Young married couple trying out a swinger party for the first time

Young married couple trying out a swinger party for the first time
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She comes in, slams the door and throws her backpack down on the floor.

I can see she's been crying. She looks at me as I click to pause the music playing on the computer. I take out my earbuds. Hey, honey. What's wrong? She pulls her hairtie out and her hair falls down, covering her face. Nothing. Probably a breakup. Good.

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I hate that little shit. I attempt to comfort her. You just don't know what it feels like to be with a real man. The boys you date. hell, they just might as well be girls. Shaving themself and looking so frail. Ain't got no muscle. She thinks about that for a second. Well, Daddy I never thought about it before, but I just don't like boys who act like babies and whine more than I do. I just want someone to be strong, take care of me, make me feel good.

I just want to be happy. That's all. She hugs me and I can't help but notice how her hair smells. You are right, honey. Those boys are just that. Just boys, you see. It takes a man to take care of you.

Not a little boy. She lays her head on my chest. I know. I just feel so sad sometimes. I just want somebody to make me feel special. She looks me in the eyes and I look back. But you are. You are so, so special.

She smiles and pokes my nose. Oh you are so silly. What makes me so special? I put my arms around her. She nestles up to me real close, puts her head against my chest. She feels so warm. I can't stop thinking about how much she's starting to look just like her mother. Because, honey. You just are.

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You want to be something special to someone who doesn't see it, you won't ever feel like it. But I see it. You have to quit trying to show yourself to someone who's just blind. I can feel her breasts moving against my chest as she breathes.

She looks at me again. I just want someone to see me like, well. Like you do. She puts her head against my chest, hugs me, then looks up again. This time she looks puzzled. Daddy. You. you are. She points down and I'm still thinking about her breasts, so I don't notice. This time, her voice breaks me from my daze. You are so hard. I look down as she reaches towards my pants. Look! Oh my god, I. I'm. Umm. Did. I. Are you hard because of me?

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That's. So. She begins to rub me through my pants. My cock throbs at her touch. Why are you doing that? We can't. I'm. But don't you want to? She puts an arm around me again while slowly stroking me with tiny schoolgirl delivers a sloppy blowjob pornstars brunette other hand.

You shouldn't be doing that. It's just. Oh god. Oh my god. She giggles. You're the one who got a boner, silly. I walk my fingers down her back and push inside the waistband of her jeans.

She is so incredibly warm. I run a finger across the edge of her crack. That tickles! I pull my hand away and unbutton by jeans. Ok, but just promise me. Don't tell anyone about this, okay? No one. She pulls down my jeans and underwear in one fluid motion. Promise. I'm standing with my pants around my ankles when the phone rings. I answer it and the voice on the other end says Hey, you know you haven't called since last Friday?

I was just wondering if you have any plans on you know. I feel a soft, wet tingle as she begins running her tongue along the bottom of my balls. I become aware of the pulse in my cock.

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She pushes up on her knees and scoots closer. .ever seeing me again? I had a really great time and I just feel like you've been ignoring my calls and. I run my hand through her hair as she licks her hand and begins stroking me. I just get the idea that maybe you aren't interested in me at all. Just.

I want the truth.

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It's not that. I. A warmth envelopes me as my cock slides into her mouth. It isn't. Oh God. What. What's wrong. Did you just moan? She is taking me into her mouth so deep I can hear her gag as it hits the back of her throat. Nothing, nothing. Just. work. It's not that I don't want to see you. I do. But I have so many things on my plate right now.

Don't take it the wrong way. I push her head against me as I thrust harder into her throat. I just have so little free time, and what little I do have I like to spend it with my daughter.

Now really is a bad time. Look, I'll call you back.

I've really got to go. I hang up as she pushes me onto the couch. She sits down beside me and goes down on me again. I reach down and run my hand across her buttcheek. She turns on her side and thrusts her butt out. Honey, wait a second. She leans up and looks at me. I hold her hand and she kisses me on the cheek. I grab her hair and pull her towards me.

She kisses me on the mouth. I push my tongue past her lips and can taste my chesty secretary lennox luxe gets her pussy ruined pornstars and hardcore on her tongue. I reach between her legs and begin to rub her.

She's undone her button and then she takes my hand. I'm so wet. Feel. She pushes my hand into her panties. My finger finds the source of her warmth and slides into it with ease. Mmm. She lets go of me and rubs herself as I flick my finger back and forth inside of her. She goes back to stroking me, then moves to go down on me again. I can't reach you anymore, sweetie. It's ok, just.

Wait She pulls her panties all the way off and pokes her ass at my hand. I slap her bare ass as she strokes me. I want you to fuck me.

to be continued.