An explosive dong sucking session hardcore blowjob

An explosive dong sucking session hardcore blowjob
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"I'm so sorry honey, but I just have to think it all over. You know I alwayas dreamed of having babies, of being a mother, and now. it just seems like all my dreams are falling apart. Please don't be sad, just give me some time" - Lisa's words echoed in Mike's head, just like the memory of the last kiss she gave him, and her beautiful silhouette walking away. It has been fourth day since the test proved he was infertile, and she hasn't even called him once since they're last talk in the clinic.

It was to much for him - first this fatal test result that made him ass licking with bibi noel and noelle easton like he was not a real man, that he would never be able to have a son and a real family, then the thought that he will lose Lisa. Yeah, it was nearly 100% sure she'll leave him. She was raised in a christian family, and wanted to save sex for "after the wedding", so she wouldn't get pregnant before getting married.

Sometimes he had an impression, that the main reason to have sex for her, wasn't the desire to make love with him, but a want of fulfilling her dreams about having a baby. They have been engaged for nearly a year, and before that they were walking with each other for three years, yet they never did anything more sexual this honey gets stripped and fucked squirting and japanese french kissing or touching buttocks - they never did petting or seen each other naked - Lisa had her rules, and Mike just accepted them, thinking that they'll do all the things lovers do after the wedding.

But now, these moments he imagined so many time seemed stolen from him, he knew they his dreams of making love with his beloved one will never become reality. Staring at the road before him with an empty gaze, he thought of someone he could talk with. He really needed to let it all out and as he was drving along this covered by night, empty highway, he realised there is only one person that he can turn to now.

He parked his car and headed to a nearby block, where Jill, Lisa's twin sister lived. Climbing up the stairs, he wondered nervously if Jill's face wouldn't remind him of the whole sad situation with his fiance, but he knew, talking with her will help him. Just after he rang the bell, a beautiful young woman opened the door. Her hair were dark and straight, falling on her white shoulders.

She wasn't tall, but perfectly built, slim and sexy, but also so delicate and fragile. She was wearing tight black top, and short sexy skirt in the same colour. Her dark blue eyes smiled as she saw familliar face. -Mike! Come in - she invited and hugged him happily - we haven't seen for ages. -Hey Jill, I know it's late and I'm sorry to bother you, but I just have to talk to someone, and you are the only person I can count on.

-Did something bad happen? Something between you and Lisa - Jill said with a worried face. -Yeah. Actually it did. -Oh my. Sit down Mike, I'll make a tea, and then you'll tell me everything. So he did. He told her everything and she listened with compassion and sadness painted in her beautiful eyes.

This is why he thought of her as a friend - she always understood him and felt for him. She was similar to Lisa in many aspects of her personality, but yet there was something in her, that made her totally different.

Jill was more aware of her sexuality and was more willing to use it, not being strict like Lisa. As far as he knew, there were few guys in her life, but these were all xxx mom papa milk vedio relationships, always ending in hurting her.

Mike always felt sorry for Jill, for how she always didn't get the happiness she deserves but. he just loved Lisa. Or did he now? He wondered as his thought drifted to Jill. -Mike, are you there? -Oh, I'm sorry Jill, I just drifted away. -That's allright, I just hope whenever you drifted, it was a happy place - she smiled. -Yes. Thank you Jill, I feel a lot better now, thanks to you. -Your welcome Mike. Maybe we'll have somethink stronger than tea?

I got a great red wine from a friend. -Why not - he answered. In fact he really wanted to drink something tonight and stop thinking about all the bad memories of recent few days. Jill filled the wine glasses, turned on some calm relaxing music, and they continued their conversation. -My sisters sometimes is so egoistic. She thinks only about herself, not about your feelings.

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In fact, I think she has reasons horny blonde fucks sisters boyfriend after partying be happy - at least I would be if I was her. -Why? What do you mean? -What I mean is that if you can't have children, there's no need to get worry about having a baby when you're not ready or don't want it, and that means you can have sex anytime and as often as you want.

-You're probably right, but I think you know Lisa's attitude to sex. sometimes I think she treats it like a not pleasant duty needed to have children she always dreamt of. -Yes, it may look like that, but it's just because she pushed her needs deep inside her and it doesn't mean she doesn't have them. Believe me, Mike, I know some things about my sister and you can trust what I say, althought I don't know if she would like to take that part of her out.

-What do you have on mi. -Maybe we'll dance? - she interupted before he could finish - Come on, Mike, a little dancing wouldn't be bad to get our bones streched after all this sitting and talking - she winked with a smile. -Yeah, I think it's a good idea. Mike took Jill's hand, put the other one on her wais and they slowly started dancing. With every minute Jill moved closer to him, and finally he took her in his arms, and they continued to dance, enjoying beautiful calmness of the moment.

He could feel her soft breasts pressing into his chest with her every breath, his right hand touched the clasp of her bra and he started imaging what are her breast like withouth it. He thought of how smooth and soft they must be, and he realised he started having an erection.

He tried to throw this thoughts out of his head but then he felt Jill's hand moving fake taxi uk dutch teen his buttocks. She raised her head from his shoulder and lifted her face to him, her eyes closed, her lips slightly open. He looked enchanted at her beautiful face, and lower his lips to hers, kissing her softly. His hand went to her beautiful round ass, and he squeezed it a little, as their kiss was becoming more and more pationate.

Suddenly he felt Jill's warm delicate tongue sliding into his mouth and starting a dance on his own.

She lifter her leg, rubbing her tight against his, pressing her hips closer to him, surely feeling his full size cock, imprisoned in his pants. He took her both buttocks in his hands, moving her closer to him, and she started taking of her top, exposing black lacy bra holding a pair of beautiful round breasts. She threw the top over her head and unfortunately it landed on the table, knocking one of the wine-glasses which broke on the floor.

-My god, what am I doing - Jill put a hand on her face - I'm so huge juggs stepmom and teen slut some sex on valentines Mike, it seems I drank too much wine. -Don't be Jill - he answered, still staring at her breasts - It's also my fault.

I'll better go now. -No, wait! You can't drive in such state, you also drank quite a bit, and I'm sure it wouldn't be pleasant to be home alone for you now. -Yes, you're right Jill - he smiled - as always. She smiled back at him, and walked to the table to get her top. -You'll sleep in the guest room, ok? - she said putting it on - Take a shower now, and meanwhile I'll clean that mess.

-Thank you Jill. Mike went to the bathroom, took off his clothes and went to the shower. His dick was still quite hard, from the memory of Jill's soft and warm body. In this one evening Jill gave him what Lisa would think as maximum of allowed contact. Somehow memories of what his fiance told him were washed away by her sister's lips, and the only thing he could do now was thinking what would happen if they didn't stop. He started to masturbate and came very quickly, imagening naked Jill and his cock thrusting into her tight wet pussy.

He stepped out of the shower, put on his clothes and went to the bedroom. Not being used to sleeping in clothes, he took all of it off, and slipped under the quilt. The sounds of Jill taking a shower fueled his imagination, images of water flowing down her naked body and dripping from her pussy, made his cock grow rapidly.

He started massaging it and wondering if she was masturbating now, just as he did moment ago. Time quickly passed, and as the sounds of water falling from the shower stopped, Mike tried to concentrare on something else, as Jill could walk into the bedroom and it would be embarassing if she found him with a hard on.

He heard the sound of hairdryer and that gave him some time to calm down his cock. Few minutes later Jill opened the door to his bedroom. -Mike, are you sleeping? -No, Jill, I was just thinking about some things - he answered.

Jill walked in, and sat on his bed. She was wearing only a bathrobe and looked so beautiful, as the light from corridor and tha darkness of bedroom met on her skin. -I'm sorry Mike - she said in a quiet voice - It just felt so good to be with you. You are so different from the guys I was with. I always was jelous that my sister had you - she smiled sadly - I must have thought, that now if you may fall apart with Lisa, I have a kind of chance.

But I forgot that you still love her. I'm so sorry, it seems that I'm not better than her, thinking only about myself. Mike watched as she spoke and tears appeared in her eyes. He sat up and took her hand in his. -You shouldn't feel guilty, Jill, you didn't do anything wrong. You are a wonderful woman, and you deserve to be happy. In fact, after the events of today evening I'm beginning to think, that maybe all the time.

Maybe all the time I wanted Lisa to be like you.

-Mike. - she touched his face, and smiled, tears ran down her face. She leaned to him and gently kissed him on his forehead. -Goodnight, Mike - she said, walking to the door.

-Jill! - he said not letting her hand go. She turned back to him, looked into his eyes for a moment, and she threw herself on him. Their lips met in a passionate kiss, hundgry with desire building up with every second. They layed on the bed, their tongues licking each other in their mouths. Mike reached down and undone her bathrobe. She broke the kiss, sat up, and removed the robe completely, sitting now completely naked.

Mike gazed like hypnotised at her velvet skin, her beautiful round breasts and dark, errect nipples, her flat stomach and shaven pussy, with only a little stripe of hair left. She leaned over and kissed him again. Her breasts squeezed on his chest, and he put his hand on her back, feeling the divine smoothnes and delicatness of her skin. With one hand, he removed the quilt and now they were both naked and completely exposed, their bodies rubbing against each other. Mike grabbed Jills ass in both hand and started grinding it against the head of his standing cock.

Jill moaned as she felt his hard dick touching the edge of her moist pussy. She moved her hips, and her driping hole left a trace of warm juices on Mike's seven inch cock.

-My sister may not value your cum - she whispered to his ear - But I am dying to feel it in my mouth and cunt. Her words fueled Mike's lust over the edge. He sat up, making Jill sit also, her pussy lips was sligthly parting, as she moved her crotch along his shaft, covering it in her juices.

It was wonderfull to feel how delicate and wet her pussy was, as she slid it all the lenght of his rock-hard cock. Mike's hands cupped her breasts and started carressing it slowly, as his kisses made way down her neck and past her clavicles.

He moved his left hand down her belly, making her shiver from his touch, lower and lower, feeling a stripe of her pubic hair under his fingers, and finally he reached her wet pink clitoris.

Just busty milf and teen amazing threeway by horny boyfriend oldvsyoung threesome she felt his hand slipping between her legs, Jill stopped grinding against Mike's member, moving her aching from impatience pussy onto his hand, making it wet almost instantly. The touch of Jill's pussy was more worderful that Mike has ever imagined, it was perfect combination of softness, warmness, wetness and her delicate skin.

He started sliding his fingers along her dripping pussy lips, parting them with his middle finger, making Jill moan and breathe heavily. Finally he pushed his finger in, making her body lift a little, so now her right breast was just in front of his face. Without thinking, he started licking and sucking the nipple, caresing Jill's left breast with right hand, while xxx sax school girls porn com sex stories left played with her juicy hole.

Jill have been with many guys, so it didn't suprise him that she wasn't a virgin. Carefully he slid pointing finger to her wet tunnel and begun exploring soft walls of her delicate vagina. -Ohh yes, Mike! Push your fingers deeper, it feels so good.

- she moaned and started to go up and down, encouraging her lover to finger-fuck her. Mike didn't need to get told twice, and soon he was moving his finger in and out of her pussy. The smell of her juices filled the air, as they flowed more an more onto his hand. -Ohh yes. fuck. my pussy.

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Mike. fuck it. till I. come. - she managed to say, breathing heavily from the pleasure flowing through her whole body. Sensing her orgasm coming, she leaned slightly back, grabbed Mike's errect dick and started slowly move her small, delicate hand up and down.

The feeling of Jill's hand masturbating him made Mike's balls ache from all the cum building inside them. He started to suck her breast and thrust his finger in and out of her pussy faster and more furiously.

Jill's breath became fast and short, interlaced with moans of pleasure. Finally, her whole body shivered as waves of orgasm possessed her body, making her chubby wife car breaksdown and she gets ass fucked loudly and her tight pussy tighten around Mike's fingers. As the climax subsided, she fell on his chest, her ass leaning on his wet hand, her breasts moving from still heavy breathing.

Mike pulled his hand from between her legs, smelled the sweet scent and then licked his fingers, tasting her pussy juices. Putting one around her, he started stroking her head with the other, waiting for her to calm down. As begun to breath normaly, she raised her head from his shoulder, took his face in her hands and kissed him gently.

-Lay down, it's time for you to get something you deserve - she wispered. As Mike layed, Jill started stroking his chest with her delicate hands. She leaned forward, rising her hips in the air, and started kissing Mike on the lips.

She was quite weakened after the great climax he gave her, but she knew his balls must be ready to explode since their dance in the living room. She licked and bit a litle his lower lip, then moved with her kisses to his hotest webcam from horny girl orgasm masturbation and hypnotized, neck and torso.

As she moved back, Mike could feel the head of his member touching little stripe of her pubic hair, next her stomach and a pair of her firm breasts.

As she continued to go down on him, Mike could feel her velvet skin carressing sides of his shaft, as it touched her shoulders, her neck and her face. Jill took his cock in one hand, bent it a little forward and started stroking it slowly, while her lips headed to his balls.

-I know you're ready to blow your load every moment, but I won't let it happen before I give you some real pleasure - she said and started licking his red-hot testicles, first the left one, then the right, and then she started sucking them, puting them in her warm mouth.

Mike knew he would oiled up webcam girl rides her dildo very soon, the sensations of woman's hand stroking his dick and delicate lips and tongue carresing his balls was overwhelming. Having played with his spermtanks long enough, Jill moved her tongue along his shaft, from the base to the very tip, making him shiver.

She looked in his eyes for a moment, circling for a moment around his penis' head with her tongue, licking the precum. -Jill, I'm gonna.

- he whispered. -I know - she interrupted and quickly took his dick in his mouth. Previous licking, althought gave him pleasure he never experienced, was nothing compared to carresses given now by Jills lips, hot mouth and swirling tongue. Mike was breath heavily as he felt greatest orgasm he ever had taking hold of his body.

As his cum stared shooting, he could feel it filling Jill's mouth, and leaking down his shaft, as she tried to swallow it all. Shot after shot, he keeped cumming, as Jill tried to drink all of his semen, still twirling her cum-covered tongue around the head of his dick.

After a moment which seemed to last forever, she took Mike's cock out of her mouth, and licked it clean of the cum she didn't manage to swallow. Crawling like a kitten, she licked the last of his cum from her lips, and kissed him hard.

It was awkward for him to taste his own cum on her tongue, but it didn't bother him, and in fact was quite exciting. -I never suspected semen could be so delicious - Jill whisper between the kisses - I couldn't get enough of it.

-Don't worry beauty, you can have as much of it as you want. -Oh, Mike, I want to feel it filling my cunt. I want you to cum inside me, cum so many times, that your jizz will flow like a river out of my pussy. -We can make that happen - he said, forcing his tongue deep inside her mouth - but first. Mike rolled Jill on the bed and got on top of her.

He pressed his lips to her, his body to hers, being careful not to put his whole weight on her delicate body. She threw her arms around him as she felt his hips parting her legs wider, and pushing into her crotch. Like a hungry dog, he licked and kissed her tongue and lips, while she returned the favour, sometimes biting his tongue gently.

His hand cupped her breasts, and he squeezed them lightly, feeling her hard nipples standing between his fingers. Mike took his tongue, out of her mouth and licked her neck few times, before he started kissing it and moved lower, to her delicate clavicles and then breasts. They were soft yet firm, like a warm jelly covered in velvet.

Mike slowly kissed the space between them, climbing up her tits, finally reaching nipples. Starting from the left, he circled with the tip of his tongue, around the dark aureola for a few seconds, before sucking the nipple hard, massaging it with his tongue, squeezing with lips and biting lightly with his teeth. Jill moaned from the pleasure she havent felt for a long time, the touch of Mike's mouth and hands felt wonderful, and she felt she is getting wet again.

Mike countinued his carresses, licking and kissing Jill's breasts in every possible way, squeezing them together and masaging in circles, making her hotter and wetter with every moment. Jill tried to touch her spred open pussy, but Miked stopped her hands and put it on her breasts, deciding it is the right time to go down on her himself. Kissing and stroking, he made way through her flat stomach, her womb, down to her hot crotch, stopping when his chin touched her wet clit, and his lips rested in her cut shortly pubic hair.

He spread her legs more with his hands and looked upon the beautiful view between them. Her outer pussy lips were lightly swollen and soft like the lips of her mouth. Her inner lips were beautifully pink, slightly opened showing dark inside of her vagina, decorated with beautiful pink clitoris at the top. Her whole pussy was glistening and slipery from the juices that ran out of her pussy, making him nearly drool.

Without taking eyes of this beautiful view, he slowly inserted two of his fingers inside her, watching as they part her pussy lips, feelign as his fingertips touched the surface of her vagina. As he slowly started to massage walls of her moist cunt, he lowered his face ang gently kissed her beautiful clit. Holding it delicately in his lips, he touched it with his tongue, and started licking - first slowly, then faster and faster. Jill started moaning, a she felt fingers shoving in and out of her, aided by a tongue circling around her little pink button, pressing it in different directions.

-I have to taste from the very source - said Mike, swapping his hand and his mouth. His fingers were now rubbing Jill's clit, and his tongue dived deep inside her dripping hole.

She tasted so sweet he could eat her forever, service men at house sex scent, the softness, the warmth of her open sex.

It made him want to suck every little drop of her juices from her beautiful pussy. Jill was in heaven. She played with her tits, while her pussy was being eaten as fiercely, as her clit was being rubbed. She pinched her nipples, trying to pull whole breasts in the air, then let them fall down, and spread her legs the widest she could, wanting Mike's tongue to go deeper.

The feeling of his slippery tongue carressing insides of her love hole was driving her crazy. She felt the pressure of great climax bulding latina sex tapes danni cole khloe mansion passion mofos inside her cunt, and she knew she's going to come fast, hard and loud.

-OH MY GOD, MIKE, I'M CUUMMIIIING! - she shouted pressing Mike's head to her pulsating pussy. He could feel her trembling inside, her pussy tightening around his tongue, just a stream of her juices squirted right into his mouth, on his face, and onto the bed sheets. Mike haven't stopped drinking from her for a moment, still eating her like in a trance, as her orgasm rolled over her shivering body in multiple waves.

As the last wave of pleasure ran through Jill, her body bend pulling her breasts in the air, and shortly after she fell on the bed trying to catch breath. Mike gave her pussy last quick lick and layed beside her. He put his arm around her, pull her to him and gave her a soft, long kiss.

Jill could smell her own juices and taste her from his lips - in fact his whole face was dripping with her love potion. She reached to his crotched and found his dick fully erect - the taste of her pussy must have worked really hard on him, because the tip was glistening with precum.

Feeling Jill's small warm hand stroking his cock, Mike grabbed her right breast, squezzed it few times and then moved his hand over her pussy. It was still pulsating and wet. He started carressing it slowly with circural moves, which must have aroused her, because he soon found her tongue penetrating his mouth. Jill slowly got on top of him, and he put his hands on her hips.

She broke the kiss and sat on his torso, her pussy paining him with her juices. She started rubbing his dick with his ass, rising higher every time, till her pussy was just above the head of his dick.

she gazed into his eyes and sat down, making his dick penetrate her pussy. They both moaned as his shaft filled her tight, slippery cunt. Jill didn't move for a moment, enjoying this sensation of being perfectly filled, something she has never felt before, and then she started moving up and down, making Mike's dick trust in and out of her.

For a moment Mike thought it's was a dream - last few days were a nightmare, but now he was in his friend Jill's bedroom, having sex with the most beautiful woman he ever seen, listening to her moans of pleasure, while she was riding his dick. But this pleasure he felt surely wasn't a dream. It was real, it was greatest thing he ever felt, and he wanted more.

Jill started moving her hips forward and back, making "8" in the air, as she rode Mike's hard dick. The desire hung in the air like electricity, hitting them with thunderbolts of pleasure, and they both knew the storm is coming. Not wanting Jill to do all the work, Mike pulled her to himself.

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Her soft breasts decorated with hard nipples pressed into his chest, their lips and tongue met for another crazy dance, celebrating their joy. Holding her arms around her, he starded moving his hips up and down, making his dick go in and out of her slippery hole. So tight, so soft and wet.

It was like he always dreamed it would be. To having passionate sex with one you. love?

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-Fuck me mike - she said quietly into his face - Fuck my pussy hard and deep. I wanna feel you cum inside me. My pussy can't get enough of your cock. Make us both cum, honey. Make me my pussy real full. This worked like a red sheet on a bull. Mike started moving faster and faster, his cock worked like a pump, rubbing every little bit of her wonderful cunt, thrusting in sex frenzy like a pneumatic hammer.

Her breast resting on his chest, her tongue deep in his mouth, his pussy holding his moving cock like a silk sheath, and it was the first time in his life he had sex. Then the storm made it final lightning show. Shot after shot, his jizzed was filling her cunt, as it contracted double anal penetration for redheaded transsexual fernanda cristine his cock.

Every move in her tighening pussy felt like heaven, every shot of his warm semen was making her pussy burst with pleasure.

Both of them could do nothing but to continue their moves and scream loudly as orgasm possessed them completely.

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They completely lost the sens of time, unable to tell it that moment laste one second, or one hour, but as it ended, they were both exhausted. -I love you Mike - Jill whispered, lying on his chest, her head resting on his shoulder.

-I love you too, Jill - he closed her arms around her and pulled the quilt over their sweated, naked bodies. His softening cock slipped out of her delicate pussy, followed by a white stream of semen. Semen which made Mike's few last days a nightmare, but which seems may have opened him a gate to heaven.

Surely a new, wonderful chapter begun in their life, and with that thought they both fell asleep.