First time tight pussy fuck xvedio

First time tight pussy fuck xvedio
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When i was 18 years old i spent one month in Italy with my father.He was a coach driver for a holiday company.

My father was one of three drivers of a coach,two would drive back to the destination while the third would have a day of rest. One of the drivers was Anthony,he was a good freind of my dad.Anthony at this time was 59 years old,but still handsome and very flirty with the ladies. Anthony was on his rest day,my father and the other driver left early in the morning for Rome.I stayed at the hotel,having been to Rome twice already. About 11 am ,i saw Anthony sitting in the reception area,We started to chat about this and that,after a short time i noticed he was feeling uncomfortable.He told me that his back was stiff from all the driving.This is when things started to happen,i asked if he would like me to give him a back rub.He liked the idea,soon i found my self in his room.

Anthony was on the bed,just a towel around his waist. I sat astride him,rubbing some lotion into his dark skin,i knew i wanted him,i hoped he wanted me. Anthony seemed to be enjoying every moment,so i made my move."Would you like me to do your front"i asked.Anthony turned over,suddenly i could feel his cock swelling big milf tits bounce while she fucks my body.His hand slid up my body,cupping my breast for a few seconds.Then he moved upto my shoulders,releasing the straps to my dress.

Back in England my boyfreind would struggle to remove my bra,Anthony's experience with women showed,skillfully removing my bra in a second or two.My dress fell down to my waist,then i felt his hands on my hips,he gripped my underwear,then pulled until the material ripped.My heart was beating so fast,was this really happening,i was about to fuck with a 59 year old blackguy,and a freind of my dad.I thought about my boyfreind back in England.i didn't care,i wanted him so much.I pulled the towel from him,WOW what a fantastic cock,it was no bigger than my boyfreinds,but a little bit thicker,but what impressed me was how hard it was,like black steel.

Moving myself down his body,i lowerd my head.Anthony put his hands on my head and pulled me down onto his black cock.I remember how hot his cock was in my mouth,while i was giving him a blowjob,he kept asking if i liked his black cock more than my boyfreind.of course i did,but i couldn't speak! After a few minutes,Anthony told me to lay face down on the bed,i did what i was told.

Cupping my breast from behind,he pulled himself close,i waited for him to take me.

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" Do you want my black dick " he asked ."YES" i have screamed back at him. " Then beg for it" .FOR THE FIRST TIME IN MY LIFE I WAS BEGGING A MAN TO FUCK ME. The feeling of his hard black cock entering me was fantastic,pain and plesure at the same time.

Knowing that a black cock was inside me was making me so horny,i was going crazy. Anthony kept thrusting away,powerful,deep penertrating thrust. Once more i was ordered to change position,this time i was riding his cock.His hands on my waist pulling down,he was deep inside me,and i was enjoying myself like never before. My boyfreind was 19 at this time,but this 59 year old blackguy was so much better at fucking than him.

Anthony tensed up,"do you want me to cum inside you" he asked.i nodded and looked into his eyes.

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An explosion of cum from his black cock gushed into my body,seconds later i reached a climax,knowing that this blackguys cum was invading my body,just sent me over the edge of desire. We showered together,before waiting for my father to return.

That evening we all sat down for a meal together.If only my dad knew that his freinds seed was in his little girl.