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Oriental finger copulates wet pussy japanese and hardcore
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Samantha N 379 part 1. The rain drops smeared the windows of the bus as it threaded the early morning rush hour traffic and Samantha worried that her plans to this mature loves big black cock up her pussy early for her first day as a receptionist in an anonymous grey concrete office block in the centre of London.

She rushed up the street with her heart pounding and stumbled through the front door with barely a minute to spare and rushed to check in at reception with her ample bosom heaving as she gasped for breath. "Samantha Graham," she announced breathlessly, "Mr Harker's new assistant." "Ah yes, I'll get you a proper pass, did you let HR have your photograph?" the middle aged lady asked pleasantly.

"Yes, I emailed it after my interview," Samantha explained. "Oh yes, I have it here, ah your next of kin, your emergency contact, you gave your mothers details and she lives in Nova Scotia?" the woman commented as she handed Samantha a visitor's pass, "Is there no one nearer," "Only my landlady, I rent a flat you see, I'll write her details down if you like," Samantha explained.

"Thank you, you do know where Mr Harker's office is don't you?" she asked "Yes, it's on the fourth floor, thank you," Samantha said, and she smiled nervously and made her way to the lift. "Samantha," John Harker greeted her and smiled as he looked straight into her deep blue eyes despite the temptation to stare down her cleavage between her magnificent D cup breasts that her open neck blouse she wore offered. "We deal with baby products here, mainly," he explained, "But you'll soon learn the ropes, basically you are my buffer from the world, I'll be through there if you would like to settle in." he smiled, "I'll have a coffee at ten please, two sugars and I always have our powdered baby milk." "Oh, yes, certainly, ah, sir," she agreed.

Time dragged, ten came and went, she made coffee, took the cup through, collected the empty cup and waited. Nothing happened. She took lunch, John took coffee at three thirty and they went home at five. "How did you get on?" the lady asked as Samantha took the temporary pass back to the reception desk. "I made coffee and had lunch, that was about it," Samantha explained.

"Bring a magazine, or chat to your friends on Facebook," the lady suggested, "I'm afraid boredom is the biggest problem here." Samantha quickly realised the woman was absolutely correct as for the rest of the week she made precisely four cups of coffee and answered seven telephone calls.

By the Tuesday of the second week Samantha had become completely disillusioned, "Is this what I spent three years at University for?" she asked John Harker as she took his coffee that afternoon. "I though you were enjoying it here," John asked. "It's so boring!" she said. "Well I'm sorry to hear that," he said, "You studied engineering at Loughborough, so why join us?" "Money," she admitted, "And jobs aren't exactly plentiful." "Look there is a job for an engineering assistant at Morewood," he suggested, "If you would like to be considered, you'll have to sign a confidentiality agreement, it's all very hush hush." "Baby milk?" she scoffed, "How can baby milk be confidential?" "The machinery, it's all very competitive do you see?" he explained.

"And what thick exotic mexican bbw rubs her amazing tits sexmex the job entail?" Samantha asked as she flicked her long blonde hair off her face. "Some testing, generally well all sorts really," he replied. "And the salary?" she asked. "Not as much, but you can live in, it makes checking the machinery easier, those early morning milking sessions you understand.

"I suppose," she said, "Can I try it?" "A months trial?" he suggested, "Certainly, if you are serious see HR and I'm sure you can start next Monday." "Right," Samantha agreed. "We'll pay your present salary initially so don't give up your flat in case it's not for you," he suggested.

"Ok, but I need to work out the figures," she insisted. "Fine," beazzere mp4 hot xxx story donload said slightly irritably, "Just work it out with HR, I'll be sorry to lose you from the office, but it really is your choice." ====================================== Rain drops smeared the windows of John Harker's Ford Galaxy people carrier as he drove Samantha from her South London flat to Morewood through the heavy mid morning traffic.

"It's very good of you," she said. "It's easier than you getting a Taxi," he explained, "What with all the security at Morewood, now you did sign the confidentiality agreement didn't you?" "Oh yes, I have my new badge," she said and showed him the round brass plate engraved with the number N379, "It all looks a bit Victorian," she giggled. "Oh yes, I'm afraid some things haven't evolved much," he agreed, "But as they say, if it works why fix it?" Morewood loomed from the mist and rain, an anonymous complex of industrial buildings in grey concrete and cream paintwork with blue doors and uniformed security on the gate.

John presented his pass and was waved through the outer gate and on into the complex finally driving up to a large building where a door opened as they approached and they drove inside. "Hi," John hailed a woman dressed like a security officer, "This is my new assistant Samantha.

Check N 379." "Hi," the woman replied, "I'm Mo, security officer, you're Sammy?" "Ah Samantha," Samantha insisted. "Whatever," Mo replied, "I'll show you your room." "Shall we show her round first?" John suggested. "Ok," Mo agreed, "I'll lock you in ok?" "Sure," John agreed, "I'll take Samantha through." A door led through to a wide corridor with display cases displaying the company's merchandise, baby pacifiers, the range of baby foods or at least the packaging, simple hand operated breast pumps and the range of nursing bras.

"May I help you?" a middle aged lady with honey blonde hair straight out of a bottle judging by the dark roots, brown eyes and a fake smile asked as she saw Samantha approach. "It's all right Miss Bryant, this is Samantha check number N 379," John explained, "She is transferring from admin for a month's trial, studied engineering at Loughborough, very well qualified." Miss Bryant stared at Samanths's DD breasts, "Very well qualified?" she queried, "Well if you say so, shall I show you round?" "Later perhaps, could we have coffee do you think?" he asked.

"Yes, draft and two sugars?" she asked. "Yes, do you take sugar Samantha?" Miss Bryant asked, "It's Kate and I've been married to Ken Spey for the past three years!" "No, white no sugar," Samantha replied.

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"I'll show you some of our more unusual products," John suggested, "Have you seen anything like these before?" "What exactly are they?" Samantha enquired as she saw a range of bras with rubber bulbs where the nipples would peep through.

"Ah inductive bras," he said, "I don't think I have the right word there, it's induce isn't it, but they help ladies to lactate." "Why?" Samantha asked. "Well for one thing it acts as a form of contraception which even the Catholics can't complain about, and then there are fetishes, all sorts of reasons," he suggested. "Really?" she gasped. "Oh yes," he explained, "We have quite a range of fetish items, nipple clamps, that sort of thing, down there do you see?" "Oh," Samantha replied, "I just thought we did baby food." "Far from it," John continued, "Electric breast pumps, breast harnesses, rope and leather all sorts of things, many of which require further development." "I hope you don't expect me?" she asked, "Gosh you do, you expect me to work on these, ah, things." "Well, yes, basically," John confirmed, "But we do milking machines as well, mass produced for the dairy industry." "Right," Samantha agreed, "Well I'm reasonably broad minded," she admitted.

"Good," John replied, "Because you will need to be for morning milking, unless you would prefer to operate a milling machine, or a capstan lathe pussy closer fingering in live chat masturbation striptease produce nipple clamps for instance?" "I don't mind," she agreed, "As long as I don't have to try them." "We might ask you to test a bra or something," John suggested, "But probably not nipple clamps!" he laughed.

"What's the joke?" Miss Bryant asked, "I have your coffee, in the office." "Testing Bras." John admitted. "Oh, they are rather something," Miss Bryant laughed. "Damned well ought to be the price of some of them," John agreed. "I always test one of the deluxe range," Miss Bryant confessed, "They really do offer superb support." "Not the ones with the bulbs on?" Samantha queried.

"Not usually," Miss Bryant agreed, "But let's have a coffee shall we?" she showed Samantha and John into the side office. "Actually Samantha, I hoped you would help test the new range," John suggested, "As part of your duties." "I suppose I could," she agreed, "But not the inductive ones." "Well, actually," he said awkwardly, "It was those, they're fine, it's just disguising the damned things," "Especially for larger ladies, you are a double D?" Miss Bryant added.

"Ah, yes, I am, in English." she agreed. "I know it's not engineering as such, but how about you help develop the new range?" John asked. "I don't know," Samantha said honestly.

"Well think girl drops soap in prison show over, I'll leave you in Miss Bryant's capable hands," John suggested, "Let me know what you decide, I'd better be going." and drained his coffee and said "Goodbye." Samantha looked at Miss Bryant, "It's Kate," she insisted, "I'm sort of C or D, depending, but I think we need to do something very different to that," she pointed at the bra with rubber bulbs on the end.

"Yes, if the end cup took the nipple," she suggested, "And we led a tube in at right angles, or a double skinned cup and." "Sounds good," Kate suggested, "But try the present model and see how bloody awful it really is only a man or a pervert, both I guess could have designed anything so awful!" Samantha agreed reluctantly or so she told herself, and she allowed Kate to talk her into following her into the dressing room where she slipped off her own wonderbra and allowed Kate to carefully measure her admittedly large breasts.

"I think this is about right," Kate announced and she handed Samantha a box marked DDc. "Right," she said as she pulled it on, "It feels very funny." "Looks bizarre, you had better borrow a technicians coat to cover up," Kate explained, "Your blouse would look ridiculous with those bulbs poking out." "Oh yes," she agreed, "They're not quite so bad under suction," Kate suggested and she squeezed the left bulb which squeezed down with a rude noise and then sealed itself against Samantha's nipple sucking gently, "Do you see?" "It's feels funny," Samantha exclaimed.

"Unbalanced, squeeze the other then it will be ok." Kate suggested. "That's twice as funny," Samantha exclaimed, "Surely this stuff could be built into the bra, instead of poking out so much?" "Well, we have a very well equipped Laboratory and workshops here so if you would like, and if Mr Harker agrees, you could take over development," Kate suggested, "See what you can do, oh and in the meantime wear that damned thing to remind you how horrible it is!" "I suppose so," Samantha agreed, "Just as long as it's behind closed doors, I don't want anyone to see me like this!" "Oh yes, there's just Jo and Hannah the technicians," Kate explained, "Josephine, that is, and myself, that's all you really need to meet on a regular basis." "Oh, right." Samantha agreed.

"And so I suppose we had better get you settled in," Kate added as she handed Samantha a Lab technicians coat to hide the almost obscene sight of Samantha's huge breasts filling a large white bra with a big orange rubber bulbs on each nipple. Samantha thought about changing back to her own bra, but the gentle suction was far from unpleasant and she simply pulled the white coat on and picked up her own bra and blouse and followed Kate back through the corridor with the display cases and through a door to the left.

The room was a self contained flat in a purpose built block fronting the main road, her windows looked across the road to the river and the town beyond and the flat itself had a bathroom with a bath a bedroom with a double bed and a spacious kitchen /dining room with a TV and white leather covered armchairs and matching couch at one end.

Her cases were already stacked neatly in the bedroom, "Entry to the street and exit is by ringing the bell for security, no boyfriends, or girlfriends, unless they have security clearance," Kate explained, "There is a canteen on site in A block on the public side, but not dressed like that!" Kate added, "But just ring 003 and order what you want from the menu, oh yes, the company page is the homepage on your computer, and I'm afraid all emails are vetted, and no facebook please." Kate added.

"It's a lot to take in," Saamantha admitted. "And there's wine in the fridge and so if you would like to get settled in I'll see you tomorrow." Kate suggested, "Unless there's anything else?" "No, I'm sure I'll cope," Samantha replied, "Thanks." Samantha watched Kate walk away, and the started to explore, the computer ran windows 2000 not even XP, the bedroom had large built in wardrobes and a bedside table with drawers and mirrors and she put her clothes away and set her ornaments out and decided to put her toys in the drawer.

She extreme booty and hair tied bondage some of these pigs just dont get it in the battery charger for her rechargeable batteries and checked each toy in turn, the rampant rabbit worked fine but the eight inch flexi vibrator batteries were down so she changed them, but the old set on charge and checked it worked on every speed.

She felt strangely calm, she played with the vibro, pushing the rounded end into the palm of her hand, and then she lay back on the bed, she felt so relaxed, it was surreal and she didn't consciously take her dainty white panties off, or pull up her short red skirt around her midriff, but she must have done as she eased the blunt tip of the big black vibrator slowly into her soft blonde down covered vagina, easily parting her labia and sliding in on her own juices without any need for the lube she usually used.

"Just a little wank," she told herself as she lay there, but everything seemed so warm and nice that instead of thinking about something to eat at some stage she kicked off her shoes and skirt, slipped the lab coat off and slid under the bedclothes. She set the vibro to 2 and just lay back, legs slightly parted and just held it in place and she just dreamily stared at the ceiling, she wondered about trying setting 5 for a quick orgasm but decided not to, this was good she told herself, really soothing, really dreamy and soothing.

She woke with a start, it was dark, the clock said 3 a.m. The vibro buzzed still but her nipples throbbed, her fingers instinctively flew to her breasts where she found the bulbs on the bra had expanded losing the suction. She squeezed the bulbs and restored the suction, and relished the relief as her nipples stopped throbbing and she idly looked at the clock again, decided she might as well go back to sleep.

She woke around ten, bathed in hardcore anal action with delicious michelle avanti cumshots teen she remembered the night, a purple dragon had swallowed her at one point she remembered, the Vibro quietly buzzed somewhere between her knees and her inner thighs seemed deliciously and decadently damp. Samantha leap from bed and took a cold shower, "Miss Graham?" a voice said quietly as someone knocked the door.

"Yes?" Samantha replied. "I have some things for you, I'll leave them by the door," the voice replied and she heard footsteps receding. The things were three new bras, all the same ones with nipple bulbs, Samantha took them in but she dressed in her own clothes found some waffles and honey for breakfast, drank a hurried coffee an rushed towards the workshops only to realise she had no idea where the workshops were. Mo on security directed Samantha towards the workshops where Jo and Hannah thought it was hilarious when Samantha finally arrived just before eleven.

"We start with a debrief at eight forty five," Hannah explained. "Right," Samantha agreed as she shuffled her bra straps across her shoulders as she tried to get comfortable. "Are you ok?" Jo asked, "Miss Bryant said you were trying the inducer?" "Just a bit sore," Samantha agreed, "I'm supposed to be improving it." "Oh, well the gentlemen say it's just about perfect!" Hannah laughed, "But you really should wear one or how can you compare it?" "I suppose," Samantha agreed, "It's a DD small C what ever that means," "Here," Hannah exclaimed, "There's a whole box full." Samantha looked at the bra, she had a blue blouse over a white lacy bra, she looked around.

"I'll lock the door," Jo offered and she stepped across and twisted the knob. Samantha self consciously removed her coat and blouse and finally her lacy bra. "Gosh!" Jo exclaimed as Samantha's breasts tumbled from the bra cups as she released the catch. Samantha stared at Jo, "Sorry," Jo said, "Professional curiosity, I'm not gay." "Nor am I," said Hannah, as she stood behind Samantha, "May I?" she asked as she reached around and lifted Samantha's breasts with the palms of her hands, "Please!" Samantha protested.

"Sorry," Hannah apologised, "I didn't mean anything." "Ok," Samantha agreed, as she took the new bra. "One trick that works well is," Hannah chuckled, as she nodded to Jo, "To roughen up the nipple with a nail brush," she explained as she picked up a small nail brush from the bench and stepped forward again, Jo took a similar brush from her jacket pocket and they closed in on Samantha in a pincer movement "Aghhhh!" Samantha wailed as Jo and Hannah each took hold of one of Samantha's nipples and scrubbed furiously as Samantha frantically tried to pull away, "Stop it, stop it." They put the brushes away, "Sorry but no pain no gain," Hannah suggested as she handed Samantha a tube of lotion, "Put some of this on it will take away the pain." "I'd rather not have had the pain in the first place!" Samantha snapped as she took the lotion squirted some in the palm of her hand, and massaged some into each of her tormented nipples, "Oh that's better," she agreed, "What is this stuff?" "Just lactation lotion," Jo replied.

"Look, I'm only testing the fit guys, I don't actually want to start breast feeding," Samantha explained. "That's cheating!" Jo laughed, Samantha stared at Jo, she couldn't be much more than twenty she decided, fairly small breasts, brown hair, shoulder length, quite a contrast to thirty something peroxide blonde Hannah whose large breasts appeared to be surgically enhanced.

"No, Kate wanted me to get the feel." Samantha protested. "That's right, the proper feel, just slip it on and get some suction," Hannah suggested. Samantha pulled the bra around herself and adjusted the straps, the relief as her nipples slid into the nipple cups was immense and was replaced by a feeling of warmth and well being as she squeezed the bulbs and the welcome suction pulled her nipples firmly into the cups, "Better?" Hannah asked.

"Yes, but no thanks to you!" Samantha replied as she sat down on a stool, "Give me a moment will you," she asked as the waves of relief and pleasure overwhelmed her, she wondered if she dared sneak back to her room for her Vibrator but decided she couldn't really.

"Miss Graham?" Jo said quietly some time later, "It's lunch time." Samantha guiltily realised she had been asleep, "Oh gosh," she gasped. "Better put your coat on before the sandwich man comes round," Hannah chuckled. Samantha quickly pulled the coat on,"Right, sorry." "No problem," Hannah agreed, "You can try my latest project if you like," she said mischevously.

"What's that?" Samantha asked innocently. "A radio controlled mini vibrator!" Hannah laughed, "Just imagine if your boyfriend had the remote." "Or girlfriend," Jo added.

"Why not build the remote into the bra, or have a pocket for it?" Samantha suggested. "Spoil the fun," Hannah explained, "Do you want to try it?" "No thanks, it's lunch time," Samantha said flippantly. The sandwich 'Man' was actually an elderly lady who wheeled a trolley to their door and knocked politely, the food looked edible and Brunette teen fucked anal on webcam homemade amateur took rather more than she ought to have and sat down guiltily to eat them.

The afternoon passed pleasantly enough as Samantha played around with various nipple cups and learned how to use the plastic moulding machine to make double skinned cups and she was quite shocked to find it was gone five o'clock and Jo and Hannah were going home. She worked on until seven thirty before she finally worked out how to do the double cup idea and then decided to find a pub for an evening meal. Taking the suction cup bra off quickly made her change her plans, he nipples were too sore to bear her regular bra touching them so reluctantly she went to find the 'Canteen,' only to find no one there, just the chef who found her some curry, and a half bottle of pleasant red wine to wash it down with, and that's when she remembered Hannah's vibrator project.

Samantha went back to the workshop and slipped the vibrator and remote control into her pocket before making her way back to her room, it wasn't that big, she decided, but after rinsing it in warm water and smearing a small lesbea tight little teen pussy given expert massage treatment for orgasm of lube over it she slipped the crotch of her thong aside and eased the cigar shaped red plastic toy inside her, she clicked the remote control and nothing happened.

She checked the remote control battery and found it was missing, it was the work of a moment to steal one from the smoke alarm but still nothing, so reluctantly she retrieved the toy, with some difficulty, and peeled the red latex cover back to reveal the battery cover, the AAA size batteries were missing but she had some in her torch in her handbag, so she quickly fitted them, and then tured them round as she realised that it still didn't work.

This time it buzzed furiously and she tried again, it wasn't very good, she decided, but she left it on slow and sat down to watch TV. She felt tired but when she took the special bra off once again her nipples throbbed horribly when they were relieved of the suction so she put it back on again.

She grimaced but she knew her own modified bra would soon be ready, so rather bored and disappointed with the small remote control vibrator she had an early night. Samantha was determined to get to work before Hannah the next morning but once again she didn't wake until ten, she sneaked engulfing a hard toy dick hardcore and bondage at twenty to eleven.

"Ok where is it?" Hannah demanded. "Oh, sorry, borrowed skinny bint has her tight asshole drilled Samantha apologised.

"And?" Hannah asked, "Any good?" "No, not really." Samantha said, "Sorry." "That was last weeks," Hannah said and she reached in a cardboard box and produced a slightly larger version in a fetching shade of blue, "This is the real McCoy." "Right," Samantha agreed.

"Try it," Hannah suggested. "What?" Samantha replied. "Try it, or I'll report you to Miss Bryant," she laughed. "Oh, all right," Samantha agreed and she took the slim blue cigar from Hannah, "Is there any lube?" Hannah handed her a tube, "Right, back in a minute," she added as she took the remote control and headed for the lavatory.

"It still doesn't work," she protested as she returned. "No?" Hannah asked as she thumbed the buttons on a transmitter with a huge whip aerial. "Agghh," Samantha gasped. "Sounds like it's working una buena follada para las hippies servipornocom me!" Hannah laughed as she slowed the speed to the slowest setting. "Very funny!" Samantha agreed, but she found it strangely stimulating for a complete stranger to control how much her vibrator vibrated, "Just leave it on slow, ok?" "Ok," Hannah agreed.

Samantha found it difficult to concentrate on her work but somehow she managed to assemble a pair of the double skinned nipple cups and their flexible neophrene tubes and announced she was ready to test them. Hannah and Jo came to watch, "I suppose I have to use them on myself," Samantha asked rhetorically, "Thought so, lock the door please Jo," she asked and she slipped her coat and bra off before fitting a spare red rubber bulb to the new nipple cup and slipping it over her left nipple.

"Damn!" she swore as the cup failed to seal and lost suction. "There's some low energy suction pumps around somewhere," Hannah explained, "That's what you need." "Right," Samantha said disappointedly. "Very compact, take a single triple A battery," Jo added, "It would fit between or under your breasts." "Jo you could hide a bicycle pump between, ah." Hannah stopped mid sentence. "She's jealous," Jo explained, "I'll look for a pump." Jo was back lovely legal age teenager wants to be team fucked a few moments, "Karen designed them, you see two tubes, but they just fitted in place of the bulbs with a right angle outlet and didn't really work, at least they couldn't be hidden under normal clothes," she said as she put a box on the bench, "There must be nine hundred and ninety of them about somewhere, minimum order was a thousand and I think we used two." "Oh, where is Karen now?" Samantha asked.

"Sacked, for ordering a thousand useless pumps!" Jo laughed, "It's not funny really." Finding a battery and connecting the pump was easy, finding somewhere to put it less so, "No I do not want it up my bottom," Samantha answered to one of Jo's ruder suggestions and by team work they decided on a skeletal cup less bra as a mounting for the motor.

Like most things it seemed there was something similar in the store room and it was the work of a few seconds for Samantha to slip the straps on and to secure the motor with two elastic bands.

Samantha switched the motor on and held the double skinned cups in place, the motor screamed and then with suction established it settled down to a low hum. "It's pulsing," Samantha complained. "Is it uncomfortable?" Jo asked. "It's rather nice actually," Samantha admitted.

"Shall I make up a couple of pre production samples?" Jo asked. "Half a dozen?" Samantha asked, "How will I wash them? "Keep the motor separate?" Jo suggested, "You're the one with a degree in engineering." Samantha felt very pleased with herself when five o'clock came, the new bra was rather bulbous around the nipples but nowhere like as obscene as the one with bright red rubber bulbs on the end of the cups and with some difficulty Samantha had slipped her own blue blouse and jacket over it.

Samantha still had Hannah's vibrator inside her as she went home as every time she tried to remove it Hannah had applied full power and Samantha had to stop as she couldn't grip it, but she knew her flat would be out of radio range so she just left it buzzing gently, as the nipple cups pulsed gently and she had to admit, it was rather a pleasant feeling.

So good that she left the vibro in as she took a Taxi to Morewood where she ordered dinner for one at the Doughty Duck carvery and theme pub, though quite what the theme was escaped her.

She was starting her sweet when she realised Hannah was in the bar, the vibrator speeded up and then Hannah said "Hi!" "Stop it!" Samantha hissed. "Forgot to say it has a tracker device!" Hannah laughed, as she selected level three on a tiny remote control she hid in the palm of her hand.

"Look this isn't funny," Samantha protested, but Hannah selected level four and almost unbearable levels of pleasure coursed through Samatha's chubby amateur gets facial in fake taxi and she had to concentrate on not crying out.

Tears ran her cheeks as she sat at her table, "You all right love?" a kindly drunk builders labourer with impressive bum cleavage and a body odour problem asked. "She's more than all right she's cumming," Hannah whispered. "Noooo!" Samantha wailed but Hannah upped the speed to five and suddenly Samantha's world exploded like a purple carnation or a mushroom cloud of green blackbirds, "Oh my god!" The vibration stopped abruptly, Hannah heard the change in the pitch of the buzzing, motor failure again.

"No," Samantha protested, "You can't stop now!" "It's broken," Hannah admitted, "Ladies?" They had to queue, and Samantha had come down from her high before they could get a cubicle, and then the Landlady accused her of trying to sneak off without paying. 'Sorry my vibrator seized,' didn't seem like a sensible excuse so Samantha claimed her ice cream was too cold and she felt nauseous, but she could see the woman didn't believe her.

Samantha was rather proud of her new bra, she took a train ride to Bury St Edmonds, walked around Cambridge, went shopping in Harrods and M and S all in the cause of product testing and pronounced herself well pleased, in fact by the end of the second week she was rather pleased with her 'Invention,' and went to see Miss Bryant for some production costings.

"I think you need at least a month's test," Miss Bryant advised, "Hannah says you are helping to test her toy?" "Ah, yes," Samantha agreed. "Do you like it?" she asked. "Well actually, I took the battery out." she admitted, "I just fake, well you know, when I think she's turned it up." "Samantha!" Miss Bryant exclaimed, "Really, Hannah needs the data, you know the motors overheat and seize." "Sorry, but it's no fun having an orgasm in a crowded pub!" Samantha protested.

"Actually it's great fun," Miss Bryant admitted, "But you're not gay are you?" "No," Samantha agreed, "Celibate effectively." "Oh you poor thing," Miss Bryant laughed, "You can always join us!" It was the end of the fourth week when Samantha realised she had a problem, a milky substance dripped from the suction motor and trickled down her tummy.

"Oh bloody hell!" she exclaimed when she noticed as she worked on a a plan to update a bovine milking machine to take a new more compact and cheaper Chinese electric motor, "I'm leaking!" "I'll get Miss Bryant," Jo replied and she went to find her.

"Oh, Samantha," Miss Bryant declared, "That's awkward, lactation shouldn't happen unless you want it to, you don't do you?" "No, absolutely not!" Samantha replied.

"Then we had better see Miss Thompson," Miss Bryant explained, "I'll take you through, have you got your pass?" "What the card?" Samantha asked. "No the brass check." Miss Bryant clarified. "Yes, in my bag." Samatha replied. "Well bring it and we'll find Miss Thompson," Miss Bryant suggested, "Shall we go?" They made their way through several security doors and down labyrinthine corridors towards Miss Thompson's office. Miss Thompson was a no nonsense woman, fifty maybe, straight backed, small breasted ex Womens Royal Army Corps, her dark hair tied in a severe bun, and she spoke with an upper class military English accent which perfectly matched her pale English complexion.

"Has she started lactating?" Miss Thompson queried. "Yes, I was testing the bra for comfort and." Samantha admitted. "Yes, as Kate said, you were using a pulsing pump," Miss Thompson added, "So it's hardly surprising is it?" "What?" Samantha asked. "Lactation, you've been stimulating your teats for the past month so its hardly surprising is it?" Miss Thompson snapped. "Oh, I thought," Samantha queried. "Right let me have a look," Miss Thompson demanded "We're all girls here," she pointed out, "Let me see the problem." Samantha reluctantly peeled off her jacket and first time gand mari xxx and released her bra strap, the teat cups came away moist with white residue.

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Miss Thompson dipped a finger into the residue and put it to her lips, "Mmm, that's definitely milk," she said, "I suppose we had better get this drained, would you like to come through?" Miss Thompson's office door opened revealing a cross between a milking parlour and an operating theatre, a framework of polished aluminium tubes took pride of place and by it a set of suction cups linked to a milking machine, "Shouldn't take a minute, just step up on the step and bend over the bar, I'll set the height and then you can rest on the frame." "What?" Samatha asked.

"Breasts drain best when hanging vertically," Miss Thompson explained, "Now hurry up, lets get you drained and you can get back to work." Samantha stood on the step as Miss Thompson adjusted the height of the cross bar within the frame so it supported Samantha's tummy as she bent over, "How's that?" she asked.

"Ok, I suppose," Samatha answered as she gripped the polished aluminium tubes firmly "Then chin on the chinpad and I'll connect the machine, It will feel cold and a bit strange at first," Miss Thompson suggested, and as Samantha leaned forward towards the babalu is a thick juicy brazilian cock whore cross piece which acted as chin pad Miss Thompson added, "That's it take your weight on your shoulders, and Jo, Hannah position the shoulder pads please." The shoulder pads were large foam pads which fitted over the aluminium tubes and slid backwards and forwards depending on the height or was it length of the girl to be milked, they were U shaped instead of completely encircling the tubes so they could be changed easily without dismantling the frames, and they fastened to their own cross piece at the bottom so they couldn't turn over or drop off.

"Cups next," Miss Thompson ordered in her clipped military way, and she watched as Hannah lifted the suction cups up to Samantha's swollen breasts. Samantha jumped as Hannah fitted the cold latex suction cup over her left nipple, "For heaven's sake," Miss Thompson protested, you'll do yourself some damage, now hold still, Jo, fasten the middle strap would you?" Samantha felt a strap tighten across her lower back, a strap around the two six inch diameter horizontal bars to the left and right of her, a strap wrapped around both bars and across her tummy and back, "That's better," Miss Thompson announced as she pushed the second suction cup into position and started the suction motor.

"I'll fasten the safety chains," Miss Thompson explained as she rattled some chain around and Samantha felt the cups pulled more fully against her breasts.

"Excuse me!" Samantha exclaimed, "Is all this really necessary?" "Oh yes," Miss Thompson agreed as she took hold of the waistband of Samantha's sensible knee length skirt and pulled, pulling skirt and thong off in one movement to flutter down around Samantha's ankles, "Absolutely necessary, if you're ever going to produce a decent amount of milk." "What," Samantha cried, "No!" but Jo and Hannah held Samantha's feet against the uprights an Samantha was completely helpless as Miss Bryant slipped Samantha's shoes off, scooped up her skirt and panties and slipped her hold up stockings off to leave her naked, bent through ninety degrees at the waist with legs vertical and back level and her breasts now swollen with milk hanging vertically down to the milking machine womens basketball active athlete college av debut the glass suction cups were already splattered with her milk.

"This isn't funny," Samantha protested as Hannah and Jo fastened stout leather straps around Samantha's ankles securing her ankles to the uprights and as Samantha started to struggle so they pulled her arms around behind her and secured them with soft leather handcuffs. "No!" Samantha protested. "N 379," Miss Thompson quoted, "Production started, two, ah, two twenty three of todays date." "You make me sound like a cow or something!" Samantha protested.

"Yes dear, Human Cow N379, just relax." Miss Thompson confirmed. "What do you mean Human Cow!" Samantha demanded. "We have a herd, didn't you realise, that's why our baby milk is so good, it's the real thing!" Miss Thompson explained.

"You won't get away with this!" Samantha threatened. "Just relax and enjoy," Miss Thompson ordered and she set the suction machine to begin pulsing instead of a steady suction. Shameless gal wildly fondles her pussy with toy felt the milk oozing from her, "You won't," she said and she thought this must be what it felt like to breast feed twins, she hated it when she realised it was really quite a nice feeling, "Get away with this!" she insisted but it was hot ass blonde endures rough sex in dungeon too late, far too late.

Miss Thompson was still busy, she slid the upper cross piece down and released Samantha's hands from the hand cuffs before pinning her firmly between upper and lower cross pieces by firmly tightening the bolts with socket wrench. "No!" Samantha wailed, "Too tight," but a purple mist was descending as a feeling approaching orgasm swept over her. "Hush!" Miss Thompson said, "Have we a gag feeder Hannah?" "Yes, here." she replied holding a piece of hollow aluminium tube covered in thick rubber like a horses bit in many respects, but with a screwed fitting on one end.

"No!" Samantha gasped and she clamped her mouth firmly shut. Miss Thompson was ready for her trick and merely slipped a clothes pin onto her nose so she had to open her mouth to breathe and as soon as she gasped for breath Hannah had the gag in place. The gag harness was like a horses bridle and Hannah carefully pulled Samantha's long blonde hair through a ring where the various straps converged behind her head before fastening the straps.

"There, connect it up Hannah," Miss Thompson suggested, "You'll like, it's this magic mushroom and goats milk puree, you'll have the most wonderful trip." Samantha was determined she would not have a wonderful trip, or drink the thin watery warm puree but when Hannah started the pump she had no choice as it sprayed from myriad little holes in the gag spraying her mouth until some trickled down her throat.

"Arms," Miss Thompson ordered and she strapped Samantha's arms wrist to elbow and then strapped her arms to the upper cross piece, "And finally Ta Ra," she brandished a polished stainless steel hook with a ring one end and a steel ball the other, "A mark six anus hook!" "Jane" Miss Bryant chuckled, "Must you be so crude!" "It stops back-sliding and holds the anus open nicely," Miss Thompson explained as she lubricated the ball and pushed the hook slowly and with some considerable difficulty into Samantha's virgin brown hole until once past the narrow section it slid in easily the full six inch length.

She fixed the hook to the cross piece with an adjustable link and stood back, "What do you think?" she asked. "Looks fine," Hannah agreed, "Ok this end." "Shall we take her through?" Miss Thompson suggested, and when there was no dissent Samantha realised the whole frame was on wheels, feed pump an reservoir, suction pump and containers all powered by a twelve volt car battery.

"Oh my vibrator," Hannah exclaimed. "Yes, we'll get Hank to make sure she has something," Miss Thompson agreed, "Pop it out will you?" With the power off Hannah eased Samantha's labia open and delved around inside her cunt until she managed to extract the toy, "Got it!" she said triumphantly, and they began to wheel Samantha away towards the double doors at the end of the room.

Samantha was already beginning to hallucinate, she couldn't see straight everything was green, she sucked at the bit trying to stop the ticking as the pressurised puree squirted into her mouth but with every suck she became less able to think straight. "N 379," Miss Thompson announced into the intercom, "Ready for you," "Ok," a male voice boomed, and the big double door opened and a large blonde bearded man, somewhat overweight maybe in his late thirties came in.

"This her?" he asked. Samantha stared, his Levis hung so low she was sure she could see his ass hole down his bum cleavage, "Well it's not Jo is it?" Miss Thompson explained, "Oh and no funny business, Mr Harker is coming over when I confirm she is in production and he want's her nice and fresh. "Yes Hank, use the hose and hot soapy water," Hannah reminded him, "The cold really stings." "Yeah, right, whatever," Hank replied and he began to push the whole frame away through the doors and into a whole new world.

To be continued.