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Busty pickedup euro fucked outdoors for cash european and pulling
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The Abduction of Selah I in no way support rape this is just a piece of fiction intended to pleasure people. it is not in support of rape. Selah was the perfect young woman. Even for a sixteen year old she was petite. She had long dark brown hair that reached right to the small of her back and framed her face like a perfect picture frame.

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Her eyes were bright clear blue and her skin alebastor, lightly sprinkled with freckles. Her smile lit up the entire room and just one of her glances could inspire the sun to asian handjob masseuse fucks client dicksucking cocksucking or induce darkness. She was a very advanced dancer so her body was absolutely divine.

Soft lean curves traced themself effortlessly down her flawless body. Her 32C breasts being perfectly complimented by her slender, but curvy hips.

I had been watching her for almost a year then. Wanting to know her every single thought and behavior before I took on the challenge of breaking her. I knew from the begining she would be a true test of my abilities. She was as head strong as you could imagine. The head cheerleader at her high school, but by no means the oldest. She was simply a very gifted young woman.

She knew she was gorgeous, that was obvious right when you looked at her. Every glance, every movement was done with the knowlledge that every boy in the room was watching. Little did she know, I was watching her every movement every moment, of everyday. My name is Joshua. My life was very normal up until the moement I met Selah.

She, i'm sure, doesnt remember me, but I remember our first meeting like it happened yesterday. I was on my way to work,when I saw a girl walking along side the road ahead of me, it was 6:30am so I figured she was walking to school. It took me only a few moments to realize the closest school was about four miles away.

Wet cunt stuffed by toy blowjob and amateur I drew nearer I began to be able to make out the details of the girl.

All I could see from behind was her long dark hair spread out over her back and her taught little fit ass. She was wearing tiny little cut off jean shorts and black stilettos, i couldnt quite see but i thought she was wearing a tight fitting plaid shirt on top.

as I was about to pass her I made my mind up at the last moment and swerved off the side of the road right infront of her. rolling down my window i took a deep breath, preparing myself so that i wuldnt sound foolish. "why hello there, don't you think it's a bit early to be out here walking in heels?" She looked up in surprise when I spoke and smiled shyly at me, her adorable doe eyes blinking alluringly up at me.

even in her four inch heels she wasnt over 5'5". still over a foot short than me. "My dad's car broke down so I have to walk to school." 'Yes!' That was exactly what I had been hoping for! "well i'm going into town if you'ed like a ride.? I promise i'm a gentelman" i said with a wink.

the whole time thinking about the things I would love to do to her tiny young body. my cock growing hard as she toyed with her button up top,one button coming un done and her black lace bra peeking out from between her fingers. "well. I guess it couldnt hurt. right?" with one last aprehensive look at my car she walked around and climbed in. She, smelled, amazing! She was like a little untouched rose. A soft aroma of rose following her every movement.

She smiled shyly and glanced up at me through her eyelashes yeah mom doesnt want cumshot from brother she buckled her seat belt. "i'm sorry to inconvinience you." she said shyly, her little hands rubbing her soft inner thighs unknowly. My cock getting harder and harder as I imagined running a knife slowly up her inner thighs and cutting off her clothes, leaving shallow cuts.

"no, no dont worry about it! I'm headed that direction anyway. where do you live? I mena there must be a bus stop or something near you." I said, trying to be calm. "i live on maple street.

I'm the only one that lives up there so theres no bus stop. it really sucks. but only three more years of this, than im free!" She said, getting less nervous as she spoke. "ohhh, so how old are you? around 17.?" "oh no I wish!

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I'm 15 and 3/4" I loved how teenage girls added in those little details. so young and innocent. it made my cock throb. "what's your name miss 15 and 3/4?" "i'm selah" she said with a big smile, "but you can call me ella if you want." mmm selah. such a sexy name. "well i'm joshua, and i'l call you selah. it's such a unique name, why shorten it!" she seemed to be blushing. such a beautiful blush.

such a gorgeous little girl. at that moment we pulled up to the local high school. "well here we are miss selah! maybe i'l see you around" I have her a big smile and as she began to czechtaxi multiple female orgasm in the backseat out fo the car, "thanks for the ride joshua.

I reallly appreciate it!!" as she spoke she leaned down to speak to me. her big perky tits falling out of her bra a bit so that i could see one of her little pink nipples. "well have a nice day!" she said as she slammed the door and walked away from teh car, her sexy hips moving from side to side as she went. I moaned and rubbed my cock through my jeans, my balls aching to empty on her tiny little face. That day has been my fuel this past year. Everydays actions intended to get me closer to Selah, every choice the best one for me to get to her.

I knew everything about her now. Where she lived, who her friends were, her dance schedule, her cheer schedule,her favorite color, her favorite outfit, her food choices, how her laugh sounded when she was nervous how it sounded when she was happy and i knew her most personal and the most important thing to me.

she was a virgin. She had only been kissed one time. She was as innocent as a new born child, but she looked like a woman.

I couldnt wait to stretch out her tiny virgin cunt. make her bleed all ove rmy dick and just mercilessly slam my cock int her. I would make her suck my cock until my balls exploded down her brunette swallows and slobbers a big cock. than i would make her keep my cock down her throat until she passd out so I could see her tiny body colapsed on the floor with my cum dripping out of her mouth.

I had set the date for when I would take her. and the time had finaly come. tonight was the night. I knew she wouldnt have a ride home because she would stay late after practice and I had slit her dads tires so he wouldnt be there to get her. She had "lost" her cell phone recently so she wouldnt be able to call anyone for a ride and I would be there, to "save" the day.

It was all set into motion. The time had come when she was usually done with practice. and than I saw her.

I was around the corner, so she would have to wait a little while, make her more desperate. I could see her in ehr tiny spandex shorts and sports bra, standing by the road waiting for her dad.

her hair was pulled back into a pony tail on the top of her head, but getting cold she slowly let it down so that it flooded down around her shoulders. my cock was already getting hard as i watched her nipples press against her sports bra from a chilly fall breeze. She began to get anxious as the sun began to set and she still remained alone infront of the school. Now was my time. I slowly pulled out onto the road, driving towards her, than slowly pulled over to a complete stop beside her.

I unrolled the window and smiled my friendliest smile. "well if it isnt miss selah! need a ride sweeety? you look awful cold!" she looked at me in confusion, "umm do I know you?" "yeah we met about a year ago.

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you were walking in unpractical shoes and I gave you a lift?" "oh yeah! joshua right? yeah I would love a ride! as long as that isnt any throuble.?" "nope!

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no trouble at all! jump in" She opened the door and quickly hopped in, slamming it behind her to escape the cold air. "I really appreciate this, I dont know what happened to my ride. hes always on time." "really dont think twice about it. i was head this direction anyway" he laughed softly to himself. if only she knew how directly he had been heading in her direction. They talked politely about her school and his work for about ten minutes, than she began to look around, realizing they had missed her turn.

"oh shoot! all this talking and I forgot to tell you where to go! we were supposed to turn a few minutes ago." "no we werent? wee are headed in just the right direction" as he said this he slid his had onto her lap, rubbing her toned soft thigh.

she jerked away from his touch, her voice shaky as she spoke. "wh-what the hell are you doing.?" I smile even bigger and began to inch my hand up her thigh. "we can do this the cost of a female stealing software is fucked pt more on hdmilfcamcom easy way, or we can do it the hard way doll.

your choice." she screamed as his hand touched her tiny pussy through her thin shorts "GET YOUR HANDS OFF ME!" "Ahh honey, that isnt going to happen." she began to franticly try to stop the car. he pulled out a cloth drenched in a foreign substance to her and slammed it down on her mouth and nose. her body going limp within moements.

"i guess you choose the hard way" he murmered to her sensless body. She awoke four hours later. I had tied her up by her neck and hair. her feet barely touched the ground but she could stand up on her toes, so that not quite all of her weight was on her neck. when I saw her stiring i walked into the room. slamming the door behind me which made her jerk and than gasp for air. i took a big knife and sliced the rope in on slice.

so that she jerked down and slammed against the cold cement floor. her arms tied tightly behind her back and her feet tied tightly together, her feet and hands both going numb. her mouth had a gag in it but I heard her give a moan from teh sudden pain. I looked down at her tiny little body writhing on the floor. her blue eyes glaring angrily up at me. "now now selah dear. dont fake taxi driver bangs brunette student in public hardcore and faketaxi to much or you might hurt yourself!!" I laughed quietly to myself, thinking of all the pain i was going to cause her.

I slowly bent down and untied her legs, yanking on them and dragging her accross the room the the big wooden table. she fought valiently but of course, lost. I threw her onto the table so her whole body slammed down on her hands which were still behind her back, her eyes filling with angry tears of pain.

i tied her legs spread wide open on the table ( she was still in her sandex shorts and sports bra from earlier). she was very flexible so i stretched her legs open as far as they would go, than a little bit further, making her scream through the gag. I smiled down at her as i tied her. than reached under her and untied her arms. she tried to stop me but i took them, one at a time and tied them to the scratchy unsanded wooden table. i stepped back to admire my handy work, looking at her smooth sily teen body.

she may be 16 but her body was as big as a small 12 year olds. I could only imagine how tight her virgin pussy and ass must be.

i pulled out my sharp knife and slowly walked towards her, first i cut her gag off, leaving tiny cuts right where her dimples are on her cute cheeks. "do you know what i am going to do with this knife darling selah?" i asked playfully she just stared at me in fear.

to afraid to speak. "I am going to cut off all of your clothes. and i am not going to be careful. so i will most likely cut you. you ready?" she looked up at me begging me to stop, tears streaming down her flushed cheeks. I lowered the knife slowly to right inbetween her perky breasts. than pressed down and slowly sliced it off of her.

her blood spreading as i cut, dripping down her stomach and pooling in her belly button.

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she screamed and screamed from the pain. her eyes huge with fear as i sliced the fabric off of her arms leaving behind shallow cuts there as well. "there now. dont you feel better now? less layers!" She screamed and than quieted, her screams becoming whimpers as she shivered and shook on the table.

her white skin contrasting beautifuly with her red blood. I smiled at her again and said, "now then, get some rest, because tomarrow i wont go so easy on you lovely" with that I walked from the room, leaving her gaged and bleeding on the table. To be continued, if enough people want me to. please comment your oppinions!