Exploring a juicy and hairy asian pussy

Exploring a juicy and hairy asian pussy
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I was 19 years old when this happened and I had just discovered that I was bi sexual. (P.S.

sory for my broken english, my first language is french.) I had in the past went to gay bathhouses a few times but never had a such great experience then this time at sauna oasis in the village in montreal.

My friend and I were in the tub since about an hour and nothing much had really happened yet when we decided to go around to see what was happening out there. We first went to the ''XXX cinema'' but nothing much so we moved upstairs. we fooled around a bit more and my friend felt on someone he knows so he decided teen mom teaches son how to fuck and suck pussy stay with him to talk for a bit.

I stayed for a while and then decided to continue exploring the place. I was a bit scared at first since I am only 19 years old and pretty cute and all the people in there were in their 40's. Some of them just started to follow me and I tried to ''escape'' them by just continue walking around but they just kept going so I decided to went to the glory holes section that was in a more quiet place upstairs.

I locked myself in the first of the four cabin available and started stroking my dick just for fun until my friend was done talking with the other guy. I was only planning staying there for a few minutes to escape the people that was following me all around. I started to listen up to see if anyone spotted that I was in a glory hole.

One minute passed, no one came in, I was safe, at least, until my friend would come back to stay with me to avoid being followed by 5 or 6 other dude. 10 minutes passed and my friend was still not there so I started thinking, what would I do if someone passed by and would just sit in the cabin next to me, I would be kind of forced to serve him by sucking his cock.

And since the youngest guy except my friend and I was about 40-45, I would have to serve the dick of some one that could be the age of my own father. It would be like a dad/son type relation except it would be with a guy I do not even saw the sunny leone with nigrblak man. Normally people would have been terrified of this, but strangely I started getting an erection and quickly it became one of the biggest erection I had in my whole life.

The idea of sucking anonymously someone more than twice my age that I do not even know started to turn me on. Less than 5 minutes later I started to feel so excited about it that I could barely contained myself, my dick was so hard, my heart started to beat so fast, my legs became so weak that I had no other choice than sit on the bench in the cabin.

I tried to imagine how it would be, this dick I was waiting to pass through this hole on my right, the waiting for someone to came in was horrible, it was only 20 minutes now but it felt like an hour. More the time was passing, the more horny I was getting, I even felt some precum dripping out of my still hard cock that soon turned in a huge amount of this hot precum. It was about half an hour I was in this glory hole and still no one had passed by. I started inventing scenarios of the situation.

One of my biggest fantasm is to serve as a sex slave to other men or girls, I like to abandon my body to give the full control of it to my sexual partner to make him in charge of me.

When I do this, I give to him/her the right to make me do whatever they want me to do.

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So I started saying to myself that my sex ''daddy'' voluntary locked me inside the glory hole to punish me about being a bad boy even if I did not knew at this time who would be my sex daddy. I started thinking of how it would be when this dick would came out of this wall, how floppy it would be at first, with him yelling to me that it was my job and no one elses to make him hard and to get him turn on to give him an orgasm.

I was getting so horny I started feeling butterflies in my stomach, I had never felt this before for something sexual, I realised that older men in a glory hole was literally my BIGGEST fantasm.

I was still in my head thinking of all this when I finally heard some getting in the cabin next to mine. I felt so happy at this exact moment that I felt off of the bench I was sitting on and when I tried to get back on it, I passed my hand over the hole that was now in front of me and I felt a cock.

It was the time, I tried to look at it but the glory holes were in a total dark room so I was not even able to see it.

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I started jacking him, at this point his was not hard yet, so I started to go faster and I heard a strong voice yelling, PUT IT IN YOUR MOUTH LITTLE JERK!, I could not expect better than this, he was my master. The way he talked to me I knew that he was knowing who I was, that I was one of the two teenager in the place.

I replied him, first you have to tell me how old you are and he answered I'm 51 and I don't care if you are not even 20, put it in your mouth. His words were like an orgasm, I felt this feeling from my head to my toes, I almost crashed down so much I was horny. I got closer to his penis and started licking the tip of it and immediately I felt some precum falling on my tongue, wow it was so good.

I got closer and fit it all in my mouth and heard him moan the other side of the wall, he liked it, my master was happy. I said to myself, your ''daddy'' deserve better than thi or else he will punish you more than this and will only leave the glory hole, so I started to go faster and faster getting it more and more deep in my mouth and less than 5 minutes later he was almost hard as I was. Impressive for someone that old, but daddy deserve an even better blow job than this, so, for the first time of my life, I attempted deepthroating.

I got his cock all the way in to the more I could easily go and started pushing my own head on his cock to get it as deep as possible in my throat and it felt amazingly great.

I heard him moan once more, I knew I was doing great so I pushed even a little more and he started pushing back. I did ping pong show thailand storys xxxx online play realized what he was about to do then he gave a shot forward and started throat fucking me, it felt so good. Still on me knees with the head on his huge cock, he started to go faster and faster while getting harder with me as well, he moaned more and more, I knew he was about to cum.

When he finally shot his load, his dick was still in my throat so his load went all the way in me. It was so hot and creamy that I could feel it getting down my throat to my stomach. It was so exciting that once more I felt on the ground and as soon as he came in his cabin, he was already gone.

I felt so much sensation during this blow job and I liked it so much that only to get u it took me more than 15 minutes, when I came out of the glory holes I just saw my friend looking at me at a strange way.

Where were you gone!

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he said, I smiled to him and said that he could not even imagine what just happened. Even today, as i'm still 19yo, this remains my best sex experience I ever had in my entire life and since this day, my new fantasy is still to suck 40yo+ boys trough a glory holes.