Attractive girl with nice a hole bounces on knob girlfriend hardcore

Attractive girl with nice a hole bounces on knob girlfriend hardcore
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MY RULES / EXPECTATIONS • He should be half our age • Physically attractive • Very well hung, much bigger than me • Outer sex only. • Needs to be enjoyable for all three • He needs to enjoy watching us • No kissing and no intercourse with the other man. • I can tongue kiss you while another man licks you to orgasm. I can masturbate while another man licks you to orgasm. Other connotations to please you - and me Her reply read: All your rules are fine but one exception you would just have to just watch and not touch me as he pleasures me.

Can you do that? I asian playgirl decides how to fuck dude a challenge and in due course I organised a short list of suitable prospects, with pictures and a bio of each. Mireille was fascinated by Jon. According to his bio he was a part-time model, who modelled nude for magazines that appealed to both sexes. He insisted on being photographed by females only though, so perhaps that was a clue to his real sexuality.

His bio showed some of his naked pics. He was very well hung and the pics showed him having his very erect cock pleasured by both males and females. I organised a time for Jon to meet us. I told him my lover was French, bilingual and had very sensitive erogonous zones and thrived on receiving sexual pleasure.

I also told him he was a very lucky man as he would have Mireille all to himself though I wanted to watch. I could sense that the thought of me watching him please my lover appealed to him.

And I enjoyed telling Mireille she was going to receive sexual pleasure from a new well hung man who was a stranger. I had strict instructions from Mireille, "That you will just have to just watch and not touch me as he pleasures me." My lover was turning me into a cuckold, though the voyeur in me found the thought of watching a new man giving her sexual pleasure very exciting.

And I could masturbate while I watched! And Mireille could watch me while she was being pleased by another man! After some nervy introductions I invited Jon to sit and watch while I slowly undressed Mireille for him to build the sexual tension.

Mireille was enjoying and thriving on the attention she was receiving from two men. "Very nice body. Gorgeous firm arse. And I love the Brazilian," Jon smiled.

Mireille then helped me to undress, while the sexual tension built. She then helped Jon undress, both of us eager to see if his cock was bigger than mine.

"We can see why you pose for magazines, very impressive," Mireille purred. At the same time I enjoyed having another naked and very well hung man looking closely at my naked body and my part erection confirmed this. "Now leave us alone. Go and sit and watch. And enjoy," Mireille instructed. "She is all yours Jon, enjoy while I watch." There was no mention of me not talking and offering advice while I watched though.

"She loves her nipples being licked Jon, start on them." I could see Mireille squirming with pleasure as Jon licked each very erect nipple in turn while I watched.

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"She loves having her clitorous licked and teased Jon, try that. "And put your hands under her arse and lift her up, she likes that." In what seemed a flash Mireille had at least three orgasms. "Would you like her to suck your cock Jon?

She is very good at it. "You are very well hung, we are both impressed." Both of them needed no further prompting, and I could see Mireille was very eager to take up the challenge of pleasing Jon with her mouth and lips.

Sitting, watching and trying to be detached while your lover is sucking another mans cock is impossible. Though I must admit the voyeur in me was very turned on as I watched Mireille in action. She is very good at sucking my cock and I felt sure the challenge of pleasing a much bigger cock than mine while I watched was a real turn on for her.

"Is she good Jon?" I asked. "You are a lucky man to have her." "He is much bigger than me baby. Show him how good you are. "Yes, just like that, you are so good," Jon rasped. "I love watching you pleasure another man baby. You are pleasing two men. His huge cock is rock hard.

Do you like it?

So is mine. I am going to masturbate for both of you." Just then my phone rang. Mireille had diverted her phone to mine 'in case of emergency.' Determined to capitalise on the moment hoping it would be one of her girlfriends, I answered, "Sorry Mireille can't come to the phone, she has her mouth full."
"Are you still having lunch?" Her friend Jan asked.

"No she is sucking her toy boy's cock. And it is huge. You should see her working on it.

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They are both very, very impressive." "I am phoning from the security door. Can I come and watch?" "Of course. I will leave the door open." "Wow, that really is something. Mireille does have her mouth full. He is huge, must be nine inches and Mireille is very impressive," Jan whispered in awe as she quietly came through the door and saw Jon sitting in a chair with Mireille kneeling in front of him. Jon then became aware of an extra person watching Mireille sucking his cock.

As did Mireille without youporn guy jerking off in his car xp videos a beat. I could sense her determination to show now three people her well honed sexual skills. "This is Jan, Jon. She is impressed and wants to watch." "Can I stand behind him and tease his nipples," Jan asked without waiting for an answer. I could see Jon's pleasure increase even more as Jan teased his nipples.

Eager to demonstrate your prowess to three people you reply by rubbing the length of Jon's cock with your thumb and forefinger with just the tip of his cock in your mouth. Then you squeezed his balls, harder and harder and I could see him tensing As I very excitingly watched my lover bring him over the top I had my best ever orgasm.

Fantastic we smiled at each other.