India summer and adriana chechik get fucked

India summer and adriana chechik get fucked
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Hello, my name is Bob,( yes its very orginial.) I'm 6'2" weigh about 190 pounds, dark hair, good structure, I am a CEO of a very big empire known worldwide. But enough about me. I have a wife, Mary, whom I have been married to for 15 years.

She's a goddess who came down form heaven to be with me.

( yes, love makes you corny.) My wife is 5' 6", golden hair, a nice pair of 36D breasts. Wieghing at about 150 pounds, she was perfect for me. We also have two kids, my son Mark and my son James, Both 16 and both well built and very athletic. But thats enough about my family lets get to the part you all came to read about. One day around 5:00pm I called my wife from work and asked her if she needed anything from the store as i was on my way home.

"Hello Mary is there anything you need from the store?" I asked. "Shhhh, oh ummm hi honey what is it you asked?" Did i hear a another person in the backgroundIm hoping not, Mary would never cheat on me she loves me. I though to myself. "I asked if you needed anything from the store?" I said. "Umm, no honey I. oh my god . I.

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I. I don't need anything." she said "Are you okay? I asked her.

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"Uh I. I'm fine see you when you get home honey." She said then hung up. 10 minutes later I drove into our driveway and parked the car, turned it off and sat there for a minute thinking about the phone call i had awhile ago.

All these thoughts were going on through my head; was she cheating on me, is she keeping secrets from me, does she love me anymore. All these thoughts went through my head, eventully I snapped out of it, got out of my car and went inside for supper. Supper went on as any normal family we kinkyandlonelycom mature mom son 039 s friend tube porn how each others days went ate and that was all.

After supper I stayed at at the table and did some bills (which everyone hates doing). Mark and James were in the kitchen doing the dishes when Mary came in and asked if we wanted to have a family movie night.

"Sure why not dear just let me finish up these bills." I said in response. "Mark, James what about you two?" Mary said. "We were going to go hang with our friends tonight." Mark said. " Oh come on, I only got 2 more years till you both leave home and I want to spend time with my to big boys." Both boys looked looked at each other then sighed and said "Fine" as they both went to there rooms to get into comfortable clothes.

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Mary said "yay" and walked upstair to get comfortable clothes on. A couple minutes later everyone came down stairs and went into the living room. James went and layed down on the couch and Mark sat on the floor back against the couch.

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Both Mark and James were wearing loose shorts. I walked in went and sat in my lazyboy whiched I loved so much. Eventully Mary came into the living room wearing a tigh top and a skirt. As she walking into the living room she went and turned on the movie and walked to the couch.

She looked at James and hit is feet, telling him to move so she can sit down. Halfway between the movie Mary got up from her seat and said "I'm going to go make so popcorn be back soon." As she walked away she shook her gorgous ass and i couldn't help but noticed that both my sons were wathcing her ass sway left and right as she walked away, When she left the room we watched the movie again and us boys got a big surprise when a sex scene came on and it wasn't afraid to go all out.

A minute later my wifewalked in with a bowl of popcorn and when she saw the scene on TV she said "well isn't that hot". What happend next surprised me is that when Mary went to sit down she triped on Marks foot and fell forward, popcorn flying everywhere. What i couldn't beleive is that for some reason my wife wasn't wearing any panties under the skirt she had put on and as she fell her crotch landing on Marks face and as she fell she bent down and her face fell on to James crotch.

James must of forgot to to button up hit dhorts because next thing i know his dick poped out hard as a rock pointing straight at Mary's face.It must of surprised her when it popped out because she fell down into Marks lap. I guess the same thing happened with Mark as hid dick popped pretty arielle faye and india summers getting hot and horny like a flag pole from his shorts and Mary when she fell down into Marks lap his dick when up into the very woman who gave him birth.Marks dick entering Mary made her scream and she bent down and again her face went into James crotch area but this time while she was screaming James dick went into her mouth.

It grew very silent and then over the movie I could hear sucking, As i watched I saw Mary's head start going up and down, inch by inch more of James 7in dick went into my wifes mouth. I looked a Mark and saw him thrusting his 6in dick into Mary going faster and faster with every thrust.

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Mary was moaning louder now and thats when i realized that things have gone to far. I sat there in disbelief but i couldn't get myself up to stop this what ever you call it. Next thing i know Mark says "Oh mom this is awsome I cant beleive were doing this." "Oh honey don't stop mommy wants your cock deep inside of me." Mary sluts face hole and fur pie get rammed lifting her head up off James dick.

"Dont stop sucking my dick Mom, you little slut, I've seen you sucking off half the neighbourhood you should be pro at this." James said as he grabed the side of Mary's head and pulled her back to sucking his dick. James and Mark staring groaning and moaning siginaling they were about to cum. James yelled and slammed Mary's head down on his dick and shot his seed into his mothers mouth. Hearing this Mark spead up his speed and thrust one last time before he shot his seed in to his mothers vigina.

Minutes past but it felt like hours as everything calmed down Mary got off Mark and James and stood there cum leaking out her chin and some going down her leg, she just starred at me. Both the boy got up looked at me and my wife and said "well were going to bed." as they walked up stairs, dicks swinging back and forth as they went to bed.

I sat ther looking at my wife still not processing what just had happened. "Honey before you say anythi." She said but i cut her off. I stood up and just looked at her. 'I.I.I I don't know what to say I need some time to think." as I walked past her I grabbed my jacket and the car keys and opened the door and left. As i sat in the car I saw my Mary looking at me through the window, I looked up at her then looked back down started the car and backed out of the driveway, a million thoughts going through my head.