Slut does her most excellent to get cum in mouth hardcore and creampie

Slut does her most excellent to get cum in mouth hardcore and creampie
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My name is Jake. I'm a junior in high school. I'm really fit and athletic, ive been playing football and volleyball since 6th grade. I'm in with that jock group part of school. I'm pretty popular with the girls. I've gotten around with most of them. But lately its just meaningless sex. I haven't had a girlfriend since the summer between sophomore and junior year. My best guy friend, Mike, is one of the smartest and nicest people.

He is also president of our class. So he is pretty popular also. He doesn't play many sports but he keeps himself in shape. We've been friends since 3rd grade. We know everything about each other and were comfortable around each other with everything. It was Friday and almost the end of the day. We have class together. We were talking about going out and chilling with the other guys. Mike said he wasn't feeling to well and I understood. Hes been very stressed planning sports events and prom coming up soon.

I said alright than do you wanna chill at my house. My parents are leaving so you could stay over blonde cutie nikky dream enjoys big cock of jock you want.

He said sure id love to.

The bell rang and he said he had a meeting and he would be over later. I said later and he left down the hall. A little while later I got home and my parents were leaving. They were going away for the weekend and I said okay, Mikes coming over. They said ok have fun. They left and I called mike and he said he was on his way.

Some time went by and he arrived. I welcomed him and we went to my room. It was late but not early so I said what do you want to do. He said you wanna go for a run? I had to agree I thought it was a good idea. I went to my closet pulled out 2 pairs of shorts, and 2 tank tops. He sat down on my bed telling me about his meeting while pulling off his jeans and shoes.

I noticed he was wearing sweet amateur babe gets her pussy toyed and fucked cum on body doggystyle. I couldnt help but look. Mike had a huge bulge and nice balls. He took off his shirt and he had gotten ripped. His arms were huge and his abs were even more noticeable.

He did something that shocked me, he took off his underwear and said do you have compression shorts. I was in awe, his cock was so thick and his balls hung low. I murmurered out yeah.

We got dressed and finally left. We went runnning for about an hour and came back. We were both so sweaty. When we got in the house I noticed his veins bulged and his arms looked great wet.

I said I feel gross, im gonna get nude and laughed. I dont know if it was my horny brain talking or if I just felt that way. I stood in the living room and kicked off my shoes and took off my shirt. Next my shorts and I never ran with underwear. I actually never really wore underwear.

Mike looked shocked and said dude. I wondered what he was looking at. My cock was rock hard.

Mike never saw my cock hard or really saw it at all. It was 9 inches and thick. I said oh my bad dude, I guess its the testosterone from running. He said eh its ok. He got undressed soon but kept the compression shorts on. I could see why. He was also rock hard I could see the outline in the shorts. I said im gonna go shower, wanna join me? He said nah ill just wait till your done, ill wait in your room.

We both went to my room and he laid on my bed. I went into my bathroom and turned on the shower. I wanted to see what he was up to so I was gonna use an excuse like oops forgot my soap. The water got hot and I went back into my room. Horny redhead teen gets a hard romping in sideway position began to say I forgot my soap when I noticed mike got nude and started jerking off on my bed.

He was on a funny angle facing something. I was in awe again. I never found him like attractive, I never found any guy but now is different. He was so muscular, he had great hairy thighs and legs. His balls hung low and his cock was huge and thick. I went to my dresser and opened and closed a drawer.

I heard him hold his breath. I turned around and he was like oh shit man im sorry. Im just so horny. I looked at what he was jerking off too. My picture. I said dude are you like gay or bi. He blushed hard and said im bi. He looked ashamed. I said nah dude dont be ashamed. I know how to make you feel better.

Im gonna shower quickly than you. Meet me in my parents room when your done showering. Make it quick. I winked and went back to the shower. I was quick and he jumped in right after me. In my parents room I went to my dads night stand and took out a bottle of lube labeled with my name. Me and my dad were at a understanding that mom would never go into that drawer and I was sexually active.

I put it on the night stand and laid across my dads side. Soon Mike came in but clothed. I said mike take those clothes off now. He obeyed and got nude.

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I could tell he felt funny. I said lay next to me. He got on the bed and I leaned in and kissed him. I stuck my tounge in his mouth and I pulled back. Ok ready? He smiled and nodded. I was rock hard and squirted some lube into my hand.

I said get on all fours. He obeyed and I squirted lube into his nice pink hairy asshole. I said its gonna hurtim thick but lube should help. He said just fuck me already. So I guided my dick into his hole and slowly popped it in. he moaned and finally I got it all in.

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he screamed but said wait a second. I could feel his ass relax and said ok. I started pumping slowly and he said fuck me faster. I now took it and went with it. I fucked him mercilessly. My balls slapped his balls and soon we were just groaning and moaning loud. I said my cock feel good babe. He mummbled back yeah. I kept fucking when I knew I was gonna cum. I said im gonna cum.

He said good baby pump your hot cum in my hairy ass. That sent me over the edge and I released 8 ropes of thick white hot cum. I laid ontop of him and said mmm.

He said my turn. He just wanted me to handle his cock. I lubed it up and pumped away. He couldnt stop moaning and soon he was gonna cum. He got up and splattered his hot cum on my mouth and in my hair. We bailey jay 1 girl 3 loads back to my room showered and got into bed.

We spooned and I got hard again. He said tomorrow and we fell asleep.