Sweet babe kathryn is ready to take her sexy clothes off

Sweet babe kathryn is ready to take her sexy clothes off
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My name is Chris and today was my birthday. Overall it was a pretty good day, between my mom and brothers (Aaron and Brian), and some various friends, I got pretty much everything I asked for. This was a very important birthday to me, I'd been looking forward to it for over a year, not because of my gifts or because I was getting older, but because tonight I'm going to have sex with my mom… at least I think so.

She's actually been sucking my dick nightly for years. I say "nightly" because she primarily does it when she comes in to say goodnight, but she's always been willing to give me a quick blow if I asked and no one was around. Once, I was particularly horny one summer afternoon, so I went and found mom sitting at her computer doing some work. I walked up. "Mom?" "Yes honey?" She said, turning to look at me, "What's up?" But her eyes quickly caught sight of the tent in my shorts, and she laughed as she saw the answer to her own question.

I just looked at her sheepishly. "OK, go close the door." I went over and closed the door to her office and walked back to her. "Come here." She said smiling, motioning for me to come closer.

I did, and stood in front of where she sat in her chair. She undid my shorts and pulled them down a few inches, then fished my erection out through the opening in my underwear. There was no more talk, she just lowered her head down, taking me into her mouth, and proceeded to suck my cock with a slight slurping sound. My hands just hung at my side like they always did, I was too nervous to touch her or put my hands on the back of her head like I'd seen my brothers do. I just watched the top of her head moving back and forth, and in a few moments I tensed up and began to spurt my cum into her mouth.

She kept going as I came, swallowing all the while. When I was done and clean, she tucked me back into my briefs.

She looked up at me and smiled, I smiled back, comforted and relieved in more ways than one. That was one of the few times I stood while she gave me head, usually I was laying in bed, or sitting on the edge of it.

I know she gives blow jobs to my older brothers too, and I honestly don't know how or when it started with them, but with me it began about three years ago.

It was all very gradual. It started with normal affectionate contact. Things like rubbing my back while we watched TV, or cuddling and light petting in bed, just being very touchy feely… stuff that was all very normal, and non sexual, that many of you have done with your own family members.

I never thought anything of it, that's just how my mom was, she'd always been that way with my brothers too, of course in hindsight I know that it's because she was already blowing each of them too. I have no idea if it was a premeditated plan of hers to start out that way and lead to more, or if she never intended on things turning sexual, but either way, it did.

She started to touch my penis at times, once again, all very gradually. She'd put her hand on my leg while we sat next to each other, and it would barely touch the edge of my crotch.

Then another time, it would be half on my leg and half on my penis, then one day it was casually resting directly on my junk. But still I never thought anything of it.

She would rub my leg and find the outline of my cock hanging off to the side, then her rubbing would focus solely on it. I figured it was just an accident, and I was too embarrassed to point it out to her. It finally took an obvious turn one night she was laying in my bed with me, like she did every night. We cuddled, she tussled my hair and we talked about school and stuff.

Her fingers casually trailing up and down my body… they began circling my groin, and I began to stiffen. I had already noticed girls by now, had seen dirty magazines, and I'd gotten erections before, but hadn't yet discovered masturbation… in fact, to this day I've never jerked off.

So I was naturally embarrassed when I knew I was getting a hard on from what I perceived to be normal touching by my own mother. She noticed it too. I felt her fingers realize they had discovered her son had a boner. She looked at me, not only was I embarrassed but I also thought I was going to get in trouble, my face clearly expressed these concerns.

"Oh honey!" She laughed. "It's ok, you didn't do anything wrong!" "I didn't mean to." I started. "Don't be silly, it's normal, I'm not upset." She smiled at me. It was then that I realized not only had she NOT pulled her hand away in disgust, like I would've expected, but she was actually petting my now fully erect penis through the fabric of the boxers I wore to bed.

Her eyes then turned down towards my crotch, mine followed. She slid her thin porcelain fingers into the flap in my shorts. Her hand was cold and I twitched a bit when she grasped my prick and pulled it out. I still wasn't seeing this as anything sexual, maybe I was naïve, or it was just because I'd never done anything at this point in my life, but the fact is I was young and it was my mom so I thought nothing of it.

"See? It's no big deal, every boy gets hard, sometimes it's for no reason at all… and I'm your mother, there's no reason to be embarrassed." She spoke calmly and very matter-of-factly. I simply nodded. I could feel her looking at me, but my eyes never moved from the sight of her hand still grasping the shaft of my dick. She studied my expression, looking for signs that I was scared or uncomfortable. I wasn't. Sure I was nervous, but it was the type of nerves you get when you don't know what to expect.

I wasn't nervous because Download xxx story cinta laura was unhappy with what was happening, I just didn't know what I was supposed to do. So I just laid there on my bed, watching my mom's hand wrapped around my cock, waiting for some instruction or to see what would happen. Then her hand began to move. Her big titted bbw kali kala lina rides a fat cock hardcore and plumper loosened, but didn't release me.

She slid her hand up to the tip, held it there for a moment, then slid it down to the base. She began a steady churning motion, sliding up and down my stiff young rod.

She was still watching my face, and I was still watching her hand. I didn't know exactly what it was that she was doing, but it felt incredible. "Does that feel nice?" She asked as if she'd read my mind. I just nodded quickly. My mouth hung open a bit, I was dumbstruck by the strange, new sensation rushing up the length of my body.

She smiled. As you can imagine, it didn't take this virginal young man long to climax. My body gave me very little warning of what was about to happen, but I should've known. I had already taken sex-ed by this point, so I knew of orgasms, but teachers referred to them as ejaculations, and their explanations were always very clinical.

They were never described as being pleasurable like the one I was about to experience, and they always took place during sexual intercourse (there was never any mention of oral sex, hand jobs or even masturbation), and from what I knew, THIS was definitely chubby amateur gets facial in fake taxi sexual intercourse, so I never expected to have an orgasm, or ejaculation, from whatever it was that my mom was doing to me.

But nevertheless, it happened. I let out a slight grunt, and my whole body tensed, as my penis twitched in my mother's still pumping hand. Thick streams of silvery white cum shot out of me with force, landing all around, on the sheets, my legs, my stomach and chest, and on my mother's hand. She continued stroking me, as my balls emptied themselves for the first time. My eyes widened as I watched the sight before me. And when it was over, and the intense euphoria had washed away, what was left is what I could only describe as pure destruction, I had spayed everywhere!

I immediately became embarrassed again, but my mom simply released my cock, told me to clean myself up and go to bed. She then kissed me goodnight and left. I laid there, bewildered by what had happened.

That was actually the only time she ever gave me a hand job to completion. The very next night, when she came in to see me, she started by jerking me off, but quickly took me in her mouth and gave me my first blow job. It was even better than her hand! It was warm and smooth, and when I came there was no mess, she swallowed it all! From then on I was cumming in my mom's mouth virtually every night before bed.

She never told me that I needed to keep it a secret, but I knew this wasn't something that I should tell anyone. It actually created a weird awkwardness for me around my brothers, thinking that this was some special thing that my mother and I shared.

Unbeknownst to me, she was sucking both of them off every day too! In fact they were older and had been receiving this wonderful treat years before I ever did. So what possessed a mother to begin blowing her first son, let alone all three of them? Where's the father in all this? Both good questions. First, I don't know.

I've never talked about it with either of my brothers, and they had never given any indication that it had been going on.

The only way I know that she blows them too, is because I witnessed it. I had been happily shooting my load down my mom's throat for months. I was the youngest, and therefore went to bed first, my bothers were allowed to stay up later and watch TV. My room was downstairs in what would normally be a formal dining room or parlor, but it had a door, so I didn't care.

The only down side was that my bathroom was actually just the downstairs guest bathroom. Well one night, after my mom had already sucked me dry and put me to bed, I woke up needing to pee. I looked at the clock groggily and it had been over two hours since I'd gone to sleep. I left my room, and walked across the house to the bathroom. Along the way, I saw the glow from the TV in the living room.

I figured I'd stop in and see who was up and what they were watching. As I walked into the room I saw Aaron, my oldest brother, sitting on the sofa, his eyes were closed and his head was tilted back, and there was mom kneeling on the carpet in front of him. His hand grasped the back of her head as it bobbed in his lap with that familiar slurping sound that let me know what was happening.

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I quickly and quietly backed out of the room and headed back to bed, I ended up holding it until I heard them head upstairs. I couldn't help but feel jealous, here I thought that I was the only one receiving her special form of attention, only to see her eagerly sucking on my brother's cock just hours after mine (I didn't yet know that his was actually the third one she'd sucked that day). Apparently the routine had become… give my middle brother, Brian, a BJ in the morning, as he waited for a bathroom to become available.

While I occupied my downstairs one, and Aaron was in the upstairs one that they both shared. I too witnessed this by accident once when I went upstairs to tell him that I was finished in my bathroom, and saw through the crack in his door the image of him standing naked in the middle of his room with mom on her knees in front of him rapidly slamming his prick into the back of her throat. I now knew that all three of us were the beneficiaries of our mother's apparently insatiable appetite for cock, or cum, or both.

I would of course then receive mine when she came in to say goodnight, and Aaron would get his later in the evening after the two of us had gone to bed.

I eventually got over my jealousy and consoled myself with the knowledge that even though she already had access to my two brother's dicks, she still wanted mine as well, and considered myself lucky. So once again, where was our father during all this? He actually died just before I was born, but before you shed a tear for him, he had daryl hanah anal facial compilation splitscreen coming. He had all the vises, he drank too much, he cheated on her constantly, and would even hit her.

Then one night he came home plastered, covered in perfume and lipstick, and my pregnant mother couldn't contain herself and they got in an argument. He eventually hit her in the face so hard it caused her to fall down and break the coffee table, all this in front of my two brothers.

Realizing that he had assaulted his wife, yet again, this time as she was 7 months pregnant, he knew it would mean jail. He panicked, drunkenly got into his car and fled.

He didn't even make it to the end of our street before he plowed into a light post and died. My mom tried dating of course, falling in love a couple of times, but it always ended.

It seems there weren't many guys who were willing to step in to a relationship and immediately become a father of three. She eventually gave up. She didn't feel pressured to find a husband, she was already a very successful realtor which afforded her the flexibility of being a single parent and paid the bills. That, coupled with my dad's life insurance, gave her the stability, independence and confidence to not need to be in a relationship.

She became a devoted mother, and left her love life up to fate… but fate, it seems, decided that she didn't need one. And while a person's swety female tennis player gets pussy sucked can become content without romantic big tits teen webcam dancing and skinny brunette short hair stepchums brothers obsession, a person's body will almost always still yearn for Physical love.

And even though I don't know how she originally came to the (imaginably difficult) conclusion to fill this sexual void with her son's identical big booty honeys sweet anal threesome by the pool, its safe to say that this wasn't her plan all along, and that her unsatisfied needs got the better of her.

But let's get back to MY story. So today is my birthday, and I think my mother is going to go from giving me head, to giving me her body. Did she tell you that? You ask. Did she hint that sex would be your birthday present this year?. Well no. Then why would I think that out of the blue my mom wound change the dynamic of our relationship and have sex with her son? It's because she's already started fucking my brothers, and I'm pretty sure that now she's going to start fucking me!

Ever since I discovered that our mother was routinely blowing each of us I started noticing things. She's not as touchy feely with me now that she gives me head instead. Not in a mean way or anything, it's just that she shows me even more physical attention when we're alone now, so there's less need for the casual affectionate touches that most people have with their moms.

I also started noticing when mom would disappear with each of my brothers, going into her room or theirs, without explanation, and closing the door. Then re-emerging after anywhere from a few minutes to a half hour later.

Something I'd never have paid attention to before, but now that I knew what it meant, peaked my interest. Sometimes I'd sneak up next to the door to listen but only ever heard the occasional sucking-slurping sound. And apparently I was the only one aware of this trend.

Aaron never seemed concerned when mom would disappear with Brian, and Brian never cared when it was with Aaron. It's not that they saw and didn't care, it's that they genuinely didn't even notice. Which lead me to believe that I was the only one who knew about the other two. Each of them thought that they were the only one who got head from mom. It made me laugh to myself. But I also believe that now they're each having sex with her, they must be aware the other is too.

This is because sneaking away for a quiet BJ where the only undressing necessary is for a hard dick to poke out of our shorts, is a lot different than the moaning and bed creaking that originally got my attention.

I found out about Aaron on his birthday. I'd become accustomed to knowing that after mom sucked me off and I went to bed, he would eventually be cumming in her mouth as well. Sometimes I'd hear or see it happen, but on the night on one of his birthdays (the same one I'm celebrating today), I was literally awoken by the sound of it.

But it couldn't be a BJ, this was louder, and different. There was a rhythmic bouncing, or creaking, the type you'd expect to hear if someone was jumping on a trampoline.

I laid in bed listening trying to figure out what it was, and where it was coming from. I thought maybe a neighbor's house or yard, or even our yard, but I couldn't pinpoint it. I eventually climbed out of bed, and left my room. Immediately I could tell that it was inside the house. I stood there a moment listening and took a step forward, it was coming from the living room. Most of you would've known that it was the sound of fucking, it's unmistakable if you've ever heard it before, but I honestly had no idea what it was.

Quietly I crept toward the sound. I peaked around the corner and there in the dark was a sight that took me several minutes to comprehend. The TV was off so the only light I had to go off of was street lights shining through the windows. I could see movement (the source of the noise), it almost looked like someone was jumping on the sofa.

I heard heavy breathing, it was feminine, my mom. She was sitting backwards on the couch, kneeling on the cushion, holding on to the back for support as she bounced herself up and down at a pretty steady pace.

The scene was a mix of shadows and flashes of skin as she moved in an out of the light, that's when I realized she was naked. Her breasts bounced in and out of view, her neck, back, best friends enjoys group sex with older guys part of her side showed her pale skin.

Some of you will think this is crazy, but I've never seen her naked before. She never undressed when she came in to suck me at night.

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She was always dressed when ever I'd seen her servicing my brothers too. But her tits were gorgeous! I'd seen Playboys and stuff, so I knew what they looked like, but these were so much better.

They called to be touched, and just as I thought it, so they were! A pair of hands reached up from under her in the darkness, each grasping a breast. There was someone else there, sitting on the couch underneath her! She was bouncing naked on top of someone! My mind was racing, what was happening here? Who was that? There was a groan, a man. "Oh God, I'm gonna cum mom." It was Aaron. He spoke softly, deliberately trying to be quiet.

Mom's movements sped up. I now realized what this was, Mom and Aaron were having sex! I already knew what sex was, once again from sex-ed.

But the depictions of the act of sexual intercourse were always the most basic diagrams in our books that only ever showed missionary style, I never thought that there were other ways to do it! But here in front of me was my beautiful naked mother riding my brother on sofa.

Her speed had increased, and her bouncing was now full on slamming down on his lap. Her breathing had increased and he was groaning again, the familiar sound of his impending orgasm. Finally he let out a grunt, that he was clearly still trying to keep from being too loud.

Mom slammed her body up and down a couple more times before she too, let out a gasp as she came, throwing her head back. It was a strange and arousing sight, I'd never seen her achieve her own orgasm before. After several moments, she relaxed her body and looked down at Aaron who was still fondling her boobs. "Did you like that?" She asked him. I couldn't see her face, but her tone told me she was smiling.

"Ya." Was all he managed to mutter. "Well I'm glad birthday boy." She said. I decided I should head back to my room before they started moving around and noticed me. I got back in bed and laid there staring at the ceiling, numerous thoughts racing through my mind… I can't believe mom was fucking her own son. But is that really any worse or taboo than giving us head?

That was his birthday present? Mom looks good naked. So that was sex? I wanted to fuck mom too. It was then that I realized I had a raging hard on. I'd never jerked off before, I didn't know how, I never needed to, but here I was wishing I had a way to relieve myself. I heard mom and Aaron head up stairs. I waited and listened for their separate doors to close. I mulled hot sex on a beautiful day facial cumshot natural tits what to do about my throbbing erection.

a few minutes later I was laying in mom's bed with her lips wrapped around my cock. Over the next few months I continued to catch mom and Aaron having sex. As far as I could tell Brian was still only getting BJs, no sex yet. But I kept hearing my mom's voice in my head saying, "birthday boy" to Aaron, implying that she started having sex with him because of his birthday.

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But when Brian's birthday came and went, and then mine… there was still no sex for either of us. Then came the following year (on Brian's next birthday). That morning mom said Brian wasn't ready yet and was running late. She insisted that Aaron and I still head to school on time and that she would give him a ride when he was ready. Given the fact that I'd been very observant of my mom and brother's behaviors and potential sexual activities, I immediately found this odd.

He never needed to get rides to school before, and today just happened to be his birthday… was it a coincidence? I needed to try and prove my theory that mom would eventually start having sex with Brian on his birthday too.

Now Aaron thought nothing of Brian running late, and he got picked up for school by a couple friends, so he left. But I walked. I left the house like normal, but when I got the end of our block, instead of turning right and heading to school, I waited.

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I watched our house for 5 minutes and there was still no activity. Was Brian still not ready? He was going to be really late… then again, so was I, but I didn't care. I started walking back towards my house, I figured if they walked out and saw me then I could just say I forgot something and I could just get a ride with them. But as I approached they still hadn't walked out. I slowly and quietly opened the door and walked in. My suspicions were confirmed by the unmistakable sounds of sex that filled the house.

The creaking and banging of a bed upstairs, the slapping of skin, and the loud moans of pleasure that came from a young man and his mother who were confident that they were the only ones home.

I carefully crept up the stairs, although I was sure they wouldn't be able to hear me. As I approached the top I saw mom's bedroom door was wide open, their combined sounds picked up speed. I peeked around the door frame. There I saw Brian's back, he was naked, kneeling on the bed, poised behind our mother.

She was on her hands and knees, also naked, her amazing tits swaying below her, the nipples brushing against the sheets.

Brian had a hand on each side of her hips, eagerly pulling her back to him as he thrust forward. I couldn't see their privates from this angle but I knew what was going on, I'd seen Aaron screwing mom this way before.

I knew Brian's cock was sawing furiously in and out of our mother's snatch, I knew Aaron had done the same thing to her last night, and just like Aaron, Brian was hot russian natasha entertained before hard fuck to cum inside her. "I'm about to cum!" He exclaimed, almost on cue. And not a moment too soon, "AAAHHH!" He let out a sound that was part grunt and part scream as he gave one final thrust, shoving his spraying member as far into her as he could.

Mom followed suit, burying her face in a pillow screaming in ecstasy as her body trembled on the hilt of her son's cock. I decided it was time for me to sneak back out of the house and rush off to school.

As I turned and headed down the stairs I heard my mother's voice. "Happy birthday sweetheart." I knew it. It wasn't until I was walking down my street that I noticed the pain in my groin. My balls were noname jane aka violet blue pregnant and dick danger with aroused jealousy, my dick aching for it's turn to feel the inside of my mother.

I adjusted so my erection wasn't noticeable, but it would simply have to wait till I got home and could have my mom relieve me (from the built up pressure of what I had witnessed) down her throat.

It wasn't until several months later, when my birthday came and went without my mom offering her body to me, that I realized that mom only finally had sex with Brian when he reached the same age that Aaron was when she first had sex with him! That meant that in another year when I turned the same age, she should have sex with me!

This was still all a theory, I had no guarantees, but today was the day. My birthday fell on a Saturday this year, so we had a party in the afternoon. A bunch of friends came and hung out, but eventually everyone left.

Aaron actually has a date this evening so he's getting ready for that. He's had good luck with girls, way more that Brian or I have, but I always find it funny when he goes out. Like does he tell mom "no thanks I don't need a BJ, I got lucky on my date tonight"? Somehow I doubt those exact words ever come out of his mouth, but it got me thinking, at what point will mom stop sucking our dicks?

Or in my brothers' case (and hopefully mine) when will she stop letting them fuck her? Will we get to a certain age and she'll cut us off? Will we get girlfriends and cut her off? Or maybe we'll get girlfriends and she'll tell us it's over and to focus on them. I have no idea how a sexual relationship with your mother is supposed to end… but right now I'm just concerned with it STARTING. I was in my room putting away some of my new stuff when mom walked in.

"Hey you wanna watch a movie?" She asked. "Sure, any ideas?" "Not yet, I was gonna see what was on the movie channels." "ok, see what Brian wants to watch." I suggested. "Oh Brian is leaving too." "Really? Oh ok. I didn't know he had plans." "Ya, he's actually going out with friends." "Ok, well ya, whatever looks good to you. I'm gonna shower." "Alright honey." And she turned and left. My dick was already stiffening. Both Aaron and Brian were going to be out of the house tonight, was it just a coincidence?

Sure mom and I have been home alone lots of times, and on most of those occasions my penis has been on of the receiving end of her oral fixation… this knowledge alone would be enough to get me aroused, but now I couldn't help but wonder if it was all a plan so that she and I could have the house to ourselves for our first time.

I showered, but I didn't rush, I didn't want to seem anxious, or get my hopes up. I got dressed in a tee shirt and a pair of sweat pants and headed into the living room. Mom was already sitting there with a bowl of popcorn.

To my dismay, she was wearing the same thing. A shirt and sweats, nothing particularly sexy that screamed "I'm gonna rock your world birthday boy", but I tried not to get disheartened, I figured she would at least give me a BJ if I asked. We ended up watching a thriller that we both agreed looked good, but halfway through, had been a slow-paced, uninteresting letdown. I think we were just sticking with it because we didn't see anything else worth watching.

The popcorn was gone and mom was now sitting right next to me. She yawned and laid her head on my shoulder.

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Snuggling up to me, her hand landed on my lap and found the erection I'd been trying to ignore. Her hand squeezed it trying to see what it was she had found. She raised her head and looked down at the clear outline of my hard prick.

"Oh sweetheart I didn't know, you should've said something." She said, sounding slightly disappointed in herself. "Oh I Um." was all I muttered, but it didn't matter, she was already sliding off the couch and on to her knees in front of me. She grabbed the elastic waistband of my sweatpants and tugged. I lifted my butt up so they could slide further down (this wasn't my first rodeo, I knew what to do), but to my surprise, she continued to pull them off!

This was unusual, she's never taken my bottoms all the way off before, but sure enough, she pulled them off of me and tossed them to the side. She never looked up at my reaction to this change, she simply took ahold of my cock, opened her a private yoga sex in gym yellow bras and yellow small pantese girl sex with gym trainer and lowered her head down on it.

She proceeded to give me a wonderful blow job. Good use of mouth and hands, plenty of wetness as she slurped up and down my dick. Her taking my sweats off had been a favorable sign towards us having sex, and from what I knew, a BJ was a very common precursor to intercourse. Providing lubrication as well as "preheating the oven" so to speak… but as she continued to steadily work my rod in and out of her mouth, I became concerned as I felt myself nearing orgasm.

Clearly she must know that if she kept this up I was going to cum, thus ending my birthday gift. So if she planned on us switching over to full blown sex, she needed to stop… like NOW. But she didn't, I sex xxx romantic storys download gave my usual groans and whimpers that signaled an incoming loadbut if anything she just sped up. My heart sank, obviously she had no intention of taking our relationship to the next level, as she had done with my brothers.

My theory was a bust, but I didn't have time to sulk, as my climax was just arriving. I let out an involuntary grunt as I sent several shots of hot cum to the back of my mom's throat. It was a satisfying orgasm, and truly one of my mother's best performances, but the afterglow quickly disappeared as I returned to disappointment over her decision not to have sex with me.

As my body stopped tingling, and I regained my composure, I focused on my mom who was still kneeling in front of me. "How was that?" She asked with a smile, as she fixed her ponytail back in place.

"Um. Good." I said, confused. My mom rarely spoke during an encounter like this, and NEVER spoke about it. At most she would just say 'take down your shorts' or something, and then afterwards it was just 'goodnight' or some sort of dismissive statement signaling that this BJ was over and she was back in mom-mode, like 'ok, now go do your homework'. She's never asked me if I liked it, or really ever spoke about it. It was as if the act of her blowing me only existed while she was doing it, and once it was over, it's as if it never happened.

So her question threw me off. "I'm glad." She said simply, smiling a little. She looked back at my penis, which was now down to half mast, flopping to the side slightly as it softened. She took it back in her hands and began fondling it gently. I watched. "You want another one?" She asked, still just looking at her plaything. My dick twitched at her words, and began to swell again, she grinned, already knowing my answer. "Uh huh." I said, sounding more like a grunt.

She just continued to play with it, softly stroking it, squeezing it, kneading the meat back to life. "Why don't you take your shirt off." She said, more of an instruction rather than a question.

Without a thought I pulled my tee shirt off and tossed it over by my sweats. I was now completely naked in front of my mother as she continued to stroke my penis, this was a first, but I didn't have to think about it long, "you know what, why don't I take mine off too" she said, almost to herself, still only looking at my crotch. With one motion she removed her shirt, tossing it next to mine, exposing her immaculate breasts to me for the first time.

Whatever motivation my body needed to get hard again, it was received. My prick sprang to attention, my mother noticed and grinned to herself. Without another word or hesitation, she once again took my member in her hands and fed it gingerly into her mouth. She did a lot of hand work, slowly sliding my shinny tool in her delicate grasp, sucking thirstily on my swollen head.

It felt incredible, but it was almost like a tease, her movements were slower, more deliberate, like she didn't actually wasn't me anya ivy gets fucked and gives a footjob cum this time. I didn't complain, I was enjoying the sight, and the feeling of her large tits swaying across my thighs. My hand slid down my side, creeping towards them, I wanted so badly to feel one.

For all the head I'd gotten in my young life, I had yet to touch a boob! But like the good mother she was, without removing my cock from her lips, or even looking up, she grabbed my wrist with her free hand, and cupped my hand on her tit, leaving it there. I let out an audible gasp of excitement. My second hand needed no invitation, and I quickly shoved it underneath her, grabbing a hold of the other one. Mom continued on her task, enjoying the slow sucking pleasure of her son's dick.

My hands squeezed her breasts, massaging them with youthful blonde girl sucks a dick in the pool and inexperience.

No matter how annoying my grabbing must've been, she paid no mind, allowing me to explore these new playthings. I was in heaven, my mom continued to suck, albeit teasingly, on my shoplifter penelope gets fucked to pay for her crime, while I enjoyed the soft, squishy texture of her flesh.

She removed me from her mouth with a pop, and looked me in the eyes. "Do you want to have sex?" She asked. Her expression and tone told me there was a seriousness in her question. She wasn't just asking if I wanted to have sex, but for me to think about it and decide if I was really willing and ready to lose my virginity, and if wanted it sexy women convinced to flash their nice tits for money be with her my own mother.

I knew my answer already, I'd known it since I first witnessed her riding Aaron on this very sofa. But I paused, for her sake.

I looked at her kneeling before me, her tits hanging perfectly on her chest. The skin slightly pink from my overzealous pawing at them. She was no longer holding my penis, it throbbed anxiously, and twitched in between us, but I don't think she noticed. She had a hand on each of my knees, they were wet with saliva. There was genuine concern on her face as she awaited my reply. She had just asked her youngest son to have sex and was clearly scared I might say 'no'.

I don't know if she was scared because she really wanted to have sex with me, or because I might not be comfortable with this and feel the need to tell some one, exposing her.

Either way, she had nothing to worry about. I only stared at her for a second, but for each of us it felt like an hour, just for different reasons. "Ya." I said finally. It felt anticlimactic, like I should've said something more, but it was all she needed to hear, and she smiled at me. Without another word from either of us, she stood and pushed her sweatpants down to her feet and kicked them off, exposing her fully nude body to me.

She stood there for a second, allowing me to take this all in for the first time. She looked incredible, she was curvy, a thin waist with big hips and tits. She was exactly the type of woman that turned me on in porn or magazines. I didn't know what to do, so I sat there and didn't move, I figured she would instruct me when necessary.

Then she turned her back to me and I was staring at her ass. It was round, not too wide, but it had great cheeks that stuck out and cupped underneath.

I thought she might just be trying to show me her whole body, but then she began to sit down on my lap. She reached back between her legs, grasping my erection, aiming it at her snatch and lowering herself onto it. The tip made contact with her vagina but she didn't hesitate, she lowered herself completely, fully impaling herself on my rod for the first time. Now my mother's mouth was amazing, she's been making me cum with ease for years (as well as my brothers), and no matter how 'used to it' I got, she could still have me blowing my load in minutes.

So I'm definitely not one of those guys who's bored with getting BJs and wants sex instead, I will always love getting head from my mom, but the feeling of sliding into my mother's twat was unimaginable! It was warm and wet just like her mouth, but softer, and tighter, like it wrapped all around my dick in a way her mouth couldn't. She just sat there for a moment, her breathing was quick and her body trembled at the feeling of her son's cock pressed deep inside her.

And then she began to bounce. Her legs were between mine, my knees were on the outside of each of hers, she gripped them for support. She raised her ass and lowered it back gown, again and again, building speed. Each time she came back down there was a slap of our skin together, and a cry of pleasure from her. I stared at her back, watching her slam her butt cheeks down on my lap, smiling as I watched my shaft reappear and then disappear inside her.

I couldn't see her face, but I could imagine it, eyes tightly shut, mouth open, an expression that could easily be mistook for pain if you didn't know what was happening. My mother was full-on fucking me at this point, steadily slapping her ass down on me, the couch squeaking loudly as it gave in and rebounded with each of our movements.

My mom screamed, I knew what this meant, she was nearing climax. The only reason I hadn't orgasmed yet was because I'd already had one… I was starting to realize that may have been her plan at the beginning of this evening. As hard as it is to believe, she actually started going faster, harder, pushing me in deeper.

It was the most intense thing I have ever seen. My hands lay at my side, I didn't dare move out of fear of ruining this for her… and me, But then she came. Her body convulsed, she yelled at the sky (she obviously had to use a lot of self control when fucking my brothers while we were all home).

I couldn't believe it, my mother was actually cumming on my dick! The excitement of what was happening, the scene that was playing out before me, and the feeling of my mom's quivering cunt around my cock was getting to be too much for me, I was going to cum!

Mom's bouncing had all but stopped as she sat on prick, recovering from her orgasm, but I was close, Jennifer singer wet college babe jerks off stiff wanted mine. Without thinking I grabbed her waist and lifted her up and slammed her back down, up and down, up and down, I guided her on my rod. "AAAHHH!" she let out. I was now truly fucking my mom!

I continued lifting and lowering her as fast as I could, until she took back over. She began slamming me into her again. My sounds clearly said that I was close, but so did hers. She was actually going to cum again. My hands were back at my sides, clawing uncontrollably at the cushion as I neared my orgasm.

It eventually escaped me, and I began spraying my huge load. It was a load that had been pent up for two years waiting for the chance to be unleashed inside my mother's muff.

I can't even describe the noises I made, none of them were intentional, they just spewed out of my mouth like the jizz out of my dick. I wasn't even completely empty before mom began writhing ecstatically on my cock yet again.

Honestly it was amazing, her shaking and grinding prolonged my already intense orgasm, and it wasn't until she was done that I was finally drained. We just sat there, I on the sofa and she on my lap, my dick still inside her. We were both breathing heavily, that's when I realized the stupid movie we had been watching was still on.

My hand reached blindly on the cushion next to me until it found the remote and it turned it off. The house was now silent, except for our slowing breaths. I felt my prick shift as it began to deflate, a mixture of my hot sperm and my mother's juices ran down my shaft. We had both just enjoyed our second orgasms of the evening, but they weren't our last.

We rested, and fucked, then rested and fucked again. I came twice more in my mother that night, and she came twice as many times as I did. We played around with different positions, doggy style, 69ing, that sort of thing. I started to think I must be special. She only had sex with Aaron once the night of his birthday, and Brian once that morning… but then I realized that I didn't know that for sure.

I woke up to find my mom on top of Aaron, but I don't know how long they had been going before that. And I watched Brian cum in her from behind, and then I left, but for all I know they could've spent the whole day in bed together.

I tried not to think about it, I liked the idea that I was her favorite, her baby boy, and she enjoyed my cock the most. We eventually went to our separate rooms and fell asleep, we were still mother and son after all, not a couple.

I dreamt about my mother, her body, her breasts, her mouth. She was my very own fantasy, but she was real. The next morning I woke up and wandered into the kitchen to see if everyone was up eating breakfast.

Mom was standing there drinking coffee. Naked. My eyes went wide with shock. "Mom!?" I know it seems odd that I'd be so surprised to see bbc loving cop feasted on pussy in threesome interracial and reality naked, considering I'd spent hours last night rubbing, sucking and humping the same body that stood before me, but normally, when we weren't engaged in some sort of sexual activity, she was simply my mom and acted as such.

"Morning sleepy head, what's wrong?" "What are you doing naked?? Someone could see you!" I was referring to one of my brothers walking in. She must've been laughing in her head at the thought of me worrying about one of her other sons seeing her nude, considering they've been fucking her for years.

But I wasn't supposed to know that. "Oh, no one else is home. They both stayed with friends last night." She said, my expression softened.

"So I was thinking that maybe we could make this a birthday weekend for you." my eyebrows raised with interest. She set her coffee on the counter and walked over to the kitchen table.

She leaned forward, bending over the table, aiming her snatch at me. "Now take off your clothes and come Fuck mommy."