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Sweet babe annika eve fucked by stepbro
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The Bet by Meighen and I had been friends since we met in grade school. When you saw one of us you knew the other was nearby. We were like sisters. Such friendships rarely last out of High school but we persevered. We knew everything about each other. We did all the little girl things together and as we grew older we kept the practise up. We liked the same sports, we joined the Girl Guides, and we giggled about the same boys.

We had our first periods at the same time. We even lost our cherries on the same day to twin brothers in our first year of High school. We did it all and had the greatest times of our young lives. It was not a lesbian relationship either. Yes we did try it out, but neither of us really enjoyed it.

Yes we did agree that we liked having our pussies licked, but it was better when a boy (or man) did it. We were not in love. We just were best friends and that was fine with us. There were other girls in our little group. They came and went and some we still see from time to time and are friends with. Nobody ever came between us although some tried. Just two best friends for life. Well I guess you get the picture. We had a good following with boys also. We did go out on dates with some great college ki ldki k sth jabardasti boobs kissing ki story. About half the time it was a double date.

The twins Roger and Peter were our favourites and the four of us always had a good time together. Over the years we laughed a lot. Sometimes cried a lot, but mostly it was a positive happy time. We would tease each other and play jokes on each other. Some times we even made bets with each other.

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To my everlasting shame we bet on opposite sides about the Women's Olympic Hockey tournament. I was sure that the American team would win. I was stunned when the Canadian women walked all over the U.S. team. To tell the truth like everyone else I hoped the Canadians would win, I just didn't think they had the depth.

The bet was that I would become Meighen's slave for a day. I had to do whatever I wanted. This was not an uncommon bet for us. I have won a few of these and lost a few. Sure I have cleaned Meighen's room a few times and I has waId my diIs for me and tattoed horny ebony dildoing pussy on webcam like.

But little to my knowledge I had a more lascivious idea floating around in her devious mind. I was to wear my tiniest mini skirt to our favourite bar one night and tease the boys that we encountered. My job was to make a guy make a pass at me. In short I was to act like a slut until some guy made his move. The plan was to get out of there before anything got out of hand.

A bet is a bet and I had to deliver. I had this real short kilted skirt in the Black Watch Tartan. I put on a pale blue thong this tiny skirt a push up bra and a loose fitting white blouse.

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The matching white knee socks completed the 'Fuck Me' look I was trying to achieve. Get in and get out was the plan. Not to be outdone Meighen also wore a 'Slut Suite' after all she couldn't let me take all the risks alone.

When we first went in the bar it was empty except for the barmaid. We almost left but Meighen suggested we play a game of pool before moving on. I agreed and racked up the balls. As I was about to break the balls two guys walked into the bar and sat down at a table near the pool table. I broke the balls hard, driving in the ten ball. I took aim on another ball but I had to lean over the table a bit. Since I booby ebony pounded by horny pawn dude in the pawnshop wearing a very short skirt the guys got a good view of my nearly naked butt as I made the shot.

I missed the next shot so I sat down at a table near the guys. I made sure they got another shot of my panties as I sat down. Meighen lined up her shot facing the guys. Her blouse gapped open giving the guys a clear shot down her top and full view of both of her cone shaped braless titties. "Nice titties" commented one of the guys. Meighen just shook her titties at him. "If you got it flaunt it, I say," she said.

"You got it baby" said Fred, one of the guys. After Meighen missed she went over to talk to Fred while I tried my next shot.

"Come help me with this shot" I said to the other guy. He came over and put his arms around me to guide my pool cue. Then he slid his hands under my blouse and felt my tits.

Mission accomplished I had encouraged a guy to make a pass.

The problem was the guy (Greg) still had a good grip on me especially my hanging breasts. I tried to wiggle a bit to get away but only succeeded in manoeuvring my ass over his hard dick. 'Maybe this is not such a bad idea.' I thought. I knew I should get out and run but the situation was too exciting. I wanted to carry it on to the next step. Greg slowly released my left tit and moved his hand down and under my skirt. I could feel him fondling my naked ass cheeks.

When he got to my thong he soon had his fingers inside caressing my slit. That was it. I had crossed the line. I had to fuck him. I wanted his dick. "You are beginning to get me very horny you know." I whispered into his ear.

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His hand responded to my assertion by finding my steaming hole and entering with a long finger. " Mmmmmmmm!" I moaned as the sensation of his digital fuck ran up my spine. Meanwhile Meighen was backing up towards the table at the same time as I was allowing myself to be molested.

Fred had his hands under her top and was pinching her nipples. In a quick movement her top was up over her breasts exposing them to the light of day. Without any apparent resistance she raised her arms over her head as Fred completed his task and tossed the garment on the table. Greg was not wasting any more time fingering my drooling twat. He hooked his fingers into my thong and pulled it down over my trembling ass. I was bent over the pool table with my bare defenceless cunt in full view.

Luckily there were only the four of us, stud assists with hymen physical and pounding of virgin nympho the barmaid to see the public spectacle I was making of myself. I heard the zipper on Greg's pants open and immediately felt his hard dick pressing against my now sopping opening. "Omygod he is going to fuck me right here on the pool table!" I thought.

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Even had I wanted to there was no way to stop him now. His hard shaft sank deep into my waiting cunt. Deeper and deeper it sank and I just put my head down and enjoyed the sensation. I looked up in time to see Meighen land on the table beside me. She lay back and spread her legs as her skirt was thrown back over her flat tummy.

I could see the soft pubic hair on her pussy as Fred advanced with his thick cock in his hand. In one swift movement he impaled my partner on his man pork.

"Oooooooooo Ohh," she moaned then broke into a series of grunts as her man began to put the meat to her. "Ugh, ugh, ugh &hellip." The monster in my cunt was driving me crazy.

I didn't want it to stop. Again and again it was driven home. My whole body was being forced across the table with each pile drive of the thick piston. "Oooooooh ya," I grunted as he fucked me. "Make me cum now. Make me cum." My cunt was on fire. All I wanted was for him to fill me up with his sperm and quench the inferno raging through my groin.

Meighen was grunting and moaning. I looked up to see Fred standing between her legs pumping his cock into her with fierce even strokes. Her legs were bent back over her sweating torso. Her feet waved in the air as she received each delicious blow from her invader. "Fuck me!" she groaned. "Just keep girls first time xnxx storys fucking me!" her breath was coming in short gasps. I knew she was getting ready to cum. So was I… I swear the cock in my cunt was getting thicker.

Suddenly it was forcefully driven as deep as it could reach. I could feel the warmth of his sperm as the monster began to jerk up and down pumping his balls dry.

That awareness triggered my own most desired reaction. The wave of my orgasm swept from my cunt right up my spine raising goose bumps as it did. "Aaaaaaaaaaaahhh!!!!!

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Aaaaaaaaaaaahhh!!!!!" I screamed. Wave after wave of pure pleasure wracked my body as I began to sweat in my exertions. I had paid off my bet and had received an ample award for my effort. I was gasping for air as my mind retook control of my wasted body.

Meighen soon matched my rapture with a mind-blowing orgasm of her own. Her head was rolling back and forth. Her eyes were closed and she was mumbling something incoherent. Fred backed away from her and I could here a slight pop as his huge cock vacated her drooling box. I moved over to her and kissed her on the lips.

The only thing I can think of is thank god for those gallant Canadian girls whose great victory led me to this pool table.