Tattooed girls get to please each other

Tattooed girls get to please each other
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Heyy. My names Danielle. Until recently, I was in 7th grade at a public middle school with all of my friends. Of course, when a few of them got drunk at party, they stole a car and parked it in my backyard. And of course, I got busted with it. My Dad decided that it would be best to send me off to a more.religious school. From here, at the steps of St.

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Pilar's, do I write my account of how this freaking Catholic school gave me the best thing that ever happened to me. Tuesday, 5:36 A.M. "Danielle, you're gonna be late for school!" "God, that bitch won't shut up!!" I was frantically running aroud my room looking for my uniform pieces that my older brother apparantly thought would be funny to hide. And of course, it just happens as im running around with only my laced bra and panties on that he walked out of his room.

"Holy sht! Watch where your going!" "God im gonna screw you when I get home!" "Is that an threat or an invite?" I just punched him in the arm and kept running. Tuesday, 6:22 A.M. Well, I finally made it out of the house with my uniform and everything. Now I live in Virginia. Really freaking cold. And I couldn't find my jacket or pants to wear under my skirt.

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Doesn't help much that we have only white shirts and a tie to wear. I looked like a Catholic school girl Slut with my tits practically BEAMING through the shirt. ___________________________________________________________________________________ I figure that I should give a little description of myself for my enteries. Im about 5"6, Strawberry blonde hair, and about D cups. I have been hit on, touched, grouped, and have hugged people with instant erections. And the occansional hard tits.

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___________________________________________________________________________________ Tuesday, 5:30 P.M I finally made it home after the worst day of school. People just kept hitting my books down so I'd have to bend over. 'Parantly someone got a great view of my pussy, 'cuz I got a picture of it later. After about the 7th time, I kicked the kid in the balls. My youngest brother, Chandler (Chan(Ch-anne) usually sits with me on my bed and talks to me.

Hes only about a year younger, 6th grade. I guess Ill just write the story as it happened from here. ___________________________________________________________________________________ "So, Danny, school bad?" "Yepp. figured as much.

Ryan's an ass for hiding my stuff." "He was laughing his head off when you left.

Anyway, can I ask you something?" "Sure hun. Whats up?" "Umm.

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there's this girl at school that kinda asked me out today.and I said yes. Anybody who's ever gone on a date says that she french's them, and I have no freaking clue what im gonna do." "Oh. Chan, if you don't tell Ryan or Mom and Dad, I'd be glad to show you what you need to do." "Really?? Thanks!" ___________________________________________________________________________________ Chandler's P.O.V.

I was really scared to tell my sister what was going on. Thought she'd laugh or something, but no. Next thing I know, she told me to sit up and look her in the eyes. "Umm. what now?" "Im going to show you what to do, then you do it to me, OK?" "Ill.

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Ill try, sis." "Good." My sister sat oppsite of me, so her legs were parallel with my back. She told me to just relax, and let her take it from here. All that I could think of at the time was "Holy Crap!!

Im actually going to kiss my sister!!" She closed her eyes, and slowley pressed her soft, wet lips against mine. She asked if I was comfortable with this and I could go with one of two responses "HELL YEAH!!" or "Yes. And thanks alot." I figured that the second one would work better. She slowley parted my lips with her tounge, and slid the warm wet godsend into my mouth.

She felt around my tounge and brushed her tounge against the top of mouth. Working her way back, she leaned in closer to my body, and slowley pushed her tounge down my throat. I was so turned on that I got an instant erection which popped the button to my jeans open wide. "Whoa, little bro! Put that thing away!!" "Sorry sis, but your sticking your tounge down my throat!" "Haha, well then I guess I'd better show you how to handle your.current.situation.

___________________________________________________________________________________ Danny's P.O.V. My brother's dick startled me a bit. It was giant! I guess that I was just turned on. Delia gets fucked by a black guy too horny, because what happened next changed our lives forever. "Put that thing away!!" "Sorry sis, but your sticking your tounge down my throat!" "Haha, well then I guess I'd better show you how to take care of your.current.situation." And I knew just how to, too.

I had him lay his head on my pillow, and crawled to the foot of the bed. Putting each knee on either side of his legs, I reched forward and unzipped his jeans. Taking a second to pull them down to his ankles along with his boxers, I slowley looked up to his too tight pussy for a huge cock cock.

I honestly wanted nothing more than to suck it dry, but I figured that would be a bit extreme. In my petite hand, I gently clutched his shaft, and loosley rubbed it with my hand. I found my self allowing my hand to speed up and tighten my hold, but I didn't care. The look on his face was amazing. Of course, he had no idea what was about to happen.

After a few seconds, I felt him quiver and shake and new it was time. I used my free hand to hold my hair out of my face, and put his entire cock in my mouth and down my throat. I don't think that he realized what was about to happen, but I figured he should learn.

He stopped quivering just as a small glob of hot juicy cum was shot down my throat, followed by another glob, and nother.

Hell yeah! i thought. I just found myself s boy-toy. Tell me if you want me to write more, first time writing a story like this! Thanks for reading+input!!