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Hot babe briana banks has sneaky sex with her hung lover
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It's the year 2050, 12 years after scientists discovered cognitive use of 100% of the human brain. Since then, humans have been able to do certain 'tricks' with only their willpower.

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Certain uses of the brain, such as Telekinesis and Telepathy have created a new power-based hierarchy, and not just a few wars. The fact that every human doesn't have the same amount of power doesn't help. When Telepathy was uncovered, scientists discovered that every human has a 'bondmate'; someone born at the exact same time as them, and this timing enforces a similarity of power, and instant connection of their telepathy.

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Each person can feel their bondmate at all times, and this often caused problems for those with sadistic mates. Each mate-pair is one boy and one girl, and if they found each other, they often stayed and married that person. Not everyone found their mate, though. The rise in suicide rose due to depression of never seeing that person, and the population fell by half.

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The World now only contains 3.5 billion people, and the standard of living rose. These days, many parents go to find their child's bondmate immediately, and most succeed. I was one of those children. I was raised in a joint family between me and my bondmate. Her name is Amanda, mine is John, but most of the time we are just "we". Because of our early connection, we are closer than a brother and sister, and have our lives to show it.

I never went somewhere without her, and the same was repeated for me. We told each other everything, and shared everything we had.

For everyone, up until their 13th birthday, they could only speak telepathically to their bondmate, but at the age of 13, sometime before the year is up, the bond grows stronger, and powers expand.

This is when a person sees how powerful they will be, for the rest of their life. The power level cannot change, and the lower the power, the worse the life. Being born at the same time, every bond-pair changes at the same time, and many see it as the moment they become truly one unit, 2 bodies, but one mind.

Of course, separation is possible, and often used for daily life, but not wanted. Amanda and I we eating lunch when it happens. We had heard how painful it was, but were not prepared for the searing pain of a thousand suns, melding our minds behind our eyes. We both passed out from the pain at the moist mother id like to fuck is obsessed with sex hardcore blowjob time, and woke up together in a hospital bed.

Opening my eyes, the bright light above me blinded me for a moment, and I closed my eyes to adjust. Once I could see properly, I raised my head to look around. Immediately, my head was assaulted by the booming of a headache, and lay still, groaning until the pain went away. Trying a safer approach, I looked over to Amanda and saw her staring at me.

Her eyes were clearer than what I'm sure mine looked like, and she slowly sat up until she was upright and looked around our room. I followed her example and sat until we were level, and looked around, surprised at how little pain I felt now. The room was bland, the usual hospital room. White walls, silver lining, medical equipment, and nothing else. I looked back to her and tried to speak, but found I couldn't use my voice just yet.

I resorted to Telepathy, and found my voice extremely clear. *You OK? My head was really hurting there for a moment.* Then I heard her in my head, and sat back surprised. Her voice sounded like she was actually speaking. Before, it had always been slightly fuzzy, but now it was crystal clear, and I reveled in it. *Yeah, I'm fine. I got the headache, too, but it passed.

I wonder how powerful we are?* *Well, if you can stand, we can go find out* I swung my legs to the edge of the bed, and slid off, ignoring the slight pain in the back of my head.

She followed suit, and we proceeded cautiously out of the door to the hallway. Looking around at the deserted corridor, we saw a large room at the end, filled with large computers and notepads. I motioned for her to step out and follow me.

I stepped down the hallway, looking back to make sure she was following me, then I realized that it wasn't needed, and used my telepathy to monitor where she was. We reached the room, hot amateur busty gf sucking and fucking on home video closed the door behind us. I spotted a camera in the corner, and disabled it temporarily with my Telekinesis.

Moving up to the computers, I looked down at a screen, and was surprised to see mine and Amanda's names. It read: Josh Davis and Amanda Brown: Just changed Extremely powerful - level 12 of 10 Telepathy, Level 11 of 10 Telekinesis Safety - Unknown Best to keep under watch. But let them have some air -Board of Directors "Are we really that strong?" I asked, turning to Amanda, for once not bothering with Telepathy.

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*I guess. Who knows. Lets get back to the room before we get into trouble!* One look into her anxious face, and we turned around and out the door, leaving it the way we found it. Back at the room, I remembered the camera, and quickly enabled it again. We sat back down onto the bed and stared for a while, just waiting for the nurses to come in and let us out.

An hour later, two women came in, wearing white scrubs and name tags. On the left was a tall blonde, with a curvy figure, and what I figured to be size D tits and nice firm ass showing through the too-small clothes.

Her name tag read Jenny. I looked to the other women, and liked what I saw. She was shorter, at about 5'6", with size D breasts that suited her perfectly, and a smaller ass, that somehow made her seem more innocent. Her name tag read Angela. Jenny stepped forward and introduced herself, then asked for us to follow her. We went back through the corridor, but in the opposite direction.

They led us through a door on our right, then through a maze of turns until we arrived at what appeared to be a professional office. A man sat behind a large desk, in a very formal chair. In short, he looked extremely executive. He was clean shaven, with dark brown hair, cropped short to his head and brushed up into a popular style.

His eyes, though, were the centerpiece; such a bright blue it seemed that they could look into your life and see your memories. "Hello, my name is Erik, and I run this facility. I'm glad to see you two up and running again, after spending a week unconscious," the man said, his voice deep and soothing like the rolling of ocean waves.

"A week! What about our parents! What's going to happen?!" I exclaimed, just realizing that our parents had no idea where we were. Amanda reciprocated my thought and we turned to Erik for an explanation. "Relax, your parents are fine. You are in a clinic for those who are Changing. We keep those that change here until they have fully recovered and gained some control.

You two are exceptionally strong, you will learn how much so later. You are strong enough to require a little extra time here, to make sure that you won't be a danger to anyone else. You will stay here for a week, then you can go home and lesbianwincom aiko nagais prison bukkake creampie facefuckfest uncensored jav schooling." This seemed to appease Amanda, so I settled, and resigned myself to the situation.

"Now," Erik continued, "we will have to get you your rooms, set up a meeting with a doctor, and get you looked at. Once your strength and control has been determined, we can train you to control it more, then send you off to live your lives. Sound good?" We just nodded. "Good, if you will follow Jenny, she will show you to your room." Jenny motioned us out of the door, and across the hallway into a large lobby, with rooms on all sides. She turned to the right and led us into a large modern apartment-style room.

The space at the center was taken up by a large living space, a well-stocked kitchen resided just to its right, with the sleeping quarters at the opposite side of the room, through an open archway.

The entire space was modeled on a modern, technological style with chromes, whites and blacks. It seemed advanced, yet managed to keep a very comfortable warmth in the style. "If you need anything, just buzz us on the phone," Angela piped in.

Her voice was very smooth and sexy, but was also kind of half-high pitched and excited. I found that I quite liked it, but it was nothing compared to Amanda's sultry tones. I nodded to her and turned back to the room, admiring its luxuriousness. I heard the door click closed behind us, then electronically lock, ensuring that we did not exit. So we're not just guests, eh? I turned to Amanda.

*Well. What now?* I thought to her. *I guess we wait. Once we have our checkup, it'll be easy. So now that we know how strong we are. Want to experiment?* *What do mean experiment?* *Well, we ARE level 11 TKs. Why not try it out?* *Ok, let's see* I challenged her. We both turned to an object in the room and tried to lift it. It was odd at first, like using a muscle you never knew was there, but in a sense that was correct.

I concentrated hard on the vase I was trying to lift, and was surprised when it shattered under the mental pressure. In panic, I caught all of the pieces and flew them back together. They melded perfectly together, and with a little nudging, formed back to a perfect vase. Pleased with my catch, I concentrated more lightly on the vase, and it wobbled a bit before lifting a good five feet from the table. Smiling like a madman, I turned to see Amanda staring at a pile of broken shards.

It appeared that she had broken her plate, and had not been as quick to catch it. I walked over and quickly instructed her on how pretty girl play sex chat and show tits on free chat sex site form it back together. Half a minute later, she was levitating a glass plate I front of her face with no effort at all.

We both grinned at our newfound power. A knock at the door startled us in our reverie, and we rushed to set the items down. Everything in place, we went to the door and opened coroa cavalgando gostoso e me fazendo gozar to see a young woman of about the age of 25, wearing tight jeans that showed off her perfect ass, and a green cotton shirt to flaunt her tits. Her name tag labeled her as Joann, our medical inspector.

I caught myself staring at her chest, and quickly averted my gaze to her eyes, only to be captured again by the deep blue rings. "Hello, my name is Joann," she stated, "I'm here to take a look at you and test your control.

After that, we can brief you, and begin work on your control. First off, you are both extremely powerful, above the scale we had previously set, and we are not sure what that will mean with your power. I know you are both dying to know what your levels are, so i will relieve you of your burden. John Masters, you and Amanda Brazen are Level 11 TKs, and Level 12 TPs. I want you to relax, take that in, and then we can start." Because we already knew our power, we had to fake our astonishment, but it was not hard, we still had a feeling of shock from the discovery.

After a moment, we ended our charade and followed her into the room, to a set of chairs by the coffee table. Again, we heard the door lock behind us, but it did not bother us anymore, and we sat in the plush seats. She walked over to the banquet table and lifted up the vase i had lifted before, and brought it over to us. "Try lifting this." Ok. Easy enough. I had already lifted it once, why not again?

So I did, and the vase floated a good ten feet from the surface, not wobbling, perfectly stable. Joann seemed very impressed, as if she expecting me to shatter it.

The same repeated with Amanda. Joann congratulated us on our control, then asked us to try again. I tried again, expecting the same, but met resistance. It seemed the Doctor was trying to force me into a display of power. Well, she asked for it. I sent the vase straight through her grasp, shot upwards, and broke through the 20 floors above us and settled onto the roof.

Staring up through the hole, I saw faces looking back at us.