Horny brunette enjoys her special time on a huge dong

Horny brunette enjoys her special time on a huge dong
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My wife was not open to the thought of having sex with anyone outside our marriage for several years. I had brought the subject up on many occasions but each time she would tell me I only wanted to fuck other women and would shut the conversation down.

I told her I did want to be with other women but that I also got turned on by the thought of seeing her with other guys. We enjoyed a very active and open sex life together and she often told me how she would get excited when she saw her gynecologist and this led to some active role play between us over the early years of our marriage together. Over time I eventually stopped talking about her or I being with other people thinking the opportunity would never arise.

I played on a neighborhood softball league and one of the guys on the team and I became good friends. After one game we were out drinking and Brian asked about my job. I told him about my run of the mill job and obligingly asked about his expecting to hear about a long day at the factory. Brian surprised me when he said he was a gynecologist.

I asked how he could work around so much pussy without getting turned on and he replied that most the women he saw were less than attractive and just another pussy. He did say that occasionally he would see a very hot woman and that it did turn him on. He then made a remark about how he wished all the women looked half as good as my wife and that if they did he would probably loose his medical license. We both laughed and continued drinking.

The next day my mind returned to images of seeing my wife with another man, Brian. I knew that Brian would be attractive to her, he did not look the part of the average gynecologist being in his mid 30's and with an athletic body. I plotted on how I could get the horny teen russian couple have sex on couch of them together and eventually after another night out drinking brought the subject up with Brian.

Brian was very open to the idea and told me that if I was serious and it was not just the booze talking maybe we could manage to make something work out. Brian and I met several days later and I again brought the subject up to him.

This time neither of us had anything to drink and we discussed how we might be able to pull off something together. About a year later my wife made an appointment with her gynecologist for her annual exam. That night we had some wild sex with her telling me how she thought it was kinky but that when she would lay on the darkx teen tourists thank host by sharing his bbc table with the doctor between her open legs pushing his fingers into her pussy kristen jordan bbc dp double penetration dogfartnetwork ass she would become aroused despite not wanting to.

She said it was hard and she hoped that her doctor did not realize she was turned-on and wet when he would go to examine her. As her appointment approached she got a call from the doctors office saying that her doctor had retired an she would have to find another doctor on our insurance plan.

She called several doctors and none of them were accepting new patients. I told Brian about her dilemma and together we devised a plan to get her an appointment with him. I made up a flyer on the computer advertising Brain as a new doctor who was accepting new patients and mailed it to our home from the post office nearby his office.

Several days later she got the letter and opened it. After reading it she told me about the new doctor and said she was going to call him. I had put Brian's cell number on the card and when she called the next day it came up on his caller ID as from our home. He told her that his secretary had stepped out and he was getting the phone and then told her he could squeeze her in as the last appointment the next day.

She scheduled the appointment and that night told me how she was going to see the new doctor and she hoped he would not notice that she became aroused during her exam.

She would not have sex because she said she had the appointment the next day and wanted to be clean. I teased her about her arousal and we went to sleep.

The next day I offered to drive her to her appointment since she was not familiar with the location. We drove to the doctor and arrived promptly at 6 that evening.

I walked in with her and the receptionist acted surprised that she had an appointment after their normal business hours.

She registered and was taken back to the exam room by a nurse who already had her coat on. I told her I would be back in an hour and acted to leave. I met Brian outside the office and he led me to a room where I could watch the exam. I sat quietly as the nurse got her blood pressure and took a short medical history after she finished she had my wife get completely undressed into a paper gown.

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A short time later Brian entered the office wearing his gym clothes and introduced himself. He apologized for his dress and told her he had just finished his work out and she was the last patient of the day.

I had told Brian how my wife always liked being aj applegate n cadence squirt in each others mouth and face and as she sat on the edge of the exam table almost naked I watched as Brian tell her he would go prepare for her exam, he told her that on a first appointment he like to be very thorough he then innocently told her that he was surprised to see such a young good looking woman, that he had expected her to be middle aged.

He apologized that he had sent his nurse home for the night forgetting her appointment and asked if she was uncomfortable and would like to reschedule for later in the month. I watched as my wife looked at Brian's muscular body in his tank top and shorts obviously liking what she was looking at.

She told him that she was fine with the exam and Brian left the room momentarily. Brian returned a short time later pulling a large stand up scale and closed the door behind him.

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He asked her to step onto the scale and she got up off the table and stood on the scale. The paper gown was small and left the entire backside of her nude body open to full view. Her gorgeous 5'4" 112 pound body with her firm tight ass looked great from my angle and I could see Brian get hard as he stood behind her and moved the weights.

Brain told her she could step down and commented on the fact that she was in very good shape. My wife blushed and remarked that Brian also was in excellent shape. Brian then told her that he wanted to check the curvature of her spine and asked her to stand in front of the exam table lusty ava rides on a fat pole bend over touching her toes.

Without hesitation she stood and bent over with the paper gown falling completely open revealing her tiny little puckered asshole and tight little trimmed pussy into full view. I could tell that she was turned on seeing how her nipples were rock hard and her pussy was glistening with wetness.

Brian told her he was going to check her spine and ran his hands down the center of her back from her neck all the way down to her tail bone.

My cock was aching and I opened my pants and pulled it free to masturbate as I watched and listened to the encounter unfold in front of me. Brain felt her tail bone for a minute and then told her that she had the body of an athlete and asked how many times a week she worked out to keep herself in such great condition. My wife was really soaking up the flattery and it was having an effect on her. He told harmony vision hot anal henessy vaginal masturbation pussy licking that she could stand up straight and she stood up pulling the gown to cover her perfect small but firm tits with their rock hard nipples that poked through the thin paper almost like they were going to rip a hole through the paper.

I could tell by her facial expressions that she was slightly embarrassed at her own arousal. Brian played the part perfect as he mused over her chart and asked a few general questions about smoking and diet with my wife standing in front of him. I could also tell that her gaze continued to fall to the large outline of his rigid cock inside his shorts.

Brian then began to ask her about her sexual history and practices. I was proud to hear her report that her sex life was "above average" and that she was satisfied. Brian then looked at her and said he apologized for the personal nature of his questions but explained that he always liked to get a through history to create a baseline in case anything changed in the future.

My wife told him it was not a problem and said she was comfortable with the questions and exam. Brian then asked again if she preferred for him to put on his lab coat catching her in a dead stare at his cock. She said no, he was fine.

He asked again if she would prefer to wait for a nurse before the exam continued and I waited holding my breath as she paused and then said no, she was fine. My wife was fumbling with the paper gown that really did not do much to cover her body or fit her form.

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Brian asked a few more general questions and then asked her if she masturbated. She looked at the floor and then said yes. Brian told her that was healthy and asked her in an average week how many times she masturbated.

Again my wife looked to the floor and said three or four. Brain moved right on with his questions before telling her that he wanted to check her muscle form. He told her that he wanted her to do some simple exercises and he would check her muscle form along with her posture to ensure she had good muscle and bone development. Brian then led her into another room that contained several pieces of exercise equipment and told her that since he was in his workout clothes he would demonstrate the exercises on each piece of equipment.

He sat in a chair with his back facing her and then used a weight to lift and stretch his back. I could tell my wife was impressed as his muscles bulged with each set he did. He then asked her to sit and try it. She sat in the chair with her backside completely exposed and repeated the exercise.

As she would reach up for the weight and then complete the rep her tight ass cheeks would get tight and then relax making pre cum leak from my cock as I slowly stroked and watched.

Brian did his best to adjust his cock inside his pants at the sight. When she finished Brian demonstrated the next exercise and as he lay on the bench pulling a weight down the head of his cock slipped from the leg band of his shorts. The exercise routine continued for about 15 minutes and Brian had asked her on one set if she wanted to remove her gown to keep it from getting in her way.

She surprised kylie page in perfect specimen of a booty and Brian as she looked at him and said "It would be easier but it looks like I am already having an effect on you and I don't want to make you uncomfortable doctor." She was acting like we did during our role playing in our bedroom.

Brian now blushed and said he was sorry but that he was not used to having such a beautiful woman to examine. He then continued complementing parts of her body and telling her how he could not imagine that she did not have a similar effect on any man even when she was fully clothed.

This was just what my wife needed to hear. She always thought that she was not attractive to other men and sunny lenoe xxx storys 2019 new nobody noticed her.

Now having a guy with a body like Brian's telling her how beautiful she was and how sexy her body was made her really blush. She removed the gown and continued her workout at Brian's direction. He put her through a series of exercises that allowed her most intimate of parts to become fully exposed and open. With each set he told her what great shape she was in. I could tell by the sight of her swollen pussy that she was fully aroused and horny as hell.

When the exercise routine was complete Brain led her back into the exam room leaving the gown behind. Once inside the exam room Brian had her push against his hands and do some basic strength exercises. At one point he had her stand straight with her back to him and then had her stretch her arms out straight.

He stood up against her and had her push her arms down and up against his resistance. Brain's cock was pressed firmly against her hot ass during this procedure and she instinctively seemed to grind herself against him. I almost lost it watching this and when Brain backed away I could see a wet spot on the front of his crotch where her ass had rested.

I was not sure but I knew it was the wetness of her sex that had left its spot. Brain had her now get up lying on her back on the table.

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He helped her place her feet up in the stirrups and then lowered the end of the exam table leaving her ass suspended. Her inflamed pussy was open wide and fully displayed as he told her he was going to examine her glands and breasts.

He asked if she wanted a sheet to cover herself with and she said no much to his pleasure. Brian stood up against her between her legs as his hands circle her neck and started kneading her glands. He ran his hands down her chest reaching her perfect A cup mounds as each hand fully explored her mounds feeling for lumps before he kneaded her nipples and pinched them. As the exam continued I watched my normally shy wife have a climax on the exam table. She ground her hips causing her pussy to grind against Brian's cock inside his pants as she lightly moaned form the pleasure she was receiving with Brian's cock and him playing with her sensitive nipples.

My wife had always been able to achieve a full orgasm from my playing with her nipples and now Brian was bringing her to the same uncontrollable point. As her climax subsided my wife told Brain she was sorry for what happened but he told her it was not a problem and that it happened to many women. He told her that he was manipulating many of her most sensitive areas and that it was only natural and normal for a healthy woman like herself to have this response.

Brain moved his hands to her stomach and then down to her sweet pussy. He asked her about her ability to orgasm during sex and about other female issues as he used his fingers to probe and examine her pussy before placing the speculum inside her and doing the full exam.

Once he finished he asked her when the last time she had a full rectal exam for detection of any problems and she said during her last annual.

He asked her if she engaged in anal sex and she said "yes, is that bad?" Brian reassured her that it was also perfectly normal as long as she took precautions against disease by not putting anything form her rectum into her vagina. She assured him that she was always careful and he told her he was going to perform the anal exam. He used the accumulation of pussy juice to easily insert his finger into her cute little ass and felt around making her moan again as she neared another climax and her breathing deepened.

Brian used his finger to massage her hidden g-spot and I watched my wife reach out and grab the end of Brain's shirt. Brain kept his finger deep inside her and moved to her pulling on him. She had her eyes closed and reached her hand into the waistband of his pants finding his engorged cock. I knew my wife was beyond stopping now and would not be satisfied until she had drained his cock inside her. She pulled on his rigid cock as she got her other hand to push the elastic waistband of his pants down off his hips allowing his cock to spring out.

With her hand grasped around the shaft of his large cock my wife began to climax her second time. She let out a low guttural groan and moaned that she wanted his cock inside her. I was grasping the head of my own cock to keep from blowing my load as I watched Brain step out of his shorts and move back to the end of the exam table lining his cock up with my wife's tender pussy. My wife grabbed his cock and helped him inside her as she started grinding her hips pulling him into herself.

Brian did not let me down and started pounding away making rude slapping sounds as their flesh met with each inward thrust. My wife climaxed hard the entire time he was inside her and continued grinding her hips on him until after about five minutes Brain grunted and pushed as hard as he could and then grabbed her nipples and emptied his load deep inside my wife's hot pussy. Brain kissed and sucked on her tits as their climax subsided. I could see both their bodies were covered in sweat beading on their glistening skin.

Brain pulled his limp cock from her gaping hole and my wife started to get down from the stirrups. They made small hard gloryhole cock for a busty stunner and Brian thanked her telling her again how great a body she had.

I had blown my load onto some 1sex umur 12 virgin girl on an exam table and wiped myself off getting my pants pulled back up still with a raging hard on from what I had seen.

As my wife dressed I left and want outside getting the car and pulling up in front of the doors to the office. A few minutes after I got the car parked my wife came out fully dressed but still sweating with her face flushed.

She got into the car and I could smell the sex on her. I acted not to notice and made small talk about her being done with that ordeal for another year. I asked her if the "old geezer" turned her on during the exam and she blushed deeply. As we got home and went asian looking nympho fucks two white cocks the bedroom she asked me if I remembered talking about doing stuff with other men.

I told her yes still playing it cool saying "why?" She then nervously told me about what had happened at the doctor's office today and asked if I was upset. I told her no as I slowly undressed her. She stood nervous as I observed her cum soaked panties and pulled them off.

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I laid her back onto the bed and pushed her legs up to watch cum still leaking from her still swollen leaking pussy. We had some very hot very sloppy sex that night.

About a month later I told her that a new guy had joined our softball team and that we hit it off really well. She asked what eve angels sexy tits scene manuel bengochea did for a living during our conversation and I told her I didn't know. I asked if she minded if I invited him over on Saturday after our game for a few beers and to hang out and she said no. Saturday I came home with Brian and when we walked into the house I thought she would go crazy seeing Brain.

They both acted innocent and we sat around talking when I asked Brain what he did for a living. He replied that he was a gynecologist and I just passed it over. After several more visits by Brain my wife asked me one night if I was still serious about seeing her with other men. I told her yes and she said that she was thinking and that if I wanted it might be fun to do something with Brian. Brain is now a regular at our house.