Sultry girl spreads narrow slit and gets deflorated

Sultry girl spreads narrow slit and gets deflorated
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Here it is, Part 2. If you want more, just keep letting me know. :) Part 2: The change begins. After I had come back into consciousness, light was already seeping into the room. It was already morning. It felt like everything that had happened was all just some sort of messed up dream.

I sat up slowly, my body throbbing, my muscles twitching. Everything felt strange. my chest felt. sensitive, my groin warm.

and my butt was a bit sore. I put my fingers to my lips and recalled the taste of John's cum, shuddering a bit as I turned my gaze to him, laying behind ashley adams getting wet with ashley, his arm around my waist. I just felt. used. I stood up, pushing his arm away and made my way to the bathroom, ready to shower and clean myself. I looked in the mirror, observing my 5 food 6 inch tall, fair skinned body, my own brown hair falling in front of my face.

I felt my hair with one hand, feeling it's overly soft texture. It seemed to have become softer. and over night grew and inch more. I then looked to my chest. My nipples appeared puffy, like that of a little girl's.

great. those were changing.

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Then i looked at my naked penis, it had been waxed hairless, john must have done that in my sleep. My penis appeared to be a tiny bit smaller, same as my testicles.

Were those pills already effecting me that much.? I looked at my blue eyes and sighed a bit, my lips seemed to have a bit more. fullness to them. the stubble of my facial hair already receding, my skin feeling and appeared a bit softer. I then turned around to lean into the bathtub, turning on the water, and feeling it with my overly sensitive fingers.

When pals take up with the tongue and fuck beautiful gals finally felt comfortably warm, I stepped in and turned on the over head shower, letting the water wash over me.

I leaned against the back wall and sighed as it fell on my back, water washing between my butt cheeks. I watched as the water fell from between my legs. I then spread my legs a bit and reached back to wash between my butt cheeks, prodding a finger into the hole to get the cum that had been poured in me to fall out and into the water, it hurt a bit as it had been so abused the night before, but for some reason, I felt my penis stiffen.

I reached down to it and absently wrapped my fingers around it's sensitive body, moving the finger in and out of my anus slowly, eliciting a noise from between my lips, causing my face to flush with blush. I then bit my lip and fell silent as I stroked myself, pressed the finger inside of my anus, and shuddered in delight. Before long, I felt the familiar warm sensation of orgasm rush through me, it was a bit different bbw mom gets pumped and anal fucked time.

more intense, my cum a bit more clear instead of white as my balls produced less semen than normal. When the orgasm subsided i turned and began to wash my hair, ashamed with myself.

Finally, I left my shower and wrapped myself with a towel, instead of just wrapping my waist, I wrapped my chest as well, not wanting to expose my overly puffy chest. I then made it to my room, John still soundly sleeping as I found a t-shirt and shorts to wear. The t-shirt brushed against my sensitive chest, causing me to feel sparks of excitement in my groin. I then threw it off and looked for something to tightly wrap my chest so I could wear a shirt, finding nothing other than a pack of band-aids.

I sighed and placed a band-aid on each nipple then threw the shirt back on, relieved to find that the over sensitivity didn't occur. I then put on a pair of boxer briefs, feeling some uncomfortable sensitivity, but not too much. I decided i could wear shorts then made my way out of the room to find something to eat. after some time of searching, I simply poured some cereal and began to eat that. I went back to my room to find John awake and dressing himself.

I simply glared at him. "What's wrong, did you take your meds yet?~" He smiled happily. "No I didn't." "You'd better. Remember what I told you." He grinned like some sort of evil bastard.

I sighed and grabbed the bottle of pills and threw one of the bean sized pills to the back of my throat to take it.

"You're an asshole." "And you're adorable~" John smirked. "You think this is a fucking Joke!

It's not! You fucking drugged me irreversibly! What the hell am I supposed to do now?!?!" I finally raised my voice, thoroughly pissed off at him. "Well, it's too late now, isn't it. If you want, I can take the bottle and leave you to turn into a cock hungry slut. Or, I can stay here with you until your mom returns then let you tell her what happened and have me stay here til it's all done." "John. If I had any other option. I'd fucking strangle you." I sighed heavily and sat on the bed next to him, burying my face in my hands.

John then wrapped his arm around me and started to kiss at my neck softly. "Don't worry. We can be happy, a cute husband and wife, having lots of fun sex~" The kisses on my overly sensitive skin caused me to tremble and my penis to once again become erect. He took advantage of this and put his hand on my crotch to rub it through my cloths, causing me to tremble a bit. "How does it feel.?" He asked me, his voice smooth.

soft. comforting. The arm wrapped around me then cupped my chest, feeling the bandage under the shirt, he smirked, kissing my neck again as he pushed his hand under my shirt and pealed off the band-aid on my nipple to pinch the overly sensitive nipple, causing me to moan softly. "divine I imagine." I then shoved him away and stood up, wrapping an arm around my sensitive chest, my body throbbing with waves of pleasure, my skin covered in goose bumps, my penis hard, making a visible impression in my shorts.

I turned my blushing face away from spicy peach gets cumshot on her face sucking all the jizz. "Why are you doing this. why me?!" He just stared at me and stood up before moving to me, pressing his body against mine as he wrapped his arms around me to then bring his lips to mine.

The tenderness of it caused me to tremble. to moan. to close my eyes. His kiss was sweet. He then put a hand on my sensitive butt and squeezed it firmly lifting me to my toes as I moaned out again. He then gently laid me on the bed once again, lifting my shirt slowly as he kissed my neck, my jaw. my earlobe. my collarbone.

he began to pull the shirt over my head and kissed down my chest slowly, sucking on the nipple that had been uncovered, causing me to gasp out playful french brunette kendra white loses anal virginity on cam move my hips up a bit to rub my erection against his stomach. He reacted to this by moving down more to slowly pull down my shorts and underwear to free my penis.

He pulled the shorts free, leaving me once again naked. He then sat up and just smiled at me. "You may not like it. but your body is so honest.

It's so cute." John then pulled his own underwear down and let his erection free. I hadn't noticed just how large he was the night before, but seeing the solid 9 inches in front of me now. John then held me in his arms, spreading my legs with his own legs as he lifted my butt to press the tip of his manhood against the tight hole and pressed into me slowly, wrapping a hand around my own penis causing me to moan out and roll my head back, exposing my neck to his kisses, to his bites.

to his licks. He knew all of my sensitive spots.

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just where to kiss. to touch. to lick.

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I felt him press his length deeper into me until I took the full mast of his cock, buried to his balls. He began to stroke my penis as he withdrew and angled himself to thrust in a different manner.

Each thrust was different, finding just the right place to bury itself to send shots of pleasure up and down my spine, causing my voice to leave my lips again. I couldn't count the number of with mom freinds n me he came, each time was intense, drawing my breath from my lips.

drawing my boy-pussy to twitch around his cock, causing his dick to react by twitching against my own internal walls until the overwhelming pleasure came to an end by him filling my insides with more cum, causing me to moan out loudly.

The process of change continued on for a good five days until it was the day before my mother would be coming home. I now had what could be called breasts, A cups. my penis a good 2 inches smaller, and the balls in my scrotum having disappeared, the skin parting to create a tiny "pussy" not even a centimeter big yet each day, I would wake feeling overly sensitive, shower, masturbate, eat, then John would somehow end up bringing me to have sex with him again and again throughout the day until I expected it and almost.

lusted for it each time.

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Everything caused my body to shudder. sitting was almost too much. what would I say to my mother. how would things just. be okay.? Part 2 end