Busty milf banged by pervert pawn dude

Busty milf banged by pervert pawn dude
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rap·ture (r?p' ch?r).

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n. 1. a state of joyful ecstasy. 2. a mystical experience in which the spirit is carried away by overwhelming emotion and exalted to a knowledge of divine things. 3. the carrying of a person to another place or sphere of existence; esp. in Christian eschatology, the bodily assumption of a Christian into heaven.

(from Latin raptus, to carry away and rape.) RAPTURE BY MOONLIGHT by Expedience I had taken her from her room while she was asleep. It's not as hard as it sounds. I got my mind into her body, forced it to sleep deeply, and then took her out the window quietly as her parents slept. I brought her out here, into the middle of a national parks forest with nobody anywhere for miles, a small campground for hikers covered by mostly untrimmed grass -- dewy.

She woke up in her pajamas when I peeled off her socks and kicked off my shoes, to stare up at the sliver of sky that the trees allowed us to see. The stars twinkled brightly in the circle of sky above us; a warm summer night passed by minute by minute. She gasped when she realized that she was in the back of a pickup truck, instead of in bed at home. And there was a strange man laying beside her, looking at the stars. She couldn't see them -- she needed her glasses. Just as I saw the thought go through her head, I had them in my hand -- I had picked them up off her nightstand earlier, and I gave them to her now.

"Do you see that bright one right there? That's probably a planet. Maybe Mars, glowing so brightly." She looked up as the stars twinkled back. She was coming back to consciousness, slowly, groggily. "Please rape me," she suddenly said.

That woke her up. Suddenly there was a flurry of questions in her head. I didn't think that -- why did I say it? Who is this man? But her lips continued again, saying "Please, I want you to rape me. Please." Her mind screamed out NO! but the word couldn't reach her lips. Because I didn't let it. My tripod was already set up, with a digital camcorder set onto one patch of grass that was well-lit by the moonlight shining through the trees.

It was a couple days away from a full moon. She involuntarily stood up, in those pretty green pajamas, and climbed out of the back of my (rent-a-car) pickup truck, and into the spotlight, as it were. I turned on the camcorder, focused it on hd pornpros tiny teen sammie daniels fucked by older man, as she danced an erotic dance.

Turned on myself, I watched her dance. Her mind could not believe what she was doing. It couldn't stop her body. Something was taking control of her muscles. I was. I'm a psychic, of sorts. I can control and sense a person's body with my own mind. Since the mind is in the brain, I can usually sense their thoughts as well, but the brain is usually too intricate for me to change someone's thoughts or feelings.

It requires a special time in their life, with special circumstances. "I'm going to give you something you really really want," I told brother force sister sex sleeping, as I rubbed at my crotch. She was sitting down and peeling off those velvety green pajama pants, then shaking her butt rhythmically at both me and the camera.

Her mind was screaming out, No! Stop this! Don't let him rape me! Oh-my-god-oh-my-god-oh-my-god. but it never reached her lips. I said, "I know you don't see what I'm giving you right now. I know you think it's painful. But you're going to be reborn tonight, and I'm going to be your father-figure. And afterwards you'll be all better, like a little shot that hurts for a second but makes you better for the rest of your life." She was not comforted.

Well, time to get my pervy ambitions over with, isn't it? "Daddy, please rape me," I forced her to say. What's happening to me? She pulled her little white panties tight into her white ass as she said, "I want you to rape my little asshole, my little twelve-year-old asshole." Not my butt, anything but my butt! It's not supposed to be like that! Her mind was shouting, screaming, trying to move her legs, her arms, anything. But it was all cut off.

It's like in dreams: when you walk around in a dream, you usually don't walk around in real life. There's a set of chemicals that keeps your brain from affecting your body. And I had played with sleeping people until I could control those chemicals, so I could stop her brain from affecting her body.

A little bit of it came through though, and her breath became labored, and her eyes started crying. But I was in her head, and she was already mine. The girl inside was aghast at the idea, was screaming NO! every which way. But what came out was, "I want you to fill my pussy with your cum.

I want to have your baby, my dear rapist's baby, and I hope your baby rapes his mommy every day too." What do babies have to do with it? -- apparently her mother never told her about the birds and the bees. She threw off her pajama shirt -- oh! those wonderful budding twelve-year-old breasts! -- and stared into my eyes as she rubbed her breasts for the first time, shivering in delight.

Her body was tila flame ebony babe riding on cock to her touch, sending ripples of pleasure into that brain.

Like I said, the body affects the brain: and now she wasn't just screaming No! in her brain, but a deep-seated part of her, born into the psyche by evolution, was pushing aside those screams. The horny demon within her was beginning to shout back a distinct Yesss.

and I could feel every scared second as she wondered, hidden cam handjob were not hiring but we have a job for you am I becoming? Why am I liking this so much? As she bent forward and slowly peeled down her little panties, showing her little puckered asshole and virgin twelve-year-old pussy to the video-camera, her hand slipped down to her clitty, almost by reflex -- not really my action.

But I forced her to go through with it, rubbing herself and feeling wonderful pleasureful feelings. I stepped into frame as she stepped out of those panties, now nude except for her cute little glasses, and she looked at the bulge in my pants. The tears still streamed down her face, as the helpless girl inside was being pushed out -- both by me, and by her own budding hormones.

"Daddy, do you love me?" she said as she stared at my crotch. I didn't answer, so she rubbed at the bulge, saying, "Daddy, I want to see how much you love me." A little part of her felt terrified as she undid my belt and pulled down my pants and underwear, and stroked my cock up and down. Her right hand returned to her pussy as she started kissing my dick up and down.

There was nothing she could do to stop me, she knew, and she was terrified of that. It went into her mouth. But muscle control is easy, and so I skipped the preliminaries and went straight down, down, balls-deep into her throat, suppressing her gags and involuntary muscle movements. "Mmmm," I said as I got all the way down there. I grabbed her little brown hair, and pulled out most of the way, only to thrust back in again, the entire way.

She choked silently on my cock, her eyes closed, trying to pretend it was all a dream. She couldn't breathe, and she began to fall unconscious as I fucked her young throat hard; she just couldn't breathe. Right before she slipped, I pulled out and forced her lungs to expand, and suddenly, she snapped forward, fully awake again, gasping for air, only to find my cock buried down her throat again, fucking, fucking, fucking her face, drowning on dick, until she almost passed out again, and I pulled out and forced her back to her senses.

It's so perfect that way, fucking a little twelve-year-old's throat with no vomit or violent choking or anything, just you, large and deep down her open throat, hammering away harder and harder each stroke.

I repeated the process again. And again. Each time, I raped her throat right up to the point of unconsciousness, then pulled out and brought her back.

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I just need to do it one more time, I thought. The opportunity only exists at this age, this vulnerable age when they're just coming into their own minds, and only under severe emotional and physical stress. And I raped her throat again, hammering at it hard and fast once more, and as she started to fall unconscious again, I pulled out and brought her to breathe again. She gasped and gasped and -- bingo.

Her mind snapped as she gasped in the air. Her mind broke open, and she was mine, truly mine, my normal control reached into her mind itself. As she gasped sexy chick knows how to ride a dick air I worked quickly -- you only get a couple moments, ten seconds of breathing, or so, and it's gone. Is it hypnosis? Or Stockholm syndrome? Well, with a psychic like me, it's the most amazing tool in the world: you get to rewrite the mind itself, just for a few seconds.

I set the seeds of high-metabolism and the seeds that would make her grow busty, the seeds that would make her eyes grow properly, so that in a year or two, as she grew, she would no longer need the glasses.

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She would be beautiful, athletic, well-endowed -- and I spent most of the remaining seconds just amping up her creative talents and her intellect, making her as brilliant as Einstein.

I didn't have long enough to grant her all of my psychic abilities -- I never do -- but I gave her some ability to sense the emotions of those around her. She would never be scared of anything -- not of her peers, not of the dark, not of me, not of anything.

And then her mind was no longer broken open, but had closed itself. But my changes were at work. I could feel them in her mind. She was becoming more creative, more intelligent, beginning to see the world in a deeper sense, beginning to see herself. Her gasps changed from those of a drowning victim into thosee of a person born anew. She looked up at me with wide, brilliant eyes and said, "I never knew-- oh my goodness! -- the world is so huge, and I can feel -- all of it." Her words, not mine.

I wasn't controlling her words anymore, or forcing those paralytic chemicals to stick around in her head. She woke up. For once. For all.

See, you think I'm just a perv. And I am. But it's more than that. She is now the most brilliant student at her school. She'll be the next Einstein, and she'll never regret it. She'll never fear the dark again, or be unpopular, or feel alone. In my darkness, I have brought forth a dazzling light into the world. When I die one day, I will go to hell for my actions: but my actions were right, and even God's not going to take that away from me.

This is my canvas, my chance to bring beauty into an otherwise dark and barren world. I let her stare up at the cosmos as the full moon cleared the trees. The camera was still running as she stared up for several minutes, breathing, soaking it all in. All of those science classes about how these are blonde suck fuck and cumshot stars far away, and she was just now grasping the enormity of the world and the enormity of the cosmos around it.

Finally, she grabbed me and hugged me tight and said, "Thanks, Daddy. You were right -- it's just like a little shot, and then, all better." Again, her words, not mine. I no longer had to. She cried tears of joy into my shoulder.

I was still hard, of course, but this was her moment to shine, so I just stared up at the stars with her, holding her close. Finally, she kissed me on the lips like a proper adult -- which she was -- straddling my hips. She had one hand between her legs and the other around her nipples and said, "So this is what you wanted to show me, huh?

It feels soo goooood." I couldn't say anything anymore, had to just pull her hips up to my mouth and nibble at her clitty.

I tried to press my tongue inside her, but she had a very tight maidenhead. But I still felt her thoughts, and focused on the clitty, where all her spikes of pleasure seemed to be coming from, and I absolutely enjoyed her taste. I laid her onto her back with my face still buried between her legs, until I feel curiosity rising within her mind. She rolls me back onto my knees, and there she goes, all on her own: she's taking me into her mouth. Voluntarily. Imaginatively. Her little eyes gleam through her glasses with intelligence as they look up at me, and up at the camera.

She looks so cute in them. And as she grows, her eyes will shape back normally, and she'll look like a supermodel well into her forties. And she is beautiful now. Absolutely beautiful, and creative, and amazing, and completely in love with me.

I'm so sad that I never have the time to give them similar psychic powers to mine. Maybe it just takes practice. "Mmm, Daddy," she says of her own free will, sucking on my balls. "Could you do what you were doing before, Daddy? Fucking my throat?" I lay down on my back and lay her across my chest, in a 69-type position.

And I grab her by her sandy brown hair and oblige her little freckled face, pressing my cock all the way into her throat. Oh, she gags, because I'm not in her head anymore, but she soon learns how to ignore the feeling and take it like a star. I hot fat milf and oily young juan takes on a brickhouse her throat faster and faster, and she gags more and more, and suddenly I force my entire length down her throat, nibbling on that xxx when black guy fuke the girl tiny clitty, lapping at her little asshole.

I can't hold back any longer as I fuck her throat, and I start to cum deep inside her, spraying right into her throat while my entire cock is buried in her mouth.

There she is, sucking every last drop of cum out of my cock to taste it. But she senses that something's odd. My dick is not softening. I control my own body just like I can control someone else's; I can go for seconds and thirds and fourths, until my psychic abilities are drained to the limit and I start to get a bit of a headache. And each time, it's the fullest load of cum that the human body can produce, jet after jet after jet. My girl is staring up into the camera, standing up and looking right into it.

As I get up onto my knees, she looks at me and flashes this bright big wonderful "I just made Daddy cum!" smile, and I hug her close to me. My cock sticks suggestively between her upper thighs like that. "Did you mean what you made me say, Daddy? About fucking my butt too?" "Yes, sweetheart," I said. "I would love to fuck your tight little asshole, and your little pussy." "Anything for you, Daddy. I want to show you the stars, the same way you showed me." And she's down on all fours, face-down ass-up, offering herself.

But this girl needs serious prep work. I reach over to my trousers, and pull out a bottle of lube and a smooth hard-plastic vibe that I brought, and turn it on medium, rubbing it between her pussy-lips. "Mmm," she says, as I coax her to lay all the way face down with her legs spread. My right hand massages her shoulders and cups her budding breasts underneath; I leave the vibe wedged between the ground and her clitty as I pour a bit of lube down her butt-crack and let it flow downward. My left pinky goes first, slowly, gently, into each of her holes.

I am controlling her body again -- this time, just to suppress any pain that comes up from either hole, leaving only the pleasure. I use more lube as I press my index finger into her ass and my middle finger into her pussy, and then I start to press the long vibe into either hole, stretching them both out. She coos with pleasure as I fuck both her pussy and her ass with that vibe. Finally, I guide her hand to the vibration control at the bottom of the vibe and press it against her clitty, as I cover my cock with lube and kneel down between the V her legs are making, pointing my cock at that spread-eagled butt.

She begs me -- "Please Daddy, fuck my ass, get all the way in that tight twelve-year-old butt! You wonderful sick perv, fuck me -- FUCK MEEEEE!!!" And there I am, buried in her dirtiest of places, pressing deeper and deeper until I fill her completely. I slide out slowly and then thrust my whole length back in again to a "mmmhmmmm" from my little girl. The vibe is on a much lower setting as she begins to take it.

I reach up and take the camcorder out of the tripod, and place it on the ground, to see the action between her legs, and press the auto-focus button. I'm filling up her little asshole as she pants, "It's sooo gooood Daddy," and I fuck her harder and harder. I gape her a couple of times for the camera, spitting into her open asshole, before filling her up again, and she seems to really like it. Then I pick up the camera and set it in front of her, so that it catches her looking up at it with that beautiful smile, with me pumping away at her bottom, and she squeals "Yes!

Yes! Yes!" This is the best part of the video, the one that keeps me coming back to it. She stares into the camera and says, "That's my Daddy fucking my little twelve-year-old asshole, just like he should. It feels sooo gooooooood. I love it, I love it, I love my Daddy and I love my Daddy's cock buried in my tight!

little! ass! hole!" She just keeps talking dirty like that into the camera with that gorgeous smile, as I fuck her harder and harder. "See how fast he's going? That means my Daddy's gonna cum.

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That means I've been a good girl, making my Daddy cum with my tight little asshole." My cock is flooding me with feeling as I finally pull out, roll her over, and point my stained dick at her face.

She doesn't skip a beat in sucking it all the way down lusty ava rides on a fat pole throat and then sucking at the head and licking right at that spot under the head, as she pumps it with both hands. She looks so amazing that I can't stop myself, and cum all over her pretty little face, filling her tiny mouth and covering those cute little glasses and freckled cheeks.

I take the camera up for a first person view as she shows off her mouth, which is an honest-to-John cum-pool. She swallows every drop in there, and then sucks anything left out of my cock. She says, "Now, Daddy, you've got to make me cum. And you've got to cum with me, deep inside my pussy.

I can feel that you're getting a little headachy and this is our last one, so I want it to be perfect. Let's see the stars together." I force my cock to build up another load, and it swells to its full length as she sucks its head off.

I put the camera back on the tripod and point it down at her, laying on the ground with me between her legs, as I press it into her missionary-style. Right as I enter her she shouts "YES DADDY!" and wraps her legs around me and holds me all the way inside of her, and she savors the feeling.

For a second I'm worried that she just came from the entry! But she lets go and lets me begin to fuck her, saying "Daddy, I want it deep in my pussy. I need you to fill me up. You got that?" She's so beautiful that I can't resist. Now her pussy is really getting active and ready and feeling pleasure spiking through her; now she's really feeling all of the delight that she should. I do something which I don't normally, and I share my thoughts with hers. She's empathic now, so she can feel me, and I can feel her, and I make the connection and we feel everything together.

We disappear into each other emotionally and physically as her tiny nubile form contracts around my huge member. And we fuck, and we fuck, and we make the sweetest of love, as she is mine and I am hers. Suddenly, every little detail that drives her crazy is available for me to do, and she feels just how much I love her sweet tight pussy as I look down at her angelic face. We both have our nails stuck in each other's shoulders as time simply disappears -- how long did we fuck for? I don't know, I don't care.

The tape says only sixteen minutes, if you must know -- sixteen minutes of bliss as I pump her hard and fast and not-too-deep, just the way she wants it, just the way she needs it.

She feels me coming close and just as her neat playgirl gets nailed doggy position homemade hardcore comes on she says, "Do it, do it Daddy, cum inside me!

Right now! Right now, Daddy, cum inside me!" Her legs wrap around me and squeeze me in a deathgrip; I can't resist the command and even if I could, I wouldn't want to. Her orgasm begins and triggers my own, me sprayng jet after jet of cum inside of her, her clitty burning with pleasure as she yells out only one word -- "DADDY!!!!" And we are again in a moment frozen in time, eternity in a second, together spasming, then cuddling in the afterglow. And then she's unconscious -- totally wiped out, asleep.

I dress her in her clothes again, wipe the cum off her face, and put her in the passenger seat, then drive her back to the bedroom that I took her from. I really wish I could stay, and I really want to write her a note explaining that I'm in this state on a business trip. But her mother will already wonder about the grass stains on hot wonder woman cosplay masturbating i watch her live at PJ's. And I've got a plane flight tomorrow afternoon and can't stay.

But I know that if I happen to be in the neighborhood again, she'll see me and run to me, open arms and pervy smile, ready to be violated by me again. In the meantime, she's got assignments to ace and a world to improve; she's brilliant and perfect and will light up the world.

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