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Exotic ebony pornstar marie luv performs flirt masturbation squirting
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This is my first story so any feedback would be much appreciated and hopefully if enough people enjoy it then I will continue writing stories of the holiday hence some of the girls are only mention sparingly at this point. Other than that enjoy The Holiday BEEP.BEEP.BEEP.2.30a.m. Vikki rolled out of bed and slammed the alarm clock.

It was too early but it would all be worth it when she arrived in Turkey for her last holiday before uni. Vikki looked at herself in the mirror, her blonde hair was a little scruffy having just woken up after 4 hours sleep but it did not detract from her obvious beauty.

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At 5'7, slim and 30CC she was many teenage boys dream but that hadn't stopped her now ex-boyfriend sleeping with the school slut just 2 months before they finished school forever.

"Oh well," she thought "The girls will help me forget that bastard over the next ten days in Turkey." There would be four of them, Vikki, Steph, Tara and Charlie all heading for a last girls holiday before moving to different parts of the UK for university next year. The plan was sun, sea and after a little booze maybe some sex. The girls arrived in Turkey mid-afternoon and were welcomed by the scorching sun.

They went straight to Steph's parents' villa where they would be staying for the next ten days, Vikki sharing a room with Steph and Tara with Charlie.

Unpacking quickly they slipped straight into their bikinis and headed out to the pool already starting on their cocktails. Steph was most definitely the skinniest of the four, her purple bikini clung to her petite body as her sleek brown hair draped onto already bronzed shoulders. Tara on the other hand was much curvier, with a shapely ass and 32DD her small bikini left very little to the imagination.

Finally Charlie was the shyest of all the girls and the only virgin within the group. She developed later than the others but in the company of her girlfriends she was now much more confident showing busty hentai slut gets ass fucked lesbians hardcore her tanned body that would be the envy of most supermodels.

"Come on you three," called Vikki as she dived into the pool. The others obliged and followed her into the cool water. After 15 minutes the girls had had enough swimming and decided to sunbathe. "What are you doing Tara?" asked Charlie as Tara undid here bikini top letting it drop to the floor revealing her large round breasts.

"No-one can see us here Charlie relax," as she gave both boobs a tight squeeze. "Still I'm not taking mine off," responded Charlie so she alone remained in her bikini top as the other three sunbathed topless.

Once the sun started going down the four girls decided it was time to get ready for their first night out. They all dressed in their best outfits, all a little short, all a little revealing. "Share your lipstick Vikki," said Steph so Vikki kissed her softly on the lips transferring the newly applied lipstick to Steph's lips.

The four girls were used to kissing each other but despite many temptations none of them had ever gone any further with a girl.

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They walked down to the front and the closer they got the busier it became. Everyone was young and slightly tipsy ready for a good night. First stop a couple of the quieter bars for a fish bowl or two. Coincidently Charlie met a boy of the same age who her family had known for years and the two of them had always got on well so she told the others to go on without her to the club and she would meet them later.

They obliged hoping Charlie would eventually grow confident enough with a boy to finally lose her virginity. The club was packed so Tara went off to get some drinks as Vikki and Steph found a table.

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Tara came back not just with 3 drinks but also with a boy in tow and as soon as she dropped off the drinks she had wandered off with him and almost immediately their tongues were deep in each other's mouths.

"Typical Tara," complained Vikki "Fancy a dance Steph?" However before Steph could answer a very attractive young lad sat down next to them. He introduced himself as Gary and he worked as a rep in Turkey but was originally from the UK. The girls exchanged a look, he was hot. Juggs indian throats dong big tits and big butt talked for a long time taking it in turns to buy drinks before Gary asked Vikki if she would like to head to the dance floor.

Steph said that it was fine, she didn't mind, so Vikki went with Gary. He clearly had a great body as Vikki felt her body rub against his as they moved closer and closer while dancing. After a short time Gary reached round her back and pulled her towards him.

How could Vikki resist? Her lips met his and it felt incredible. Gary slipped his tongue into her mouth and she followed his lead. As they kissed Vikki felt Gary's hands move slowly across her body, carefully touching every curve before finally resting on her small pert ass.

She then felt Gary's hand move back round to the front first brushing on her inner thigh and gradually working upwards until it was underneath her skirt.

He rubbed the front of her thong as she felt herself getting wetter. "You like that baby?" whispered Gary in her ear. Vikki suddenly remembered where she was and told Gary to wait until they were back at her villa. They kissed again before heading back to the seats to find Steph and tell her they were heading back. Steph wasn't there. Vikki had a text. GONE HOME DONT WORRY ABOUT ME HAVE A NIGHT LOVE STEPH XXXX. By the time they reached the villa Blow and weenie bounding girlfriend and homemade wanted Gary so badly she forgot she was sharing a room with Steph and as they entered the room lips locked as one they didn't even notice her asleep in the bed opposite.

Vikki ripped Gary's t-shirt over his head to reveal a muscular tanned body. She couldn't help herself as she ran her hands over his chest feeling the ripples of muscles. Moving down she undid his Jeans leaving just his boxers failing to hide his erect penis. "Not yet hun. I think you need to catch up," said Gary as Vikki went to pull down his boxers so she let him lift her tight vest top over her head and undo the clasp on her skirt letting it fall to the ground so all that was left was her matching pink lingerie, the thong already wet from her eager pussy's juices.

She went back to pulling down his boxers freeing his 7 inch penis. She placed the tip in the front her mouth, teasing Gary, licking the head but never putting more than a couple of inches in her mouth at once. Hearing him moan she put her mouth further and further along the thick shaft as one hand played with his balls. Up and down her head went slowly at first but as Gary's moans grew louder her pace increased. "That's enough baby," confessed Gary "I'll have nothing left." Vikki ceased her motion and gave the tip of the penis one last lick tasting his warm juices inside her mouth.

"Stand up," said Gary looking down at Vikki so she did as he said and kissed him warmly. He reached round and undid her bra leaving it to fall to the floor forgotten as he kissed her subtle tanned nipples. As his tongue brushed gently against them Vikki's nipples stiffened with excitement.

When Gary had finished Vikki lay down on her bed and eased off her thong. Gary started kissing her inner thigh teasing her already soaked vagina. Finally after to what seemed like an age to Vikki he began licking her clit.

She felt him ease his tongue between the pink lips noticing every slight twitch and movement. It was obviously not Gary's wife enjoys the babysitter to share cock with her in hard scenes penetration and deepthroat time pleasuring a woman. He knew exactly the right spots and Vikki moaned louder and louder. No man had ever made her feel like this before and they were only just getting started.

Steph awoke to the sounds of her best friend moaning in the bed opposite and as she looked up she saw Gary with his face buried deep between Vikki's legs. At first she thought she would close her eyes and hopefully they would finish soon. However still a little drunk from the club she decided she could have some fun of her own.

Steph reached down and pulled her pyjama shorts over her legs and was unsurprised to find her pussy was already a little moist. Slowly she entered her fingers between her tight flaps pulling them in and out while enjoying the show her friend and the rep put on across the room unaware they had an audience.

As Gary continued to caress Vikki with his tongue she played with her tits, squeezing them gently and stroking her hard nipples. This added sensation brought her closer to orgasm and finally as Gary stuck his tongue as deep into her as he good she let out a scream of delight as her body enjoyed the overwhelming sense of her climax.

Gary joined her on the bed and they kissed more passionately than Vikki ever had before. "Take me now!" She ordered and Gary didn't need to be told twice as he lifted his leg over her while inserting the tip of his dick between her tight pussy lips.

Moving in and out to begin with he never put more than an inch in at a time. He could feel Vikki's young juices along his shaft as her body became more and more eager for him to enter. Eventually neither of them could take it any longer. "Put it in me!" said Vikki as Gary thrust forward, deep increasing his pace.

With all the teasing, despite Lesbian anal sex ass worship ass sniffing being very tight, there was enough cum that Gary's penis had no trouble slipping in and out.

As he increased the speed so did Steph in the bed opposite wishing she could have been in her friend's place. "Mmmmm it's so good baby don't stop," she heard Vikki groan and neither he nor Steph did. Deeper and harder they both went, Gary into Vikki and Steph into herself. The three of them drove each other closer to climax and one final burst from both Gary and Steph was enough.

He removed his dick from Vikki and let the cum shoot onto her tits as they both moaned with delight from their simultaneous orgasms. Neither of them heard Steph enjoying hers while she watched them finish. Vikki curled herself up next to Gary and fell asleep and across from them Steph also closed her eyes again. "Bye hun. Thank you," Vikki heard as Gary kissed her on the cheek. She almost asked him for his number but thought better of it. She would meet other men on this holiday.