." "Keep her here as well, we will need someone who can speak Polish again, at the next village" said the other officer pointing at the interpreter.

"Strip!" he suddenly commanded the surprised woman. "Let's see if we may have other uses for mom and son anima hentie porn, too" he added quietly with a smile. The last of the evicted families were escorted from the comparative warmth of the hall, the shunned victorious fighter still naked and now unsteady from the blood she had lost as her bare feet trod the frozen earth.

Now the Lieutenant stared with surprise at the grey haired woman's pale body, rather too skinny, with conspicuous collar bones, ribs and hip bones, to be a healthy German he thought, yet slightly muscular from hard work.

She was slightly scared at the way he smiled at her and she fiddled with her glasses and attempted to slouch unattractively as she tried not to think what it might feel for her tiny vagina like to be penetrated by a man … or many men!

Albert shuffled restlessly slightly embarrassed that he could hardly walk from the stiffness contained by his pants as he stared at two women both older than his mother. "You're too young for them" the Sergeant sneered to the boys as he ushered the two tearful humiliated women through a side door into a kitchen skinny russian amateur fucked in the kitchen. "You can play with that as much as you want" he laughed, pointing at the still erotic mess of blonde hair, pale cream flesh and wet scarlet blood sprawled awkwardly across the floor, obscenely displaying its virgin pubic area between splayed legs.

For a few seconds Albert stared open mouthed as the sergeant shut the door behind him then turned to speak to Dirk, but was stunned to see he had already stripped off his jacket and shirt and was frantically unfastening his belt!

Disgusted, Albert turned away and followed the deportees out of the hall, Johann following him. As their SS guards escorted them from the small village towards the nearest town the ostracised girl, still stark naked and dripping blood from her arm, fell behind. One of the guards looked back at her and spoke to the sergeant who just shrugged his shoulders and they turned away hurrying the other civilians on ahead. Albert and Johann ran up to the naked girl and stared at her shivering body as she desperately tried to keep putting one foot in front of the other despite her knees almost buckling beneath her as she weakened.

Albert ran his fingers through the blood still running down her right arm then rubbed it off onto her pert right breast as he fingered the nipple made erect by the chilly winter air.

The girl just looked down at her feet with unfocused eyes, took two more unsteady steps then collapsed; first onto her knees then falling heavily forward onto the hard frozen ground.

Albert and Johann just stood over her staring curiously as her left hand feebly clawed at the earth for a few seconds before becoming still. Johann looked questioningly at Albert who, after gazing at the still girl's buttocks for a while, bent down and rolled her onto her back, her knees falling aside to expose her sex to their gaze. The girl's eyes flickered slightly then closed.

While Johann's gaze shifted to the girl's breasts which fell aside from her cleavage Albert kicked her viciously in the side of her abdomen. "What did you do that for? " Johann queried in horror "Look at her arm, I think she's bleeding to death! " "We'd better be quick then" replied Albert. "If she doesn't bleed to death she'll freeze to death, let's get our whore back to the camp" he added grabbing the girl's right ankle and roughly dragged her naked body across the hard frozen ground on its back, with the left leg awkwardly splayed so Johann got juicy pussy stuffed by toy girlfriend and homemade even better view of her crotch.

Johann watched fascinated at the way her breasts bounced as the limp body was hauled over the uneven ground towards their tents. He was entranced by the way her arms trailing on the ground behind her head stretched her rib cage drawing in her smooth belly. He felt pity for her too, as he observed how her straggly black hair stuck to the wet blood which covered her left arm and left a red trail on the ground behind.

"You're hurting her!" he couldn't help blurting out. "I don't think she feels anything any more" replied Albert, adding "we need to hurry or we'll end up fucking a corpse just like Dirk and the others back there!" Once in their tent Albert quickly dropped his trousers and pants to release his straining member. Grasping the unconscious girl's buttocks he pulled her towards him so he could enter her.

To his surprise it was not as easy to slide his cock into her vagina as he had imagined. After three unsuccessful attempts he lost patience and cautiously forced two, then three fingers into her, he then pulled them out before roughly inserting all four fingers then, with a grunt, thrusting his entire hand deep into her, his fingernails tearing her soft virgin tissue before the full width of his hand bloodily ruptured it. Her body arched and she threw back her head uttering a piercing inhuman scream.

Albert pulled out his hand and quickly replaced it with his cock then vigorously pumped away at her with growing ecstasy. After he came he released his grip on her buttocks and grabbed both her breasts, clawing at them until he got sufficient grip to pull her torso up towards him and stare into her wide open eyes, salty spittle from her choking sobs landing on his lips.

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Letting her drop to the floor he turned to Johann, who was staring in disbelief, saying "Your turn now!" before reaching for a towel to wipe the girls blood from his now wilting penis. Although almost as chilly inside the tent as outside Johann hurriedly stripped off all his clothes, perhaps in concord with their victim's condition, and held her body close to his as he too lost his virginity.

Grasping her tight to him he felt her wince as he touched her back, grazed from being dragged across the hard frozen ground. As soon as he had finished with brazil first tme gay sex he found a piece of rag which they had been using to polish their boots and tied it tight around the deep wound to her arm to stem the continuing bleeding there. Johann watched as she rolled onto her side then silently curled up into a ball, clutching her crotch with both hands.

Looking at her he reflected that she was probably about the same age as his sister, who was always so careful to keep her body hidden from him at home. "Are we keeping her for the others?" he queried as he dressed himself, averting his gaze from the girl's shivering debased body as he recalled his home and family. The excitement over, and seeing tears forming in his friend's eyes, Albert didn't reply but, with difficulty pulled the girl to her feet.

Realising she wasn't going to be able to walk he stood behind her then, inserting his her arms under her armpits to grasp her round the chest, dragged her backwards from their tent, heels dragging on the ground while blood trickled down the inside of her thighs. It wasn't far to one of the recently dug foxholes, which he dragged her into. He was about to push down her legs and feet, which were still obscenely sticking up out of the hole, when of her own accord she drew her knees close to her bare freezing body as she rolled xxxksi story palyfull he dwinlod desi her side.

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Without once looking back Albert walked quickly back to the tent.