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Amazing jamie has her tight asshole drilled facial and toys
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It's Good to be King Chapter 3 The end of the day was welcomed by me alone. I felt creepy all slave man gets hard ass and mouth fucked. I had to explain to the whole gathering of women something that, under normal circumstance, would've been explained by their parents decades ago.

It probably wouldn't have been so bad if it had been a one-on-one deal. I knew explaining sex to children was something most parents dreaded, but having to explain it to a whole village of topless, fifteen to thirty'ish-or-so year old women, was just outright traumatizing. Right now I just needed some time alone. Late that night, outside my little hole-in-the-dirt home, I sat by myself overlooking the lake as the moon cast an ice-blue light down on my world.

My thoughts went back and fourth without any direction. I don't know what it was, I have everything I've ever wanted.

<A Planet for fuck sake, a whole village of beautiful bunny-women a stone throw away, unlimited food for me to just take, No IRS.> I just sat there, hours I guess, thinking what to do now. I subconsciously reached inside my pocket for a pack of smokes, nothing. <Maybe I'm just jumping the gun here. I've sure as hell never been afraid of hard work, so I can't be bitchin' already.

Must be first-day-jitters.> I figure.

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Distant wolves howled in the air, owls screeched in flight elsewhere. <Music would be nice about now. Sucks I don't have my guitar with me.> I sing and hum to myself half the night, keeping myself company. Two coyotes and a mountain-lion settled down not far away from me for the night to rest. I can hear a Bison herd settling down as well beyond some trees. No dreams this night as I fell asleep on the hillside. <I'll figure something out tomorrow.> -- The next morning I work up to the sounds conversation and chatter between several women.

I fought for one eye to open then both. Then looked around and saw all around me not only the rabbit-women, but also human, mice, and fox women, all gathered around my home.

The entire gathering reminded me of a flea-market. "Huh, wha- what?" I said as I yawned. "The King! King Shawn has awakened!" "Huh?" I turned my head as I heard the voice from behind me, though I didn't know who said it. No sooner I turned my head, the whole gathering of women practically stopped what they were doing and rushed at me. "Uh. WHOA, WHOA, WHOA, WHOA, WHOA!" I held out my hands as if that would stop them.

To my surprise, they did stop. <Okay.Come on Shawn, say something. And don't be stupid!> I stood up, dusting myself off, and stood formally upright. I notice, not just the women from yesterday, but others as well. "Well good morning, girls. What brings you here, and who're they?" I asked as I pointed. "We decided to move here since you lived here." A white-furred, red-head rabbit-woman said. "And along the way coming here, we met others. We told them all about you, and what you do, and everything you taught us, so they just settled here with us." She said referring to the fox-women.

"And when we saw them, we also came to join." Said a brunette woman. "And the same with us." Said a curly-blond, gray-furred petite mouse-woman. "Oh, that's good." I answered, trying not to crack-up laughing. These women were as chipper as hummingbirds, and I guessed eager to do as I commanded. " get me some food." I said as I shrugged my arm up. However my hand unintentionally motioned towards four women to my side. A two foxes, a human, and a mouse took my hand gesture as if I pointed them out to go.

And with smiles, and the mouse giggling, off they went. <Huh, that was easy.> "What about us?" A gray-furred fox asked. "What should we do?" Another woman asked further-in the gathered crowd. <Let's see, what I can do.> I thought, young teen daddy taboincest rape gay armed with new courage.

"Well the whole lot of ya, can go back to whatever it was you were doin' before. Except you two." I pointed to two human women. A white blond, and a ebony brunette woman.

"You two can stay next to me and keep me company." I half expected being turned down at my request. But that didn't happen. Sure enough, everyone went back to whatever they were doing, and the two women, came to stand beside me.

"Well, shall we go inside?" They smiled and followed me inside my home. The last time I had a girl in my home was years ago. And I believe hookers count. At least I think they do. The black woman looked like she could've been in porn movies.

About my height, big breasts, nice hips and a full body but not fat at all, wavy back-length hair, and looked around thirty-ish.

The white woman was thinner, small breasts, straight neck length hair, sexy nina lays boobs down on the massage butt with legs to match. <Well, come on Shawn, take charge. You're in control here. You got what you've always wanted.

So cowboy-up!> I yelled inside my head. "You work on taking my boots off." I said to the black woman. "And you, you get yourself on my lap." I leaned up against the back corner wall, as the black woman lifted my right leg on her lap, and began working on undoing my boot-laces. The other woman sat right on top of my crotch, but was already fully hard by now.

I wrapped my right arm around her waist, and pressed my left hand on her bare stomach and slid to up between her small breasts. My other hand pulled her into me and I kissed her. She sounded surprised by the sound she made. A short high-pitched squeal, muffled in her closed mouth, with a quick inhale through her nose.

My hand also removed blonde teen little tits amateur first time movie night madness leaf-top. I should've kept quite at this point, but I didn't. "So what's your name?" I asked between the kissing. "Name?" Like I said. I should've kept quiet. "Yeah, you know. What does everyone else call you by?" The two women kinda stopped what they were doing, and looked at each other in puzzlement.

Then it hit me. <Oh shit, what'd I do now?> The two of them looked at me, waiting for an answer. <Okay, calm down. This isn't like the last talk from yesterday. It's just 'names'> "Yeah, names. Like, my name is Shawn. And your name is.?" "But aren't you King Shawn.?" The black woman asked. "Y-yeah, but King is my title, Shawn is my name. King is my relationship to.

all of you, Then Shawn is my name. Uhh, and you're all my subjects. You're title, in relation to me, is 'subject' so now what is your name?" I got this look from the both of them. "So. we're supposed to have names?" "Yeah." "Where do we get them from?" She asked. I was so close, to getting my first three-way, but I had to ask a question.

<One of these days, and I hope soon, I'm gonna learn to keep my fucking mouth shut.> By now, and despite my company, my full-hard-on was 'down' "Um, urgh. Umm, Y-You don't get 'em- "We're back with your food." A fox-woman said at russian luba get horny and shows everything entrance, followed by her fellow three companions. "Ahh, you are back." <And just as I was about to have a stroke.> "We'll return to 'names' later, alright?" I said to the two women.

They agreed. The morning breakfast was served in the same broad-leaves they used for their skirts. We shared many different fruits, and fed each other playfully. The petite mouse-girl fed me an apple, as one of the fox-girl held a pomegranate piece, close to my face.

All I had to do was kinda lean into it and bite in. My turn involved doing much the same. I'd picked up some black-berries, and they would suck the fruit from my fingers. I did this with an apple with a fox-woman, but they would bite my fingers. And I don't mean they'd bite to just hold my fingers in their mouth, I mean they'd bite.

They looked human enough, but their teeth were just as sharp as the animal they took after. I almost wanted to wap the top of her head and tell her NO. But despite this slight annoyance, she and the other fox-woman, were absolutely gorgeous.

Their legs were covered in black fur from toe-to-thigh, as if wearing thigh-high leather boots. The same with their arms, like shoulder-length gloves. My length stirred and hardened in my pants as I ran my hand under their chin and down to her chest, stroking the valley between her mounds.

Their bushy full tails, playfully waved back and fourth at this act. I was so busy thinking about my bit fingers and the near hypnotic beauty of the fox-women, I just only realized my boots were off.

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I scraped my socks off with my toes, as I then turned to the white woman again, and rested my hand on her breast and kissed her. "What do these do?" The petite mouse-girl asked holding up one of my boots.

<NOOO!! NOT NOW!> I whined in my thoughts, as I turned to look at her. "Those are my boots. And what they do, is protect my feet from things on the ground.

So if I step on something sharp, I don't get hurt. "What's sharp?" <Maybe my next wish I should ask for some fucking patience.> -- An hour later, I snuck off to walk by myself along the other side of the lake. The grass under my bare feet, was as cool and monster bbc banging bbw red boned redwaters p as it looked.

Sitting down I could see across the lake, the newly formed village around my house. I really thought that everything would be just good times, that I could just sit back, and enjoy the occasional blow-job.

Have breakfast, lunch, and dinner served to me, with fresh water only a short walk away. I had fantasies of leisure and complete abandonment of responsibility, and to have everyone else do my work for me.

"Well, fuck me." I knelt down and scooped two handfuls of cool water from the lake to drink, and sat down against a small boulder with a strawberry patch nearby. I've noticed I've definitely lost weight around the middle. I mean I was never heavy, but I can see it for myself. Around an hour later, I was tossing strawberry stems in the lake for the fish, I felt someone behind me. It felt like it anyway.

I turn to see the first bunny-girl I met, from the black-berry patch. "Well hello again." "Hello King Shawn. Are you well? I noticed you left, and you didn't look happy. I was worried for you." She said as she folded her little hands over her skirt, in an act of concern. <Aw man, that's. she's.> After I stopped thinking, I waved her over to sit beside me. She sat with cross dresser pimped out by wife legs closed and beneath her.

Her hands on her lap and her pretty face absorbing my attention. <Half a year or so ago no-one this pretty would give me the time of day.> "Have you-" I began to ask her. "Have you ever made a mistake when you were." I caught myself doing it again. "uhh. trying to. doing something right, you always wanted?" "No." She said calmly. "I don't think so." Oh man, that perfect little body of hers.

Her adorable little face and perfect hand-full sized breasts had more of my attention than necessary. She looked down at where I was staring, which when I noticed that she noticed I felt kinda stupid, and jolted my head away. "What?" "Look, I'm sorry. I just can't help myself sometimes." Her brow scrunched as she tilted her head. "Sorry for what?" "Uhh. It's, It's nothing.

Really." "Oh. Okay." I wondered how the hell was I going to lead on with this. I watched out onto the lake, as I also watched from the corner of my eye, her. She really didn't do much or gave much minding. She would pick a strawberry once and again.

<Okay, what now?> "So, what else do you like eating?" She perked up and looked at me. "mmm." She thought a few moments. "These, and those." She pointed to the strawberry-patch, then the pear trees nearby. "And the ones where you met all of us." Again I noticed she would just point out the things she liked, but not actually name them out. I wanted to test this out.

"So do you like strawberries?" "I don't know. What are they?" She answered, though she had two of them in her hands. So I plucked one of the fruits from her and held it to her face. "This is." "Oohhh. Then yes, I do like them." Granted, at this point I remembered it's been months since I talked to people, so my verbal skills have been.

absent. Alot of me wanted to take advantage of this girl due to her absolute naive knowledge of me, but then again, some of me didn't. A stray thought went from one side of my head to the other making me loop an arm around her waist. It wasn't until I realized what I did, when I saw her smiling at me. She didn't even try to move away from me or anything. I did this same thing back in jr-high with a girl. I also learned that day that even if you didn't mean to, when a girl says you groped her breast against her will, everyone will side with her.

Back to the here and now, this little coco-skin bunny girl also encircled her arm around my waist. With a creeping grin on my face I thought to myself <Hey, I can get used to this.> I really liked how this was going. Every once in a while she would kinda shift herself to be just a little closer to me, and would feed me small fruits by hand. I don't know why now, but trying to fuck her just didn't seem important, and I liked just being with her.

A few hours went by, and that little voice in my head started up again. "So, you don't have a name?" "Mm, no. Not that I know of, or that you said it is. Must I have a asian babe in high heels jade sin enjoys sucking on a cock. I'd think, if I wanted to call you out from others around you.

How would I do that?" "Couldn't you just pull me away from the others to have my attention?" "Uhh." I wasn't getting anywhere with this. <To bad she's not like my old pet rabbit, I could just name her whatever I wanted.Or could I?> "Say, uh. What would you think if I named you?" Probably a better question would've been [Do I have the authority to name you whatever I wanted?] "Can you?" "Uhh, I don't know, I never tried.

Well let's try it." She continued looking at me, waiting for whatever I was going to say. I thought for a bit, thinking of tv shows, movies, magazine articles, book and comic characters and all other influences for names. One name quickly came to mind. Nicole. It was sorta strange because I didn't know anyone personally named Nicole. It was a nice sounding name, and nothing else really came to mind. "Nicole." One of her ears twitched as her head cocked to one side.

"That'll be your name. When I want you by me, I'll call out Nicole, meaning I want you. Just you, and no one else." The look on her face lit up brightly, in absolute wonder. She understood she had a name, as much as her King, me, did. It was her's alone.

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But she just sat their with a whole a-glow smile on her face knowing I gave her something. I didn't think much of this, since I just wanted to call her out. "My name is Nicole." "Yeah." She had that same smile I had months ago when I first received that ball of dust to form this world. A knowledge intoxicating to the mind and soul.

The same way I had something no one else ever had, she had something none of the other women had. Hers alone. In a absent gesture of friendliness I rubbed my hand up and down her sabse hot sex story sex, brushing down to her hip then up to the side of her breast.

To my relief she didn't do anything, or scream, or slap me. I had to ask. "Nicole-" She giggled briefly at the sound of her name.

"Yes?" "Do you mind it when I touch you like this?" "Mind it?" "Does it bother you? Does it. do you not like it?" "No, of coarse not." She said as she shook her head.

"You can touch me all you want." <Oh-boy.> When she said that, I went from zero to five-hundred miles an hour in my chest. My dick went from half-hard to fully ready to launch to outer-fucking-space, after hearing her words. "'aright." We looked at each other for a few seconds and I shifted to look across the lake again, as did she.

I looked back at her again, then she looked at me. "Here, come'ere." I lifted her up and sat her between my legs, laid her back onto me, and wrapped my arms around her stomach. As enthralled as I was with her body, the soft fur covering the outside of her rabbit ears also had my attention.

I just couldn't ignore them.

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I touched them, the softness on the outside and the warm pink flesh inside. She leaned her head back on my chest, as my touch coaxed grins from her mouth and purrs from her throat. My other hand crept up from her waist to her chest, and began to massage a soft mound of flesh. I only could picture in my mind how her face looked. I felt one of her hands on top of mine on her chest, then. I felt this feeling from behind me.

My groping crawled to a halt as a turned to look behind me. <What the?--> ".Well hello." "Hi" They both said with a smile, looking at me.

One was a fox-girl with tan/caramel fur, the other was another blond woman, and behind both of them were about thirty or so more women of all species from the village. It seemed they were all watching us for at least the past few minutes. I'm fairly sure this doesn't bother them, that I was trying to "engage" Nicole into my desires, but I'm not really the kind of guy who likes being watching while doing certain things. Kinda kills the mood. "Can I help you? Any of you?" "No, we were just watching." Said the woman in a matter-of-fact tone.

"Hey-Hey guess what?!" Nicole said crawling excitedly from me on all fours to the two other women. She also rolled her hip crushing my balls under her weight. Back went my eyes into my head as Nicole talked to her friends. "The King gave me a name." After I heard that, the silence died with the sound of a mob chattering away at Nicole, among them all who had a name, from the King.

Of coarse the only thing I was thinking of, while I had my sore package in my hands, was. "Ughh." <My nuts. not cool.> -- Later that night, I returned back to my home, turned village. My crotch felt better, and the swelling had subsided to where I could walk straight without limping.

One thing I noticed different, were the several dirt piles all around the ground. <This is new.> Throwing the thought aside I walked on. I must've been more tired than I though cause I found my home just that much sooner. Off came my hat and entered. <Wait, was this roof always this low?> I was tired, but not asleep-at-the-wheel tired.

I noticed the smell. I had been living in my hole-of-a-home long enough to know what I smell like, but this smelled like fresh tilled soil and field-grass. <I am in my home arn't I? I have to be. maybe the dirt shifted or something. Or. oh fuck it, I'm too tired for this.

Deal with it tomorrow.> The intense threesome session with two hot sluts group sex creampie was not missing from me that my normal heap of material that formed my bed was also missing, but I didn't care. It was home enough. -- I was in heaven. On cloud nine, buried in smoke. Warm from all around with no reason as to why.

I laid back in bliss. If felt like Saturday morning, from a week long shift from my first job at the ice-box. Way-back-when after I turned 17 I got a job at the Max-Lo-Mart, and my job was a six day detail in the ice-box. A quarter-acre walk-in storage-freezer for the entire mart. Lucky me I had the graveyard shift. Since only five other people took the late shift I had Saturday to myself, which also meant I also could sleep-in till eleven in the morning, if I wanted to.

And sleeping-in felt great. It all went black, then I started waking up for real. Then my brain began to work, and suddenly I realized I was sandwiched between three women.

All three were mice-women. <Nah, don't ruin it.> And I returned my head to the ground with a grin on my face, as I just so happen to take the liberty to reach my arm around the waist of the girl in front of me, pulling her a little closer to me. Hours later, it was nearly midday, but it was just as well time to wake up anyway. Sitting up, I twisted my neck one way, then the other producing several popping sounds.

Then my back bending to one side then the other, cracking like a sheet of bubble-wrap. These noises didn't go unnoticed as the three mice-women woke to the sounds. "Good morning King Shawn." They said at the exact same time. They each had very feminine-girlish voices.

"Morning girls." Walking outside with my hat on. I saw the dirt piles still as I remembered from last night. <Huh, dirts' still there.> Then I turned around. "Oh.well that explains alot." The entire hill side had small little caves dug out of them, not much unlike mine. "So where's my little cave?" I said absently. "Is there anything we can do for you?" The same three mice-women asked.

I turned to them, and this time noticed something else. It wasn't they looked the same, the three of them were the same. They were triplets! Each about chest height to me, gray-furred, messy-wavy blond-hair, medium breasts which looked large on their petite bodies.

I've fantasized about having twin-sisters for girlfriends, but triplets? Jackpot! .but I still had to know. "Uh, no not right now. Well, yeah there is one thing. What happened to all this?" I said circling my hand to motion the hill-side. "Someone said that if it was good enough for the King Shawn to live in, then it was enough that we should do the same as well." The middle mouse-girl said.

"Oh. okay." As I looked across the hill side, their must've been fifty or sixty dug out caves. "Another thing I wanna know. Is that cave the one you dug out?" I asked as I pointed. "Yes." They unanimously answered. "Was there a reason you hot andy rides a massive meat pole wake me up, and to return me to my cave?" They looked at each other a few times in question.

"We're we supposed to?" The left mouse-girl asked. <You're doing it again. Stop it.> "Uhh, no i-it's fine. Don't worry about it. It's fine." <Now where's my- Oh I know!> "Girls, I do know how you can help me. Find my cave that I usually sleep in." "Yes King Shawn." They said at the same time.

"Oh, what does your cave look like?" One of them asked. "It's the only one that smells like I do, and has stuff in it." And off they went. It was one thing to stay with a set of triplets and I really cougar gives head to horny step son long dong to, but I needed to brush my teeth, and it had already been three days since I last did.

A moment later as I was looking all around me, I was hearing my stomach bitching at me. And I also saw the few dozens of women out and about. "So, what a King gotta do, to get some lunch?" "We'll go!" I heard from behind me.

When I turned to see who answered my request, two brown, long-haired french bbw florence ganganged in all holes were already walking off to do as I asked. "Huh." <That was easy.> I looked around seeing all the women eating their fruits, and talking to each other, in little to next to nothing in terms of clothing, being nothing much more than wide leaves tied together.

Some others just didn't bother, and walked stark naked as a jaybird. "This has to be a dream." It was a dream come true. A smile crawled across my face, but was with an intense warmth, and sorta evilness.

I felt as if I was getting away with the crime of the ages. Not only getting away with it, but I had a right to get away with it. "I wonder where will this go?" To be Continued.