Layla price slammed by bbc interracial and pornstars

Layla price slammed by bbc interracial and pornstars
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Angie McCallister was a Senior in high school, just turned eighteen. She had skipped fifth grade, going from fourth to sixth because of her intelligence. Combined wicked brunette sucks like only she can sucking blowjob the fact her parents moved and she had to change schools anyway, the transition was barely noticed.

She made one good friend her first day in the new school. Some popular girls were starting to pick on her because her hair was cut differently then theirs, but a boy came to her rescue. "I think her hair looks pretty." Alex said, coming over and standing next to Angie. "Prettier than yours, even, Jennifer. When are you going to grow up and get rid of that braid?" "What-EVER!" said the leader of the popular girls, then turned with a flounce of her skirt and stalked away.

Jennifer and the others followed. Ever since that day, Alex had been her only friend. She tried with a few other girls, but after that incident on her first day, all her attempts got sabotaged. She wanted to travel overseas for her high school graduation present, but her parents were afraid. Both her young age and her body size made them fear for her safety. Angie was very petite, just over four feet tall, and less than a hundred pounds soaking wet.

The compromise was that she take a year of self defence classes, and if she did well in them, she could go. After several months of the classes ( karate was what she chose because of the punches) she had advanced to a black belt and was training for the first degree.

Her confidence in her agility was high, and she wanted to test herself in a real but controlled situation. She needed to know if she could defend herself against a rapist. Her dojo couldn't train her for that; it was far too traditional.

She decided to ask her best friend Alex to help her with it. They had known each other since sixth grade, when she moved here at age ten.

That was almost half her life. She really didn't have anyone else to ask. She went over to his house one afternoon and invited him out for a walk.

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It was a beautiful summer afternoon, so he agreed with a smile. She led him into the woods and followed a creek upstream. A few miles later, she found a little clearing and turned to face him. "I passed my black belt last week, Alex." she told him. "Do you remember why I told you I was taking the classes?" "Sure." he said.

"Self protection." "Not exactly." she said. "Rape protection." "Same thing." he said. "Isn't it?" "Sort of." she said.

"The dojo teaches self defence. I need to know if I'm rape protected before I can go overseas." "What do you mean?" he asked, confused. "What are you asking me?" "I'm asking you to try to rape me." she said.

"Trust me, I'm going to fight back, but I need you to try to rape me." "Hmmm. How hard do you want me to try?" he asked. They were used to sparring with each other, even though he had no formal training. "Well, uh, all the way, I guess. If you can get it in me, picking up an ebon legal age teenager diamond monrow hardcore and blowjob won't be rape, even though I'll be fighting it." she said. "No way!" he breathed.

"I thought you were a virgin?" "I am." she said. "So if I can hurt you enough to make you stop, even after I promised you that, I'll know I'm safe." "Yeah, but if I win." he licked his lips.

"You know I've been in love with you since we met, right? If I can take you today, I will." "Whenever you're ready, big man." she taunted, going into her stance. "Who's that?" he asked, looking over her shoulder. She fell for it and turned her head, so he snatched one of her hands and spun her around, wrapping her up and holding her close.

His free hand went under her shirt and firmly caressed her breast through her sports bra. "No, wait, let me go!" she said, squirming in his grasp. "No fair! You tricked me!" "What do I get for letting you go?" he asked. "Your martial arts don't work, do they? I could totally keep going and fuck you, couldn't I?" "I didn't get a chance to use them!" she protested.

"Please, give me another chance!" "I could fuck you, couldn't I?" he asked again, sliding his free nice sex with legal age teenager girl down into her sweatpants, inside her panties too, and cupped her bare pussy.

"Yes!" she said frantically, trying to squirm her groin away from his hand to no avail. He had a firm grip on her upper arm, just above her elbow, trapping her other arm behind her, and she could feel him middle finger beginning to wiggle back and forth.

"Please! Please give me another chance!" she begged. "What do I get if I do?" he asked again. "What do you mean?" she asked. He slipped his middle finger into her a little, just enough to let her know he could. "I'm giving up a sure shot at this." he said. "What do I get in return?" "What do you want?" she countered, lifting herself up on tiptoe to get away from his probing finger. "I'll let you go for another pass," he said.

"If you agree to give me a blow-job someday, in the future." "In the future when?" she asked. "Whenever you want." he said. "Just someday in the future, you owe me a blow-job" "Agreed." she said, and he turned her loose. She took a few steps away and went into her stance again. "Just so you know, I've never done it before, so I'll probably suck at it." "As long as you suck ON it, it'll be great." he laughed.

"Come on, big boy, I'm right here." she taunted again. "This time I'm ready for you. Are you ready for some pain?" "Are you ready for some pleasure?" he said right back. "I know I am!" ""What are you waiting for, then?" she asked. "Come on, I'm right here." He took a step forward, and she moved to kick him in the balls. He turned his hip and caught her leg, then pushed her down to the ground.

He still had hold of her ankle, then caught her other one as she tried to kick him. He lowered himself between her thighs and caught her hands as she tried to hit his face.

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He was far stronger she she was, so he was able to hold both her tiny wrists in one hand, leaving his other hand free to do whatever he pleased. She grunted in protest as she squirmed under him, trying with all her might to get her hands free, but he was far stronger and easily overpowered her struggles. He held on to her until she went limp under him. "I win again." he said, panting a little. His free hand caressed the sides of her breasts on the outside of her shirt.

"Don't I?" "Do you?" she asked. "I haven't been raped yet." "I'm not going to rape you." Alex told bondage male orgasm denial and public use petite tattooed and highly pretty gina. "I'm going to fuck you." "No you're not, because I'm going to stop you." she said.

"How are you going to stop me?" he asked, pulling her arms a little tighter up over her head. His free hand went back under her shirt and pushed her sports bra up, baring both her tits to his hand as he let it boldly roam her chest.

"Can't stop me from doing this. Can't stop me from doing this, either." He slid his hand down her side and tugged at the waistband of her sweatpants. She pushed her hips down, trying to keep the pants on, but he could tell what she was doing and growled. "That's not going to help you!" he said, then let go of her hands and flipped her over, pulling her pants and panties down to her knees with one tug. "No!" she cried out, and tried to crawl away, but he grabbed an ankle and pulled her back, getting that leg free of her sweats at the same time.

"Oh yes." he said, gripping her around the waist and holding her tight against him. "That was the point of this whole walk today, wasn't it?" "No, no, I was supposed to win!" she said, almost in tears.

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"Are you really going to do it?" "I really want to." two desirable blondes have lesbian sex outdoors said, letting her feel the whole length of his hardness against her rump.

"And you can't stop me, can you. Nothing you can to to stop me from reaching back and pushing my shorts down." She heard the rustle of cloth, and then his naked hardness was laying against her naked skin. "No." she whimpered. "Alex." "Nothing you can do to stop me from putting my big, hard cock right up against you, is there? You feel so good against me like this, Angie, you're so sexy, you know that, right?" "No!" she said suddenly, trying to squirm away from him.

"I won't let you do it!" He tightened his arms and pulled her tight against him. "You can't stop it, Angie, and I want you so much! You said if I could take you, I could have you, and all that's left is one shift of my hips and a good shove." "So why haven't you done it yet?" she challenged, wiggling her hips against him. "We came out here so you could try to rape me. You done everything except the deed." "Because I love you, Angie." he said simply.

"I don't want to rape you; I want to make love to you." "Well, I'll never give it to you, so if you don't take it now, you never will." she said. "Wait, you want to be raped?" he asked, incredulous. "Better than being a slut." she said. alina li gets oiled up and fucked girl can't help it if she gets raped, can she?" "She can if she arranges all the circumstances first." he said, grinning into her ear.

"I think you're a slut, Angie." His cock was still rubbing insistently up and down between the cheeks of her ass. "No! No, let me go!" she cried out, squirming harder than ever to get away, but he held her tight until she tired of the struggle again and collapsed under him.

He let go of her arms and pulled her hips up a little, then speared his cock deep into her with one thrust, putting his hands on her hips to hold her still. Two more thrusts had him buried fully inside her "This is what you wanted, isn't it?" he asked, leaning over and whispering in her ear. "No." she gasped. "I got my black belt in karate! I was supposed to win!" "I didn't use karate." he said. "That's partially why you didn't win." "What do you mean, partially?" she panted.

"Are you going to take it out now? I think you proved your point." "Oh, yeah, I'll take it out. slowly.

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And then put it back in, a little faster. And again, and again." he chuckled, still buried inside her. "Didn't I tell you I was going to fuck you?" He started thrusting his hips, and she stiffened under him. "No, no, you have to stop that!" she cried out. "It feels. No, stop, I'm, oh God, it makes me feel." She tried to squirm away again, but nothing could stop his steady thrusts in and out out of her, and nothing could change how good it felt.

She tried mature dirty amateur facial mom son fight down the rising wave of feelings welling up inside her, but the more he did it, the faster he went, and the better it felt. She pushed herself up off the ground, thrusting her hips back into every one of his thrusts, panting and gasping.

"No, no, stop!" she screamed. "Please, you have to make it stop!" All the waves built up at once, and she collapsed under him, unable to breathe for a long moment as he finally pulled out of her and sprayed several jets of come over her naked ass.

He slid the last of his erection between the cheeks of her ass and lay down on top of her as lightly a he could. A long moment later, she got her breath and her senses back and rolled him off her, sitting up. She grabbed her sweatpants, which had worked their way down to one ankle, and pulled her panties out of them, shaking them out a little angrily. "Hey, are you mad?" he asked, sitting up beside her. "You said." "I know what I said. Why didn't you stop after you raped me?

Why did you have to fuck me, too?" she spat at him. "There's no such thing as a rapist who is going to stop after the initial penetration. At least, I think that's what you mean. There's no way I was going to, either." he said. "I told you right at the get go that I was going to fuck you." "You weren't supposed to win." she said quietly. "I wasn't supposed to like it, either." "Of course you liked it." he said.

"What do you mean, of course I liked it?" she asked defensively. milana witch tries out anal plug prior to butt fucking sluts like it." he said, smugly.

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"And you are definitely a slut, Angie." "No I'm not!" she whispered, scandalized. "I can't be! It's impossible!" "Not impossible, Angie. I saw it clear as day, and you know it too, don't you?

You know what you are, don't you, deep in your heart?" "I'm a slut." she whispered, tears beginning to form. "Oh, no, what will my parents think? I won't be their perfect daughter anymore. Everything is ruined!" "Hey, nothing is ruined!" he said. "We can keep this a secret, and nobody but me has to know that you're a slut. And when being a nice girl gets to be too much, you can come back to me.

I love you Angie, and I love the slut Angie too. Everything is going to be okay." "You promise?" she whispered, looking up at him. He gazed steadily back at her and leaned down for a kiss. "I promise. You'll see." He helped her to her feet, and steadied her as she got her panties and sweats back on.

"I'll walk you home."