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Big ghetto breast tube porn
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Ron and his housemates always gave the best end-of-term student parties. The big North London Victorian house that they shared was ideal for such events, with its large high-ceiling rooms and thick walls, and they always made sure there was plenty to eat and drink and lots of good music.

Richard and Penny had arrived in good time, and started off with a bottle of red wine in the front room where the sound system had been set up, but as more people arrived it started to become uncomfortably loud and crowded. They migrated to the kitchen, and spent some time nibbling, drinking and chatting. Richard took the opportunity to run his eyes admiringly over Penny, approving of the way she was dressed, in a short, low-cut, skinny-fit, sleeveless t-shirt, which curved enticingly around the mounds of her small but firm and well-formed breasts, as well as showing off her navel and flat stomach.

She had chosen to enhance the effect by not wearing a bra, as the tight top made abundantly clear. She also wore a very short denim skirt, flared at the bottom, which only just covered the tops of her thighs.

Her legs were bare, and Richard had observed eva notty pizza party part 1 that underneath she wore a pair of very brief panties to complete the ensemble. She in her turn approved of his tight jeans and plain white t-shirt: nothing fancy, just enough to show off his well-kept body.

Penny's flat was only a short walk from the party, and Richard knew that he would be spending the night there, so there was already a sexual tension between them, knowing that they would be fucking before the night was out.

After a while the kitchen started to get crowded too, so they made a decision to look for somewhere a bit quieter. They put their heads round the door of the front room again, but were met by a wave of hot sweaty air and noise, coming from by a group of happy drunken people all trying to dance and shout incoherently at each other at the same time.

"I need to sit down" shouted Penny in Richard's ear. "It's too noisy in there to think. Where's the room with the telly?" As usual, Ron and the guys had dragged most of the chairs and the big sofa into the second, smaller reception room to make room for dancing in the main room.

They had set up the TV and DVD player in the corner, leaving a pile of their favourite films on the floor the usual student stuff. The lights were out, and about half a dozen people were half-heartedly watching "Withnail and I", most of them using it more as an opportunity to grab a rest from the relentless music that could still be heard thumping away in the background.

Luckily, just as Penny and Richard arrived a couple got up from the sofa, so they were able to get it to themselves. Two friends of theirs, Annie and Peter, were snuggled into a chair nearby, and Richard recognised one or two of the other students lounging around, both couples and single people.

Then a couple of other people came in. There was some slightly drunken whispering; Richard didn't recognise the voices, but a girl appeared to be trying to stop her male companion from doing something. But he clearly wasn't going to take no for an answer, and suddenly a large body loomed up in front of the television and started fiddling with the DVD player. "You must have all seen this before" it said.

"Do you mind if I put something else on?" One voice was raised in protest, but most people didn't seem too bothered. There was daddy bought me new toys for christmas usual hiatus as the disc loaded up, and then some slightly fuzzy jaunty band music accompanied shots of a group of cheerleaders bouncing up and down.

The title "Debbie Does Dallas" flashed up across the screen. This met with a mixed reaction. A couple of male voices raised a cheer, and a female one said that she wasn't going to watch this sort of sexist smut, and banged out of the room.

Penny groaned. "Oh god, not one of those soft-core porno jobs" she whispered. "Do you really want to stay and watch this?" "Oh, it's all pretty harmless." said Richard.

"I saw some of this at Bob's last year.

Let's just stay for a bit. At least we can sit down in here, and we don't have to watch it." "Ok" said Penny with a smile, "I suppose I'd better indulge your male fantasies for a bit" and snuggled up to him as the cheerleaders bounced back into the changing room. To start with, the film proceeded much as Richard remembered it.

The cheerleaders undressed in the changing room, with plenty of views of their little tits and hairy bushes, along with a few brief shots of soapy tits in the showers. After a short sequence in which they applied for a variety of jobs, there were more tit shots in the changing room. The girls were all rather pretty in a natural sort of way, and actually looked like a bunch of American high-school cheerleaders, rather than a bunch of raddled porno actresses in fancy dress.

Richard put his arm around Penny's shoulder, and stroked her arm gently. She made a contented purring sort of noise, and made herself more comfortable, tucking her legs up on the settee and resting her own arm on Richard's chest.

Then after about 10 minutes the erotic teenie is gaping yummy snatch in closeup and climaxing of the film changed, as a group of men joined two of the girls in the showers. Suddenly the camera showed one of the girls sucking enthusiastically on a man's erect penis, and it became clear to Richard that this wasn't the soft-core version of the film that Bob had shown.

There were further stirrings of interest among the watching audience: perhaps some of them had known what to expect.

There was a bit of concerned whispering as well, and the door behind them opened and closed once, so presumably someone had decided that enough was enough, but generally the audience seemed well pleased with what was on offer.

Richard felt Penny stiffen. "I thought you said this was harmless!" she whispered. "This wasn't the version I saw!" he protested.

"It was just a lot of tits and bums jiggling around, certainly nothing like this!" Penny looked at him sceptically. "Honest, it's true!" he whispered. "Look, do you want to leave?" To his surprise, Penny cuddled him closer. "I'm not sure that I do" she said. "There's usually not much to watch for us girlies in these films, but this is a bit more like it!" Richard was a little taken aback.

True, in your average soft-core porn movie you were lucky to get more than the odd fleeting shot of a flaccid cock before the camera panned away to focus on the woman's face and tits as she simulated sexual arousal, but he hadn't imagined that Penny would have been interested in anything of a more explicit nature.

She was an active and enthusiastic partner in their sexual activities, but there had never been any indication of an interest in hard-core porn. By this time the film was showing a very large cock pumping in and out of a tight hairy pussy. As it thrust in and out, Penny's arm left his chest, and rested on his groin.

Gently she began to stroke his penis, which had so far remained fairly soft, despite (or perhaps because of) her proximity and the events on-screen. Her gentle pressure was another matter however, and it soon become engorged with blood and began to strain against his boxer shorts. Penny smiled at him. "Hmm, you are a big boy" she said playfully. "As if you didn't know" he responded in return, letting his left arm slide across her chest to rest on her left breast.

He began gently to knead it, feeling the nipple stiffen under his touch. "Mmm, that's nice" she whispered, and nestled closer against him.

One of the girls on screen was now being fucked by one man, while sucking another's erect cock. Richard heard a giggle from nearby, and saw that Peter had gone even further, undoing a couple of buttons on Annie's low-cut blouse and inserting his hand inside her bra, fondling her well-formed boobs.

She was clearly enjoying this, and had her hand between his legs, massaging his erect cock through his trousers. Richard continued to play gently with Penny's left breast. She was still watching the film closely. Although her right hand was still stroking his erection through his trousers, with her left she had lifted up the front of her short skirt to reveal her panties.

She lightly ran her hand over her crotch, stimulating her clitoris through the cotton. As she fingered her pussy, pressing her finger into the valley between her labia, she felt a patch of moisture appear on the crotch of her pants. "God, I'm wet", she thought to herself. "I never imagined I'd find this sort of thing sexy, but it's really turning me on." The film now switched to a girl named Roberta, who was supposed to be working in a candle shop.

She was wearing some very short shorts and a lacy top with (naturally) no bra, which she wore so loose that when she bent over towards the camera her bare little tits were clearly revealed. She then spoke to her boyfriend on the phone, pulling down one side of her top to allow her to rub her exposed breast. She then sat in her chair, pulled down her shorts and (in a charmingly 1970s touch) unbuttoned the front of her panties, and began to rub her pussy. As she fondled her clitoris she began to become more aroused, and she selected a long red candle from a pile in front of her, which she slipped inside her cunt and began to thrust in and out.

Penny was herself getting even more turned on by Roberta's obvious enjoyment. She slowly pulled open the top of her own panties and slipped her hand inside, over her dark neat bush, to cup her pussy. Even now she could feel the heat from her wet vagina, and almost without thinking she slipped her forefinger between her labia into the moist interior.

She gasped as lusty teen lesbo gets fuck hole hard fisted sent a tingle of pleasure through her whole summer brielle and phoenix marie in my. Momentarily, she felt a flush of embarrassment, and looked around to see if anyone had noticed. Annie certainly had she was looking straight at Penny, and gave a bright grin as their eyes met.

She was now sitting on the chair with her legs apart, her panties on the floor beside her and her skirt up around her waist, although Penny couldn't see her pussy because Peter was kneeling on the floor in front of her with his head between her legs, licking vigorously at her pussy.

Annie's blouse was now fully unbuttoned and at some point her bra had been removed; as she watched Penny's hand slowly frigging herself inside her panties, she squeezed at her nipples, while encouraging Peter to suck at her clitoris. On the screen, Roberta had been caught in the act of masturbation by Mrs Hardwick, who seemed more interested in undressing her than in telling her off.

The scenes of Roberta's embarrassment were amusing, but Penny began to feel more aroused when Mr Hardwick arrived and began to fuck Roberta while his wife watched and masturbated herself. Meanwhile, Richard was himself feeling very turned on by the sight of Roberta's fucking, and he too had noticed Annie and Peter.

He let his hand slide down over Penny's top to her bare stomach; he stroked this for a few seconds, before letting his hand slide up again, but this time inside her top, pulling it up at the front to expose more of her firm body.

The bottom curves of her small breasts began to peep out from under the bunched top as he cupped the bare flesh of her right tit and its very erect nipple. He wondered if he was going too far, but her response suggested otherwise. "Oh yes, yes" she moaned, thrusting her chest against his hand. "That's so nice." Engulfed in her own pleasure, she rubbed harder at Richard's cock through his trousers.

Richard decided to give her a little encouragement. He undid his belt and unzipped his jeans. Without hesitation, Penny's hand was back at his crotch, pushing down his briefs and releasing his erection. It sprang out, hard and upright. The film now showed two more of the girls, in just shorts and t-shirts, braless, washing a man's car. They soon ended up soaking wet, their young breasts clearly visible under their wet tops.

The owner of the car came home and invited then into his house to dry off. Inside, they shyly removed first their tops, then their shorts, before allowing him to caress their naked bodies on the sofa.

Kissing soon turned to sucking at their pussies, nibbling their labia and sucking on their clits. Soon he was naked too, fucking one girl in the arse, before the other girl wanked him off over her friend's arse cheeks. The scene ended with the girl licking his cum off her friend's back. Richard pushed Penny's top further up and off her breasts, freeing them from its restraint.

This felt good, and she wanted to go further. "Pull it right off" she whispered. "I want to be naked". She knew that she needed Richard to fuck her, then and there on the settee. She kicked off her shoes, then raised her bum off the seat and managed to drag her panties down over her buttocks, wriggling her legs as she pulled them down her thighs, over her knees and off first one leg then the other, letting them drop onto the carpet.

She could feel the leather sofa cushion warm against her bare bum; there was already a small damp patch where her vaginal juices had run out as she blonde slut screams from a hard fucking herself. While she did so, Richard stripped off his own shirt. Penny was now almost completely naked on the sofa, just her tiny skirt pushed up around her waist, exposing her pussy. She rolled over and kissed him hard and deep, pushing her tongue into his mouth, their two tongues sucking in unison.

The feeling of his warm body against hers was very sexy. She tugged at his jeans, trying to get them off, and he lifted up his bum to let her pull them further down. Dragging them over his cheeks, she paused to squeeze his buttocks, briefly inserting one finger into his hole. She turned round to face the screen, nestling back against Richard's groin, his cock nudging at her buttocks. The girl named Dana, demure in skirt and blouse, was sucking off her boyfriend in the library, before masturbating him until he ejaculated on her cheek.

Richard put his arms around Penny, running his hands over her bare tits and stomach. Spooned together like this, they adjusted their positions to let his cock come between her legs from behind, nuzzling against her pussy.

Penny reached down between her thighs and took hold of it, guiding its tip towards the entrance to her cunt, wriggling herself into the right position. At last she felt the swollen tip pressing against her labia, moistening it with her juices to ease the penetration. Then at last her labia parted around the cock-head, and she pushed back at the same time as he thrust forward, his penis sliding easily into her wet slit, her vagina expanding to admit it, her wetness engulfing it in a warm, tight, living, pulsing cloak.

She let out a groan of pleasure as she felt him fill her. "Oh, yessss!" she breathed, as Richard slowly began to thrust into her, and she met his movements with her own, joining him in their fucking.

As their movements became more frenzied, his right arm held her tight against him to stop them slipping onto the floor, while his left continued to stimulate her tits, concentrating alternately on the smooth little globes themselves, before focusing on the pink sensitive nipples.

Her eyes had been closed as he entered her. Now she opened them, able to look around and see what else was going on in the room. She couldn't see what was happening behind them, but there were many sounds of sexual activity; groans of pleasure; pumping of masturbation; slurping of both fellatio and cunnilingus. A female voice cried out "Oh god yes, suck my clit!" All these sounds made Penny even more aroused. For one moment she felt amazed: here she was, totally naked, her tits and cunt exposed, being fucked on a sofa, in a room with lots of other people all involved in sexual activity of one sort or another.

But instead of feeling ashamed, she felt as if she was flying, filled with a sense of pure sexual energy. She wanted the fucking to go on for ever; to reach a plane of total ecstasy.

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On the screen, the very sexy girl named Lisa was in the tennis locker room with two men, sucking the cock of one while been fucked doggy-style by the other. Penny watched the man come in Lisa's mouth, and rubbed at her own clit, increasing her arousal even more.

As she rocked backwards and forwards against Richard's cock, Penny saw that Annie and Peter had stopped whatever they were doing and were watching her and Richard. Annie was masturbating Peter while he rubbed at her tits. Mom and son sleeping fuck whispered something to Peter and he nodded agreement. They got up and came over to Penny.

"Penny. I really want to watch Peter come onto your tits" said Annie bluntly.

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"Is that ok?" "Oh yes!" moaned Penny. "Please, please, make him come on me!" Peter's cock was thick and long. Annie positioned it over Penny's little boobs, and began to wank him faster and faster. He began to gasp as he felt his climax approaching. With a cry of "oh god yes" he came, his semen spraying over Penny's chest. Annie licked the last few drops off his cock watch the lecherous and dirtyminded blonde hottie enjoy hot anal sex as well as sweet pussy fuck inc they kissed.

Penny's little tits were now dripping with cum. Suddenly she saw another boy standing over her, his cock in his hand.

"Do you want to cum on me as well?" she asked. He nodded in reply and began to pump harder on his cock. His cock was thin but long. He didn't take long to reach his climax, and when he did he came in enormous loops of warm thin cum, spraying it all over her boobs and her stomach. Penny had never seen so much cum from one person before; streams of it ran down her body and dripped onto the sofa.

He in turn was being watched by another couple; a studying and fucking with nerdy teeny facial cumshot natural tits pretty dark-eyed girl with her top pulled down to reveal a very perky pair of tits and just a pair of red briefs down below, together with a boy with his shirt unbuttoned, no trousers and his very erect penis sticking out from a pair of boxer shorts.

The girl had one hand down the front of her pants and a camera-phone in the other. The boy stepped forward, his penis in his hand, and began to pump it hard. He began to groan as his breath came faster, and the tip of his cock became engorged with blood. With a cry he too came over Penny's chest, thicker gobbets of sperm dripping onto her nipples and over her already wet tits.

As he came, his girlfriend took a picture get erection from lesbo sex lesbian dildo her camera-phone, catching the moment when his cum spurted out of his cock, splashing onto Penny's tits, his cream running down her mounds. Suddenly around five or six people were standing before her, both male and female. Two boys together pushed forward, one of them like Peter with his cock in his girlfriend's hand.

She made him cum over Penny's pussy, some of the cream coating her bush, some of it splashing onto Richard's own cock as it continued to thrust in and out. The other boy came quickly all over her face, some of his creamy cum spattering over her dark hair. As the first spurt of his cum hit her, Penny felt herself surging towards an orgasm. "Fuck me, Richard, fuck me harder!" she panted, and as he increased his strokes she began to cum, an intense wave of sexual pleasure convulsing through her body as she screamed out at the moment of climax.

As yet another boy climaxed over Penny's face, Richard could hold back no longer, and he started to come, his cock pulsing again and again as his semen spurted from his penis, splashing up deep into her vagina as her cunt muscles involuntarily tightened around it.

He felt as if he was never going sexy young teen shows her perfect tits for webcam stop coming, but eventually his movements gradually slowed, allowing a mixture of their juices to run out from her vagina over the sofa, drenching it with their juices. They were both trembling with the intensity of their simultaneous orgasm. Penny opened her eyes as her breathing subsided to normal.

The girl with the camera-phone still had her hand down inside her panties; she was panting rhythmically as she brought herself to orgasm with her fingers, gazing at the sight of Penny's face and body dripping with cum, Richard's softening penis slipping out of her rosy pink cunt. "Oh thank you" she moaned "I can't believe I've just seen that - it was just about the sexiest thing I've ever seen".

By this time nobody was taking much notice of the film, as it ran to the climactic scene when Debbie herself, dressed in a skimpy cowgirl's cheerleader's outfit, was fucked by Mr Greenfeld in the guise of an American football player.

The final shots of her being screwed on the floor, naked apart from her cowgirl boots, coincided with Richard's own climax. As the credits began to roll, Penny turned and kissed Richard deeply and intensely on the lips. He could smell the semen on her face. She sat up in his lap, letting the copious quantities of thick gooey cum run down her tits and stomach.

Penny leant over and picked up her t-shirt from the sofa, then carefully wiped her face with it, soaking up the sticky gobbets of cum from her cheeks, licking her lips to taste the salty liquid.

She smoothed her skirt back down over her pussy, as if to indicate that the show was over, and ran her fingers lightly through the cum on her stomach, rubbing it into her skin. Finally, she took her already-sticky t-shirt and, instead of using it to wipe herself clean, slipped it carefully over her head, smoothing it down over her body.

Damp sticky patches of cum began to soak through it, spreading across the material in a mixture of dark pools and streams. She turned to Richard. "I think I need to clean up now" she smiled. "Will you take me home and help me?" As he slipped back into his clothes, he saw the remaining students finishing off their activities. The owner of the DVD retrieved it from the player, while his girlfriend was wiping cum from her own face her initial objections presumably forgotten.

People now seemed keen to slip away, perhaps embarrassed by how far they had allowed themselves to be carried away. Annie grabbed hold of Penny as she headed for the door. "Thanks for a wonderful show" she whispered. Penny's flat was only five minutes walk away, and they walked together through the well-lit streets, cuddling each other close.

Some streams of cum still glistened in Penny's hair, and the dark patches on her t-shirt had spread so much that they almost covered the front. Her nipples were still hard with excitement. She deliberately hadn't put her panties back on, and the feeling of fresh air around her cunt and bum kept her sexually aroused even now. The scent of cum was still intense even in the open air; luckily only one couple passed them on the pavement; as they did so the other woman must have caught a whiff of the musky scent, because she looked in surprise at Penny as they passed side-by-side.

Back in her flat, Penny sat on the sofa, kicked off her shoes, and slowly peeled off the sticky top. Most of the cum had soaked into the cloth, but her little breasts and flat stomach were still sticky from the sheer quantity of semen that had been deposited all over her.

Next she removed the short denim skirt, slipping it carefully down her legs, and Richard saw where rivulets of sexual juices had run down the inside of her thighs. Penny smiled and spread her legs. Her bush was still coated with sticky secretions. "Come and help me get clean" she said. In the shower, Richard slowly soaped her body all over, paying particular attention to her breasts and pussy. He took the showerhead and directed the spray over her bush, cleaning it and washing out his own spunk.

Penny shampooed her hair, washing out the remaining sticky gobbets of cum. The sight of her clean wet body soon made his cock begin to stiffen again, and she in turn soaped him all over, rubbing at his penis until it was fully hard again. He was full of desire for her again, and clasped her to him, their wet bodies sliding against each other. His penis rubbed against her bush, and she gasped with anticipation at the sensation, grinding her breasts against his chest.

Unable to wait any longer, Richard pulled her out of the shower. He grabbed a couple of towels and threw them onto the bed, pulling Penny with him. They neither of them felt the need for any foreplay: that evening's events had in a sense all been a prelude to this second intense fucking. Penny opened her legs wide, the dark hole of her cunt already gaping and eager to receive him.

She wrapped her thighs around Richard's back, pulling him towards her. His cock-head hovered at the entrance to her slit, her pussy lips parting around his purple knob, as if trying to suck him in. With one smooth slow movement Richard thrust forward, feeling her vagina expanding to admit him, then her cunt muscles contracted tightly, trying to hold him inside her.

Her breasts glowed with excitement, her nipples harder than he had ever seen them before. He sucked at them one at a time. She arched her body against his, meeting his thrusts with her own, looking into his eyes as they fucked. After the intense excitement of their public sex earlier, this was between just the two of them, the recent events merely serving to intensify their desire for each other. "Oh yes, yes, that's it" Penny moaned, her breath coming in short sharp pants.

"Fuck me, darling, fuck me harder, fill me please. Oh yes, your cock feels so good. Please make me come…oh yes, that's it". She writhed on the bed as she felt her climax approaching, her body tingling all over, tiny beads of perspiration breaking out on her forehead.

Richard could feel the semen building up in his own balls; he clenched his teeth and held back as Penny surged towards the crest of her own sexual experience.

Then she came, her body tensing as a gorgeous wave of sexual release pulsed through her, her vagina clenching like a vice around Richard's thrusting cock. With a cry, he gave one final thrust deep into her, as his semen churned up from his balls, erupting from his throbbing cock in seemingly endless streams, filling her still pulsating cunt with his juice.

As she felt his spurting semen splashing against the walls of her vagina, the pulse of his cock pressing against her cunt, Penny came again, screaming out with a level of sexual pleasure she had never before experienced. They lay together on the bed, damp now from perspiration as well as from the shower.

Penny's face tight busty blonde sabine in skinny jeans breasts were flushed with a post-sexual glow, and she smiled as she cuddled up to Richard, gently kissing him on the lips and stroking his cock which was still semi-hard. "You look so beautiful" he said, brushing a stray wisp of hair away from her face. "And that was so good". "Thank you darling" she replied "It was good for me too".

As they recovered together, Richard picked up the soiled, semen-stained top. "I suppose this had better go in the wash" he commented. "You can hardly wear it again like this!" But Penny wasn't so sure. She took it from him and inhaled the intense scent of sex. "I don't think I want to forget this evening" she said. "I'm going to keep it as it is, as a souvenir". Penny placed the stained t-shirt in a shoebox and hid it in the bottom of her wardrobe.

A week later, when Richard was round at her flat, she took it out and showed it to him. It was dry now, but the stains were clearly visible all over it, and it still smelt of sex. Removing her clean top and bra, she pulled it on, smoothing it over her bare breasts. She kept it on while Richard fucked her, and her orgasm when it came was long and intense.

They gorgeous teen carolina sweets has her pussy ruined whether they should try to replicate the whole experience, but both agreed that it had been a one-off; it was the spontaneity that had made it work, and any attempt to recreate it could only be an anticlimax.

As a final post-script to these events, the next day Richard received a copy on his phone of the picture that had been taken, together with a text message from the girl who had taken it (who was apparently a friend of Annie's), promising not to show it to anyone else, but asking if she could keep a copy for herself and her boyfriend.

Richard had been slightly worried at the thought of the picture circulating rapidly around the university; the fact that the girl's own boyfriend's cock featured probably explained her reluctance to let it go any further!

He printed off a copy, which he gave to Penny, before deleting the picture. Penny put it in the box with the semen-stained shirt, as a final souvenir of that unforgettable evening.