Hot strapon fun with two gorgeous fillies masturbation and big tits

Hot strapon fun with two gorgeous fillies masturbation and big tits
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London England 1885 "You`re sure madam? We can really fuck her?" Madame De Voillet stood in her drawing room before the semi-circle of seated guests and smiled. "Yes, Sir Edgar. She is 20 years old and the daughter of one of my most valued friends. And might I add, one of the most licentious. The girl that will shortly stand before you, is the result of an overprotective father.

A man who knows nothing of his wife`s wanton ways." A chuckle of delight rippled around the room. "And do we get to fuck the mother also?" Said a rather portly gentleman. "I regret no, Reverend. The girl`s mother is at this very moment riding the cock of the girl`s betrothed. She is to be married in three weeks." "Excellent!" Boomed the Reverend clapping his hands in delight.

"Perfect debauchery! We shall impregnate her with a big milf tits bounce while she fucks of sperm then give her to her husband. Wonderful!" "A little decorum gentlemen please." Replied Madame De Voillet softly. "She has had some instruction in the ways of love but is in many ways a complete innocent, much to the chagrin of her mother I may add.

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She has never been kissed or touched, but I have however, facilitated the shaving of her nannyspy lying babysitter anya olsen fucked and creampied. Something that I felt you gentlemen would appreciate." "Excellent work Clara." Said another. "And does she have the licentious nature of her mother?" "I believe so." Continued Clara.

"When her pussy was shaved she became agitated and asked to be excused. This was not permitted, and she almost swooned at the touch of the maid's finger upon her nubbin. She blushes prettily at the merest hint of fucking in conversation but is clearly enraptured by such talk. I think that you will find her an eager pupil." "I take it there are rules madam?" Said Sir Edgar. "Yes indeed. I am responsible for the creature.

She must not be harmed in any way, physically or mentally. If she becomes distressed at any time you will desist. Disobey me and there will be consequences gentlemen.

Do I make myself clear?" There was a ripple of assent from the room. "Some may say that the distress of the virgin makes it all the more delicious. I take it you disagree Clara?" It was the Reverend who had spoken, and Clara De Voillet fixed him with a steely stare. So much so that the others were obliged to looked away. "Hurt her Reverend and I will ensure that you will never fuck another woman again.

Believe me when I say this. There is plenty of room in the Thames for another body." The Reverend lowered his gaze. He was well aware that Clara De Voillet was perfectly capable of carrying out her threat. The maid entered with barely a whisper and gave a curt nod to Madam De Voillet.

Clara returned the nod and turned to address the room. "Gentlemen, may I present to you, Lady Georgette Lockwood." The intake of breath was audible as Georgette entered the room. "My God Clara. She is absolutely bloody perfect." Whispered Sir Edgar. Georgette wore nothing more than a thin cotton nightdress, that did nothing to conceal the heavy swell of her breasts, nor the tightness of her waist.

Her long blond hair had been braided as if for bed, and she smiled nervously at the assembled guests. "Georgette, these are the gentlemen I told you about. They are to enhance your education in sexual matters as requested by your mother. To your left sits Sir Edgar Wallace, parliamentary member for Finchley East. Next, is Mr Jack Glass. A commoner and smuggler extraordinaire. One day he will hang for his crimes." "I am already well-hung Madam." Smiled Jack. Clara returned the smile.

"Indeed you are Mr Glass. Beside Mr Glass, we have the Very Reverend Hubert Woman with glasses drilled by pawn dude at the pawnshop. Pervert, libertine, and occasionally man of God." "Very occasionally madam." laughed shruti hassan sex stories xxx vedios Reverend.

"The other two men present have requested that they remain anonymous, and as such their identities are known only to me. But rest assured Georgette, with the exception of Mr Glass, all have impeccable breeding." "As you say madam." whispered Georgette, nervously eyeing the assemblage.

"Each has been personally selected by me for their sexual prowess, and powers of recovery. Each has a larger than average penis in both girth and length, and all produce copious amounts of sperm. You are lucky to have such fine gentlemen to instruct you Miss Lockwood." Georgette swallowed hard. Madam De Voillet casually approached the trembling girl.

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"Now listen very carefully. You are to retire behind the screen and remove your nightdress. You will fold it neatly and lay it on the chair provided. Then naked, you will once again present yourself before the gentlemen. Do you understand?" "I do madam." "Proceed." Georgette did as she was told and removed her nightdress.

She examined her naked self in the mirror behind the screen. She considered her breasts to be her best feature but acknowledged that they were way too large for her thin frame.

She caressed them, and held them, feeling their considerable weight. She ran her hands lightly over her dusty pink nipples and was embarrassed to see them immediately spring erect. She ran a hand down her perfectly flat stomach and stopped just above her freshly shaven cunt. For that`s what it was. A cunt. Tits, cocks, cunts. Madam De Voillet had taught her these words only yesterday and shown her many pictures.

Secret pictures. Pictures that a young lady of breeding should never be exposed to. And she had found it all extremely thrilling. Her gaze lingered on the fat rolled lips of her cunt and the deep, high slung slit inbetween.

She now knew that she would not go to her marriage bed a virgin. Soon, perhaps even this day, a strong fat cock would part those delicate lips and thrust inside, driving filthy schoolgirl amber rayne gangbang into her hot, wet, virginal depths.

Georgette shivered inside. She was afraid, but also immensely excited. She had no idea what the next few hours would bring but was determined oral job and sex with brazilian beautiful babe see it through. Whatever happened this day, she would make her mother proud of her. Taking a deep breath, she stepped back into the room. In the short time that she had been behind the screen, the men had stripped naked.

Thick, hard cocks curved up hairy bellies with their fat mushroom heads exposed, the foreskins drawn well back. Madam De Voillet was lightly stroking the cock of the Reverend with a gloved hand. Glassy, lust filled eyes devoured her naked form. Cocks quivered, and swollen knobs swelled still further, as Georgette stood before them. Heavy balls rolled and heaved, and Georgette closed her eyes, her courage beginning to desert her.

"Come here girl." Commanded Madam De Voillet. Georgette approached Clara, and at Clara`s command, knelt before The Reverend's spread legs. "Look at his balls Georgette. Aren't they marvellous?

Full of delicious spunk for us to feast upon!" "Feast Madam? Queried Georgette. "Yes. Feast Georgette. To lick, suck and swallow. To absorb through the walls of our tight bottoms. To draw into our wombs where it may seed our children." "Madam I know of wombs, but not- " "Bottoms?" Finished Clara, raising an amused eyebrow.

"You will Georgette. You most certainly will." The Reverend laughed so hard his face reddened, and his immense prick shook back and forth along with the rest of his corpulent body. Georgette was disgusted by this obese and uncouth man, but more than a little excited by the heavily veined, well-used cock before her.

"Now Georgette. I want you to kiss the shaft of the Reverends penis. Worship it as you would an idol. Extend your tongue and draw it slowly along the shaft to the head where you will give it the daintiest of kisses." The Reverend was ready to explode.

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He could feel the virgin breasts of the girl heavy upon his thighs as her tongue trailed a lazy path along the length of his shaft. Just before her tongue reached the sensitive glans, she stopped and pulled away. "Damn and blast girl!" Said the Reverend. "Lick my cock!" Georgette sat back on her haunches.

"Sir I cannot. There is a liquid." The reverend sighed impatiently and looked to Clara. "It`s pre-cum Georgette. The essence a man produces when he is excited. You have drawn it forth, and now you must deal with it. Lick it away girl. Consider this your first test." Georgette steeled herself and licked the knob. The liquid was a little salty but not unpleasant. Her tongue swept around the head eliciting a long groan of pleasure from the reverend. The tip of her tongue delved into the gaping slit, searching for more of the enticing elixir.

The reverends thighs began to tremble, and feeling the crisis approaching, he pushed her away, sending Georgette sprawling on the carpet, her legs beneath her and splayed, hot adorable teen anal copulation action hardcore blowjob pussy prominent. Georgette was shocked. "Sir I apologise, I- " "You have nothing to apologise for." Said Clara sharply. "The gentleman lacks self-control.

I suggest sir, that you apologise to Miss Lockwood for your conduct. Or do you also lack manners?" The Reverend nodded gruffly by way of apology and sat back in his chair. Download xxx story cinta laura sudden movement causing more pre-cum to pour from the slit and roll down the shaft of his cock.

"Sir, may I?" Said Georgette. "Please do." Said the Reverend hoarsely. Georgette licked the cock clean of pre-cum, and sat back on her haunches, receiving a nod and a smile from Madam De Voillet. "Well done Georgette." While Georgette had been servicing the Reverend, a long table had been brought into the room by silent servants. Clara clapped her hands to gain the attention of the room. "And now gentlemen, we shall have a baptism." "So soon Clara?" Enquired Sir Edgar.

"Yes. The girl is ready. Georgette, please lay upon the table allowing your legs to dangle over the end. Yes, good. Now spread them apart to each corner. Wider girl! I want that fat pussy opened like a flower." Clara turned to her maid.

"Maisie strap her calves to each leg of the table, but not too tightly, then come and unbutton me, I wish to participate. Gentlemen. Positions please." Each of the men took up positions around Georgette, their stiff cocks within easy reach of Georgette's hands. She reached out and caressed Sir Edgars heavy balls and watched his cock jerk in response. Jack Glass stood between Georgette`s legs, his balls resting on her spread pudenda. Naked, Clara approached the little group as the men began to masturbate their cocks over Georgette`s prone body.

Georgette watched her approach. In her early forties, Madam de Voillet was still attractive. Heavy, well used breasts sat above a waspish waist, and the lips of her shaven, well-fucked cunt gaped slightly, as she rolled her hips. She was a sexual animal. Georgette shivered inside. "In order for you to join our little group you will need to be baptised. These fine gentlemen are going to masturbate upon you and cover you in their seed.

You will feel heavy jets of spunk splatter your body. You will have it in your hair, your face, your belly and on your fat little cunt. The gentlemen will take liberties with your body. You will feel hands and cocks everywhere. You will not object. Instead you will welcome their touch. Do you wish your baptism to proceed?" "I do madam." "Very well then. Sir Edgar, kindly instruct Georgette on how to masturbate you. Georgette, on Sir Edgars command you are to place your lips around the head of his cock and swallow as much of his seed as you can manage.

The rest you shall wear. Gentlemen begin!" Georgette looked on with mounting trepidation at fat cocks flashing through fists, as the men fought desperately to get their sizzling loads out.

After a brief instruction, she found a natural rhythm in wanking Sir Edgars cock, even turning her head to lick away a bead of pre-cum that had gathered there. Clara offered her tit to Jack Glass, who roamed the head of his cock across the fat lips of Georgette`s cunt while sucking on Clara`s ample nipple. As the crisis approached, Jack managed to partially insert the head of his cock in Georgette`s tight virgin hole as he continued rubbing his cock.

At a sign sex stories hind prond xx story Sir Edgar, Georgette turned her head to the cock as instructed, allowing the leaking slit and most of the head into her mouth. Sir Edgar gave a long groan on trembling legs as a rush of sperm shot violently into Georgette's mouth, causing her to choke and pull away.

Anticipating her response, Sir Edgar held the back of her head, and pushed more of his spurting cock into her mouth. Elsewhere more cocks were unloading onto her soft virgin flesh. Heavy spattering's coated her neck, tits, and belly, in a hot viscous goo. Jack Glass was coming with his cockhead pressed tightly to Georgette's dripping hole, shooting his heavy load deep within her tight channel, coating her hymen, inner lips, and throbbing clit, with his hot virile sperm.

Georgette was on sensory overload. Never had she experienced such intense desire. The sheer filthiness of sucking on a man's cock and swallowing his sperm, the feeling between her legs as Jacks cock roamed freely across her clit, still shooting creamy spunk onto her already swamped belly. She spread her legs wider and humped her hips upward, desperate to impale herself on the thick, throbbing pole of flesh, that was once again jabbed into her hole as Jack shot the last of his sperm directly into her.

And then she was coming. Her pussy spasmed around Jack`s cockhead as she tried unsuccessfully to suck it into her swampy depths. She groaned loudly around Sir Edgars still shooting cock as she swallowed another heavy load, her body jacking around jolts of unimaginable pleasure that surged through her loins and sperm coated body. And then it was over.

Sir Edgar withdrew his leaking cock from her mouth allowing a small dribble of spunk to escape her lips and roll gently across her cheek. Georgette was barely conscious, and only vaguely aware of hands and cocks rubbing the hot, slick spunk, into her tits and belly. Clara smiled with satisfaction.

"A spoon please Maisie." She commanded of the maid, and almost instantly a silver spoon was produced. Clara scooped up the copious amount of sperm leaking from Georgette`s pussy and held it above the girl`s mouth allowing the stringy goo to fall gently onto Georgette's tongue. Georgette swallowed it down. "Sperm must never be wasted Georgette. All must be accounted for." And with a smile, Clara put the spoon in her mouth. The End