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Morning sex with a creampie natural tits cunnilingus
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Thursday's wakeup call with my girls goes less than well considering three of them spent hours yesterday getting their new tattoos. We spend most of the morning having all my girls get themselves comfortable considering where they got there tattoos and I'm a little sore but I'm used to it after last year and considering it's a little lower than the rest I have Rachael pawing at my shorts every couple of minutes to look at it.

"Honey it's not done and if you keep picking at it then it can't heal," I tell her getting a pouty face. "You're just mad because I am not getting one," Rachael says mocking grumpy. I'd be lying if I didn't say that her not getting her tattoo while here wasn't a downer but I'm hoping to speak with Randy when we get back up at the end of the summer.

Natsuko comes to me around Noon and says she has an idea about approaching Steven. "It'll work boss, just trust me and don't be you until we hear what you want to hear," my little Japanese assistant says before changing her clothes. When you have a punk Asian girl around all the time usually wearing tight tops and cute shorts with her hair done in off the wall ways at times.

So when I get to see her in a pale yellow sundress with a pretty pink floral pattern it's a bit of a big thing. I let the girls get her hair done up in a conservative style and she even get's a pair of costume glasses from Lilly before grabbing her book bag and we head out together on my bike. I head back to the mall where I met Imelda for the first time and where I saw Jackie the last time to start to search out Steven.

I remember the pizza by the slice place he worked and decide to approach alone since I didn't see him. Some food later and some cash for Natsuko we discovered that he's the shift manager today and we move away from the food court to eat. Mofos alexis and her bf have some fun explains to me what she has planned and while I've heard worse plans it's the lack of me kicking the shit out of Steven that has me skeptical.

As we eat I get to see Natsuko as a sweet little girl instead of a very dutiful and sometimes a bit of a loudmouth. It's a refreshing change of pace when she catches thinking and watching her. I see her smile a bit and blush, she's got her game face on and it's about two in the afternoon when I spot Steven. He's a little wider since last year but still about an inch taller than me with curly hair in a net and I think he's trying to sport a mustache as he heads to work.

I let Natsuko move around and do some browsing while I head off to the other end of the mall and make myself scarce. I spend a little while texting my girls and they're constantly asking me for updates as I sit in a coin operated massage chair. I tell them that it takes time and we got here before he did, Imelda asks to be kept in the loop and mercifully the girls hop off for a bit. I get a message from Natsuko that its show time and I head back to the food court to watch.

She's in the line and I'm watching from a distance with my hood up and watch Natsuko in line placing an order with a rather bored looking Hispanic girl. Something seems 'wrong' and she asks to speak to a manager which brings Steven out of the back.

If you have never seen a girl play a guy then it's something like this, she is looking up at him, I'm pretty sure she blushed and even complimented him on how 'broad his shoulder' were. The Hispanic girl looks like she's going to vomit but Steven is flirting back and Natsuko finally gets her order before sitting down a couple tables away but right in his line of sight as he works.

Thirty minutes go by and Natsuko is still sitting when I watch Steven grab a drink cup and plate before heading over to her table and asking to join her.

She says yes and they sit across from each other and the small talk commences as I move behind Steven and sit down facing Natsuko. "So how come I've never seen you around here," Steven asks politely. "Oh I'm visiting the area with my family. They're out being all formal and I'm just looking to spread my wings a little and have fun," Natsuko replies smiling. "That's nice, you have a good boyfriend back home," Steven asks taking a drink of his soda.

"Oh no, I had a REALLY bad boyfriend back home. So angry and aggressive all the time, next boyfriend needs to be a bigger guy but sensitive," Natsuko tells sweetly Steven," What about you, a big handsome guy must have a girlfriend of his own?" "I did but we broke up a couple weeks ago," Steven answers trying to brush off the subject.

"What happened, the girl just up and leave you," She asks prying for more information. "No I wanted more but she wanted to rush it. I liked her but she kept pushing for more out of me and I just couldn't do it so I said no more and shut her out of my life," Steven says taking the 'moral' high ground. "Wow, some people just want to push everyone into doing things their way huh," Natsuko asks feigning shock.

"No kidding, why can't they just for once understand that shit doesn't always revolve around their schedule," Steven says getting in on the bashing," It's not like I didn't give her anything but she was pressing to move in with me and then pressing me to commit.

It was cocksucking cutie gets pussy fucked and cum filled a nightmare." "Language mister," Natsuko says before slapping his hand playfully," And commitment is something a girl needs." "Yeah but she's wanting the ring on her finger and she's only eighteen, I'm twenty two and I still want to have some freedom before I settle down with her," Steven says in his defense.

"Oh you do need to have freedom and marriage early can never end well," Natsuko says being a dutiful listener before turning on the charm," So no other girls wandering around your life." "Not until very recently, been keeping to myself until I find a girl to really appreciate," Steven tells her in a confident voice as I stand up and move around the table behind him.

"Maybe if you 'appreciated' the woman you decided to get pregnant you wouldn't be single Steven," I say causing him to turn to face me then jump up from his chair startled," Because in MY opinion that is a really bad thing to do." "Holy fuck, you're that guy from last year," Steven says backpedaling from me," Where did you come from?" "As far as you know the pits of hell right past the nightmares and the damned.

Now my walking pile of dog shit you will answer to me and you will answer now," I say massaging my hands for action. "Dude we're in a mall and I'm calling the cops," Steven says pulling out his phone only to have me slap it to the ground. "All lines are currently down but if you really wanna save your ass there are three things you better big round breast nipple sucking brazzers I growl backing him against a table and watching him sit.

"Anything man just don't hurt me," Steven says very afraid. "One, Where is Jackie," I ask glaring at him. "What," he replies before I slap him like a bitch. "I didn't realize you didn't speak English fuck face now answer the damn question," I tell him with authority. "I don't know, I haven't seen her in almost a month.

Last time was at my apartment but I turned her away," Steven says scared of his own answers. "Two, Identification," I say holding out my hand.

I watch as he takes his wallet out before I quickly snatch it from his hands and using my phone take down his address before dropping the wallet at my feet.

"And three, I want you to learn something from this. I can take it all," I say walking over to the Hispanic girl who was pissed at Natsuko," Did you like me slapping your dipshit boss?" I see her nod a little skeptically, her name tag reads Teresa.

She's cute but a little worn down from working all day and I pull a napkin and a pen from the register and write my number down. "I'm really busy down here but you call this number if you ever want to be shown what freedom and power are and I promise you it will be a time you'll never forget," I say handing it to her politely. She takes the napkin and puts it in her pocket while blushing at me; I wink before heading back to the table Steven was sitting at and see Natsuko is still in her act of shy and sweet girl.

I glare at Steven and grin menacingly before addressing my friend in disguise. "You are going to come with me, I'm going to take you somewhere quiet and we're going to make it very loud," I inform 'sweet' Natsuko.

"Ummm, yes sir," she replies very submissively standing up and grabbing her bag," Sorry Steven, he's just so scary and sexy it's like my ex only more attractive." I leave Steven there dumbfounded as Natsuko and I walk to the entrance we came in and once on my bike are down the road fast.

I'm pissed off and racing through traffic when I have absolutely no clue where to go or what to do next, until I hear from Escalante I'm kind of stuck on options when I feel Natsuko squeeze me a little tighter than normal, actually I don't think we've ever had a ride together on my bike and xxx sex sistr brodr com grip around my waist causes me to bring my bike into the parking area for a large park.

Natsuko hops off and starts to look around and I get my bike locked and the helmets put away before following her. She's like a little kid as she's walking on benches and playing around trees before stopping under one and leaning up against it. "What happens to me," Natty asks confused. "What do you mean," I reply needing a lot of clarification. "I'm going to want a child one day. All this with Jackie and Marta got me thinking and while I love freedom even Mom settled down.

I'm just wondering what happens to me," She asks again expecting me to know the answer. "I guess you find the right guy for you and you settle down," I tell her taking a spot next to her on the tree. "Yeah well he's gotta measure up to you," Natsuko says quietly. "Those some hardcore feelings coming out of you little Miss Free spirit," I ask turning towards her a little.

"Well I love you, I love Kori and Katy and the rest of your girls. What if I want in," Natsuko asks keeping her voice solemn. "Wow, shit I don't even know.

I mean I'll bring it up to the girls and we'll talk about how we all feel but it's a pretty crowded relationship I'm running with right now anyhow," I say really kind of dumbfounded by this very serious conversation.

We stand there in silence as the world just revolves around us. I'm really confused, I like the girl, I love her like family but is she another piece that got scattered and we're just now figuring it out.

And with all we've been through she did stay true to me even though I was treating her like a dog that shit on the rug. I crouch down and really start to think hard about what she's been saying when I hear her start laughing. I stand up to look at her and she is in hysterics, I'm royally confused when she finally calms down to speak. "Oh my god your face was so priceless! You were really thinking about making me number six," Natty asks still chuckling. "Hey I am not finding this to be very funny at all," I say a little frustrated.

"I'm sorry Guy I really just tiny schoolgirl delivers a sloppy blowjob pornstars brunette resist, I'm not like Mom and I'm not going to get married but I will follow a promise I made to myself after Derek died," Natsuko says with a smile on her face," You are going to be the only man I let get me pregnant." Yep I'm in trouble and now it's worse.

Here I am watching as Natsuko walks towards a fountain and further while I'm following. I'm still trying to shake off what she said but she's really got me thinking now as I see her head towards the bathrooms.

I watch her go into the women's side with her bag I've been holding while I lean on the wall and wait patiently. "Guy I'm stuck, help me," Natsuko calls from inside the room. I'm not one for dramatics but when yo vyvan hill kiss n licked by granny girl says help I usually come running and mercifully Natsuko is in the bathroom alone when I get to the back stall and open it. There she is, sundress down squeezing her breast and her fingers working over her tight little clit frantically before slowing as she sees me.

I see her phone is out and on the floor as I enter and close the door. I pick it up and see the recording is of Marta and I before the freak out and I apparently I'm being ridden hard but it's paused.

Not a mood enhancer that one would want but as Natsuko pulls me by the waistband of my jeans and undoes my pants at the zipper, I get gently taken out and slowly Natsuko starts to lick the length of my cock. It's a different feel as I'm constantly wondering when someone is going to come it as my Asian assistant spends her time getting me hard. Natsuko looks so different like this and I put her phone in my pocket as she works my head over with her tongue.

It's sharp gasp that escapes me and I hear Natsuko giggle as she stands up and strokes me with her little hand. "I want you to sit down for me," Natsuko asks quietly. We rotate in the stall and I sit down after pulling my pants down. Natsuko is rubbing herself and I can see wetness forming, I was used to Natsuko from months ago with a shaved pussy but now I can see she's not been shaving as some long black hairs seem to be pointing in every direction.

I put my legs together and let her get around them and over my lap as she works herself into position. I feel my head get in between her folds and slowly Natsuko takes her time seating herself with me inside. She's so tiny but over the time we've known each other her body has grown to hug me like a tight glove and when I look at Natty's face she's got her eyes closed and is biting her lip a little. Slowly she starts to move keeping half of me inside her before slowly lowering back down.

I'm getting to feel everything I didn't feel the night Marta sunk her claws into me and it's never been like this with Natsuko before as she keeps going at me with the intent of building our moment into a big one.

I'm less concerned with anyone coming in as I lean my little Asian girl back and start to suckle on her breasts gently. She's never been very big but she has them and they're like the rest of her in this dress, absolutely cute as I take the nipple in my mouth and work it with my tongue. Natsuko's moaning from my oral work and our sex could attract attention but if we were worried about that we wouldn't be here. I'm relishing in her body as starts to speed up a little and squeeze down on me as we continue to take our time enjoying each other.

Loud footsteps and a female voice coming from outside the door causes both of us to freeze and in hear woman take the stall next to us as we sit quietly. Both Natsuko and I are paused and waiting for our newcomer to leave when instinctively my cock jumps inside Natsuko.

A sharp squeak escapes her lips and I hear the woman shuffling a bit as she's probably listening for us as we sit quietly. I look into Natsuko's eyes and see pure desperation, she's going to cum really soon. I'm at a loss for what to do and just let instinct kick in and kiss her deep and soft slowly letting our tongues touch and play. My cock jumps again but the noise from Natsuko is muffled as I start to make the jumps more frequent, Natty is squeezing her hips against me and clenching her muscles I'm not long for holding out.

I can hear something off from the next stall and instead of shock I'm hearing awe and a bit of lust as our newcomer is enjoying her audible show. I keep my eyes closed and when Natsuko starts to lock up and bite my tongue a little I just let go and the rush of me cumming causes us to grip each other tightly as we grind together. My orgasm isn't so overpowering as I can't make out the person next to us trying to catch up but with Natsuko on my lap and going limp I just hold her and continue kissing till I'm spent inside her.

We don't break from our kiss but it's tenderer than anything we've ever had together and I'm not really opposed to the feeling of it. We separate ourselves and shift ourselves around to where she can clean herself up and out, I wipe my cum covered member down with a few toilet tissues when I hear a voice, still female start talking. "Okay you two step out now," She says causing Natsuko to freeze and me to smile.

I pull my hood up and step out facing my audience; she's about 5'9" and Caucasian with blonde hair done in a ponytail. I see she's all decked out in a tight athletic top and shorts that hug her slightly below average athletic figure, I am guessing she's in her late thirties and I know the looks she has on her face. I step over to her and see her stiffen at my presence. "My boyfriend is outside now," She says trying to deter any menace I might have.

"Then why didn't you call him when you were playing with yourself," I ask keeping myself about three feet away. "I wasn't doing anything like that," She says but I move in sharply causing her to pause," Please don't hurt me." "Not my game but don't you lie to me, I can smell you," I tell her with a little intensity," You got off didn't you?" I see her nod and I smile pulling my hood back a little so she can see my face.

I gently reach out and take her hand in mine and help her find the waist of my jeans. I can see her pause but I nod for her to go ahead and slowly she takes my down but not done hot awesome chick bawdy cleft pounding action in her grip and her eyes get a little wider.

"I haven't felt one like that since high school," She says quietly stroking me. "You and your boyfriend been together long," I ask politely. "Weeks, dating site and he didn't lie in his description," She says starting to feel the situation and me a little more," He's nice but I'm just not sure about what to do with him." "Ouch, sounds like you friend zoned the poor guy already, what babe lily gets her wet pussy banged hard hardcore cumshots your name," I ask as I feel my cock twitch a little.

"Amanda," my new friend replies softly. "I'm going to call you Savannah, do you like that Savannah," I ask getting a nod," I'm going to give you my number, I want you to take the boyfriend out there and treat him really good for a little while.

Days or a couple weeks, really get to know him. Then I want you to decide on when you plan to let him have sex with you." "But he's not really what I'm looking for in that department," Amanda/Savannah says a little disappointed.

Girl in a cage gets her ass drilled

"He's a decent honest guy and he deserves it just for that. You will take him and you will have sex with him at his place like it's something you need, make him feel special but don't stay with him the night. You're going to tell me when you plan to have sex with him and afterwards if it's not good enough I will come to you and I will fuck you like you wanted to be fucked a few moments ago.

Afterwards you can tell him that he's either done with you or the greatest lover you ever had. You'll look the part when I'm done," I tell her explaining my plan delicately for her. "How do I know you'll be able to do what you say," She asks starting to take her hand out of my pants.

"Because it's what he does. You know it's what you want and he'll give you everything. Besides if you keep dating the man out there and don't do this now you'll cheat and then there will be real guilt and consequences," Natsuko explains standing next to us.

I let Savannah/Amanda take down my number after she removes her hand from my jeans and wait for her to quietly exit before sending Natsuko out to check that we're clear before exiting myself. We head back towards my bike with smiles on both our faces and once we're back home I relate my story to Kori about what was said between Natsuko and me at the park.

I tell her everything else mind you but the important thing is the Natsuko joke and her wanting a child by me. "I honestly think later down the road it'll be fine by us but your girls come first," Kori tells me and I nod in agreement. My next two weeks are mostly me just trying to keep busy while I wait for news from Detective Escalante. I get good news after a couple days taylor blacked bbc white slut wife monster dick jam Jackie isn't dead or in the hospital which makes me feel better and sadly a little worse.

I'm stuck in limbo, if she were in a hospital I'd be able to get to her. I try to stay positive about it but it gets difficult, thankfully I have my friends, girls and family to keep me occupied after Natsuko made me promise to not go running around randomly looking for Jackie. Regular trips to the gym along with tattoos and meets at the airfield keep my busy along doing errands for the Old Man.

Mark and Vicki are doing a lot better, I can tell she's anxious to try more things with him but they're at least settling around each other. Mr. Delauter actually spends half of his time when he's home talking with Lilly who is soaking up all the legalize that she can. Devin and Masha are a peculiar pair, they hang out with us but spend a lot of time talking and just plotting their own future.

Hanna is buzzing around being the little girl on girl sexual butterfly that she was when I first met her but I can tell something is looming. As for my girls they are in 'Love the boyfriend' mode after Katy helped me get my body going again. She's been a bit of a no fly zone as per the other girls and I will have to ask her why.

As for the tattoos they are coming along nicely still and we're down to the finishing touches on all of the work, Matty is the biggest whiner surprisingly but she is getting it done around her spine which Smitty said hurts a lot. It's a Tuesday about midday and we've been here for almost three weeks total. I'm chilling with Intense anal session with a blonde looker and Kori in the when we hear what sounds like an argument from upstairs.

I immediately grab a bag of chips and both girls follow me as we see most of our friends watching as Natsuko is tearing into Ben. "You think that I'd even want to have sex with you after you said that you thought I should be out of the group," Natsuko yells ready to take Ben down. "Calm down you're making a scene," Ben says noting the people in the area. "Yeah I'm making a scene with MY friends around and you. You who show about as much loyalty as a fucking snake to me let alone Elizabeth who is back home waiting for you," Natsuko says turning up her anger.

"Liz and I have an understanding, besides you think Guy would let me fool around on his sister if he didn't know it was okay," Ben says now pleading to the rest of the crew. "You want to have fun Ben that's your call but you turned on Natsuko then think she'll just hop into bed with you because 'hey nobody else I can fuck is around'," I hear Katy say backing Natsuko off and stepping up to Ben.

"And now everyone needs to back off Ben," I say stepping into the fray and having all return to their own rooms. I watch my friends and girl disperse and I can tell everyone is in a pretty tense mood.

I wait and watch Ben as he heads into his room. I let him get a lead before catching the door and step inside closing it behind me. "Thanks for that out there man," Ben says sitting on his bed. "Didn't do it for you.

Why are you still doing all this man," I ask wondering about all the women he keeps trying to get with. "Doing what? Trying to have some fun while I'm down here like you seem to be," Ben says frustrated. "I wasn't having fun when Marta decided to come after me. And what I do I do with permission, permission you don't have. If my girls wanted me to stop then I would asian beauty has sex outside after a massage I explain setting down my chips.

"Yeah well Liz will be fine with it and we'll talk about it face to face when we're back home," Ben tells me. "Why can't you tell her about it now, come clean and just tell her what has happened so far," I say to Ben hoping to get him to come clean. We sit quietly and I pull out my phone to have Ben call but he brushes it aside. I shake my head at him, he's being a fool and sadly I'm letting him. I start to leave and I can hear him thinking. "You won't tell Liz will you," Ben asks as I reach the door.

"Here's your real problem Ben, you want to keep a secret but you display everything you're doing for everyone to see. The only reason I haven't turned everyone loose on you is because somewhere I'm hoping you'll do the right thing and be honest," I tell him opening the door," With everyone." I head back to my room and all my girls are there with Natsuko who is still angry. I move up onto the bed and grab Kori to cuddle up with someone who is more honest than I am.

I feel a bit like crap not just outing what is going with us telling Liz about Ben's actions. I watch Imelda close the door I settle in for a little while just appreciating the closeness of having my girls and my truest friend as they talk about small things and fun times. I know dinner is going to be coming up soon and I figure it's about time to take all my girls out and do something together that doesn't involve needles and ink.

I'm getting dressed and it takes Kori a second to figure out what I'm doing but as soon as she sees the nice shirt and me heading to the bathroom to wash up she's in full swing getting everyone on board for date night.

All my girls are ready and while it's not super formal but all of them are looking nice as we take over Bethany's vehicle save for Imelda and I on our bikes.

We head into town and I let cute hitchhiker natalie monroe drilled and cum facialed pantyhose reality girls pick the location for us and after a while they settle on a restaurant and above average one at that. We all get settled into a big corner booth and I'm in the middle as we sit down and order. It's a wonderful thing having all of my girls sitting at the same table going over our little plans and debating about what we want to eat.

Simple things making me feel like everything will be alright. We get our appetizers and I eat lightly when a topic I don't want to discuss comes wheeling around into my world again. "So Guy I am still thinking about senior year and honestly I want you to take the presidency," Kori says causing me to lose my appetite.

"Really, I thought I said I am not even remotely interested in having this conversation. I will talk about anything else but if we keep this topic I will do everything in my power to piss you off," I tell Kori getting a determined look.

"I'm not telling you to take it baby; I would like you to take it. I'm just saying I'd like to be one of the first ladies at our school," Kori says trying to plead her case. "Kori maybe it's just me but honestly what good will skinny gang xxx eva romping her classmate do," Matty says taking the conversation out my hands," It's a status thing, Guy doesn't care about that and he's said so.

Guy has power; people listen to him without him being the president. I'm just wondering why you are so hung up on this." "Because maybe we deserve some recognition.

He stood up and showed everyone that he wasn't to be fucked with. Then he waged war for everyone, not just me but everyone. They are telling us they want him to lead and we didn't ask for it or demand it. They're giving it to him because he is who he is," Kori says putting a decent point on the argument. "And this is where we stop right now," I say getting a grumpy look from Kori," I said I'm not thinking about it xxxx vode sex stories ebony 2019 I'm down here because there are more important things I'm looking at for myself and for us while I'm down here." "Guy, what have you been focusing on if the presidency isn't important to you like it is to Kori," Rachael asks trying to calm everything.

"College classes, I've been going over what I want to major in at college," I say eating a mozzarella stick. Apparently my college plans and the simple fact that I've been working out going to college has everyone of my girls staring at me like I just grew a penis out of my forehead and it started singing to them.

I finish my one stick of deep fried cheese before I figure on explaining. "I don't care about the presidency because I might not be there the whole year; I want to front load my classes and do college courses. I hope to be graduated by February so I can get right into college classes and I don't plan to walk at graduation," I tell all my girls and gauge reactions.

Rachael is confused, Katy is stunned, Imelda is just wondering how I come up with this and I can tell by the confusion but its Matty and Kori who are giving me the pissed off girlfriend look. I say nothing more as I can almost time the explosion; sure enough it comes from Kori.

"You aren't going to walk with Matty and I at graduation," Kori says missing the entire first part of my statement. "It's not that I won't graduate baby…," but I get cut off. "Don't baby her and don't sweet talk around this," Matty says taking over," We are all supposed to graduate together and you just decided to jump the gun on college without even talking to a single one of us?" "Guy that's really fucking cold," Imelda says moving away from me a little.

"I'm stepping outside," Rachael says and I watch as all my girls go with her. Okay what the fuck did I say, I want to get out of high school and get into college faster so I can get it done with. I watch the server come back and I'm sitting by myself and make up some excuse as to where the girls are as I sit there and wonder what to do, I'm paying and I can't leave to go after them but I'm also really wondering what the hell is wrong with my plan. Walking just isn't important to me, getting away from a school that literally tried to hot and horny teens share roommates big cock me, twice, and doing so for college so I can get a career where I'll make money for my new family would be best.

I really sat down and thought about this plan hard for a couple months and while it would suck for free time I'd still be there for my girls. The waitress comes back a second time and still no girls, she asks me if I want more time and I realize that they took their stuff when they left.

I get the check and step outside to find Bethany's truck and Imelda's bike are gone. I grab my phone and call Loretta. "Honey I thought you were out with the girls," She asks concerned. "I was have you heard from them," I ask concerned. "No but I'll contact them for you, did you have a fight," Loretta asks me concerned. I explain what we talked about and I hear her sigh audibly on the other end.

I explain my reasons and that it's a plan and that I thought they'd like the fact that I was planning for our future when Loretta decides to help me out. "First thing come home, I'll talk to Kori and let her know what is going on with you but please you come home first," Loretta tells me as I hop on my bike. I'm down the road and home before Bethany's truck and Imelda's bike which means my girls are still running around and it's just past seven. I get inside and I'm very upset as I can hear Loretta talking on the phone and asking the girls to calm down and she says okay a lot before making them agree they'll come back tonight.

I watch her hang up and when she sees me she immediately starts in. "You're not going after them," Loretta says holding out her hand for my keys.

"Where are they I want to talk to them," I say keeping them clenched in my hand. "No they're cooling down and really you need to think about what they want to say to you when they're ready to," Loretta says trying to stop me. "Guy, come into my office please," I hear Mr. Delauter ask from his doorway. I am really confused by being invited in to his office considering we only ever talk about deals and once inside he closes the door.

I follow his motion and sit in a chair by his fireplace and hear glass being moved behind me and on the table in between the chairs there is a small glass with a brown liquid set next to me. I see he has one and a large green bottle. "What is this," I ask motioning to the glass. "That is twelve year old single malt scotch whiskey, drink it," He says taking a sip and sitting down in the adjoining chair.

"I don't like alcohol," I reply nudging the glass. "And you don't like having your girls not listen to you but for all your fighting ability you don't know anything about making sure you're heard with them," He says nudging the glass back to me," I'm not turning you into an alcoholic but I'm going to help you make your point.

Now please don't waste my scotch and just drink it so I can explain." I take the glass and smell the liquid, it's like wood and spices. I see Mr. Delauter staring at me expectantly and I'm really afraid of this. This goes against everything I swore as a child and all the bad memories that I had come flooding back. "You are not your mother; she had her problems and got past them. This is you and me, being men and having a drink while we deal with women problems.

This is also my house and a controlled environment, you are safe and I'm not going to do this again unless needed," Mr.

Delauter tells me using a very fatherly tone. I stare at the glass for a second and down the small mouthful of liquid, it takes a second and the fire burning in my throat is immense as I cough and set the glass down. My eyes are watering and I catch my breath as I see Mr. Delauter has refilled my glass. "Now as you sip this next one let me explain. Sometimes women need danny ds cock got simone garzas pussy on top know that you're very out of control before they will listen.

You tried explaining your point tonight in a calm rational manner and they flipped out am I right," He asks and I nod in response," so now when they get home we're going to present them their new problem, Guy Donnelly with no filter to tell them exactly his point of view." I have no clue what he's talking about but I'm sitting and drinking as I explain what happened.

He's a really good listener and gets that I'm just trying to do things quickly and that it was a plan I made and not fully set in stone. I don't know how long I've been sitting with him but we've emptied the bottle and I'm really warm and I think I might be drunk.

I hear a commotion and mom, I don't call her that enough and she's been really there for me since last summer, talking to the girls outside. I watch Mr.

Delauter get up and we listen in at the door to their conversation. "So he's been home this whole time," Kori asks with a little concern. "Yes and they've been in there for three hours with the door locked," Loretta tells my girls matter of factly.

"Okay but what are they doing," Katy says questioningly. Mr. Delauter helps me step back and opens the door stepping out first with his glass in hand. I can hear all the women get quiet as he steps out. I wait out of sight like he said but I really want to see my girls. "We've been talking, it's a man thing. He tried talking earlier and I was the only one to listen to him so we decided this way would be best," Mr.

Delauter says stepping towards the women. "Honey have you been drinking," Loretta asks noting the glass. "He's not the only one," I say blustering in and traumatizing the room.

I stagger into the foyer and grabbing my phone take a few pictures while chuckling at their faces. Loretta is a small level of horror while the girls are stunned in place with mouths open. "Oh my god Mark did you get him drunk," Loretta asks shocked and snatching the glass from her husband. "Yes he did. And you know why, because you all don't want to listen to me so he did," I say staggering forward and taking the glass back before drinking it," Is this glass expensive?" I see Mr.

Delauter shake his head no and I turn hurling it at the far wall causing it to burst into a thousand little pieces. It's pretty and I'm laughing as Mr. Delauter walks Loretta back from me in my fit. I turn and see my very pretty girls standing there when Rachael hot blonde babe gets slammed hard anally creampie and cumshot to approach me. "Guy you've been drinking I think you should sit down," She says trying to lead me.

"I've been sitting and drinking for almost three hours waiting for all of you to come home, you sit down and I'm going to talk," I say batting her hands away. "Honey you're not yourself right now," Matty says trying to help. "Don't you try to sweet talk me, you walked away and didn't even try to hear what I had to say so now you get to sit like a horse's ass and listen," I say raising my voice.

My friends and Mr. Delauter's children along with Vicki are all drawn out of their rooms as I'm making the best spectacle of myself. My girls are still a bit stunned as I pull on my hood, then off again amused at my look before turning my attention to them remembering my point. "You never let me explain that my plan was something I had come up with because I wanted to get out of high school which aside from my girls has really sucked donkey cock for me. I want to get into college and get my degree done sooner so that I can start supporting this family and do things that I want to do like I don't know, have a dozen kids or even get married to you all.

I never said that I was going to set my plan in stone or anything but you couldn't even accept the fact that I had come up with a good future idea for us and left me looking like a piece of shit in front of a whole restaurant, which I had to pay for appetizers that I don't even like," I blather out dumping my feelings in front of everyone. "Guy we're really sorry about…," Katy says trying to interrupt.

"I'M NOT FINISHED! I love you but you need to stop making all the plans then stare at me when I do like I'm a fucking monkey in a diaper," I continue causing Katy to back up a bit," I keep doing every little fucking thing you all ask of me and when I'm trying to make a real decision about a future that I stripper vyxen steel gets fucked in her ass didn't think I'd even live this long to have you just fucking walk out on me, figure your shit out and decide whether or not I should get my fucking tattoo removed with a cheese grater while I go take a piss." And at that I make an unceremonious exit out the back door, which was fixed, and stagger into the back yard.

I don't go to much teen college coeds partying in blowjob dorm reality amateur past the pool and find a first tree before whipping my cock out and pissing all over mother nature. I have no clue why but it's a really great feeling when you're peeing like this and I feel wonderful as I start to head back and realize that I'm really tired.

I see the pool loungers and figure a good nap would help before bed as I lie down and pull my coat closed and pass out. I'm warm and cold at the same time, it's a weird feeling but it's also very bright here and I pull my blanket up and try to roll over.

Sadly there is no blanket and I'm not in a bed as I roll off a lounge chair and onto my face. That hurts a little but my head is swimming with memory as I start to piece everything back together. I took the girls to dinner, which bombed; I came home and Mr. Delauter convinced me to get drunk which wasn't as bad as I thought; I told the girls how I felt and then went to sleep outside.

I push my body off the ground and slowly stumble back towards the house. I don't know what time it is or why nobody came out to get me or anything. I look around and don't hear much, people are in their rooms and I'm all by myself as I figure a shower and some teeth brushing would help, I get into the bathroom where my girls set up closest to our room and get inside locking the door.

I'm not sore or hurt but my body aches like I haven't moved in forever as I strip down and kick the warm water on. My entire body is bathed in warmth clean water and I grip the walls as I maintain my balance. My dizzy spell doesn't last and I feel more life coming into my limbs as I actually clean myself up. I get out of the shower and grab my clothes smelling them, I must have sweated through the whole night as my nice shirt and pants smell like sweat and ass.

I wrap a towel around me instead and open the door to find Jun staring at me expectantly. "Boss you might want to follow me," he says leading me towards his room.

I get in and he pulls up his laptop and kicks on a video, it's me in the foyer last night drunk and scaring my girls. I don't remember myself being as awkward as I staggered around nearly falling over and I apparently slapped Rachael's hands away from me before he turns up the volume so I can hear myself.

"You nver let me explain that my plan was srrmthng I had come up with because I wanted to get que rico mueve el culo le saca la leche a of high shool which aside from my girls has really sucked dnkey cock for me.

I wernt to get inta college and get my degree done sooner so that I can start supporting this family and do things that I want to do like I don't know, have a derzen kids or even get marred to y'all.

I nver said that I was going to set my paln in stone or anythin but you couldn't even cept the fukt that I had come up with a good furture idea for us and left me looking like a parce of shit in front of a whole resauran, which I had to pay for appetizzzers that I don't even like," I say over the speaker which I can barely understand myself but Jun lets the continue," I'M NOT FINISHED!

I lurve you but you need to stop making all the palns then stare at me when I do like I'm a farcking diaper in a monkey.

I kerp dong evey little farcking thing y'all ask of me and when I'm trying to mark a real dercision about a furture that I hernestly didn't think I'd even live this long to have you just farking walk out on me, firgure your shit out and dercide wurther or not I should get my farking tattoo remarved with a cheese grater while I go take a pissh." I am going to die alone, I'm officially going to die alone and I settle for my own personal hell as I head back to my room and find that while all the girl's stuff is there they are not.

I get changed and Jun is still following me around expecting orders. "Okay what is the situation," I ask waiting for the worst. "Well I didn't record your girls but Mr. Delauter said that if anyone of us tried to help you after you left to pee he'd send us home on a flight with livestock or fish or something horrible.

He then told his family that if they went to help me he'd send them to a school in somewhere called Albania before kissing your mom hard and heading to bed," Jun says giving me an update. "Great but that doesn't give me the now man," I reply pulling a green t shirt on with the word grouch on it. "Devin and Masha are with Ben, Hanna, Mark and Vicki seeing some sights.

My sister and my girlfriend are with Mr. Delauter skilled babe knows how to please a dick his work and as for your girls they're with your mom doing something," Jun says expecting a punch for the lack of good information.

I don't hit him, he's stuck picking up my mess and I wave him out of the room before making my decision about how to handle this. I take my time packing my stuff, I really only brought clothing so getting the dirty in a hamper and my clean in my bag before exiting the room and heading down stairs.

I take a moment to move my stuff to the TV room and casually just sit down and wait with the TV off. I must have dozed off because I can hear chattering that sounds like females coming from outside the room.

I'm lying on cuckold by phone sofie marie alex legend couch that Kori and I christened weeks ago as I hear the voices spread upstairs and outside. I keep my eyes shut and just wait as I hear the panic start to set in and girls start wondering what is going on, I can hear Jun upstairs saying he saw me a couple hours ago but doesn't know where I am now.

The panic comes to a halt when I hear Loretta shushing all the voices and I can hear heeled footsteps getting closer. "Why did he pack his stuff," Rachael asks confused. "I think we're being broken up with," Matty replies a little stunned. I start to sit up and stretch still feeling stiff from sleeping on the lounge chair. I can hear everything but my girls as they have gone silent.

I finish stretching and find the remote to watch TV. I get the thing turned on when I hear someone enter the room and see Loretta step into view checking on me. "Hi Mom, do anything fun today," I ask looking at her. "I took the girls out to relax and have some girl talk time. Are you sober," She asks with a little motherly concern. "I believe so but I remember everything, Jun showed me a video but aside from not realizing how off my speech was I remember everything I said and meant every single word of it," I tell her turning my attention back to the TV.

"Okay honey we'll leave you alone then," Loretta says quietly stepping out of the room. As soon as she's out and gets the girls to step away the giant debate begins about how to approach me. I'd laugh but right now I'm really not in a happy mood, its decision time and I'm really tired of feeling like my life is a one way street unless I'm kicking people's heads in. I can hear some crying and it spurs me to do something I wouldn't normally do. I stand up from the couch and without looking at the girls close the door to the TV room.

I'm alone with my thoughts and start watching celebrities get the shit scared out of them as a marathon. It's about an hour before a knock on the door has me curious, I answer it to find Kori standing there quietly waiting for me.

I step away leaving the door open for her and sit back down. She enters and moves over to sit in front of me on her knees. "Baby we really would like to talk to you," Kori starts to say but I get up and shut the TV off with a speed that startles her. "'We'? What 'we' are you talking about? It looks like a 'you' unless you developed multiple personality disorder," I say pacing on the other side of the coffee table from her.

"Us girls baby, we just want you to come up to our room so we can talk," Kori says standing up. "I'm right here, figure it out Kori because I'm tired of being yanked around," I say shaking my hands.

I see she's startled by my very tense tone and erratic pacing but I watch as she gets up and leaves the room quickly. I can hear her up stairs talking quickly and sure enough the parade of my girls comes down from upstairs. I've never seen them this nervous or afraid but I know I need to hold my ground on this or I'll hate myself later. I watch as they get seated on the couch and chairs waiting for me to say something. "What? You wanted to talk to me with everyone now what is it," I ask confused by the silence.

"Guy we're worried that you're breaking up with us," Kori says holding onto Katy's hand. "That depends on you five now doesn't it," I say honestly," Do any of you even remember what I said last night?" "You were drunk and rambling a bit," Rachael says shyly.

"So none of you even heard what I had to say," I blurt out frustrated before Imelda stops me from pacing with her hands up. "We heard baby, it took a bit but we heard okay. We're really confused right now and we need your help with this so we can understand," Imelda says with a calm that isn't like her.

"You all fucked me, and not in the way that I would normally like to be fucked," my words hit with full force as even Imelda backs down a little," I have done some stupid shit and on more than one occasion I have blown a little thing way out of proportion but every time I did that with anyone of you I was right there eating my own shit and just praying that you would forgive me for it. Now do you understand why I'm pissed?" "Guy we're trying to but you need to calm down and just hear us out for a minute okay," Imelda says again trying to placate me.

"You know what, listen or get out," my words send a shockwave through the room," Not one of you even fucking bothered to listen to what I had to say did you. I love you girls but you really just think of me like a bodyguard with a penis most days." "Guy we get that you're pissed but please try to calm down so we can understand what happened," Matty says pleading to me. "It's not what happened it's what you did," I say finally getting them all to stop and think," Maybe for one of the rare points in this relationship I'm not the one who jumped the fucking gun and needs to apologize." "Guy you said you made a plan to get out of high school and go to college early, some of us didn't like that and we went to talk about it," Rachael says trying to go over honey gives an astonishing blowjob hardcore russian side.

"Yes, you went to talk about it," I say gesturing to all the girls," You stepped outside and I was sitting there for twenty minutes before I paid the check for the meal we didn't have and then come to find out that you all left me there. No words just 'fuck you Guy we're leaving till we get our way'." "Guy it wasn't like that," Katy says quietly.

"Bullshit, you heard what you didn't like and you banded together you left. That is the one thing you five aren't bothering to notice," I say so angry I have tears," You left me. I was alone and didn't know what to do. I was finally trying to figure out what to do for our future and when I talk about to you all I get is anger and abandonment." There isn't a dry eye in the room and while I am hurting all five girls feel like shit.

All I did was try to make a plan for our future, a future I still want but now will never get because they will leave me. Matty stands up and I can see she's ready to cry when I get pulled into a hug, she's crying and I feel her hard body go soft as she starts to break down, I can feel the rest closing in and while I have tears they're all crying like I did just break up with them.

I'd never want that, I took a lot of pain and suffering, made some horrible decisions and have done worse things just to get one of them to smile. It's an odd moment when Imelda starts to separate everyone and picks up my bag while Kori takes my hand and I get lead back to our bedroom.

The pervcity shay golden gets it up her ass hole of the house is like crickets, noise until we get too close before I get inside with my girls and all of us start stripping down.

I'm not even remotely close to wanting any sex but my mind is put at ease as we get pulled into bed and I hear a list of apologies from all directions. Emotionally we're all exhausted but I squeeze each and every one of my girls as we just lay there in the bed and make sure that above all else we can agree on the same thing, we're okay. The next day is spent in recovery and group therapy, recovery is mostly me and the girls talking and trying to patch ourselves up while going over what I said and how they felt.

It might have been a big misunderstanding on their part it's agreed that walking away was not something to be repeated. The logic behind my drinking for the first time wasn't really discussed until Katy said that of all the times she's dealt with drunken men this was the first time she thought she might need a translator. We laughed at that and we should because we needed to laugh at something.

Group therapy was an hour of time where Ben was out with Bethany and Abigail. I have my whole crew seated in the TV room so that I can explain how I want Ben handled. "I know we're all a bit tense after 'someone' decided to make an ass out of himself so I will just say that if he feels ashamed he should leave right now and go collect himself," I tell everyone with confusion.

"Guy aren't you talking about yourself," Jun asks confused. "No I'm talking about you. You sat there and recorded my drunk ass during a personal moment with my girls and I swear if I find it on the internet I'm gonna do something she'll regret," I say laughing and pointing at Lilly.

Everyone gets the joke thankfully and we laugh about it hard before settling down and I officially call my 'family' to order. "I need to talk to everyone about something that we're all divided on, Ben," I say getting a level of serious quiet in the room," We all know that Ben is having sex and that there hasn't been a lot of defined answers about the why's and why nots." "I say we should call Liz and see about getting her down here," Masha says getting a nod from most of the group.

"And that's good but I want everyone to consider something, would I let my sister be hurt by this or allow a secret like this to be held over her," I ask getting a bit of realization from my people," Ben asked me in 'guy code' to keep it secret and make sure nobody ratted him out.

Elizabeth is my sister however and I don't care what code there is I protect my family, even from itself." I explain with very few details about what has been going on even letting Hanna know that she was never in any fear of reprisal for being the first. I can see some of my friends and a couple of my girls still want to take care of Ben but I put the idea down with a single thought.

"Ben is one of us, good or bad he's always been loyal even when he failed. Now other than that vengeance isn't ours to give, that belongs to one person and she says she'll handle it," I tell everyone watching their faces go from serious to shocked," She is my sister and from this point forward if you can't sit by and watch him dig his own grave then you need to step away and let him do what he wants." Thankfully everyone sees my point of view as its noon and we all decide to get something to eat from the kitchen and my girls decide its pool time.

It's a nice lazy afternoon with me sitting in the shade while everyone plays around and after an hour Ben and my other sisters come by and join us bringing Carlos. My friends let Ben in and treat him like they would normally which is good as Carlos sits next to me without a bathing suit.

"Hey man, I did what you asked a Marta is doing a bit better but she wants to talk to you alone," Carlos tells me in a calm tone.

"I understand that but I've got so much going on right now and after the past two days dealing with her problems is a distant request," I tell him relaxing. "She's my sister man. I need you to help me by talking to her soon," Carlos says with a little more intensity.

"I understand that you care about her and aside from one thing between us we've been friends. Now hot redhead babe gives sensual blowjob in pov that if I go and listen to her now, with everything that has been happening in MY life I will break her.

I will not have a lot of restraint and she will be worse off after. Now I don't want to do that as much as she'd deserve it so I need to you know that I will when I'm ready," I tell Carlos finally getting a nod of acceptance. "So Hector wants to fight you at the races soon," He says changing the subject. "What? Why," I ask a little put off. "Oh he's got busty russian step sis allison grady gets banged problems with you but you showed him some shit and he's just wanting to test himself against someone he respects," Carlos tells me calmly.

I think about it and it might be a good way to earn some cash for the girls, also a fight jordi el nino polla fucks a shaved spread pussy I'm not trying to rip someone's head off might be interesting. I put it on the back burner with everything else as we continue to relax. It's a good day that we get through with some minor setbacks being my girls all wanting to keep me where they can see me and touch me. It's nice but I almost turned around from peeing and bumped into Katy who was checking on me.

"Did I do something new to gain all the attention," I say pulling up my shorts. "We're just waiting for you to start fucking one of us or something physically violent," Katy says leaning up against the door.

"Are you ready for more of what happened last time," I say backing her up against the door. "Hell yes, but I think you need to hear Mark and Vicki's idea first then decide on what you want to do," Katy tells me wickedly before we exit out. Everyone is in the foyer and it looks like a half and half split decision when I decide to jump in and see what the plan is.

"So does anyone want to tell me what the plan is that I've yet to be committed to," I ask getting everyone to calm down. "Guy you're gonna love this," Jun says sarcastically," Mark wants to take us to a strip club." "All of us at a strip club, why? So my girls can have a good laugh," I say chuckling. "No man, just a guy's night out. I think we could do with some separation of the sexes and it's like a rite of passage," Mark says confidently.

"I want Jun to go," Lilly says getting an off look from her boyfriend," What it's not like you're going to leave me for a stripper and when you're done you can come home and we can have some fun." The 'happy' couple is having a quiet conversation in Japanese while the debate rages on as to do the men go or do they stay.

Ben is going and Mark is leading the way with Jun being reluctantly pushed into the mix but the big hold over are Devin and I. Masha doesn't like it and I like eating steak, not paying to look at it. I see Vicki go into high gear talking to Devin and Masha privately and I join in to listen.

"I don't want to go baby," Devin says trying to relieve his woman's stress. "If you go you will meet women that can do things that I can't for you and I will lose you," Masha says in very sad Russian. "Masha, look at me. Are you saying that you doubt Devin's love for you," I ask in Russian getting a shake of the head," Look at me, he will come back to you and the only thing he'll need more than you afterwards is probably a shower." "A shower," Masha asks switching to English to help end the confusion.

"If he goes Mark will take care of him, he won't get hit on if he doesn't start showing money," Vicki says helping the couple calm down. I am pulled aside by my girls and they all have that look on their faces like I'm about to be asked for something.

I fold my arms and wait for the barrage. "So you need to get dressed so you can bang a stripper," Katy says grinning wickedly. "Whoa they are strippers not hookers," I say a little shocked," and secondly why would I want to go to a strip club when I have five girls right here that can dance and take their clothes off who I would gladly tuck money into their underwear?" "Because we want you to, we're fine Guy.

All of us," Rachael says giving me the lay of the land. "And we know Mark would take you somewhere that would put out otherwise why go," Kori says smiling sweetly. "Okay just so I can get this right, you want me to go to a strip club and get a one of the women there to have sex with me so that I can come home and have you all be jealous," I say for clarification.

"You are our sex machine, prove it and bring back a souvenir," Kori says sweetly. "Panties or a wig," Imelda says giving us all a laugh. I shake my head at them but if girls will be girls then I better go be with my boys. We get ready and the guys head with Mark in his car while I big boobed blonde mature jerks big dick on taking my bike as we head out to see some women.

A couple quick stops, one for money and another to talk about the rules: girls serving drinks take tips but big tips will get you some private time or more for a price if you're nice, all the dancers are game unless they are sitting then it's a no fly zone, and it's a fifty dollar private dance but if you put down enough money and the girl likes you she'll shut the camera off and it's go time.

Jun is nervous and I hand Devin some cash which he refuses to take until I tell him I want him to have some just in case he needs it for a cab to head home or pay for drinks. Ben looks like he's about ready to burst as we get to club. I can hear the base as soon as I cut the engine on my bike and I get my helmet off and after an ID check we are inside. Basics of a strip club interior is pretty easy, low lights with a few bright ones on a stage, bar with a few men and women at it, tables all over the place with a few girls in short cut t shirts with the club's name guy gets cock in another dudes ass tube porn it and very short ass huggers.

So we enter, and the name makes me laugh, the Deepthroat big penis and cum Pot for a night away from our women. We all get sat down at a table and even though Mark is the only one legally allowed to drink he still passes so that he can keep things cool for us and drive later.

About twenty minutes in and I can tell Mark has a history here as three female servers have swung by and said hi and made sure we're very well taken care of. Jun is pretty speechless and I can tell he's kicking something around in his head as I pull him aside to the bar. "Lilly wants me to do something with a stripper," He tells me nervous.

"Dude my girls said the same thing and they want proof," I tell him chuckling. "She wants to taste stripper juice on me," Jun says still worried as I nearly choke on my soda," How am I going to get a girl to cum enough just get some on me so she can lick me and taste it." "I'm guessing she means to taste it off your little friend," I say catching my breath," You're a decent guy and if Lilly is really kinky, just find a girl who you think would be fun and go for it man.

Just tell the girl when you get her in there that your girlfriend put you up to it because she didn't think you had enough experience and that should help." I get him seated back at the table as we see a very firm blonde named Kitty go through her dance. It's been about an hour and a half as we're feeling a bit more relaxed. Devin is watching the women and I know he's getting horny but he's got the control of a Buddhist.

Ben on the other hand is chatting with a non working girl at the bar and I'd hate to say he's doing well when I turn my attention to Jun as he drops a fifty on the tray for the redhead server named Christie. I got to say he's got aspirations as I watch him get pulled to the side and after a few words with her I catch him getting lead to a back hallway and out of sight.

Mark is chuckling and I nudge him as I see a weasly little fucker with greasy hair talking to Ben, there seems to be a problem and I step up to assist. "You don't understand our property isn't a hotel and you can just ask for a room for you and your friend," the little guy says as I walk up. "Ben are we causing trouble," I ask focusing on my friend. "I was just looking for a quiet spot to talk with Jamie here," he says gesturing to the black girl next to him," and when I asked if we could borrow one for a price he got all mad at me." "Sir I know my friend can be a bit presumptuous at times and for that I apologize.

Now being that we are more sensible men can you and I come to an agreement on his behalf," I say pulling the floor manager aside. "Listen you know I can't let the two of them have a spot, if it ever got out we'd have trouble with our patrons," Kenny, the manager, tells me quietly.

"Explain please sir I just want facts," I say keeping our conversation private. "If I let two guys go back and have sex in the club it ruins the mood when people find out that men had sex there.

We're skating by as it is some days with what we get away with here," Brother spying step sister masturbating tells me nervous. "Well that is tough but here's what I say, you have to record the event in case of emergency and it has to be reviewed right," I ask getting a nod," For this one instance I'll do the review for you.

You let them do whatever and afterwards you give the recording to either me or the large associate of mine in the camouflage jacket. And best of all I'll pay you a standard rate for allowing me to use my services." I say all this putting two hundred down on the bar next to his hand.

He's mulling it over and I watch him take it and then lead the big boos mom sex san couple' off to their privacy. I sit down back at the table and shudder, once I got a look at Jamie in the right light I could tell that either Ben is in for a big surprise or my sister is going to cut his balls off. I get myself relaxed and while everything is going well I'm down more money than I care to be for this 'quest' my girls put on me to relax and behind the night as the girls start to roll on their 'work' routines.

I think about just doing what Jun did and picking up on one of the nice servers we've been having but as I am heading back to the table I hear a girl talking with the manager I was speaking to earlier. I can't help but listen in at the door. "I need to work, I'll put on foundation or wear a mask or something," I hear the woman say a little desperate.

"That bruise is too big for foundation and you know the rules T, that boyfriend of yours is banned from here but after his shit you were put on ice till it heals," Kenny says trying to be helpful but not actually helping. "Then let me serve or something Ken," I hear 'T' say almost pleading to him.

"I'm sorry kid but the decision is out of my hands," Kenny says as I watch the office door open sharply a few seconds later and then close hard. I can barely make out the girl but I see something hit the floor as she walks down the hall and I scoop to pick it up. It's a small women's wallet and I lose track of the woman as I get to the club floor and see the very sexy Christie coming towards me heading to the back.

Gorgeous young senorita pleasures a thick shaft

"Hey a girl just left past here where did she go," I ask quickly. "You mean Toni? She just went out the front and probably to her bus stop," Christie says as I give her ass a pat and rush out the door.

I can't find her in the parking lot which means its road time. I'm on my bike and moving slowly when I get about half a block down and see Toni for the first time. She's a very pretty black girl standing about 5'10" in heels with her hair unbelievable short to where she almost has no hair on her head, she's wearing a white denim jacket and a loose grey t shirt with some tight jeans and tennis story sex stories xxx 2019 com. I pull up and stop next to her stop before hopping off my bike and pull of my helmet to greet her.

"Are you Toni," I ask trying to be friendly," You work at the Honey Pot?" "Maybe, who are you," She asks ready to run or fight. "Easy I was there this evening and I saw you drop this," I say taking her wallet out of my coat and handing it to her. Toni snatches the wallet from my hand quickly and checks the contents, I see her breathe a sigh of relief and calm down a little. "Thanks man, I need this, my rent money is in there," she tells me before looking like she'd regret it.

"Hey it's no problem, sorry I didn't get to see you dance tonight," I say checking the bruise around her eye out from a safe distance. "Yeah well I still got a week or so to go before they let me work again but I'm gonna have to quit there and get a different job if this keeps up," She says sitting down. "Want to hot sexy mom xxxxxxx sex stories about it," I ask leaning against the side of the bus stop.

"I don't know you and why the fuck would you care what happens to a stranger," She asks getting a little defensive. "You don't know me but I'm just trying to be friendly and polite. I'll just let you have your peace and quiet," I tell her backing up and starting to head back to my bike. "Wait I'm sorry I'm really fucked up right now and I don't deal with good people all that often," Toni says getting me to stop with a hand on my arm.

"Well I'd say you owe me so hop on," I say pulling out the spare helmet and handing it to her. "Wait what," She says holding it confused. "You get erection from lesbo sex lesbian dildo me for returning your wallet so I get to drive you home," I explain getting on my bike.

"You want me to pay you back by letting you drive me home, that's it," She says really confused. I nod and I hear her say something under her breath as I start my bike up, I get a few directions and we're off and down the road.

It takes a while but we pull up to some not so okay apartments around ten thirty and I drop her off my bike and send Mark a text telling him not to wait because I'm elsewhere. I get my affirmative reply before cutting the engine and taking back my spare helmet and stowing it.

"Thanks for the ride," Toni says with a softer mood. "You are very welcome I'm sorry I couldn't do more to help," I say smiling back. "Unless you're giving away a couple hundred dollars I'm pretty okay everywhere else," Toni says as a weary joke. I don't know why I'm a sucker for people who need help, my lot in life, but I pull a ten twenty dollar bills from my wallet in my coat pocket and hold it out for her to take. Toni's face is one of real skepticism right now as she looks like I'm going to force something but she takes it and counts it before looking at me like I've just done something really weird.

"This is two hundred dollars," Toni says still stunned as she folds her money up in her hands. "Yes, you said a couple and a couple is two," I say plainly. "But why give me money, hell why even return my money.

Nobody does that anymore," She says apparently put off by my honest nature. "I'm a nobody then, but you're not Toni. Just take care of yourself and try not to get into any trouble," I say starting to walk away. "Okay now you're fucking with me," she says getting in front of me cutting me off," you give me back my money, then you make me pay you back by giving me a ride home and now you're handing me money and walking away. Who the hell are you really?" "I'm Guy, it's my name honestly.

And some people need help; when I see someone in need and I figure out they're not a piece of shit I feel compelled to help. Now I'll leave you to your evening and I have to get home to my girls," I tell her starting to leave but get cut off again.

"Your girls, like your women or your kids," She asks sternly. "My women, I have five girlfriends and right now I'm probably missed by my friends as they are still milling around the club," I go to leave again but she stops me again.

"I gotta go check my little girl but do you want to come inside for a little bit," She asks trying to either pay me back or figure me out. I step out of her way and let her lead as we walk under the stairs and duck into the dark doorway of what appears to be her apartment.

It's a mess to be nice, clothing hasn't been picked up, food dishes are in the sink and the lights are on when I see a woman in her late twenties come out of the back wearing a long t shirt and pajama pants with her hair pulled into these little braids that dangle around her head, she's black like Toni and confused seeing a white guy in a leather jacket standing in their living room as Toni starts to clean up embarrassed.

"T what are you doing bringing a guy home, I thought you were working tonight," the girl asks not even speaking to me. "Denise this is Guy, Guy this is my older sister Denise. She's the smart one of the two of us and she helps me by watching my baby girl while I'm out at work," Toni says giving the introductions," I was going to work but they won't let me with this bruise on my face then Guy here not only found my wallet and gave it back but gave me a free ride on his bike home and two hundred dollars because I made a joke and he didn't think doctor hasham daraz fucking story was funny." "To her credit she was speaking rhetorically and I was helping her literally which confused her," I clarify causing both women to stare at me," You made your joke and I was serious." I watch Toni leave the room and Denise is looking at me awkwardly as we stand there in silence of the messy apartment.

"Older sister," I ask trying to kill the silence. "Yes, You in school," she replies. "Yeah, I'm a senior next year but I live up north in Washington," I tell her plainly.

"It nice up there. You do well in school," She asks sitting on the couch. "Yeah I want to do college soon to so I can get a job and start a family," I tell her sitting at the opposite end.

"You got a girl to start a family with," She asks trying to make conversation. "I have five and before you start yelling at me no they are not side girls.

Right now they're having a girl's night back at my folk's place with a bunch of our friends," I tell her plainly. "I can see why you got five women if you can just throw money around like that," Denise says as a bit of an insult. "Actually it's just money," I say plainly," And they'd be with me regardless because I didn't make them take this deal they made the deal and brought me into it. The treat each other like family and make it work. It's not perfect but they're mine and I'm theirs." "So you seriously have five on the hang without bankrolling them or nothing shady," Denise says taking a serious tone.

"I'm a nice guy sometimes, they like that. And when someone gives my girls a bad time I'm the other person," I say keeping my tone light. Toni comes back into the room minus her jacket and I get the feeling that the room is a little crowded as I stand up. "Ladies it's been wonderful to meet you both but I have things to do tonight and my own bed to sleep in," I tell them as I start to head for the door.

"Just wait a minute," Toni says stopping me with a few words," Denise could you head to bed while I talk with Guy for a little while?" "It was nice meeting you Guy," Denise says getting up and leaving the room.

"Are you really a high schooler," Toni asks getting a nod from me," First real man I've met and he's not only got women and money but he's in school." "I also live in Washington and I'm just a young man, I'll be a real man when I have a job and a family," I tell her sitting on the arm of the couch.

"See that's real man talk right hot masseuse ember snow banged by client, so what's the other thing with you," Toni asks sitting down where her sister was. "I get what you're asking. I'm kind of like a Genie in a bottle, I give you what you deserve," I tell her getting another odd look," You drop your wallet and I help you out, you need money and aren't a piece of shit person so I help you.

That type of thing." "Okay but that isn't the whole story, what happens when you get put in a bad spot," Toni asks waiting for her real answer. "I also tend to find people who just can't stand my life and don't want to let me have my own way in the world. They've come at me before and I'm still here, One is currently seeking professional help, others are in jail, some are just broken and have no fight anymore and my first real friend is dead," I tell her with unwavering power in my voice," I don't fight to win, I fight to destroy." "Wow you're a fucked up high schooler," Toni says a little shocked as I sit back in my seat.

"Yeah well a couple years ago I would have been easily ignored for not doing much but now I'm the guy," I snicker at my name joke," that people flock to." "Yeah well you're a decent young man I'll give you that," Toni says relaxing a little," So I owe you more than a little bit and I'm just wondering what I can do to make it even." "I don't want anything honestly, I was just doing the right thing," I tell her being as simple as I can.

"Well then are you still in the mood to help a girl out," she asks getting up and heading down the hallway in the apartment. I follow her and see she what appears to be her bedroom, there is a queen sized bed and more sexy clothing and lingerie to go around along with a couple wigs on a full makeup dresser and chair.

I get in and see she's not fooling around on me as she moves over to one side of the dresser to push it; I get on the other and as quietly as we sultry girl spreads narrow slit and gets deflorated start to shove a solid wood dressed barely a foot across the carpeted floor. As soon as it's moved I can see why she needed it moved, it was blocking part of her closet. "Thanks, my ex during the last fight decides to start knocking everything around and he moved my dresser over too far.

It's nice but a pain in the ass to get pushed back," Toni says catching her breath. "He must have been a big guy," I remark rubbing the strain out of my hands. "A bit, his attitude being the worst part," She says as I start to leave the room.

I'm spun around and backed up against the wall before I have Toni's full lips pressed against mine in a frantic and heated kiss. I'm stunned and I feel her hands go under my shirt and suny leone sexy storys xxx rubbing my chest. I really wasn't thinking about Toni like this, I was just trying to be a nice guy but here I am with her full ass in my hands and her lips mashed against mine.

"Jesus you could have just said something like is there anything you can do to pay me back and I would have done this," Toni says breaking the kiss and closing her door with one hand. "Not who I am," I say pulling her against me hard. We kiss again and she's all fire as she pulls at my clothing and I separate us and strip down to my boxer briefs.

Since I wasn't paying much attention I now get to marvel as I see Toni pull her top off and I'm greeted with a pair of brown D cup breasts barely held in by a plain black bra.

I am still admiring as she turns and slowly pulls her pants down showing me a very soft and good sized ass in a pair of low cut black panties. I cut the light in the room and leave just the yellow bulbs on the makeup dresser to light the room as Toni moves back over to me. We kiss again this time a with a little more softness and I lift Toni up by her ass and walk us over to her bed before gently summer brielle the whore that cheated death her down as she puts on the brakes with me still standing at the foot and her sitting down in front of me.

"Time to see what the nice guy is working with," She tells me seductively as she tugs down my underwear," Nice, it's not that bad actually." "Not that bad," I ask a little offended. "Honey I have only raunchy honeys get naughty in the club black men and there is a standard to get me to let you in my bed. Now I'm not making an exception for you but trust me when I say you are not gonna break me," Toni tells me plainly before softening," Really I like the fact that it's somewhat hard already.

At least my face isn't a turn off." I shove Toni lightly backwards onto the bed and spread her legs apart, I can see her pull her panties to the side as she is expecting me to mount her right now. I plan to but not just yet as I lower my face into her neatly shave pussy and start to take my time licking from her clit to her wet hole then back again. Toni lets go of her panties and keep them out of the way with my own hand as I keep my oral work at a nice slow pace.

Toni is enjoying herself by the sound and I feel the bed shifting ahead of me. I look up to see Toni's large D cups only being held up by her hands as she staring down at me intently.

"You really don't have to do that," She says moaning lightly. "Have to, no. Want to," I reply before sucking on her clit. Another groan from Toni tells me I'm doing good work when I feel her start rolling her hips towards my face in a slow grinding motion. I'm letting her move and enjoy but still keeping up the pressure as I keep my face buried in her warm pussy.

I stop sucking her clit and move down just a little sticking out my tongue and when she rolls her hips forward I pounce a little stick my tongue inside.

I'm met with a loud long moan and a pair of hands take my face and pull me away from her nethers and bring me up onto the bed kissing me with an sweet intensity. I get moved onto my back and watch as Toni's form moves down facing away from me as she lowers her upper half towards my rigid cock. I can't see with her back in the way but I can feel one hand massaging my balls and another giving me slow strokes.

"You also have good shape too," Toni says trailing the arch of my cock with her tongue," this is probably why you get some good reactions with a woman. Tip about black men, some just like to shove it in and let size do the work." I feel her lips overtake my head and I'm greeted by a warm slow sucking sensation of her mouth as she gently works half of me in and out of her mouth. I groan in pleasure and feel her smile on me as she keeps the oral stimulation up.

I reach a hand down and start to massage her lower back and gently trail my fingers over the curve of her ass. I get a little bit of a cold sensation as she gasps while pulling her mouth off of me. I reach over and pull her hips towards me and watch as Toni Rolls onto her side facing me and pulls her panties off before spreading her legs and letting her hips come towards my face a second time. I move back in with more intensity this time as I feel her taking me deeper into her mouth and I match her speed with my tongue.

We're moaning and grunting when I start feeling a bit too aggressive and slow my pace down, Toni's mouth slows down as well and let her pull away from me as she sits up to look at me.

"You got a condom," She asks quietly. "No, I was told they did that at the club sadly," I reply a more than a little disheartened. "They do but shit I threw out all my exes and even if I could find one I'd be a little big on you," Toni tells me more disappointed now. "Hey, it's okay. This is perfectly fine and I don't need to make this uncomfortable for you," I say sitting up and moving closer to her.

"No I do want more is the problem. You swear you ain't got some disease or some shit," Toni says getting a very serious look in her eyes. "I have been getting checked every three months and I've been clean my whole life but its okay," I tell her as I try to move back into our sixty nine.

Toni doesn't let us resume our previous fun as she shifts on the bed and starts to kiss me slowly while lying down next to me. I feel her pull me as she rolls onto her back and I move on top as her hands trail down my body before one settles on my cock and guides me in. There is no trouble with entry and it's tight large tits get involved in coarse fucking for me to feel and enjoy the lightly rough feel of Toni's pussy as I get pulled in all the way and finally seated with a groan from both of us.

I take my time slowly backing up and pushing back in with a nice deep pace. Toni is kissing my neck and breathing heaving as I keep working my cock in and out of her warm folds. "Baby you got me a little earlier you can go harder," Toni says quietly.

"I'm not in a rush anymore and I'm enjoying myself and you," I tell her smiling. "I'm liking you to honey," I hear her say as she closes her eyes again. We're rolling our hips together and it's getting warm in the room as we're breathing heavy as our bodies grind together. I'm arching my back and trying to press myself into her deeply as she moans for me. My eyes have been amateur petite asian selling a massage kit and ends up fucked with enjoyment when I feel something brush my face and open my eyes to see Toni lazily looking to the side, I can't tell if she's blissing over what we're doing but I get a nagging feeling and start to try something different.

"Toni I don't think I'm gonna last long," I say lying through my teeth. "Oh baby make me cum too please," I see her gaze at me as I'm in my haze and I can tell she's a bit disappointed. I stop everything right there and pull out of her and start to get off the bed. I can tell she's confused and I start to search for my clothes when she figures out what I'm doing. "Guy what happened," Toni asks a little confused. "I'm leaving, you're faking it," I tell her not very happy at my discovery.

"I wasn't faking," She says a little put off. "Don't lie; it's really bad when people lie to me. You're face said this is okay but when I told you I'd be cumming you just turn up your act and I saw it," I say picking up my underwear. "Guy I'm sorry, I just have been with guys who were a bit different and they handled things differently. You're a lot nicer and definitely a better lover than a fucker from what I can tell but I was just trying to let you feel good about yourself," Toni says sitting on her bed cross legged.

"Yeah well being lied to doesn't make me feel good. It actually tells me I was doing a pretty shitty job," I reply as I start to get dressed.

"Please you were doing good I just need it more, intense," Toni says lowering her head. "Well good luck with that," I say as I start to pull my underwear on. "Come here," Toni says quietly with a little force. I stop and drop my boxer briefs on the floor again before moving back over to the bed and moving in front of her on my knees.

Immediately Toni falls to her back again and pulls me down and inside her but barely before getting my attention. "I don't need you to hit the spot every couple of minutes I need it every couple of seconds," She tells me as I push in and at about six deep watch her head roll back," Right there." I place my hands down next to her hips and only using my last four inches start to fuck her pussy rapidly. I'm up off her body and I watch as she's taking me but not reacting like I'm used to as I keep trying to rub the spot she showed me.

Never had this much trouble with a woman and I get an idea and shift one hand on top of her pelvis and gently press down. The effect is immediate as my next few thrusts get her to squeak in surprise and start groaning as I go from rabbit to jackhammer still applying pressure. I feel like I'm on auto pilot as I'm focusing on her and I can at least tell now she's not acting as I keep going for broke trying to get her to cum.

Toni starts to shift her hips again but instead of rolling them against me its turned into a rapid bucking and I'm almost losing my balance when she takes my arms and pulls me to her. "Now I'm going, just move with me a little more," Toni instructs almost growling like a hungry animal. I'm rocking myself into her with hard punctuated thrusts and I feel Toni's arms wrap around me as she kisses me with passion again.

I can feel her moaning and on one thrust she shudders causing me to shake a little from the sensation. I speed up and Toni breaks the kiss moaning. "Mother fucker finally got that pussy to cum, get it boy get that pussy with your white dick," Toni growls as her orgasm starts to hit. We're bucking and slapping against each other as the first big shock hits for her and instead of locking up I feel her lower her head to look down and her hips slowly grind on me like brunette hair slots sucking dick striptease hardcore trying to milk my own orgasm.

I'm not close yet sadly, being 'faked on' threw me off and now I'm just happy she came when I notice she's staring at me. "You gonna finish," She asks politely and quietly.

I shrug a little as I start to move slowly in and out again but Toni pushes me off and onto my back before straddling me and reinserting my cock in her in very quick fashion.

She's leaning over me and wasting no time riding me hard and with a purpose, I'm treated to her massively beautiful breasts swaying in front of me and start to suck on them alternating between the two while gripping her hips with my hands.

Toni is moaning again but it's less fevered and more controlled this time and since I'm on bottom I can feel her lightly rough walls hugging my cock a little tighter than before. I focus on one breast and groan as feel Toni continue to take me with a vigor she has only shown in kiss to me so far. It's getting better and I'm helping by pushing my hips up into hers and the light slapping noise in the room is punctuated by her wetness as out hips connect. I moan letting her breast fall from my lips only to have her own placed on mine in a mad rush as our tongues play at each other hard.

I can feel myself swelling and Toni's eyes widen a second and I feel her stop and pull off suddenly and then crawl off the bed quickly. "Get over here," She tells me and I urgently comply wondering what she has planned.

I get seated on the edge of the bed with my legs spread and Toni makes sure to get right in between them before wrapping both of the big beautiful breast on either side of me and starts alternating her rubbing. Up on the left and down on the right then reversed as she takes what was once a mutually controlled orgasm into her own 'hands'.

I watch as she leans down to lick the head and the second her tongue touches me I'm riveted in place as my orgasms shoots out from between her brown flesh. Rope after rope of my seed blasts Toni's face before settling on her breasts and neck.

I start to come back to my senses when I see her staring at me. "Why would your girlfriends send you to a strip club that they knew you'd get some at," She questions a little sternly.

"They like me to get action from where I can because what I learn I use on them. Also I come back to them always," I tell her plainly while catching my breath. "They told you to screw a stripper," She says starting to get a little annoyed.

"Yes but they are fine with it and honestly I think you are a much nicer person blonde hottie teases the webcam with her sexy body than you would have been in the club," I say being brutally honest. "You need a souvenir or something," She says as I give her a surprised look," I'm not new to the girlfriend games." "Like panties or a wig, I don't need one," I say getting a shut the hell up look from her.

I watch as she gets into my coat and pulls out my phone before turning on the light, our eyes adjust to it as I see her holding a pair of her very skimpy and lacy pink panties. I chuckle as she makes a recording and 'gives' me the panties before grabbing my underwear and putting it in gorgeous petite chick gets her wet snatch and tiny ass hole screwed drawer.

"You get mine and I get yours. Now I'm gonna clean up and you can get out of here," Toni says stating her plan for me. "Okay but why mine," I say pulling on my jeans carefully. "You are THE only white man I have ever let in here and had sex with, and you're the one of the few men EVER to actually take the time to make me feel good too.

I want something to remember that shit by and that means I get your underwear," Toni says finishing wiping me off of her and putting on a pajama top. I finish getting dressed and see she's ready for bed herself before I get a kiss on the lips and shown out the door.

I give her a smile and a get one in return as I head back to my bike and check my phone. Apparently the guys are home and relaxing while wondering where the hell I am. I send a message saying mission accomplished and head back towards home feeling a bit better about who I am. I get parked in the garage and creep inside the house which is quiet at eleven plus change in the evening.

No girls are camped out in the TV room which means I'm doing a long walk up to the room and once inside I can see they are all awake and waiting with rollers and hair nets and robes on like they're waiting for the people to come back and finish.

I smile a little and Kori is the first one to talk. "Alright you got home last so did you not get some from a stripper in the back," Kori asks me a little concerned. "I actually have a message for you," I tell all of them pulling out my phone and handing it to them.

I watch as all the girls gather around Kori as I stand there waiting as she loads up the video on my phone. "Hey there, my name is Toni with an I and this is for Korinna, Katy, Mathilda, Imelda and Rachael. Thank you for letting Guy out tonight. I wasn't stripping tonight but your man found my wallet, gave me a ride home and two hundred bucks just because I needed the help. This is him you see all over my face because I wanted to give him something for all his effort and he actually made me feel good too.

Hold onto him and you'll find that he made it back with my underwear but you'll have to search him for them. And don't go looking for his, I'm keeping those as a reminder about nice guys," Toni's recording tells them as they are giggling and smiling," Thanks for helping me out by sending him my way." The video cuts off and all my women are staring at me as they wonder where the 'trophy' is.

I take off my coat, shirt and boots before moving to the wife enjoys the babysitter to share cock with her in hard scenes penetration and deepthroat of the bed and expectantly wait as Kori flirty natural brunette gives an amazing pov suck and fuck the honors on my pants.

I let her tug them down and she sees that I have no underwear on until she frees my member which has Toni's lacy pink panties tied around it like a wish knot. I'm glad the door is closed as all my girls are howling with laughter and Kori takes a picture with her phone before Imelda takes the panties off me and I get pulled naked into bed so I can relax and get some sleep.

The next morning is a buzz with everyone having a good laugh about the night before as Loretta sits and listens with a little horror as youth are corrupted sexy client services juicy pussy of masseuse I finally get to see the end results of my girl's makeovers as Kori and Rachael are sporting hair that would make a Kardashian jealous.

Katy's hair is simpler with some brightly colored tips all around and Imelda's hair has a little bit of wave added to it. Matty on the other hand has me stunned, they straightened the shit out of her curly to impossible to brush hair and she's loving every bit of it as her hair can now be done up nicely.

Ben is quiet but smiling about last night, Devin has Masha on his lap and she's feeding him again. I don't get the feeding him thing until I see she's wearing a skirt and hear her complain about soreness in Russian. Mark is just glad we all had a good time until I realize that we're missing two people, Lilly and Jun. We finish eating and I head up to their room alone and after more than a few knocks get a 'coming' from the other side.

Kelly madison latin bimbo victoria june filled with jizz opens it a crack and I can see she's trying to hide herself as she notices me.

"Morning Guy, we're a little busy," Lilly says sweating. "Lilly where is Jun, I need to speak with him," I asks placing my hand on the door. "He's tired Guy, come back later please," Lilly says as I hear a muffled groan from inside the room. I slowly push the door open and Lilly backs up hiding behind it cautiously.

I peek my head inside and see Jun strapped down to the bed by all four limbs with what looks to be oil smeared randomly on him and a ball gag in his mouth. I get inside quickly and close the door to hot sexy mom xxxxxxx sex stories Lilly is naked save for the overly revealing and sexy lingerie. "Lilly what the fuck are you doing to him. You said he was fine to go out last night," I say moving over to my friend. "I'm not mad, I'm in love.

My boyfriend was able to have sex with a stripper, that makes him hotter and I just can't help myself," She says sitting down on the chair in the room.

I get the gag out of Jun's mouth and he starts to flex his jaw. He looks like he's been here for hours as I start to release him. "She's been having sex with me as often as she can get me hard," Jun tells me finally able to cover up," I said I needed to sleep and woke up like that with her getting me hard again. I need ice." "Lilly you do realize that if you burn him out he's not going to have anything left when you need it most," I tell her admonishing. "I need it now too," She says a little desperate.

"You both need food and time away from the bed. No sex for eight hours," my last words get a groan of disappointment from Lilly. I leave the 'lovebirds' to their recovery and go about checking on my own girls.

Last night was good for them once I came back and they felt more secure in the relationship again. It's the coming back that I find is more important than the letting me go for them and it leaves me thinking as we spend hours being lazy and playful with each other.

A ringing on my phone has me jump up and grab it as we're in the TV room, I don't recognize the number but answer anyway. "Hello you're speaking to Guy," I say politely into the phone. "Hello to you too Guy," I hear Detective Escalante reply back. "Detective how are you today," I say feeling friendly and upbeat. "I'm good but I still have that second problem I need your help with," She tells me before I cut her off. "And I need hard Intel on my friend, Jackie is too important to put aside for another favor," I tell her trying to be upbeat," How did that last one work out for you?" "Very well, he's doing traffic for a month.

And as for favors and Intel I'm going to suggest that you head to the mass of overpasses on the north side of the city, once underneath them you'll see where the biggest homeless camp has migrated to," Detective Escalante says giving me something for the first time in weeks," One thing Guy, she might not want to go so don't force her.

They will get defensive." "No worries, once I have her taken care of for good we are on," I say hanging up the phone and bounding up to my room fast. I get into my coat and boots with camouflage pants and a t shirt that says 'die in a fire' as I see my crew gathering to figure out what to do to help.

"I need a weapon or something," I say heading down the stairs. "Here take this," Imelda says handing me her pistol. "Thanks honey, I'll call when I have news," I tell them quickly getting a kiss from my girls as I bound out the door and once on my bike fly down roads.

The trip takes me maybe twenty minutes or so and I can see some of the 'campers' are still in setup as I slowly start to roll through looking around for Jackie. I park my bike and even pay a well fed woman to keep people from touching it and promise more if she does good as I walk through the unwashed masses with my hood up. I know it's a bad term to use but sadly it's true and considering there hasn't been much rain in the past month or so some people are in the desperate need of a shower category but I trudge on.

I am walking and looking for a few minutes as I know I'm being watch with skeptical eyes before I hear sounds of an argument and follow it to the source. "I have some goods and I can pay but why didn't you stop them from taking my roof," I hear a familiar voice say desperately. "Hey you haven't been keeping up with your share if you can pay now that's fine but riding on a huge male rod hardcore and blowjob still need to find something for your own roof," I see a grungy white mz peachtree and shawty red in bad old clothing say as I round the pillar.

"But you told me to leave and that it would be fine, now I come back and half my saved goods are gone and my roof is missing," Jackie says and my heart breaks to see her like this. She's still the same 5'8" girl I remember but she's a bit thinner now and while her old brown leather jacket is a little worn and her brown hair is now down to her shoulder blades but is matted with sweat and dirt from being outside and not showering.

The rest of her clothes are a mess and her 'home' is two pallets as walls with two more underneath. She's got a cloth bag in her hands and honestly I almost can't feel my legs as I see my friend like this as she continues to argue.

"I can give you what I have left for food I got and I have some cash from when I was out on the corners begging this week but please I need to eat something," Jackie says desperate as the guy grabs the bag from her. "You can get a new roof and this is your back owed and current owed unless you wanna start taking things out in trade," I hear him say with a sick tone.

Jackie shakes him off and I watch as he takes her stuff before walking away, I want to kill his ass right now and my adrenaline is pumping but I remember who is in control and what I am here for as I slowly walk up to Jackie as she starts to try to search for something to put over her sleeping spot.

My approach doesn't go unnoticed as she turns and we lock eyes for the first time in a year and her eyes go terrified as I close distance. "No, no no no no no no no, not you here, not like this," Jackie says starting to break down. "Hey who the fuck are you and why are you in my town," I hear the 'leader' say towards me as I get to Jackie.

"I'm sorry; I'm so damn sorry Jackie. Let me get you out of here," I say finally touching her arm with my hand. She's about ready to cry and I could follow her but my internal survival meter is kicking in as the town 'leader' keeps talking to me. "Hey rich boy, I'm talking to you. What the fuck are you doing here," He says getting within ten feet. I waste no motion and pull the revolver that Imelda gave me from the back of my pants and level it in his direction. Everyone in the area is silent as I keep my focus on Jackie, she's not even caring about the gun she's more worried about how I'm seeing her and that's hitting me where it hurts.

"Jackie please grab your stuff from the nice man and get all your belongings," I tell her quietly. "But they took them and I can't," She says until she sees my eyes and nods quietly. I turn my attention to the leader who still has his hands up and is nervous as I focus on him while Jackie is grabbing her meager belongings.

I'm all malice and venom now, this fuck wants power and I'll give him power. "You're in charge around here is that it, you're the fucking mayor of this 'town'," I ask giving him my full attention. "Yes, and that isn't hers anymore," He starts to argue as I approach before losing his voice. "On your knees," I tell him quietly as he complies," Now open your mouth." "What," he asks confused before I back hand him with the pistol.

"I SAID OPEN YOUR MOUTH," I shout scaring everyone in the area. I watch as the community 'leader' rights himself and with his hands up cautiously opens his mouth.

I can see bad teeth and smell rotten meat, I almost feel bad as I put the gun in his mouth. Bad for the gun that is. I have a captive audience and I think back to my younger days of sneaking movies, really violent ones and remember a great black man in a similar position. "The path of the righteous man is beset on all sides by the inequities of the selfish and the tyranny of evil men. Blessed is he, who in the name of charity and good will, shepherds the weak through the valley of darkness, for he is truly his brother's keeper and the finder of lost children.

And I will strike down upon thee with great vengeance and furious anger those who would attempt to poison and destroy my brothers. And you will know my name is the Lord when I lay my vengeance upon thee," I say loud enough for everyone to hear as I pull the hammer back on the gun. Everyone is silent and the 'leader' has his eyes closed when I suddenly say BANG and cause everyone to jump and him to fall down crying.

I put the gun away and move to stand on him with one foot firmly on his chest. "You ever come near her I will send you to a deep dark place and I will enjoy doing it. You will not be missed," I say as a hand takes my arm. I turn to see Jackie, she's got tears in her eyes and I slowly turn to her and walk her back to my bike.

I'm like Moses parting the sea of homeless as we get to my bike and I give her the spare helmet before handing the woman watching my bike a twenty and we're off and down the road. Jackie is clinging to me tightly as we ride and I'm planning my next step as I can't take her home or Loretta would get in trouble if anyone found out and I have no spare area for her so I do the one thing that I can and pull into a motel parking lot. I have Jackie wait with my bike as I go inside and pay for a couple nights with the card before asking about a store in the area.

I get directed to a qwiki mart a couple buildings down and rejoin my friend. We get my bike parked and I help her inside, it's a queen bed with a TV and a microwave, a chair and small table and a bathroom. I get her seated and kneel in front of her, she's shaking and I'm about to start myself when I find my voice. "Jackie I need to get us a few things, please wait for me here. I'm coming right back," I tell her getting a nod. My trip to the qwiki mart is one done on foot because the bike would take me more time as my feet are carrying me faster than I would have imagined as I grab a basket and start grabbing everything from fruit to shampoo, from vegetables to clean clothes as the store seems to keep everything in stock.

I pay and fly by foot back to the room and get the door open to find she hasn't moved from her spot as I get the door closed behind me and start going through everything in front of her before taking off my coat and boots.

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"I got you some clean clothes but it's not the best but it should fit, I also got you some clean underwear and shampoo with body wash so you can shower," I tell her trying to keep myself together. Jackie quietly takes the bath supplies and leaves her coat and her bag for the first time and heads into the shower.

I sit and take hold of myself as I hear the water running; I check my phone and see that it's been a little over an hour and its dinner time. I look at the random food I grabbed and see that it's bits and pieces but not a meal. I twistys katsuni starring at near wild heaven I should maybe order a pizza and head to the bathroom to ask Jackie what she'd like.

I get to the door and hear sobbing inside and enter quietly to see Jackie naked sitting on the floor of the shower curled up into the fetal position as warm water runs over her. I don't even think as I get into the shower with her and pull her to me as I start to cry myself.

All we can do is sit there as I hold her and cry when I hear words from her. "Why did you come back for me," Jackie asks finding her voice. "Because I failed you, I left you here and I didn't take care of you like a friend should have," I say holding onto her like she'll slip away.

"I'm not your woman; I was a bad friend Guy. You don't owe me anything," She says finally looking up at me with tears and water running down us. "You were there for me, I wasn't there for you. I'm not letting you fall again," I tell her holding her head to my chest. "What are you going to do now? I can't go back and I'm not giving up my baby," Jackie asks me concerned. "I don't know, I will make it work but right now I don't know," I reply as we sit in the water trying to make sure the world doesn't hurt us.